Cody is NOT a loser.

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Cody is NOT a loser.
Cody Ko

  • Thank god Cody doesn't burn so he would never end up like Anthony's friends

    Officer SullyOfficer Sully3 perccel
  • plost twist _they were all actors_

    Roof on wiifitRoof on wiifitÓrája
  • 5:48 loll

    Derek DerienzoDerek Derienzo5 órája
  • Love suburban grandma’s giving life advice like they ain’t who they sre

    Julien RoyJulien Roy6 órája
  • Mans capping for literal clout

    Julien RoyJulien Roy7 órája
  • As a mama of a little 7 year old boy that story breaks my hear it every time I heart ... that’s a try not to cry right there 😭😭😢 Also I would be the stranger to sit at the table lol

    nicholl morgannicholl morgan8 órája
  • We laugh but when my dad died people were like “oh ummmmm here 50 bucks”

    VioletViolet10 órája
  • I know I’m late but I can’t be the only one who literally wants no other present but money

    ƈօʍʍǟռɖɛʀ V҉R҉O҉ƈօʍʍǟռɖɛʀ V҉R҉O҉14 órája
  • 32

    QuiteADistractionQuiteADistraction15 órája
  • The acting in the second one hurt me

    trampshirt haroldtrampshirt harold15 órája
  • “Hey my aunt died” “Im sorry, How old was she?” “47” “Here you go, I got a 50 do you have 3 dollars change?”

    AweeqAweeq16 órája
  • cody did you make out with the freshman when you were a senior

    Lucas VandegriffeLucas Vandegriffe18 órája
  • when i was little i fat shamed a lady in fucking joanne fabrics. i said “hey mommy look! she awfully big!”

    lydia simpsonlydia simpson20 órája
  • What a fucking nerd people showed up to my birthday party Edit: FUCK

    Gold Experience RequiemGold Experience RequiemNapja
  • Cody your messed up

    landyn greenhagenlandyn greenhagenNapja
  • Hi

    Mackenzie JoyMackenzie JoyNapja
  • I feel like if you go and ask strangers to come to the party then it doesn’t really count?

    Teddy EastsideTeddy EastsideNapja
  • Ahahah! Im fukn dead!! Oh shit! So hilarious!(4:35)

  • 6:34 that kid in the green hat looks fed up as hell lmaooo

    shawn abbottshawn abbottNapja
  • “Sitting alone in front of *several* pizzas” W h y

  • i literally forgot cody's name is cody... because "cody ko"

  • His reaction to realizing it was real was priceless

    CDC GamingCDC Gaming2 napja
  • fuck man i was straight up crying until you made the women’s sports joke damnnn ik it’s just acting but this still got me in my feels it’s so wholesome

    Sara CvijanovicSara Cvijanovic2 napja
    • I mean the WNBA sucks let’s be honest lmao

      Serge IblockaSerge Iblocka2 napja
  • Chick I liked freshman years spilled her bfs “sizzurp” in her back pack mid class and it was just NyQuil and jolly ranchers

    Sound WhoreSound Whore2 napja
  • Cody needs to fill his shelf’s up with stuff

    Nash CrouchNash Crouch2 napja
  • It’s his 12th bday and nobody “just joking” “it’s a prank bro”

  • drinking kambucha

    skate lifeskate life3 napja
    • Ik i saw that to GT DAVE

      Nathan santoyoNathan santoyo2 napja
  • 10:20 so lean?

    Gethin LewisGethin Lewis3 napja
  • I grew up with this one kid and in middle school he invited probably 20 people to his birthday party at a mini golf place and I was about to not go because he wasn’t a really good friend of mine just someone I had been in school with. At the last minute I decided to go because I thought only a couple people would show up and hey, he wasn’t like an asshole or anything, so I ask my friend to come with me so I at least knew one person there really well. We get there and the only person there was his sister, and no one showed up for the full 3 or so hours of his birthday. It was the most sad thing ever😭We played a couple rounds of mini golf ate some cake and that was that. I felt so bad for the kid he invited 20+ people and if I hadn’t invited my friend nobody would have been there😭.

    Bryce JamesBryce James3 napja
  • Do a “scared straight” vid

    Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia3 napja
  • I'm so fucking ecstatic that Cody genuinely understands the difference between robo and lean. That's fucking awesome I love you Cody!!

    Imprisoned FetusImprisoned Fetus3 napja
  • what would you do if i said you you look like Kai from the vampire diaries?

    Madison SelentMadison Selent3 napja
  • Cut your hair

  • Half of this video is just Cody making fun of a younger version of himself

    Keagan FRIEDERSKeagan FRIEDERS4 napja
  • WWYD: Restoring peoples' faith in humanity since 2008

    Valori JoyValori Joy4 napja
  • Queue the WNBA jokes....

    Owen NielsenOwen Nielsen4 napja
  • I don’t remember exactly what year it was, maybe sophomore year? I literally had my 15th birthday at a hotel and like I only wanted four of my friends to come, but last minute two of them couldn’t and I was alone all day until the other two came. (it was really fun after that but that’s not the point) And so the next day, literally my birthday, me and my family we’re going to go to the zoo but we got a call from my grandmother next door that my grandpa was in really bad shape so we went to see him and he literally fucking died the moment I stepped into his room. I went to the zoo with only my sister and her boyfriend and we were all crying the whole ride LMAAOOOO that was the worst.

    Paige BlackmanPaige Blackman4 napja
  • Cody getting soft is so wholesome

    Paige BlackmanPaige Blackman4 napja
  • Can someone please tell me the song name?

    hibahiba4 napja
  • i love that cody knows what robotripping and lean are. i thought only ex druggies like me knew lolllll

    Rhiana GRhiana G4 napja
  • “I had a friend in college who did that” yea ok dude

    Dylan McGaharnDylan McGaharn4 napja
  • lmaoooo wnba 😂😂😂

    nik90910nik909104 napja
  • The way to be a better person constantly act like ur in what would u do

  • WhAt WoUlD yOu Do?

    Donny BlackDonny Black5 napja
  • here in the Philippines, if it's someone's birthday, or its a holiday and theres like a family reunion, my grandparents would literally call me, give me cash then whisper to me "don't tell anyone" LIKE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

    erijnnnerijnnn5 napja
  • Who the hell gets high in a busy restaurant lol

    icky caticky cat5 napja
  • Damn son if someone gave me money when I was sad that would instantly cheer up my broke ass lmfao

    icky caticky cat5 napja
  • Oh this is sad on a whole Nother level for me because nobody actually showed up to my birthday party

    Lydia HayloftLydia Hayloft5 napja
  • the ad for this video being sprite really set the tone

    caroline ingramcaroline ingram6 napja
  • don't worry, my name is landon, in about 50 years imagine calling me grandpa Landon like wth name even is that in the first place

    GrangeyeGrangeye6 napja
  • It's called roborolling 🤣

    vile colinvile colin6 napja
  • It's not kids apt that age, trust me it's the parents. There's so many parties I've taken my kids to where we were the only one that showed up. It's literally why I went all out and rented birthday suites and limos or went on trips because parents don't bring kids to schoolmates parties. They show if it's sport teammates but school kids because they have to invite their class or they can't pass out invitations at school and alot of times your good friends aren't in your class so you go the route we did or invite through parents you personally know. Point of story just don't fucking have kids dude it sucks

    vile colinvile colin6 napja
    • Hey can you tell me which song they used in that video?

      hibahiba4 napja
  • Why are They doing drugs in a café🤣

    breanna panterbreanna panter6 napja
  • Got an ad for sprite 👌

    That GuyThat Guy6 napja
  • We need another try not to cry video and maybe Kelsey will actually do it this time

    MorganMorgan6 napja
  • The WMBA😂😂

    Kyle CookKyle Cook7 napja
  • this video is slept on

    Claire AftClaire Aft7 napja
  • Cody is almost as funny as a black guy Jk. I'm not racist

    O OdonnellO Odonnell8 napja
  • caught up with an old friend after i moved out of vegas and they ODd on robo once ._.

    Kaia FrantzKaia Frantz8 napja
  • the WNBA jokes. yes, Cody. yes.

    DossDoss9 napja
  • iTS rEaL😮

    Matt LoughtyMatt Loughty9 napja
  • i havent laughed this hard in awhile

    WolvzyWolvzy9 napja
  • I love how specific the description of his "friend's" trip was.

    Josh SullivanJosh Sullivan9 napja
  • i’m sad i wouldn’t mind money 🙂🙂

    Georgia FosterGeorgia Foster9 napja
  • The kid in the thumbnail looks like chen 💀💀

    meteor gardenmeteor garden9 napja
    • agree

      Georgia FosterGeorgia Foster9 napja
  • I'm sad, give me $50.

    Wayne JohnsonWayne Johnson9 napja
  • cody bullies cody

    Shawn SharmaShawn Sharma10 napja
  • 12:27 "Not now 'cause he's sober" I fucking died at that.

    BenGermanBenGerman10 napja
  • You do drugs what a loser ✋🏽I do cough syrup 💀

    Renee LeeRenee Lee10 napja
    • purple drank😏😏

      Georgia FosterGeorgia Foster9 napja
  • This is soo 2017 now kids drink real achohal and do real drugs

    noice mannoice man10 napja
  • "this woman cant keep her eyes of our actors" i would be too who tf peer pressures someone to robotrip in a fucking restaurant

    thejokerstolemyaspirinthejokerstolemyaspirin10 napja
  • Have a feeling Cody got absolutely dunked on by a classmate that’s a girl when he was 9 and so forever holds a grudge against the WNBA

    Jess BerchJess Berch10 napja
  • Cody where is your shirt from? I need it

    ash leyash ley11 napja
  • This video has me laughing so much oh my god

    jasmine rodriguezjasmine rodriguez12 napja
  • how do i always manage to choke while watching these videos

    caitlin rosecaitlin rose12 napja
  • Cap

    Adam BeerAdam Beer12 napja
  • Nice to see another Cody every once in a while

    Cody NeilsonCody Neilson13 napja
  • Yo I was one of those robotussion kidsssss ayeeeee

    Lemon GrassLemon Grass14 napja
  • This is probably the only show ever where a Karen could look good

    Rolf HenningRolf Henning14 napja
  • Honestly i would say to my kid that idc if he doesn’t like the kid, unless he bully’s you, you go.

    Rolf HenningRolf Henning14 napja
  • 6:00

    drakedrake14 napja
  • "I don't think you are a loser ................. But I mean 1 kid like should have considered coming, its insane that 12 didnt" -Cody

    Callum KeshavjeeCallum Keshavjee14 napja
  • Dude chugging a bottle of nyquil makes you trip hard as shit. Tastes like ass and you gotta stay awake for it to work but if you do then damn its crazy. Haven't done it for like 5 years cause its nasty and actually super dangerous. Still safer than Xanax though

    Shiloh KingShiloh King15 napja
  • Hold the fuck up lmao thats anthony amorim! I listen to his music omg!

    Anabelle WallflowerAnabelle Wallflower16 napja
  • Cody: "How will sitting with him help? He does not know any of them." Also Cody: "Oh, this is cute." Sir you must pick a side, please and thank you.

    Matthew RadeschiMatthew Radeschi16 napja
  • Where did you get that desk chair? It looks amazing

    Jacob WellsJacob Wells16 napja
  • I work at a restaurant and one of the customers names was Cody and he was definitely in his early 50s soooooo

    sammy's tanksammy's tank16 napja
  • I don't know why, but the man who shows up at the end of everything is super annoying. I don't need a guy telling me everything's staged after trying to be nice.

    Tarot CardTarot Card17 napja
  • Soooo are we gonna ignore how Cody was drinking GT daves Kombucha

    Peter NovakPeter Novak17 napja
  • your channel is hilarious, your videos genuinely make me laugh out loud. thank you for that, these times are really God awful and laughter truly is the best medicine. wow sorry for such a lame comment, anyway love the channel. really thinking about subscribing.

    Jessica PacificiJessica Pacifici18 napja
  • I love how FriCtIoNLeSs this video is

    DopeKnucklesDopeKnuckles18 napja
  • man my great aunt gave me $50 when my dad died and that DID make me feel better

    luke creamysicleluke creamysicle21 napja
    • Damn my aunt gave me nothing but still it makes me feel better

      DopeKnucklesDopeKnuckles18 napja
  • Bro Cody is literally the funniest dude on HUworld 😂

    Rex RRex R21 napja
  • as a teen, cough syrup is not cool 💀 it’s still weed

    The Derpy TacoThe Derpy Taco21 napja
    • nah its a *LOT* worse than weed

      mabemabe19 napja
  • Bro something similar happened to me when I was in the 3rd grade. I had my party set and everyone said they were coming, and then a few days later a girl in my class decided to make her birthday party on the same day even though her birthday was like a month away, at Let’s Skate when it was the new cool thing to do. So everyone canceled on us so they could go to her birthday party. So I told my mom the just cancel my party and I stayed home and had ice cream floats with my grandparents.

    Skyla SparkleSkyla Sparkle21 napja
  • when cody slanders the WNBA but is shorter than every single one of them

    Ava HickeyAva Hickey21 napja
  • i feel personally offended that cody did not comment on johns hype jean jumper. i mean he looked like a snacc

    idk kidk k22 napja
  • I'm way cooler then that cody

    Cody MoenaCody Moena22 napja
  • What would I do? Call cody a loser in SPITE

    MrAvocadoManMrAvocadoMan22 napja
  • 14:35 No, no I think you are.

    Laila لیلاLaila لیلا23 napja