Cody is NOT a loser.

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Cody is NOT a loser.
Cody Ko

  • I think somethings wrong with me...

    Devon KammeronDevon Kammeron10 órája
  • Confirmed Cody is a fucking nerd

    NitroNitro19 órája
  • John quinones is my boi the disrespect is real

    Creed BrattonCreed BrattonNapja
  • Yo dudes the empire is pritty facking fackin chill maybe ya can like jooooin i' or somuthing

  • i already know what i would do because i was on the show

    Tryna LozoyaTryna Lozoya2 napja
  • Lol as a woman I laughed so hard at your basketball jokes. Freaking hilarious, plus you're just obviously screwing around, its fun.

    Maryssa Lynne MedleyMaryssa Lynne Medley2 napja
  • Got a 7up ad directly after you mentioning that they were gonna mix it with 7up

    BullTrueBullTrue2 napja
  • Making fun of a 12 year old because no one showed up to his party and then making fun of people for trying to help... and then you call kids mean??

    Catherine CharlesCatherine Charles2 napja
  • “Fuck it man, this feels good” 5:18 Cody was acting pretty sus

    Luke The GLuke The G2 napja
  • i'm terrified of going out in public because what if i'm in a restaurant and this happens next to me. i'd have no idea what to do. i have to hype myself up to buy things at the 7-11 so this would probably kill me on the spot

    rainpheerainphee3 napja
  • Cody don't be silly! No matter if it's men's or women's basketball, it all sucks. Now hobby horsing on the other hand!

    Random UnicornRandom Unicorn4 napja
  • I had a friend who did that in college too...

    The Blake Cobb PodThe Blake Cobb Pod4 napja
  • This was my birthday from age 6-12 I stopped celebrating after my 12th birthday

    Hope SteeleHope Steele4 napja
  • This was Cody all throughout high school and now he's projecting his issues upon this child... WHO'S A FUCKING LOSER HAHAHA NO ONE SHOWED UP TO HIS PARTY LOL

    NinjaNutz ForFunNinjaNutz ForFun4 napja

    weakcookieweakcookie6 napja
  • 5:50 no I said I like sports had me fucking rolling LMAO

    TeCh_KollahTeCh_Kollah7 napja
  • This is giving me flashbacks to traumatic childhood bdays

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen7 napja
  • Imagine if that lady in the first clip just walked up and told the child to man up and drink the entire bottle

    Julian van DijkJulian van Dijk8 napja

    LeafLeaf8 napja
  • It's the dxm in the cough syrup that makes you trip my friends use to extract the dxm so you don't over dose on like 40 other things in the cough syrup still not a great idea.

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald9 napja
  • Cody being framed for max smiths crimes if you know you know

    BenBen9 napja
  • i wonder who first went "haha cough syrup SHLOURP"

    that one human, dendthat one human, dend9 napja
  • Just imagine being named Evan

    LoexLoex9 napja
  • Wow Cody figured out how to say Quiñones! Respek

    Sofia SarlatSofia Sarlat10 napja
  • This is so wholesome.

    Lindsay FeniuckLindsay Feniuck11 napja
  • diggin the skeleton shelves

    :D계란 보이:D계란 보이12 napja
  • me smoking weed watching this

    Meadow MartinezMeadow Martinez12 napja
  • 10:43 No we aren't lol sadly everyone at my school is a drug dealer so if you wanna get high you usually just get real drugs

    AuthentiKAuthentiK13 napja
    • Go play fortnite 👶🏻

      VV12 napja
  • nobody came to my party because we had ice and ham

    clothvodsclothvods13 napja
  • I literally knew two people who robo tripped in my entire high school and I knew everybody

    BenbejamingBenbejaming13 napja
  • I like sports not just normal physical activity

    OkOk14 napja
  • I used to trip on dxm, the thing that makes u trip in the over the counter cough syrup, a lot back in highschool. Some of the weirdest trips I’ve ever had. I drank a couple bottles of the xr version and was tripping for about 3 days straight. Just do acid or shrooms

    Mike NMike N14 napja
  • My brother name is Cody and he a doof

    Thunder ChickenThunder Chicken14 napja
  • one person came to my 12th birthday and my old friends stole my idea after they dropped me before

    slowed and reverb audiosslowed and reverb audios14 napja
  • pretty sure the only pathetic nerd in this video is the one whose EYES WERE SQUIRTING

    hana clearwaterhana clearwater14 napja
  • imagine freeloaders going to that table just for free food

    Jihyorno JihyovannaJihyorno Jihyovanna15 napja
  • Hey, happy birthday, Cody

    Mission: SportsMission: Sports16 napja
  • Cody is so emotional lately😭

    J.J. WallarJ.J. Wallar17 napja
  • Petition for Cody to meet John Quinones.

    Leah RavenLeah Raven17 napja
  • Why is Cody starting to look like the villain from Iron Man 3

    Todd RobertsTodd Roberts18 napja
  • "no I said I like sports" that fucking killed me 😂

    Liam GillisLiam Gillis18 napja
  • This made my laugh very hard. Women’s basketball 🤣😅😎

    Cooper EagleCooper Eagle19 napja
  • Moms, the universal crisis management team. 😁🎇

    Mary ReedMary Reed19 napja
  • am i the only one who sat there for 2 minutes straight pressing the back-5-seconds button at the very beginning of the video and listening to him clap

    Zdogruss ZdogrussZdogruss Zdogruss19 napja
  • just got a shoutout from cody, feeling blessed

    Antony182Antony18219 napja
  • "kids are brutal" a few years ago i was at a fast food restaurant and there was a man with long hair there, facing away, and a 6 year old legit went up to him and said "mommy what is this fat woman doing here" like um what 😀

    Viona AhmadiViona Ahmadi19 napja
  • 1 dollar a year is a fucking insult

    My ToeMy Toe20 napja
  • “I’m sorry, what’s good?”

    Patrice ParkerPatrice Parker20 napja
  • tbf giving me money when i’m depressed would make a huge difference

    camila n.camila n.21 napja
  • Do they think that kids call it “sizzurp”. It’s called lean

    FlippyBlipsFlippyBlips21 napja

    andrea padillaandrea padilla21 napja
  • Aw that kid made us Anthony’s look bad 😞

    High TideHigh Tide21 napja
  • I stopped having birthday parties at age nine, because i had no friends lol

    Gummy prophecyGummy prophecy21 napja
  • LMAO just watch his face for the entire time when they explain that its real and you see his soul leave his body

    Lauren VegaLauren Vega21 napja
  • 0:54 1st graders seeing their name on a math equation

    I'm Stone FreeI'm Stone Free21 napja
  • White hair lady: Are you ready Susan Red haired lady: Hell yeah 13:49 Perfect synch has been achieved.

    BoonkyBoonky22 napja
  • I remember this happened to me. I was in like 5th grade and invited my whole class but only 2 showed up. I was destroyed. I INVITED THEM TO FUCKING SPOOKY MINIGOLF AND NO ONE BUT 2 SHOWED UP. WHO DOESN'T LIKE MINI GOLF?!

    killergun12349killergun1234923 napja

    Dani WallaceDani Wallace24 napja
  • My mother didn't let me go to other kids BD parties, she purposely left me out. 😭

    JustMeD902JustMeD90224 napja
  • Cody is a saint I’ll say it every video

    Austin JoyAustin Joy25 napja
  • Me watching Cody talking about how What would You do makes Cody's look bad Also me when I see my name

    Matthew EsheMatthew Eshe27 napja

    King GooseツKing Gooseツ29 napja
  • i feel so bad for the 12 year old wtf. Man fuck them parents kids how 12 collective parents choose to not take they kids ?

    Jalitza NievesJalitza NievesHónapja
  • Happy 12th birthday

  • I do agree with the lady saying that its the beginning to drug abuse, drinking excessive amounts of anything can spring out of hand... yikes!

    Kathryn HorstKathryn HorstHónapja
  • some of my friends are straight up drug dealers but if they offer me something and i say no they're super chill like......most people are not this way

  • Praise God 🙏🏾

  • Ah yes I remember the old days of being able too hit a crack pipe inside a cafe

    hi_im_tim 69hi_im_tim 69Hónapja
  • Wow calling me a nerd Eh? I acted that And I am the best nerd you will ever know.

    Cody E.Cody E.Hónapja
  • mate, if you're a kid and no one came to your birthday, that's the fault of your parents. I got dragged to kid's parties as a kid of people I didn't even like because all our mom's were friends.

    Shawn ConwayShawn ConwayHónapja
  • We had a NyQuil abuse problem in my middle school when I was younger

    Katie SKatie SHónapja
  • My names Cody so this is Cody watching Cody watching Cody

    FvFl ChetFvFl ChetHónapja
  • Cody sounds like a early 2000s child character of a Nickelodeon show

    Crack PotCrack PotHónapja

    It’s JaceyIt’s JaceyHónapja
  • As a former kindergartner who invited their entire kindergarten class and no one showed up, Cody is NOT a loser.

  • Thank god his an actor a real kid enjoying that would already too late to save

    Fabian KaczmarczykFabian KaczmarczykHónapja
  • “Yeah I had a friend in college that drank sizzurp and he tripped balls.” Ok Cody, be honest u were the friend

    Greyson SanbornGreyson SanbornHónapja
  • nobody likes you when you’re 12

    Sick FrickSick FrickHónapja
  • You've heard of Panic at the disco, get ready for high at the restaurant

    Monica IvanovaMonica IvanovaHónapja
  • This literally happened to me

    Julia McKeeJulia McKeeHónapja
  • I'd grab the food and go home

    Mayka kayMayka kayHónapja
  • money has to be low rn so many ads come on cody😞

    Leen ShroukhLeen ShroukhHónapja
  • literally no kids these days are drinking cough syrup

    Mahera AhmedMahera AhmedHónapja
  • weed ain't bad for you man.

    Armas sk8Armas sk8Hónapja
  • I remember choking down half a bottle cough syrup for the first time cuz I was curious thinking it wouldn't have any long term consequences cuz I was a stupid freshman and I just wanna go back and smack the shit of that girl

  • at least one of the cody is not a loser...............

    Nd DnNd DnHónapja
  • When it comes to the little kids not showing up to parties, it’s the parents who are mean and disrespectful as fuck.

    Melody JohansenMelody JohansenHónapja
  • i invited my whole class to my bday party and someone that i didn’t invite showed up but no one from my class

    C JC JHónapja
  • I am all for women's rights but that womens basketball joke had me on the ground in peels of laughter AHAHAAHHA wack

    Lucy PikeLucy PikeHónapja
  • Bro, I've been one of the kids that had no one show up to their birthday It makes me happy to see people doing that for someone, even if it was for a show

    Chat NoirChat NoirHónapja
    • I’m sorry you had to go through that! It makes me really happy to see these strangers showing kindness too 💕

      Mary MonroeMary Monroe21 napja
  • im sorry bro that kid drogooofvbhgofvbgfov trippin and drinking that szyzxserp looks pretty young

  • Ive never disagreed with Cody before but that womens basketball one got to me lmao f u

    Rosalee RogersRosalee RogersHónapja
  • the womens basketball joke SENT ME im laughing sm

    Marisa EntrupMarisa EntrupHónapja
  • this one made me fell personally attacked cause once i invited 20 people for my birthday and nobody showed up.

    Beatriz ReisBeatriz ReisHónapja
  • **empy table** “What’s the matter sweetie?” That’s one observing mom

    Sto CazzoSto CazzoHónapja
  • Nice job on the pronunciation. Quiñones.

    Manuel ArriazaManuel ArriazaHónapja
  • I remember once I went to the bathroom and some little kid said “ew someone is peeing” I now am scared of going to the bathroom in public.

    Marlee CharlesMarlee CharlesHónapja
    • I’m sorry, what? What the fuck am I supposed to do in a fucking bathroom?

      JypsOrganicFoodJypsOrganicFood23 napja
  • I only invite like 6 close friends to my birthday party- lmao

    Marlee CharlesMarlee CharlesHónapja
  • Ok is it weird that I actually fucking cried? Because this poor baby was just trying to celebrate his birthday and NOBODY comes? His mom paid for reservations and 7 pizzas probably aren't cheap and he probably woke up so excited :(. Breakin my heart here.

    darby rosedarby roseHónapja
  • " I had a party at a stakepark...That's such a Cody move...That's such a Cody thing to do" LMAOOOO :)

    Jade velazquezJade velazquezHónapja