CODING ON SMOLEST LAPTOP EVER - Javascript lesson with Boris

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Boris teaches Javascript, the functionality of websites. Stay safe, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 4 month free on special Christmas deal. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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Welcome to Life of Boris HUworld channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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  • That’s a tiny computer for such a big keyboard

    Luci TerihajLuci Terihaj51 perce
  • 1:25 Me who has blue switches: SORRY CAN YOU SPEAK UP, I CANT HEAR YOU!

    Hime ArikawaHime ArikawaÓrája
  • This piece o smolness might fit in a pocket... if we are lucky

    Vinnie alVinnie al6 órája
  • Them sneaki estonians with epic tech

    operation kwasoperation kwas18 órája
  • if I don't get a weslav chair I'm going to visit Chernobyl unprotected

    ak Novakak NovakNapja
  • I would totally program at babushka's house in the bath

  • I’m getting that chair

    Ethan RVEthan RVNapja
  • Cybermonk

    Just your regular MoominJust your regular Moomin2 napja
  • Прикольно)

    Артём РогожинАртём Рогожин3 napja
  • *Vadim Blyat* _you know what you did_

    RainzelRainzel3 napja
  • That accent is so heavy if you listened to it without context it would essentially be gibberish

    MenchiTheFloofMenchiTheFloof3 napja
  • I want the keyboard, so bad but I have no money

    shikhar vermashikhar verma3 napja
  • Guys, i need name of this smol laptop

    Кирилл ЧаплыгинКирилл Чаплыгин3 napja
  • > coding > javascript well, sounds gopnik enough

    Bad MechanicsBad Mechanics4 napja
  • Javascript? I didn't know Boris was into BDSM and masochism

    ThunderJAP97ThunderJAP975 napja
  • Where are you from -RUSSİA Who is president -AAAAAAAA MİCHAEL JORDAN Who is vladimir putin -aaaaaaa he is ceo Hahahahhahahahahhaga

    marqueenn YTmarqueenn YT5 napja
  • when is the new merch coming :D

    DomtixDomtix5 napja
  • I want boris to cover the basics of all the major programming languages

    Ding Ding The Youtube BuddyDing Ding The Youtube Buddy5 napja
  • Living for the SA shout out from Cape town, SA 😁

    Conversations With A QueenConversations With A Queen5 napja
  • why not available in the Philippines sad

    pastor ronnephpastor ronneph5 napja
  • Make a channel called 'LifeOfJoris'

    Piccaso _Piccaso _5 napja
  • Coding on Yotaphone

    LucasBlinLucasBlin6 napja

    Im The HackermanIm The Hackerman6 napja
  • Thats reminds me of my friend laptop man memorys

    reZ novkreZ novk6 napja
  • Next Thing on weslav: A cyka gaming PC for your gaming needs

    Don ShearouseDon Shearouse6 napja
  • Build Indonesia sub pliss :'(

    Dethan Abyan RahmanDethan Abyan Rahman7 napja
  • With this I can now program a less buggy cyberblonk

    PrxphPrxph7 napja
  • Smol am I right comrade

    Bluish EagleBluish Eagle7 napja
  • This is how nuclear holocaust starts, Boris shoots up some missiles to capitalistic pigs by "accident" with JS and as soon as you turn arround we are all living in the Moscow metro, eating mushrooms and fighting mutants.

    The Slav ChefThe Slav Chef7 napja
  • A Tiny Laptop *Jet Engine Noises Due to Node Modules Compiling*

    IcekraksIcekraks7 napja
  • 2:40 i hope so tbh

  • Still can’t believe where he got to, been seeing him for years, impressed as hell

    JDNJDN7 napja
  • Vadim, blyat, spizdil subtitles

    ϻϻĞ ןยlเкϻϻĞ ןยlเк7 napja
  • Wow good

    Yonaten Netanyahu יונתן נתניהוYonaten Netanyahu יונתן נתניהו7 napja
  • I just now found out there's a German chef named Boris Rommel. Boris should have a cooking duel with him!

    kazikazi7 napja
  • My man playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a IPad, dang

    Resso The MadladResso The Madlad7 napja
  • На каком языке говорит автор?

    MorTMorT7 napja
  • why does he have nothing on we slav anymore

    Jude CollumbineJude Collumbine8 napja
  • why will the mouse pad be at my house in march ?

    P I R 5253P I R 52538 napja
  • Could you stream the small pc to ur main machine, and run obs on the stream, on the main rig?

    Kyle JoyceKyle Joyce8 napja
  • Still waiting for weslav to go online again

    Ur local gopnikUr local gopnik8 napja
  • Me when I see the S missing in 1:32 : Wait.. Is he trying to reference about Stalin saying do not step back?

    Officially MortemOfficially Mortem8 napja
  • BOI upload

    Darklord GXDarklord GX8 napja
  • merry orthodox christmas

    simikico977simikico9778 napja
  • boris please make an lets play metro exodus, znaš za vas za nas

    benifourtwentybenifourtwenty8 napja
  • Instructions unclear, accidentally hacked microsoft

    TheGamingGezerTheGamingGezer8 napja
  • Where cheese

    Matis HoltMatis Holt8 napja
  • Hi Boris! I want to buy your stuff at the weslav But when I go into the link, Nothing's coming out. The website goes in. The goods are not coming out! I live in Korea. Then do I have to use VPN?

    VADIMVADIM8 napja
  • Boris comrade, where is our next video?

    Wyatt MirekWyatt Mirek8 napja
  • сука блят

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  • Smol like a Mole

    Gerlergise ProductionsGerlergise Productions8 napja
  • Blyat where is new content comrade?

    Shinydeath 0556Shinydeath 05568 napja
  • React to Markiplier eating Russian MRE

    Emily LoredoEmily Loredo8 napja
  • Do you still nave that vodka cooled pc??

    NeurooNeuroo8 napja
  • boris: tiny laptop everyone: tiny laptop me: 3 D S Edit: thx for 15 likes

    Jamie28gamingJamie28gaming8 napja
  • Merry Eastern Christmas, comrades!

    Mothman ProphetMothman Prophet8 napja
  • Just discovered Boris, am already making blins.

    Thiago EnnesThiago Ennes8 napja
  • hey boris looking to buy some merch but it says the store is down anybody know why?

    Scott JarosScott Jaros8 napja
  • Советский Союз снова восстанет.

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic8 napja
  • Славний дух України світить і живе вічно. Благословенна Фортуною братство встане разом. Як роса перед сонцем вороги зникати.

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic8 napja
  • Does anyone know why WeSlav is offline

    DrSaltyDrSalty9 napja
  • can run smol cs:go ????

    bobbob9 napja
  • Where are you my lord??

    Nagib MahfuzNagib Mahfuz9 napja
  • Slavaboo

    SuomiTurri1003ASuomiTurri1003A9 napja
  • Yes Hello Comrades, Today im here to tell You That Boris Is Russian Approved By Russia.

    Biagio FilippiBiagio Filippi9 napja
  • please country show vietnam *i think*

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    FANTASY GUY And Mr BuNa XdFANTASY GUY And Mr BuNa Xd9 napja
  • Ну ладно

    SoSiSkaSoSiSka9 napja
  • Has been 2 weeks blyat when you upload debil

    bruh sugmabruh sugma9 napja
  • Can u show your real face

    Nora DellANora DellA9 napja
  • The gfx jokes are insanely good

    The Reefer GladnessThe Reefer Gladness9 napja
  • Yaaass True Russian coding

    LAZARUS 130LAZARUS 1309 napja
  • Pronuncia los nombres de los estados de México 😂😂😂

    José Luis-099 EspartanJosé Luis-099 Espartan9 napja
  • my computing teacher has been really quiet

    potato_notsuspotato_notsus9 napja
  • Nintendo DSI: are you sure about that

    Jacob StoddardJacob Stoddard9 napja
  • Jesus loves everyone

    Codyasian RiceCodyasian Rice9 napja
  • boris hello from america amidst this fucking election steal i thought id come and squat and drop a line to about the only one making sense right now hope alls well with you in your world its going to shit here but it needs to happen corruption knows no bounds. holler back if you get a chance keep up the good work .

    ratfink 8oratfink 8o9 napja
  • I remember my dad would play cookie clicker and he showed us how to get a ton of cookies using the script

    Big ChungusBig Chungus9 napja
  • If it can play CYBERMONK. It can play anything.Even Life Of Boris the Game

  • sorry when you will upload again

    only gamer tvonly gamer tv9 napja

    LL120 RGB 120mm PWM FanLL120 RGB 120mm PWM Fan9 napja
  • you taught me how to code lol

    Majic waffleMajic waffle9 napja
  • Я склоняю шляпу одной легендой к другой

    memer boymemer boy9 napja

    slav dogslav dog9 napja
  • I'm here to inform you I am Italian vadim and will very loudly cook in the morning while blasting a rickroll.

    Italian VadimItalian Vadim9 napja
  • dont use comrade cat's laptop without asking.

    Jayamila PerssonJayamila Persson9 napja
  • Some of us want to see the end result of the cheese you made.

    Ace CloverAce Clover10 napja
  • Its been 2 weeks now, Boris must be preparing something good

    Boris PernichevBoris Pernichev10 napja
  • play adventure communist

    yrulk1ishyrulk1ish10 napja
  • huh, Boris seems teached me better than my Computer Teacher

    Johann TantogJohann Tantog10 napja
  • pls make php

    Cosm1nCosm1n10 napja
  • Hey man i watched your vodka cooled pc video on my recommandation . Your killed it man Best pc video ever i will try that at home Love from India ❤😊💖

    I Love GamingI Love Gaming10 napja
  • Slav science

    Joe KennedyJoe Kennedy10 napja
  • Boris come to my home quick pls I need help

    Crubrutock CsgoCrubrutock Csgo10 napja
  • Put the tag at the bottom of the HTML file like how Boris put his sponsorship btw

    randomkat2035randomkat203510 napja
  • Three layers of glass works for me tho!

    NikhatNikhat10 napja
  • // works in c++ if i remember correctly

    Nazeracoo cheesemanNazeracoo cheeseman10 napja
  • a

    Tyler StarkeyTyler Starkey10 napja
  • i didnt realize hw was gonna play cyberpunk untell he started downloading it

    korekore10 napja
  • Better then oldest PC lol

    Itz_DaveItz_Dave10 napja