Clippers vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA December 22

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Check out Clippers vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA December 22

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Clippers beat the Champions Lakers in a thrilling game 116-110.
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  • Awesome!😸

    Angel MaryAngel Mary3 napja
  • 🕊

    Vladyslav KurbatskyyVladyslav Kurbatskyy16 napja
  • Lakers is going nowhere this season. And please tell me how did the Lakers beat the Mavs that beat the Clippers 40pts?

    Sir KaySir Kay18 napja
  • Nobody wins the championship the first game of the season. I still think the Lakers should have retained Howard or McGee.

    Rob RoyRob Roy19 napja
  • Lakers should have keep Howard.

    Andy VuAndy Vu20 napja
  • PG always always so damn good in regular season

    Raya AjiRaya Aji20 napja
  • Please support my music. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

    Johnny X 100Johnny X 10021 napja
  • Anthony Davis is really good.

    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.KPH Tv Official KONESANS.21 napja
  • Happy Merry Christmas

    Oppo A1kOppo A1k21 napja
  • Lakers are fucked without Rondo i think.

    Ayo OkusanyaAyo Okusanya21 napja
  • So I heard PG is back to form, I hope it lasts through the season and not a mere flash of brilliance.

    chinedu keshichinedu keshi21 napja
  • The agreeable trombone cytopathologically help because botany conformably colour outside a terrible creature. frequent, various ghost

    Trenia WallaceTrenia Wallace21 napja
  • LeBron is a violent player. This is no basketball, Basketball is a sport, a game to compete healthy, this kind of players are destroying the sports. Trying to humiliate others. If hes already rich Just go away from the sports

    Esdras PazEsdras Paz21 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣DIAMOND-DD🤣🤣🤣🤣 [989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]

  • 🤣🤣🤣DIAMOND-DD🤣🤣🤣🤣 [989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]



    Tui luafituTui luafitu21 napja
  • Lakers warming up game for the Christmas day.....Lakers 2021 Champ

    Tui luafituTui luafitu21 napja
  • There is no way that PG can score like that every night - this should have been an easy game for the Lakers - I do not like Gasol's addition - his defense sucks always has - I like Pau a lot more than Marc - always have and had - Marc's game is not complementary and he needs to hustle which is not his strength -

    EzaarkashEzaarkash22 napja
  • almost forgot LAC was killing LAL all their matchups. Nuggets did LAL huge favor on that Fake Playoff bubblehsit lmao

    DeneuveDeneuve22 napja
  • Lol didn't even know the SJW league started already. Hope it shuts down again. 😂

    Ben DoverBen Dover22 napja
    • toxic

      Azor AhaiAzor Ahai18 napja
  • Damn, kuzma got paid for nothing

  • That's winning

  • yes the clippers choke at the series with denver, but all laker fans know if they have met the clippers, they'll lose. admit it or deny it, all you laker fans know thats the truth!!!

    Kenneth Josef Tadeo MenorcaKenneth Josef Tadeo Menorca22 napja
  • I love watching lakers fans cry. It brings me joy.

    DaveDave22 napja
  • final NBA, clippers vs New Jersey!!

    DeuXVla RDeuXVla R22 napja
  • Im happy to see lakers out.

    wala langwala lang22 napja
  • I hope clippers will get the championship 😅

    TheRock daracTheRock darac22 napja
  • I'm not surprised clippers always good in regular season. 😅

    TheRock daracTheRock darac22 napja
  • Lizard was wrong

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro22 napja
  • Gazol the big tortoise Waking at sand even not laying eggs. Why 😝🥚🥚

    Zohair FaresZohair Fares22 napja
  • Loving Paul George's new post up move - turn left then step back. Looks unstoppable.

    H2 LoH2 Lo22 napja
  • i hate clippers:(

    Gordon GekkoGordon Gekko22 napja
  • lakers ya son clientes de clippers

    Life JimenezLife Jimenez22 napja
  • Hi there. On this Christmas and New Year, may you encounter the most love-filled and joy moments. I hope that you all have a pleasant time at Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year ahead!

    The TroPamilyaThe TroPamilya22 napja
  • 3:46 is that a travel? Idc just wondering

    Titi LamositeleTiti Lamositele22 napja
    • It is. And Lebron travels 90% of the time. But its modern NBA, you can do anything you want.

      Filip PantelićFilip Pantelić22 napja
  • Fun Guy defeats the King

    Andres RodriguezAndres Rodriguez22 napja
  • Lebron looking old out there + his shorts too long

    Djan AnsahDjan Ansah22 napja
  • anthony davis

    Ian SuhIan Suh22 napja
  • damn i fell asleep with Wesley Matthews trash game from him!

    Eric NaedlerEric Naedler22 napja
  • Wala palang sinabi ang lakers oag totoo na

    Mario CuatrizMario Cuatriz22 napja
  • Eso es clippers ganando espero que gane otro

    Armando BorreroArmando Borrero22 napja
  • Kawhi is the mid range god

    Mo ZMo Z22 napja
  • 2:08 not a travel?

    xpxp22 napja
  • Great game

    Genetta WilliamsGenetta Williams22 napja
  • Is crazy how the Lakers never looked the game 🥴😅

    Justo MoroJusto Moro22 napja
  • The dude so doing the TNT commentary made so many mistakes

  • 4:01 Travelling!!?

    Rks1926Rks192622 napja
  • I don't like that they lost Howard. He provides a toughness that's useful for teams looking to go all the way

    TAJY26TAJY2623 napja
  • 어우 클

    날고 싶은닭날고 싶은닭23 napja
  • I guess the Lakers aren't as unbeatable as everyone thought huh.

    Mista4oewun4oeMista4oewun4oe23 napja
  • Today 70ers is a winner guess

    Zohair FaresZohair Fares23 napja
  • tyronn lue effect

    YasuuYasuu23 napja
  • this game is really awful to watch.. almost slept half way.. Clippers should win from the beginning and yet they let their lead to slip away.. today's NBA is a joke

    Chong YenChong Yen23 napja
  • Kawhi>Lebron

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez23 napja
  • Fans of the 80s Lakers here? Magic, Kareem, Worthy

    NBA Greatest Games on Classic CourtNBA Greatest Games on Classic Court23 napja
  • Where was this clippers 2 months ago

    CarthyCarthy23 napja
  • Hahah clippers gonna eat on the lakers this season bubble champs... *

    SRT eightSRT eight23 napja
  • Pathetic from the refs, they are destroying Zubac ( He didn`t even touch Davis ) and they gave Lakers plus 1 ... C`mon man ... pathetic !!!!

    Danijel HrupDanijel Hrup23 napja
  • ok we lose,,but its just one game,,they make an adjustment for the next game,but howard is a big loss,,

    leonard rosalleonard rosal23 napja
  • This was only the first game and Lakers will adjust with their new line up. Hope that we don't need to rely too much on AD and Harrell as center.

    Edi WijayaEdi Wijaya23 napja
  • Gasol water boy ka nlng

    James BaternaJames Baterna23 napja
  • People talking about Howard for Gasol after one game...if Lakers hired Howard, they would have been: Lakers need Gasol, Howard can't shoot threes and free throws.

    Hans SonoHans Sono23 napja
  • 👏👏👏👍

    Eduardo PonceEduardo Ponce23 napja
  • Suddenly no one talking about PG? Yall lost your mouths ?

    Mike the divineMike the divine23 napja
  • 4:00 crazy how he made it to the basket dribbling the ball only once. Thats how skillful LeBron is, folks!

    Grey FoxGrey Fox23 napja
    • I can do that too. Only it’s gonna be a very high off the glass layup

      JonesiBoy BeastmodeJonesiBoy Beastmode23 napja
  • This is supposed the clippers team to be in last season, now they look more competitive and aggressive , they look like they want revenge

    Gorjen channelGorjen channel23 napja
  • Lol idk why people were expecting the Lakers to win. I’m a lakers fan & already said they won’t win. They literally don’t care about playing the clippers when it doesn’t matter.

    JerahJerah23 napja
  • Easy fellas. Give first win to LAC, cause LAL will defend the title

    Kevin muhammad azhariKevin muhammad azhari23 napja
  • Can someone explain to me how can Marc Gasol be 2013 DPOY and All-Defensive Second Team? Doesn't DPOY basically imply that you're the best defensive player in the league, however you're not a top 5 defensive player?

    ArmoredFighter1ArmoredFighter123 napja
    • @JonesiBoy Beastmode I'm not talking about being old, I mean aren't you supposed to be All-Defensive first team automatically if you've won the god damn best defender award? This doesn't make sense

      ArmoredFighter1ArmoredFighter123 napja
    • He’s too old now.

      JonesiBoy BeastmodeJonesiBoy Beastmode23 napja
  • PG 🧱

    Tales FrTales Fr23 napja
  • Lakers losing after getting rings, what a way to piss off fans

    DD23 napja
  • de nada por verlo

    Cani12GG playCani12GG play23 napja
  • Now it's clear that gave up Zubac for nothing was beyond stupid, he would be perfect for this Lakers

    domagoj brkićdomagoj brkić23 napja
  • Sweet!!! What a beautiful Christmas gift! Go Clippers!!!!! :)

    blackcrowblackcrow23 napja
  • Clippers came to ball they look better under Ty Lue. Kawhi is unstoppable in the paint. Where all the Lakers fans now who where hyping these new players? lol

    ESSJ333ESSJ33323 napja
  • Reggie said Kuzma got a big contract extension?

    BreyanBreyan23 napja
  • Lakas ng clippers, kaso sa una lng nman ulit.. hahaha

    Battousai SensuiBattousai Sensui23 napja
  • Schroder is the young version of Rondo

    Nuñez SantiNuñez Santi23 napja
  • いない人のこと言っても仕方ないでしょ Howard already left

    なつみなつみ23 napja
  • Vaccine p

    TrionicTrionic23 napja
  • Wtf? The clippers manhandled the lakers on ring night. They trash 😂

    Untouchable JUntouchable J23 napja
  • Paul George scores in single digits 1 out of 3 playoff games for his career that's f pathetic.

    Catcher FreemanCatcher Freeman23 napja
  • I ain't f with the clippers no more it's Nets all day and Paul George is one of the biggest chokers of all time his regular season stats vs playoffs is horrific.

    Catcher FreemanCatcher Freeman23 napja
  • same as 2019 opening night.. they lose in clippers..^_^.. wait what??? lose in 1stgame.. taking the ring at the end..hahaha

  • W Mathew sucks

    Eric TEric T23 napja
  • Broken James 💩

    Ray SantosoRay Santoso23 napja
  • Preseason and regular season are not the same.. Lakers won every game in preseason

    Vladimir MorontaVladimir Moronta23 napja
  • kulang pa superstar, o lebron kuha u uli😂😂😂

  • HAHAHA this what i watched earlier match last year until play off is MESS UP!

    GODLOVEME12345GODLOVEME1234523 napja
  • Is that al horford?

    aim shiftaim shift23 napja
  • nga2x fans ng lakers jajaja

    Alejandro FailogAlejandro Failog23 napja
  • All the McGee and Howard comments 🤦‍♂️. Shut up like you actually watched the game

    Roy RoyRoy Roy23 napja
  • Still early to judge.. dont underestimate nuggets in game 7

    SteVee SaitSteVee Sait23 napja
  • Bubble champions couldn't beat the Clippers tonight

    King BrutusKing Brutus23 napja
  • Gasol would fit better in the Nuggets given his passing ability. Lakers need an aggressive, energetic and intimidating big man.

    Enrique B.E.Enrique B.E.23 napja
    • yeah, should've kept Howard instead of acquiring gasol

      Azor AhaiAzor Ahai18 napja
  • Let's go Clips !!!

    Luca FoucheLuca Fouche23 napja
  • LA really took gasol, kawhi, and serge from the raptors... whos next?? Nick nurse 😪?

    brad dhanpaulbrad dhanpaul23 napja
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  • wheres dwight rondo kuzma?

    kevin couturekevin couture23 napja