Coding on a 15 year old computer - Programmer Boris

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Programmer Boris is here! I had to get some floppy disks and a new drive to finish this video so it took 3 whole weeks to finish. But final product is better than ever!
In this video I am teaching to code in a very easy programming language - Python. Python is great for beginners and written in a very logical way. Once you learn the structure of this language, it can be applied to other coding languages as well.
This tutorial shows how to use "if", "else", "while" and some basic functions.
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  • Are u hindu?????

    GOWRI SankarGOWRI Sankar4 perccel
  • i see you have used only Soviet Program, not capitalist pig spyware Visual Studio Code, zhe KGB Approves

    ArgeArge2 órája
  • Even though this is made for fun, you taught me some Python :)

    Aaron Renny VargheseAaron Renny Varghese2 órája
  • My 2003 pc still runs cs 2.0 Lool Laptop crash Me:CYKA BLYAT

    Haix boiHaix boi6 órája
  • BABUSHKA nice for programming

    Mustafa Uysal OyundaMustafa Uysal Oyunda8 órája
  • i cant believe this video is already a year old

    Bruh ManiaBruh ManiaNapja
  • "The Save Icon" XD!!!

  • the funny thing is that i actually learnt some stuff of off this video

    Aarya BhaveAarya Bhave2 napja
  • dude this guy is playing csgo on a 15 year old computer this guy is a true legend

    Soviet communist dogSoviet communist dog2 napja
  • Did everyone heaed a 100% that's Boris is not a liar or something, but a real Russian? 8:11

    dmitriitherusdmitriitherus3 napja
  • So you're saying I could just write input() and not Scanner = new Scanner(

    Derp FanloDerp Fanlo4 napja
  • hhahahhah i just we have the same name but ihave v instead of b

    voris24voris245 napja
  • 10:35 How the hell he get a copy of GTA 6 on a floppy disk

    Sudo_ ChokeSudo_ Choke6 napja
  • I am a dev, whenever I am depressed, I watch this and forget all my worries. thanks Boris :)

    Udaishankar TUdaishankar T6 napja
  • 7:41

    ehhehh7 napja
  • Me who codes on a 11 year old laptop: "Finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary"

    Ajay Singh RathoreAjay Singh Rathore7 napja
  • 8:17 that colon XD it alway happens blyat

    DeathDeath8 napja
  • You can create a constant while loop without a conditional like this: while(1) Instead of having to do: while(3>2)

    George ScottGeorge Scott9 napja
  • Real stupid guy, or rofl

    Just ManJust Man9 napja
  • How is that XP loading slower I have an XP machine with a super slow IDE hard drive it takes less than 2 minutes to boot

    Harrison SmetanaHarrison Smetana9 napja
  • he is using european plug output......hmmmmmmmm.......well shit all the slav countries are in europe. this didn't gave me any clue about where is boris from. blyat.

    David IonescuDavid Ionescu9 napja
  • :')))

    DISA LuxOrDISA LuxOr9 napja
  • Could I use Atom instead of Pycharm or Notepad++?

    KyloMundiKyloMundi10 napja
  • If+else=JandereDEV code

    Krzysztof KKrzysztof K10 napja
  • 3 millionn people:well well well this seems intresting

    scuffed iosscuffed ios11 napja
  • My online Serbian friend said that Boris' accent is faked. Is that true? O.o

    DeathlordUSADeathlordUSA11 napja
  • I learned to program in C++, as Boris would say "Is true hell, fuck pointers!"

    blu_smokeblu_smoke11 napja
  • I learned more from this free video than from a $200 python course I took

    Matthew SheydaMatthew Sheyda11 napja
  • Word 'blyat' is very rude and swear in Russian -- like English swear f-words. The guy in video has very rude and agressive style of speaking. Due to such guys all other people around the world might think all Russians are rude agressive morons. That's far from the truth. Russians are very different in general from that guy manner of speech.

    Vitaly RybinVitaly Rybin11 napja
  • Дружище, не позорься! Из-за таких как ты, россиян воспринимают как агрессивных гопников по всему миру.

    Vitaly RybinVitaly Rybin11 napja
  • C++ is better than Java.

    MrDavidMineboyMrDavidMineboy11 napja
  • На каком языке он разговаривает? Наверное на BrainFuck

    ERROR 404ERROR 40412 napja
  • I was thinking which language he is speaking before watching subtitles.😂😆

  • XP: VAC-secured... Risitash: Laughing... 😆👌

  • 10:18 - I can see Disk (A). But where is B? :/

  • This guy made me watch this video till the end although Idk what he's talking about because of how he say things

    LuigiLuigi12 napja
  • 00:59 ondruwayuaobabushka

    Rocko CreaRocko Crea12 napja
  • Ладно.

    SmarapsSmaraps12 napja
  • What was that what i just watched!

    Asddsa AsdfgAsddsa Asdfg12 napja
  • I couldn't understand the English he is speaking!!! Is this Chinese version of English or what it is? BTW I used that computer a lot even for 3D modeling at that time :D I used this to start designing and at almost near 100% rendering CPU gets so hot and BOOM Black Screen!!!!

    Modern CreatorModern Creator12 napja
  • дарова

    uferd robloxuferd roblox13 napja
  • Fri-do u speak russia? Me-yes. Bla bla bla bal. .bal. ...

    hero myanmarhero myanmar13 napja
  • I dont understand everything My brain go coocoo

    UglyDudeUglyDude13 napja
  • Voz de russo parece q eles sempre então putos kslsks

  • I did not understand anything but the video was so entertaining I couldn't bring myself to close it.

    Tricky GuyTricky Guy13 napja
  • почему этого клоуна смотрят вообще??

    engage inengage in13 napja
  • какой странный хвох360

    Юрий МатвеевЮрий Матвеев13 napja
  • 😑 He put so many subtitles, but still didn't added Hindi. 😑

    Varun NovaVarun Nova13 napja
  • 8:12 he forgot a ‘:’ lol (He also doesn’t read the error messages(and that’s a fact))

    lavrlevcatlavrlevcat13 napja
  • Justin y

    ethmonkayethmonkay13 napja
  • россия блять

    Master WorldMaster World13 napja
  • brek

    Tushar PandeyTushar Pandey14 napja
  • alright! i can finally make my USSR space station! oo im so excited!

    khaled hussamkhaled hussam14 napja
  • Блять , а где же все русские?

    Single PlayerSingle Player14 napja
  • His accent should be made official English (Russian) accent

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta14 napja
  • No3 CSGO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta14 napja
  • It will run blyat 😂😂😂

    Sanket GuptaSanket Gupta14 napja
  • still not getting it

    LeoNGamingLeoNGaming14 napja
  • Vodka cooling! I enjoyed this way more than I would have thought I would.

    Israel HoffmanIsrael Hoffman14 napja
  • Реквестирую озвучку оф зэ Володарский

    Anatol BlackforestAnatol Blackforest14 napja
  • Женя Баженов, снимай маску, мы тебя узнали

    X Æ A-12X Æ A-1214 napja
  • Česko!

    KemposKempos14 napja
  • Учитель которого мы заслужили

    Амиран АркеловАмиран Аркелов14 napja
  • Бедный Водим, Водим Блять

    LARIKLARIK14 napja
  • BORIS : so if you want to become professional hacker like Boris there is only two things you need to set up ALSO BORIS: Number 3 csgo 🤣🤣🤣

    Tan PTan P14 napja
  • крутое видео, а главное православное!!!

    deatsindeatsin14 napja
  • Putain mais le mec qui écrit les sous-titres en français ne sait pas écrire c'est pas possible !

    Communist PandaCommunist Panda14 napja
  • No joke this is an actually really good programming tutorial saying this as a developer myself this video really covers almost all the basics of programming it might be a bit different for each programming language but the concept is actually the same

    Blood moonBlood moon15 napja
  • Took me 2 minutes to realise that he was speaking English lmaoo

    ItsYaBoyBananaItsYaBoyBanana15 napja
  • bruh hes coding on a xbox 360

    FenderAt171FenderAt17115 napja
  • Honestly I did not expect a 5 minute effective python lesson

  • can u gimme my computer back pls

    BacTilerBacTiler15 napja
  • 4:54 NoteBlyat++! Where do I find it???

    Domenico AzzolinaDomenico Azzolina15 napja
  • Who found it randomly 👇👍

    Nakshatra RajputNakshatra Rajput15 napja
  • Привет Боря

    danf1xdanf1x15 napja
  • lmafo

    Баранівський ВадимБаранівський Вадим15 napja
  • Xy N TA

    Boss this gymBoss this gym15 napja
  • Hello, Boris! Boris blyat!

    Vadim GavrilevVadim Gavrilev15 napja
  • you are an actual russian or you have the accent of a russian?

    Weege64Weege6415 napja

    Windows VistaWindows Vista15 napja
  • This guy coding in Python what a noob. I use C C++ and C#.

    47J17p29 X47J17p29 X15 napja
  • Who is this mad lad?!?!?

    Roy HRoy H15 napja
  • Anomaly broder

    bebenjazzbebenjazz15 napja
  • It was fun watching this video, but my pc went to the next level of immersion and blue screened at his first error.

    Luis RezaLuis Reza15 napja
  • I learn more with Boris than with my face to face coding classes . Blyat

    Pedro Jr Paez PPedro Jr Paez P15 napja
  • Yep you be ready to be a hacker after this video, just write right up your resume virus and let it Loose to the world. I'm sure you get lots of likes.

    MadocWorksMadocWorks15 napja
  • I love the fact I’ve learnt more on this video than in school for 4 hours

    Buddha Rice Farmer HeBuddha Rice Farmer He15 napja
  • Bruh, my PC is already 11 years old...and currently stuck on "fatal error, system halted".

    Popsiclious 1383Popsiclious 138315 napja
  • yes also make video named "True linux (console) hacking" programming in console of linux on lisp language in emacs

    ПушыстовПушыстов15 napja
  • Better run blyat makes me laugh so hard lol

    Derick JessenDerick Jessen16 napja
  • A black power strip means serious buisness

    Molnár RobiMolnár Robi16 napja
  • python berk

    P SP S16 napja
  • Прикольно, что у меня в 2020 еще ХР

    NoteNote16 napja

    Hunters sHunters s16 napja
  • idk why the hell I thought he is gonna code a cs 1.6 cheat

    Endrit ShabaniEndrit Shabani16 napja
  • It's Vadim friendly

    AmnesiacAmnesiac16 napja
  • this guy just taught a semester into one video

    alfred paldezalfred paldez16 napja
  • epic

    UnKnoN_ GamingUnKnoN_ Gaming16 napja
  • PyCharm XP GG xD

    Ricky RickRicky Rick16 napja
  • тупизна короче.

    Ivan PetrovIvan Petrov16 napja