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2020.máj. 2.
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→ ~ lofi hip hop mix ~
→ GEMN's lofi hip hop mix to study, sleep or relax to
→ lofi hip hop mix - beats to relax/study/sleep to
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  • I get luv ?

    Chub greenChub green17 perccel
  • What a vibe 🌙 you guys should check my lofi stuff too!

    Picture TalkPicture Talk48 perccel
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    sam smithsam smith48 perccel
  • 56

    Anthony FrancoAnthony Franco58 perccel
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    Ker LozKer LozÓrája
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    yaniko lamitryaniko lamitr2 órája
  • Best song 16:38

    fuúgo ???fuúgo ???3 órája
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    Stephens Greta Stephens GretaStephens Greta Stephens Greta3 órája
  • is this fine to use for a stream?

    Papa ClunkyowaPapa Clunkyowa3 órája
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    Cowart RandyCowart Randy4 órája
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    fgsdg dfgsgfsdfgsdg dfgsgfsd6 órája
  • this is what i need for my 8 day late essay 😂

    Morag McCarthyMorag McCarthy6 órája
  • 8:28 wich music is that? Can you tell me?

    Manuel NadozieManuel Nadozie7 órája
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    pioneer parkpioneer park8 órája
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  • No one: Captions: [music]

    Christina ZhangChristina Zhang9 órája
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    Ethan IrwinEthan Irwin9 órája
  • alfin encuentro la musica que usan los yutubers que veo xd la puta madre

    NicolasDeLaConcepcionNicolasDeLaConcepcion9 órája
  • Acts 2:38 Go to heaven my friends

    n gn g12 órája

  • #1

    Jona GCJona GC12 órája
  • I love this 💕

    Miriam JimenezMiriam Jimenez12 órája
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    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard14 órája
  • 27:32 Is That The Steven Univers Intro Just Difrent Of Is That Just Me?

    Sir_BCSir_BC14 órája
  • 40:56

    promattskie01 jaralespromattskie01 jarales15 órája
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    Basem AliBasem Ali15 órája
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    frequent jumpyfrequent jumpy15 órája
  • 0.75 speed tho I was killing on this beat

    WcquixzyWcquixzy16 órája
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    Nina KamyshinaNina Kamyshina16 órája
  • Playback speed 1.25 👌

    Libera'SeanLibera'Sean17 órája
  • whos 12:30?

    Alexis HipolitoAlexis Hipolito18 órája
  • gold!

    Chill Music RingoChill Music Ringo18 órája
  • Love being stoned and listening to this

    Bog MarleyBog Marley18 órája
  • Creo que todos son gringos y like si eres del mejor país osea México

    elshark74 57elshark74 5720 órája
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    Hammes WaldoHammes Waldo21 órája
  • I never expected this was so "lo-fi", still very cool

    Alejandro GutierrezAlejandro Gutierrez21 órája
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    Ravin EdwardsRavin Edwards22 órája
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    Michael SmithwickMichael Smithwick23 órája

    Peter PlavecPeter Plavec23 órája
  • pov pov tu mama es un cargobob

    Gaspar ZuñigaGaspar Zuñiga23 órája
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    Vivian LopezVivian Lopez23 órája
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    mari escamillamari escamilla23 órája
  • The Simpsons bring back heavy nostalgia memories for me, the vibe goes so well with the beats, my whole childhood I was obsessed with watching it at 6pm on tv, amazing playlist, going to have to send it to my music producer friend, he's finally started to release his music and beats after many years not doing so because he felt he wasn't good enough, while I'm here I wanna throw him some love, he's really good at what he does just needed a little push in the right direction, we've been through a lot together, try searching Lonely Gimmick - BEAT 1 ,you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion

    Samuel PowellSamuel Powell23 órája
    • Damn I feel that too

      fycs?fycs?16 órája
  • he do be vibin doe 😳

  • It’s gonna be alright Tương lai ở trong đầu Yeah tao mãi mong cầu Không ai sẽ không giàu Trai 20 sao phải âu sầu Yeah tao cũng như mày Ai ai cũng như mày Đi qua những tháng ngày mà không có gì trong tay Vì Tương lai ở trong đầu Yeah tao mãi mong cầu Không ai sẽ không giàu Vừa 20 sao phải âu sầu Yeah tao cũng như mày Ai ai cũng như mày Đi qua những tháng ngày Drama on all my way Tập rap tập hát rồi nháp vào giấy và cháy những thứ vừa viết Tập tiếp một chút, tập nốt một phút rồi trút hết đi vào beat Tập bước từng bước tập ngước đằng trước dù có khó khăn trầy xước Và có nhiều lúc bị tước vài thứ mà khiến khoé mi này ướt New day it’s a new day Rồi mình thấy điều cần thấy và rồi với lấy Ta với đôi tay Trong gió heo mây Trong phút giây, Tia nắng kia đang tới nơi đây Xua tan mây đen bao ngày qua Sương mai vươn lên bao loài hoa Say trong âm thanh bao lời ca Tương lai kia như không còn xa Khai trương chương 2 trong đời ta Ta Đi Qua Ta đi bên nhau tới cuối trời Dù Đôi khi tâm tư ta rối bời Thì Nên cho con tim ta ghé chơi Nhìn Cơn mưa ban trưa vẫn cứ rơi Bước đi sang chương 2, đôi chân ta bước đi qua tương lai Bước đi sang chương 2, đôi chân ta bước đi trong khoan thai Bước đi sang chương 2, long lanh tia nắng xuyên qua sương mai Bước đi sang chương 2, lấy 2 tay vươn vai

    Binh VuongBinh VuongNapja
  • I'm working and moving my head just like Homer.

  • What is the name of that first song?

    Rox DoneganRox DoneganNapja
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    Yoo BryvnYoo BryvnNapja
  • I’m gonna use some of this music for my HUworld video

    YT_littleduck864 !YT_littleduck864 !Napja
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    k a r m ak a r m aNapja
  • My Favourite Part 27:31 / 29:41

  • im going through the same as you guys in the comments right now so i decided to make a server dedicated to lofi. you can just chill, make new friends, vent and just vibe in the voice channels with us. we all love lofi and most importantly we love you. (p.s whatever your going through i really hope you find the light in the dark place you're in)

    the oog gangthe oog gangNapja
  • güzel güzel

  • Its so relaxing 😻

    Anna PoczaskAnna PoczaskNapja
  • Yo what is the name of the song at 9:00

    Sanquan McNairSanquan McNairNapja
  • Starting to upload music for study/chilling/productivity, let me know what you enjoy to listen to ;)

  • damn i love this making me chilling

    Sxynix xSxynix xNapja
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    Yolanda ShikersYolanda ShikersNapja
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  • what is the first song called

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    john lavvasjohn lavvasNapja
  • the beginning just swept me away😋big up

    kevin murimikevin murimiNapja
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    Zach Is gayZach Is gayNapja
  • 1

  • but can someone make timestamps tho

    Sally SSally SNapja

    Sally SSally SNapja
  • Homer is so zooted he's not even driving, the clouds are moving not him

    • You can say what you want, but before I see this guy's videos, I was stealing straws in MacDonalds and Licking Dustbin Lids and selling Whizzy Snap powder to Midgets without feet.But I dug deep and thought to myself "What would Amir Khan And Dolly Parton do to get themselves out of this predicament"?And now I sell jumbo felt-tipped markers to retired rabbit tamers who are way past their best. And this guy looks

      Beat OrphanBeat Orphan3 órája
    • Them clouds ain't they type that cause rain, if you get me

      Max CliffordMax Clifford9 órája
    • Homer is just the new god man

      Grizznoff21Grizznoff2119 órája
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    Shasha YeeShasha YeeNapja
  • 28:00 alguien más escucho la intro de "Steven Universe"?

    Claudia PosoClaudia PosoNapja
    • @Claudia Poso gracias, la quiero poner como canción de fondo a la final de mis videos de YT :3

      Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez CastroAlejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro19 órája
    • @Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro Steven Universe - Somos las gemas de cristal

      Claudia PosoClaudia Poso22 órája
    • sabes como se llama la canción de ese minuto?

      Alejandro Sebastián Sánchez CastroAlejandro Sebastián Sánchez Castro22 órája
  • 💎💎 GENIUS

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  • hey nice songs man :D

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  • vittu homer :D

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    Catalina CordovaCatalina CordovaNapja
  • arre simsops ta bien moteado :v

    Juan de Dios M.Juan de Dios M.Napja
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    john smithjohn smithNapja
  • 27:30 top

    Нурлан ТемиржановНурлан ТемиржановNapja
  • So good!

    Leonardo SouzaLeonardo SouzaNapja
  • Eski nostalji atari-sega-ps1 günlerini özlediyseniz bekleriz. Online ücretsiz atari oyunları oynama :)

    rauf karacanrauf karacanNapja
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    Chicken PersonChicken PersonNapja
  • what is the name of the music on 24 25

    Dmitro KravchenkoDmitro KravchenkoNapja
  • Searched copyright free and got this, first song is copyrighted...

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    Immortal MikuImmortal MikuNapja
  • spreen XD

    Carlos EstradaCarlos Estrada2 napja
  • coca

    Bautista VillanuevaBautista Villanueva2 napja
  • chuth jevu video che

    Rishi GamerRishi Gamer2 napja
  • Smooooth!

    2 napja