Coding on a 15 year old computer - Programmer Boris

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Programmer Boris is here! I had to get some floppy disks and a new drive to finish this video so it took 3 whole weeks to finish. But final product is better than ever!
In this video I am teaching to code in a very easy programming language - Python. Python is great for beginners and written in a very logical way. Once you learn the structure of this language, it can be applied to other coding languages as well.
This tutorial shows how to use "if", "else", "while" and some basic functions.
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  • Guess what programming language will he cover up next: A.C++ B. Ruby C. SQL

    Carl AmatCarl Amat15 órája
    • A

      Carl AmatCarl Amat15 órája
  • me: * opens the video * 3 second later *I HAVE THIS PC* yeah стабильный as pc without vodka cooling, unthinkable

    rocco maiurirocco maiuriNapja
  • this video was really helpful

    Alpha_177ytAlpha_177yt2 napja
  • NoteBlyat++!!!!!

    Rajesh KumbhakarRajesh Kumbhakar3 napja
  • Thanks for starting my coding career

    pointThinkpointThink3 napja
  • HOLY FUCK windows xp pycharm looks disgusting lmao

    TheGrimravagerTheGrimravager4 napja
  • 3:26 is kernel32.dll some fucking universal dll collection?

    TheGrimravagerTheGrimravager4 napja
  • Yooo... And where is command at the beginning ''import SLAVMODE ''for nonslav users ? XD only after that command your computer may do the Slav commands. Stay Cheeki Breeki Comrade :) Respect from Poland

    Adam MilianAdam Milian5 napja
  • You 2019 Me 202⁰1

    Zaki rhamadhanZaki rhamadhan5 napja
  • Lots of nostalgia for me in this video.. I started programming before there were GUIs lol

    Midwest InactivistMidwest Inactivist6 napja
  • Boris ultimate challenge Code in a 8 bit computer

    Rafael IzukawaRafael Izukawa6 napja
  • Coding on a 15 yo computer? BROZO... Those are the best computers to do coding on. Windows XP, AWWW YEAH Nowadays computers have fuckload of ram and cpu and they barely move. Only the operating system needs 4GB RAM 15 years ago... the OS probably needed around 256MB of ram AND IF YOU GAVE IT 4GB RAM IT RAN LIKE IT STOLE SOMETHING

    Mister Phresh OnyoMister Phresh Onyo6 napja
  • Blyats XP By Stalinsoft®️™️©️

    Мирјана АдамовићМирјана Адамовић6 napja
  • 4:02 Hey! My first programming language was Java! This was a year ago and now i am learning Assembly Language! And if Java is that hard Assembly Language is like purest hell!!!

    RaverfieldRaverfield8 napja
  • It's so funny cause you actually learn something

    Benito MussoliniBenito Mussolini10 napja
  • "He's still not here. I wonder what he's doing." What he's doing: 1:54

    QuetzalQuetzal11 napja
  • matrioshka

    Danek ZapletalDanek Zapletal12 napja

    noah robertsnoah roberts13 napja
  • Boris: Made in Czech Republic slav Czech Republic: HardDance

    FuzzzelFuzzzel14 napja
  • идеально подходит для меня, хотя я румын :)

    Daniel VladescuDaniel Vladescu14 napja
  • Epic computer science moment

    NormalGamer V2NormalGamer V215 napja
  • Me 10 min in the video: Yep, I'm still watching

    iDqnneziDqnnez16 napja
  • pc do be looking like a xbox360

    Bbutterfingers124Bbutterfingers12416 napja
  • ah yes the thumbnail says "py.exe" yes edit: btw its not impossible but its a interesting choice hehehehhehe :)

    Ali BurakAli Burak16 napja
  • 15 ЛЕТ КОМПУ! И 15 АВГУСТА ВЫПУЩЕНО! _________________________________________________| 15 YEARS OF COMPUTER! AND AUGUST 15TH IS RELEASED!

    Developer [Cloud]Developer [Cloud]17 napja
  • lol piton

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  • boris tech rips lol

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  • yessss boris!

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  • woah GTA 6 installer

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  • 10:52 !!

    Hasan SamiHasan Sami19 napja
  • face reveal comrade boris

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  • Boris: GOOD LUCK BLIN! Vadims computer: *vvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* Me next door: *shoots wall* PEČURKO JEDNA WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR VACUMECLEANER?!

    soviet tankist31141soviet tankist3114120 napja
  • why didnt you put the monitor on the computer

    FoamyAdampowerFoamyAdampower20 napja

    Adam ŠelepinAdam Šelepin21 napja
  • My video buffered when it said crash the internet that boggled my head

    Ben MaileBen Maile21 napja
  • actually learnt something :) thanks Boris

    diciodicio21 napja
  • This has to be the most Russian video i've seen

    TotallyNotJeffTotallyNotJeff22 napja
  • 4:00 my case as student programmer

    Siddartha VedagiriSiddartha Vedagiri23 napja
  • it was Boris who made youtube

    APEX_Private BountyAPEX_Private Bounty23 napja
  • 1:28 :D

    Muradin BronzebeardedMuradin Bronzebearded25 napja
  • 😂😂😂

    Ian NorthWindIan NorthWind26 napja
  • :D

    R3TR0 30R3TR0 3026 napja
  • Кто русский?

    Alex 228Alex 22827 napja
  • РУсский акцент, сразу видна - НАШ!

    You MineYou Mine27 napja
  • yoooooooooooooooo python is cool. check out my code import threading def blyat(): while True: print("blyaaaaaaaaaaaat") threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start() threading.Thread(target=blyat).start()

    krembo masterkrembo master27 napja
  • do it on a raspberry pie

    Brick_HeadBrick_Head29 napja
  • осталось создать на питоне онлайн игру калашников)

    justjust29 napja
  • Python looks awfully similar to Lua.

  • Why not using Linux in old machine😭

    om pandeyom pandeyHónapja
  • Ohhhh...can i9magine the fun of recovering that hard drive!....i had tons of funs too, when used to fix ppls computers..that SOMEHOW MSYTERIOUSLY fell off trucks....ppl could not use them cos they were part of an AT&T mainframe..& babys BIOS kept calling for their mamaLan...lmao!

    Nu LiformNu LiformHónapja
  • Printing "Hello Vadim" Now you are overqualified 😂😭

  • Ну ты мочишь

    Кто я где когда зачемКто я где когда зачемHónapja
  • i have the same matryoshka as boris, cool

    Santos KemmerSantos KemmerHónapja
  • When you are pure Russian that HUworld decide to put Russia language as auto-generated subs instead of English

    Hakim TahirHakim TahirHónapja
  • and there are some kids that get mad at their 2000 dollars pc for not running a game in 16k just look at this guy, on a 15yo pc just played games whitout complaining

  • now its a 16 year old computer

  • Ahhh. the sound of dial up

    Comrade ElmoComrade ElmoHónapja
  • Why you installed python while using pycharm???????

  • google, unlink that хуйню of my recommended video list.

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  • One learn in programming Please write "hello world" Me: what?

  • Lel. Bandicam on XP.

    Logan ClarkLogan ClarkHónapja
  • 2 seconds after: I'm KO on my armchair

  • Boris! Just use Linux! You don't want western spies sneaking on you?

  • finally. good quality tutorial. блядь

    Алексей СоловьевАлексей СоловьевHónapja

    Vadim GestatVadim GestatHónapja
  • russian video with russian ads , EXcelent

    Retro Classic GameplayRetro Classic GameplayHónapja
  • Hujnya!


    WEIRD mimWEIRD mimHónapja
  • at least, rusians more funny than i though

    WEIRD mimWEIRD mimHónapja
  • 1:29

    Даниил КрутДаниил КрутHónapja
  • And now the computer is 16 years old.

    TIM Squad ツTIM Squad ツHónapja
  • смотришь и вроде просто, а с нуля сам сунулся изучать, так мозги опухли)

    Вадим РомановВадим РомановHónapja
  • lol russian scripter teaching

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  • IDU

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  • Look radal

  • Now I know ezpz python code

  • Comrade can you actually code 101Hónapja
  • i watched this video before learning how to code, then i learned how to code and watched it again. i now i realise how basic the code he is writing is

    Charlie KelsoCharlie KelsoHónapja
  • WoW, I actually learned something! Thx!

  • Russian when the pc blue screen::ты видишь мой ак47?

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  • Православный канал

    Кирилл РомановКирилл РомановHónapja
  • Damn. I just wanna make some insane moves with the music.

    Liu LianLiu LianHónapja
  • "You are now over-qualified..." hahaha, God Bless you, Boris.

    Guy GGuy GHónapja
  • what the toy name in 1:44?

    Angga MaulanaAngga MaulanaHónapja
    • A matryoshka

      Tank ManTank Man21 napja
  • привет Вадим

    Jake_Dev 104Jake_Dev 104Hónapja
  • роог ытсн

  • Surely, "break" ought to be pronounced as "бряк"

    Contrarian AdviceContrarian AdviceHónapja
  • it was the fastest 10 minutes of coding in my life

  • Can't stop laughing 😂👍

    Feruz BoymuratovFeruz BoymuratovHónapja
  • Zdrastvuyte VADIM BLYAT.. iz mouslemskij, Moskva!!!

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  • after this everyone will think Russian speak like that. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Кирилл МакаричевКирилл МакаричевHónapja
  • Мда

    Семён СеменюкСемён СеменюкHónapja
  • "Don't worry if you see this screen - it just means virus is installed...." *video cuts* =))))

    Daniel's Game VaultDaniel's Game VaultHónapja
  • Am just c++ dev

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  • Борис - высший славянин

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  • poor optiplex coin battery probably leaking all over it 😔

    long catlong catHónapja
  • What computer is that?

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  • government pc starter pack: -windows xp (obviously) - 4:3 monitor -only good for working or playing online games -internet explorer -viruses, lots of them

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  • бля ну не понятно вроде русский ну сука англечан

  • Can I just say, *I have the same PC right in my damn shed.*