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Boris reviews the tastiest memes you have posted on the Life of Boris subreddit. Completely normal phenomenon.
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  • Boris: can't pronounce mississipi also Boris: says neandertheal

    Roos HovhannesRoos Hovhannes17 órája
  • Do not listen to boris just once when you pull the trigger it makes the firing pin punch the rounds primer and then the primer lights the gun powder, gunpowder go boom, bullet go zoom and kills what the Barrel is pointing at

    Senior-exec DebilSenior-exec DebilNapja
    • This is how a gun works just for debils

      Senior-exec DebilSenior-exec DebilNapja

    Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerNazi Germany Adolf Hitler2 napja
  • What was the name of the song at 5:34

    Heloise TanHeloise Tan2 napja
  • Boris? I need help. I've lost touch with my Blyat soviet heart. I need your help. pls fix me. -desperate serbian

    1 in a phillion E.P.1 in a phillion E.P.2 napja
  • Boom bow piff pow better rifle bigger round

    Zachary Kadir-BuxtonZachary Kadir-Buxton4 napja
  • I need my dose of internyet because... I was born in a hole next to a nuclear power plant, I have an IQ of 2, I have been hit in the head with several rocks, and I have kidney inflammation and tuberculosis

    Rexfordw4Rexfordw44 napja
  • 3:32 Sylvester Stalin

  • 1:57 actually says "hello" or "good afternoon" etc.

    MrRedstone2GoMrRedstone2Go5 napja
  • Is it ok to watch his Channel if your German as I am ps I moved to USA in 2014

    Jonathan GGJonathan GG6 napja
  • What’s the original audio of this Russian yellows 1:59

    Mysto MysticMysto Mystic6 napja
  • 0:08 "hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet"

    Katherine MitchellKatherine Mitchell6 napja
  • Is

    BestDawgfan11 YeetBestDawgfan11 Yeet6 napja
  • I’m American and I still know what katucha

    BestDawgfan11 YeetBestDawgfan11 Yeet6 napja
  • .

    Phoenix Jamir AzucenaPhoenix Jamir Azucena7 napja
  • Bless you Comrade. All your vídeos are pure gold and fun, whenever you seen it. Thanks Bratja!

    Lucas G LoescherLucas G Loescher8 napja
  • why is he sitting why is he not slavic squating?

    MrClockWorksMrClockWorks10 napja
  • Boris is basically Yellow Cab as a person except he’s slav and he’ll prolly prefer to eat зефир and other stuff

    Heloise TanHeloise Tan10 napja
  • the "wee woo" is my new ringtone

    bristol beaufortbristol beaufort10 napja
  • How to remove adhd? I’m not kidding I actually have adhd

    Screen time RScreen time R10 napja
  • 5:38 I need to learn every soviet song there ever was on the piano

    Katherine MillerKatherine Miller11 napja
  • Hey Boris, Thanks for sharing the life of Slavs. Your work helps break down barriers between east and west. Thanks signed: Western spy.

    Dean BarrettDean Barrett11 napja
  • Is it ok for canadians to watch ur content

    The CamocampaindudeThe Camocampaindude12 napja
  • The finns invented vodka perkele

    Shanathan RaikonenShanathan Raikonen13 napja
  • It's been six months but it feels like this came out yesterday

    Five FinsFive Fins13 napja
  • This is what I need, quality content right here

    Slav VaporeonSlav Vaporeon14 napja
  • Sure fire auto brewers syndrome. Get infected with Lyme disease, take broad spectrum antibiotic, innoculate with brewers yeast of choice, eat noble potato.

    EluderatnightEluderatnight15 napja

    T-posing JolibeeT-posing Jolibee15 napja
  • Hair reveal

    Chain ChomperChain Chomper16 napja
  • My favourite intro

    LuciLuci18 napja
  • I'm from Mexico but I like your videos and they tell me a lot

    ꧁ᙁÐλŘK 23ᘯ꧂꧁ᙁÐλŘK 23ᘯ꧂19 napja
  • Я из Мексики, но мне нравятся ваши видео, и я немного знаю русский

    ꧁ᙁÐλŘK 23ᘯ꧂꧁ᙁÐλŘK 23ᘯ꧂19 napja
  • 8:32 These are chemically enhanced chickens me: not funny my brain: menacingly laughs*

    GoodGameGamerGoodGameGamer19 napja
  • Vadim, blyat you is not remember BORSH, cyka!!!

    NlKKO NlKKONlKKO NlKKO20 napja
  • Boris from DurkaTown

    ChurchillChurchill21 napja
  • I know I'm Polish, but I call my self Russian, because my Comrades took Poland.

    Gamesniper 102Gamesniper 10221 napja

    slav dogslav dog21 napja

    russian spetsnazrussian spetsnaz22 napja
  • 0:21 SUKA bLYAT

    yulita sondakhyulita sondakh23 napja
  • Ahh, the return of the Finnish snipers...welp, guess who is getting banned

    Just_a_ChaffeeJust_a_Chaffee23 napja
  • 1:07 as a Gen X'er who grew up in the duck and cover drill era hearing the persistant anti-communist sentiments from ALL of our elders being drilled into us non stop (grandfathers both fought in WW2, grand uncle in Korea, uncle, father in Vietnam etc so the anti-red feelings in my family was huge) I think I laughed a little too hard at this dog riding a tricycle with Boris saying he is doing his duty, serving the Motherland... lmfao man....

    Michael AMichael A24 napja
  • Portal still alive 5:37 (what the fuck is wrong with this meme showing soundtracks for game)

    Janis LaureckisJanis Laureckis26 napja
  • *just met a stray dog Boris: “These are not dogs, they’re chemically enhanced chickens” Me: I love it

    commander 1138commander 113828 napja
  • The fvks with the hat oh right found a pot seed

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • Boris please go to indonesia

    fathan gamingfathan gamingHónapja
  • I aprove this audiovisual content

    Kira yoshikageKira yoshikageHónapja
  • boris is not caviar master is shashlik king urod blyat

  • 1:59 that cracked me up so hard XD

    [Larry - Pizza][Larry - Pizza]Hónapja
  • Oh so you are russian name every blyat

    silverseven gamingsilverseven gamingHónapja
  • Name of the song at 5:38 please??

  • i want to see boris saying missippi for 10 hours i would be crying out of laughter

  • Hmm yes chemically enhanced chickens

  • Как выбить как Слав! Мне надо ещё много!

    Alter JunkerAlter JunkerHónapja
  • Только у товарищ нет конца.

    Alter JunkerAlter JunkerHónapja
  • 2:52 the cat has obtained Yugoslavian copy kalashnikov blyat!

  • Ище один амеруский (нет)

    Mengeks FLoPERMengeks FLoPERHónapja
  • Boris if you visit Poland you must see the vodka museum

    Grzegorz CzubaszekGrzegorz CzubaszekHónapja
  • Me a lithuanian who knows lithuanians made the first vodka:he he

    Grzegorz CzubaszekGrzegorz CzubaszekHónapja
  • Boris

    Jan StrusińskiJan StrusińskiHónapja
  • Love

    Jan StrusińskiJan StrusińskiHónapja
  • 8:28 Chernobyl chimken

    tyler -mt10tyler -mt10Hónapja
  • This so funny

    Jakob CoxJakob CoxHónapja
  • Idea: Cooking with a shovel

    Tim BaloTim BaloHónapja
  • Just watching the first 30 seconds of this video made me tap that subscribe button.

    Karl KaizenKarl KaizenHónapja
  • 3:36 It's me blyad.

    сильвестр сталинсильвестр сталинHónapja
  • From a training automotive technician btw: The wide body kit is widely liked due to it adding a better technical advantage

    itsa me Personioitsa me PersonioHónapja
  • the tank proposal just hit hard dude

    LORD Internet cancerLORD Internet cancerHónapja
  • 5:34 Blyatiful


    wolf mark12wolf mark12Hónapja
  • Potato is carbs, so you would have a lot Edit: also when he was showing the one with the polish-American, he never denied being Russian

    AbsoluteMadLad 79AbsoluteMadLad 79Hónapja
  • 5:34 what song is this?

    Dat1Dude •9 years agoDat1Dude •9 years agoHónapja
  • Yeaaaah, keep up , Boris!

    Aniki KiwamiAniki KiwamiHónapja
  • Boris: Take your shoes off when you go home Me who has been wearing my boots the entire day: panicked sweating

    Idk at this pointIdk at this pointHónapja
  • me: *playing my remote control car* the kid nextdoor: 0:00

  • try to pronounce it MI SSI SSI PI

    Skipper YTSkipper YTHónapja
  • In OUR finnish comedy show we had this guy who was sober when he drank alcohol and the other way around

    Luukas SaarelainenLuukas SaarelainenHónapja
  • LOL 1:53

  • I got the Russian tracksuit

    Я люблю РоссиюЯ люблю РоссиюHónapja
  • 1:58 Funniest part of the entire video P.S Everyone is asking who is Boris, all I ask is how is Boris Really I want to know

    BrickMaster SKBrickMaster SKHónapja
  • OK here’s a helpful reminder Mississippi is spelt like Miss is I ppi

    professor Funnyprofessor Funny2 hónapja
  • How dare you fuck up on my home state!

    DEADEA2 hónapja
  • everyone: B O R I S: this no stray dog this are chemically enhanced chickens

    Albertus Nathan WidjajaAlbertus Nathan Widjaja2 hónapja
  • 8:33 Make as many cooking videos as you want, we love your content Boris!

    Lolli popLolli pop2 hónapja
  • get the ZIL 131 in put out the graphite fires at chernobyl blyat

    Xavier AlbanXavier Alban2 hónapja
  • You are my favorite russian brother pozdrav iz Slovenije slavic brother blyat🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎👍👍👍✌✌✌👌👌👌👏👏👏💪💪💪💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚😂😂😂😂

  • Mmm jes internjet

    ratatooliratatooli2 hónapja
  • I'm not one to joke or make memes, but Boris, you have litterally taught me how far a 8$ bag of Potatoes and few Onions with some butter can go. Massive respect for saving my stomach as and mind!!!!!!

    Fred KrazéFred Krazé2 hónapja
  • 2:02 I can’t stop fucking laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    VilniusWolfVilniusWolf2 hónapja
  • Суги пула вадимм

  • The mighty Russian Federation reverted to capitalist democratic liberalism for a reason... so that Boris and Vadim can produce videos. (We are still watching, comrades, always watching. be careful)

    1drkstr1drkstr2 hónapja
  • The only way to pay for nationalised healthcare is capitalist liberal democracy. Other means have been tried and they had 'mixed' results.

    1drkstr1drkstr2 hónapja
  • 0:04

    AdamBuhrerAdamBuhrer2 hónapja
  • the police: we...wooo.wee wo sad BORIS: WEWOWOWOWEWOWE

    RoundeeRoundee2 hónapja
  • Original: Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet Meanwhile Boris has a Slav Version of Saying Daily Dose of internet

    Blaze YTBlaze YT2 hónapja
  • When your Babushka says: " Go play with neighbour kids " Neighbour kids: 0:01

    Dragan RankićDragan Rankić2 hónapja
  • You know how to eat?

    Dr hydrationDr hydration2 hónapja
  • anyone else on an old boris binge? also boris's laugh makes me genuinely smile and that rarely happens

    Lily HillLily Hill2 hónapja
  • boris: "-and i will be... always" *depression 0*

    A knifeA knife2 hónapja
  • only your comrade has never end

    Rizky PratamaRizky Pratama2 hónapja
  • He said Mississippi before he said it wrong

    Storm heroStorm hero2 hónapja