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Kiev kotlet or Chicken Kiev or simply Deep fried butter wrapped in chicken is a slav dish made of breadcrumbs, eggs, some chicken and of course the lot of skill.
Is not very hard to make. Just make sure you do not cook them too long in the oven or they can start spilling the buttery mix from inside.
Serve with.. a fork.
Shopping list:
butter (250g)
chicken breast (one full breast makes 2 kotlet)
eggs 6
1L oil sunflower
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  • new drinking game! take a shot everytime boris does, or for hard mode take one every time he swears.

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  • Good thing he didn't go drunk from drinking to much kvass

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  • I always would order this in restaurant, never thought it was that simple to make it

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  • just like salt and pepper, we are all just spices in a chicken kiev.

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  • Oy, comrade Boris! My college actually serves chicken kiev for meals some days - Wednesdays I think. And bliiiiiiin it is good! Not nearly as green on the inside as yours is, sadly, but still delicious.

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  • how to quickly season a cutting board.

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  • Nobody: America in 2020: 7:01

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  • hello i know its 2020 but i love boris when he talk like babushka

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  • So basically, if you drink along while cooking, the end result doesn't matter.

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    • It's never a joke when it's made by a slav

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  • Man Boris be carefull from eating these foods these foods arent healthy man,just try not to hurt yourself

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    • @bushle Katili ofc

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  • In Italy there is something like that, it's called "cotoletta" and it's basically the same thing but without the inside

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  • This in entertaining and informative lol, made some yesterday and I can say it's delicious

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  • I'm creating a playlist of these recipes I want to try, and sure enough this one made the kot(let) Va dum tisss

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  • Me: Realises I am missing parsley for Киев Котлет. Boris¹: *inhales* Boris²: ИДИ НОХУЙ

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  • 5:10 Do NOT take this the wrong way.

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  • honestly i love kotlet

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  • im going to make this at home tonight

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  • svetlana (alliluyeva) is Joseph Stalin's daughter btw

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  • Boy i sware in romania we cook the same. We use bay leaf parsley dill and garlic. We Romanians put a lot of garlic in our food. We even have a galic souce called mujdei it's basicly galic pressed in a garlic press with some oil salt and then add some water. Also we say that galic stops cold and keeps you healthy. I see us the wester countries have the same cooking likes and techniques. We also like to make pilaf and sarmale which is how we call cabage rolls. And we love to drink moonshine and basicly very high alcohols (80+% stuff haha) and we like making traditional foods. Much love from Romania my dearest Russians

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  • He is the slav version of how to basic

  • иг кгыюф нфяшнш еъклюу нфявшхшьшт афклштвфншь фьф мэвущдфкшт ющл пъяуд

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  • -.-- . ... / -... .-.. -.-- .- -

  • In balkan u dont use butter u use kajmak i tried making this recepie not with buter but with kajmak and is 100 times better

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    • Slava Buratine

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  • Cooking this right now following this recipe! Will post the results if It turns out.

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