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Kiev kotlet or Chicken Kiev or simply Deep fried butter wrapped in chicken is a slav dish made of breadcrumbs, eggs, some chicken and of course the lot of skill.
Is not very hard to make. Just make sure you do not cook them too long in the oven or they can start spilling the buttery mix from inside.
Serve with.. a fork.
Shopping list:
butter (250g)
chicken breast (one full breast makes 2 kotlet)
eggs 6
1L oil sunflower
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  • Boris real voice hes no russian he said thanks as An canadain

    FrostedgamingFrostedgaming4 órája
  • The title should have ben "The vegan nightmare."

    Default soldierDefault soldier17 órája
  • One trick i learned while working in the kitchen.. Instead of using the 'flour - eggs - bread crumbs' technique, combine the flour and eggs together and add some milk, mix until the consistency is like yogurt. Then you can dip the meat in the mixture, drain the excess and transfer directly into bread crumbs, submerge completely and press from all sides. Not the original recipe but the result is the same, only better. The milk doesn't change the taste, the crust doesn't become soggy and doesn't crumble apart, it stays compact, crispy from outside and soft from inside. It's much faster and easier to prepare this way, less bowls and less mess... And you can easily double dip and repeat the process if you like a fat crust, although 1 layer should be already enough.

    Ap YtAp Yt17 órája
  • 4:27 That ''Thank you'' really sounded American. Boris western spy confirmed??

    Ap YtAp Yt18 órája
  • Those look like yummy pickles

    Spirit WolfiixSpirit Wolfiix21 órája
  • Is he talking in English?

    SanitizerSanitizer4 napja
  • "oop spilled some" It looks like you spilled all of it

    Red Russian BearRed Russian Bear4 napja
  • "And I do mean the cutting board, not the butter" *visible disappointment*

    BugNugget PlaysBugNugget Plays4 napja
  • Is it mayo or is it mayonez? Or is it the same thing?

    Robert SwegelRobert Swegel5 napja
  • “The black and white are not mixing, strange.” - America

    Dante Suarez FloresDante Suarez Flores6 napja
  • Unless ur name starts with a v. People named Vincent Victor Vihaan Valentino Vicente Vincenzo Vance Van Valentin Vivaan Vaughn Viktor Vladimir Veer Vince Viaan Vernon Ved Viraj Vito Virgil Valor Von Valen Viraaj Vander Vikram Viggo Valentine Varun Vidal Virat Vedant Vedansh Vihan Vishnu Vinny Viyan Vinson Virlan Vansh Valente Vian Vaibhav Vedanth Vedh Vyom Vladislav Vasilios Vivan Vann Varian Victory Vadim Viliami Vir Viyaan Vlad Vegas Vincente Viraat Vivek Vic Vishruth Vrishank Vaughan Vega Vinh Vonn Vraj Vuk Vash Vin Vinicio Viren Val Vallen Venice Virgilio Vaishnav Varick Vinnie Vardaan Victoria Vijay Vinay Vinn Vittorio Vaden Vasily Vayden Venture Vidit Vidur Vihaanreddy Vitor Vyncent Vale Valerio Valiant: I'm built different

    Z3koZ3ko7 napja
  • 7:02 hmm 2020?

    qlefskiqlefski7 napja
  • guys if you dont know 473 kelvin= 200 celsius

    JustGamerPLJustGamerPL8 napja
  • Oksana is the tractor called kekmet from my summer car (boris called it oksana)

    Milos MiladinovicMilos Miladinovic8 napja
  • Every his receipe is right. He even say must common mistakes people make during preparation. But his cooking skills are based od bayonet which is for stabing infantry not really cooking , no matter what this blin says... So every receipe he give, is corect and if you have some basic kitchen skill you can make it. Every single one of them. Western spion may doubt but we Slavs know...

    Aleksandar JevremovicAleksandar Jevremovic8 napja
  • And stuff inside is green like reactor 4 😂😂😂😂 Lol I'm dying 😂😂😂 I swear to god. He would make spectacular video even if he filmed himself shiting... " squat, give hard time to blin, push hard as you gonna save lada from snow. Make that perfect slav taking a sh... ooooh color of majonez, smel of potato . Glorious!

    Aleksandar JevremovicAleksandar Jevremovic8 napja
  • been on a boris vid spree while making potato soup. blin the soup is good! no real recipe, just boil peeled and cubed potatoes. remove scum from the top as it boils. add diced carrots, ham, and bacon. finally followed by seasonings of ones choice. me, I like ginger, chili powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper and a bit of onion. cook until soup thickens and then rain down the shredded cheese if you want. i like spicy food.

  • thank you boris, on my bday im having chicken kiev and some kvass! gopnik bday!

    Cheeki Breeki_GuyCheeki Breeki_Guy9 napja
  • If I lived in Russia I be fat af from the foods 🙀🙀. Strong enough to revive dead meme 🤣🤣

    Kat PerezKat Perez10 napja

    Scout GamingScout Gaming11 napja
  • me eating chiken kiev while watching this:intresting

    nekoneko11 napja
  • *pleasure that was funny

    Rejec humanityRejec humanity12 napja
  • Is Kiev named after Kiev or is Kiev named after Kiev?

    TheGoldMushroomTheGoldMushroom12 napja
  • Excellent!!

    Eric TallantEric Tallant15 napja
  • papa hits strong ;)

    Zayan RahmanZayan Rahman16 napja
  • Who is this oksana It's the tractor in my summer car

    yalcın cantürkyalcın cantürk16 napja
  • I called one of my kittens Artyom

    rabbi joel ben avraham Lupolinskyrabbi joel ben avraham Lupolinsky18 napja
  • As green as the rivers of chernobyl hahahahahaa 😂😂😂

    rabbi joel ben avraham Lupolinskyrabbi joel ben avraham Lupolinsky18 napja
  • Cooking with Boris has given me a really fun way to spend quarantine. Thank you for these videos, the cooking and comedy has really lifted my spirits during these hard times.

    Trevor CarlinTrevor Carlin19 napja
  • Kiev Fried Chicken

    Maximus BrutusMaximus Brutus19 napja
  • I feel like he's just saying the most sexual things but he doesnt even realize seriously .. "there is nothing better than Having a breast in your hand" and "Svetlana what a nice bush you have"

    VanishesVanishes20 napja
  • dude, this video is so unsanitized. 2020 changed my thinking process.

    Lonely BoiLonely Boi20 napja
  • You do realize you said polish words right?

    E MannE Mann20 napja
  • Made this, it was fucking delicious. Though I am not a big fan of dill maybe I replace with cilantro or some other herb for that green Chernobyl color.

    NA NANA NA21 napja
  • Thank you Boris and kisses Artyom 😘

    Nina Davidovna ANina Davidovna A24 napja
  • Nakadashi

    Liam NLiam N25 napja
  • 6:05 the doctor when i pee into the cups:

    superdupermonkeyboy ಠ_ಠsuperdupermonkeyboy ಠ_ಠ25 napja
  • Now I am hungry!

    Sairamkumar MSairamkumar M25 napja
  • Who came for the vodka cooled pc video, but stayed to make good Russian meals for their family? :)

    Pastel LandscapePastel Landscape25 napja
  • i have to admit, there is nothing like feeling the breast in your hand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    DepthsDoesDepthsDoes26 napja
  • ok who cook kiev kotlet at 22:33 ?

    Augustas PaulauskasAugustas Paulauskas27 napja
  • In Poland it's called de vollaile kotlet

    Kurczak PieczonyKurczak Pieczony27 napja

    Vincent RayVincent Ray29 napja
  • Добавить рассол в масло очень хорошая идея т.к. там содержаться те же ингридиенты такие как укроп соль и тд

    глеб фадевглеб фадев29 napja
  • western spy babushkas dont even cook

    Kazimierz WojcikKazimierz Wojcik29 napja
  • margarine healthy? u wot m8

    serkan pekserkan pekHónapja
  • Boris:Chicken kiev 2.0? Thats capitalist opa....i have idea blin...its.....CHICKEN BUTTERBROD HAHAAAAA WITH ARTYOM

    Mr ShoutaMr ShoutaHónapja

  • ..i hubby could have seen this..& your channel..he would have Loved it..and you. He was a 6'4" 200lb long haired full bearded not so gentle barely domesticated giant direct descendant from the Deposed Bourbon line....& he Loved to cook. Oddly enough Much in the same way You do..with..interesting tools..things would get wild, cleaning the kitchen was an adventure in itself. Me..i am a wild Uncolonized indian from the Onondaga Nation, also Proudly not 100% civilized..(bah, subject for another time) & kinda like to cook this way as is interesting. This what's for dinner Tomorrow. Thank You. ..i have all the ingredients...except the kavass...rum will have to do. At least for now. We are still under viral house arrest & it is storming outside..a roaring Nor'easter. Oh!..and i hope..a big ole Bowie knife will suffice? in place of the bayonet?..which is Nice!..but i can't afford one. i Do have a nice range of Bowies in various sizes...most handed down from my papa. wild black cat little boy from the woods, Mr. Nova, thanks you. He watches your videos with Great interest! & He loves our cooking. i love your cooking..& i am relatively certain i heard hubby's spirit grunt his approval too.

    Nu LiformNu LiformHónapja
  • Dang I was like wow that will probably be great. then he added pickle juice. . .

    Dunder MifflinDunder MifflinHónapja
  • Blyat

    Sam The ManSam The ManHónapja
  • There is something called "Karadjordjeva" out here in serbia, its pretty similar but its other meat and other filling, check it out. (Also can be made with chicken but i ve never tried it)

  • You make a bayonet that'll clip to the barrel of my shotgun and I'll buy it!!!! The only shotgun bayonet I can find is the one that clips to the tube magazine, and my barrel is too long for that to work. Would be great for my N.E.F. Pardner too!!!

  • We got the same in Poland called „Zawijas”.

  • SlavPlus

    AD - 07AP 762885 Tomken Road MSAD - 07AP 762885 Tomken Road MSHónapja
  • why can i smell this from my pc

    Sidney EdilloSidney EdilloHónapja

    T.C. BramblettT.C. BramblettHónapja
  • it’s also a hat in tf2

  • Ah shots of beer - a new Christmas tradition

  • Why is there a third hand on pickle break

  • 5:15 you're welcome

    Viper TheLegendViper TheLegendHónapja
  • 6:08

    Miyojewolt S NasonthMiyojewolt S NasonthHónapja
  • Boris: "I- I don't know who this Oksana is" Svetlana: "Are you cheating on me?"

    Pheonix MasterPheonix MasterHónapja
  • This does put a smile on my face

  • 7:20 makes me go hol up

    Crusader CheemsCrusader CheemsHónapja
  • Pardon me if I seem ignorant to the language but looking up "blin" only gave me "pancake" as an English translation and I find it hilarious to think but is he saying something that makes more sense?

    Jordan DuntonJordan DuntonHónapja
  • I am here because of Binging with Babish. Don't ask why.

    Pineapple XPineapple XHónapja
  • I have weak western spy cats, they refuse meat

    Kimberly KenyonKimberly KenyonHónapja
  • if boris say it is strong it's probably clinical spirit

    Abhirav SharmaAbhirav SharmaHónapja
  • Your mayonnaise looks so much different than ours.

  • 7:43 Was the drinking to prepare for the hardest part? Previous time I heard this it made me confused

  • Gotta love how Vadim is always to blame for any food or drink that is ever missing.

    Mark NunezMark NunezHónapja
  • Hey Boris, we neeeed more merch stock on your website! I was just trying to look for the cutting board among some other items and there were none!~

    Mark NunezMark NunezHónapja
  • Boris in Lebanon and Syria we have something similar called kibbeh

    Я люблю РоссиюЯ люблю РоссиюHónapja
  • Watching with my cat Arya and she is now a happy cat UwU

  • Fucking love this shit bruh

    Jorvcraft XJorvcraft XHónapja
  • I finally understand the cutting board

    Cory the DinosaurCory the DinosaurHónapja
  • What a waste of time to watch clenched jaw uttering and lots of knife wielding. It's a joke video

    bilo Zbilo ZHónapja
  • I find the mayo sound satisfying. Boris should do Mayo ASMR

    Galaxy ShadowsGalaxy ShadowsHónapja
  • I admit to being tempted by the cutting board with shot glass holders.

  • Love your videos. I had this dish in Kiev at a brewery on Khreshchatyk. Fucking delicious. Tried to get some in Russia but got detained on suspicion of being a spy before I could sample too many restaurants. Did manage to do a fair amount of damage on the steak houses in the Bryansk and Moscow area.

    Fiend VFiend VHónapja
  • Some white powder Some black power "Hears boom in distance"

    Luke ChartersLuke ChartersHónapja
  • Где русские комменты?

    Кыр СосичкаКыр СосичкаHónapja
  • Oh my God 😱

  • "What have i done..." "Oh yes, Chicken Kiev." nice one, boris. nice one.

    A Pretty Spoopy Skeleton.A Pretty Spoopy Skeleton.Hónapja
  • "now I like a good large breast"

    You don't have to know my nameYou don't have to know my nameHónapja
  • Tough Nokia phones

    George W Bush Center for IntelligenceGeorge W Bush Center for IntelligenceHónapja
  • blyat wrong white powder used...babushka is eating the couch

  • Hey Boris how many kvass do I need?

  • 3:21 vadim blyat easter egg

    ליאל רובינובליאל רובינובHónapja
  • what is the hard bass in background when video starts?

  • I didn't know so many people didn't know what chicken kiev was I live in Scotland and you can get this at like Tesco (A popular supermarket in the UK)

    Amelie GrayAmelie GrayHónapja
  • Slav kitchens must be what nightmares are made of if they all cook like this

    Locked FiringLocked FiringHónapja
  • in poland this is "Dewolaj"

  • Next time you make it try putting some ham in with the butter

  • Top 1p biggest anime plit twists:"HAH IS BOOTER NOT MARGARINE

  • western:cordonblue russia:cordonRED

    Febrian naufal radityaFebrian naufal radityaHónapja
  • White Powder: In my head: Cocaine Black Power: In my head: The one used for old TNT/dynamite/explosives

  • thought he was 100% about to smash the phone into the cutting board

  • "Artyom looking around like is predators in house..." **s i l e n c e** *"ᵛ ᵃ ᵈ ᶦ ᵐ ?"*

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