Chicken Kiev - Crispy Chicken Breast Stuffed with Garlic Butter Sauce - How to Make Chicken Kiev

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Learn how to make a Chicken Kiev Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Chicken Kiev Recipe!

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    • Chef, if your mortar won't lay flat... Go to the hardware store and get 80 or 100 or 120 grit sandpaper.. Take a.sheet and use double sided tape ( or spray adhesive) and seal it to a flat plywood or masonite board. Abrasive side up... Because you are the chief of your Ab-rae-seeve. Finally take that shaky mortar and rub it in a figure 8... Yes a figure 8... If you do only a figure 8 you will make the base of that mortar level everytime!

      Colin McDonaldColin McDonald5 hónapja
    • Lol really enjoyed this 🤣 Thank you sir.

      Miral AbualjadailMiral Abualjadail6 hónapja
    • why can't I save this recipe on the web site??? :(

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  • So much work no one else wants to make them but I. Always the hero whenever I have a few dozen of these prepared... worth it.

    Jinx DragonJinx Dragon2 napja
  • If this video didn’t exist I would have made this using life of Boris’s video on Kiev cutlets

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  • sweet victory spongebob

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  • Chicken Shitev.

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  • this is not what im looking for..i prefer more than this...something more basic

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  • iphone xr

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  • ' A smooth top and a rugged bottom' lol! What a sexy dish is Chef John's Chicken Kiev.

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  • Who missed the Putin joke at the end?, awesome!

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  • Love the historical info you put into the intro. Awesome video.

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  • Well, so far so good chef John. They smell so good! In the oven now! Wow!!! Delicious!!! Thank you Chef John!!

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  • oh wow, I got the joke about Putin! Chicken Kiev!

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  • Yummy!

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  • Wow so easy

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  • This was delicious and impressive! I was pacing around worrying if it would be amazing or an undercooked mess. It came out great

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  • Good. Thanks for sharing

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  • Can this also be done in an air fryer?

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  • Never seen this recipe done this way with the chicken being pounded flat. Always been taught to half butterfly the breast and slide a nugget of butter inside then bread it.

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  • This dish is very popular in the Ukraine and throughout the former USSR.

  • Can you freeze it after frying?

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  • should use dill for more slavness, otherwise, great video

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  • wrestling

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  • These and egg bread fried egg sandwich would be great in my opinion with home made mayo with a kick

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  • As a qualified chef I'm embarrassed to ask but is that bowl a herb grinder ?

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    • Ain't been cooking for a long time started eating lots of junk so I'm getting back into it

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  • That chicken looks so beautiful!

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  • I have eaten an embarrassing amount of chicken kiev from the grocery store. Thank you for teaching me how to make it myslef in a very funny way😂

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  • lovely and amazing dish!!! thanks for sharing!!!! I impress all my guests!!!!

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  • The puns are better than the actual chicken.

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  • Why does this guy talk like Jerry Seinfeld?

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  • I just blew milk out of my nose while in the lunchroom at school... Bigger breasts bring greater success just like a real housewives show...!

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  • larger breasts definitely have more success with me!

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  • Wish I would have seen the Allrecipes link below the fist time instead of following the Foodwishes Blog link above (which is useless). Either way, tried this twice now... it's a disaster waiting to happen. Don't be fooled... your chicken WILL open up unless you have a perfect breast pounded perfectly to the perfect thickness... if not, forget about it.

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  • This chef Is really font of shoving it up

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  • Great recipe Thanks so much

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  • Peng

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  • I like this, but I've always done it by only tenderising the chicken the smallest amount, then slice a nice big pocket down the side of the breast, fill with your garlic butter and when you bread it it won't fall out that way keeps the nice form of the chicken

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  • 1:37 lol

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  • earth lil dicky

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  • Can instantly sense a superior choice in this channel. This is the first video I saw. Can’t wait to enjoy

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  • Made this recipe earlier in the week and it came out perfect. Thanks Chef for all the details. The presentation was outstanding.

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  • These turned out perfect! Im so chuffed. Im always dissappointed by shop bought kievs, none of them provide the actual torrent of garlic butter I prefer.

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  • In this day and age, everything depends on Putin.

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  • “Bigger breasts more chances of success= kind of like casting those real housewives shows”. Who needs comedy when you have Chef John? Mehn, you’re priceless!

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  • Dude worked out perfectly you da man

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  • This guy is hilarious...

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  • I used to make that for my dear, dear husband!! I used to make it with fresh tarragon.

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  • I'm here because of George Costanza.

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  • We achieved success first time around, yay! Awesome dish. Thank you sir!

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  • Kiev?

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  • If you stick chicken wing drums inside that cutlet, it would be more authentic. You use that drum as a handle.

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  • this was amazing thank you

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  • i just like you, can you be my friend?

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  • В любой столовке из одного куска сделают минимум три котлеты.

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  • You get a small amount to sauce in the middle.i make my own better

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  • This guys needs work on his vocal tonal marks.

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  • Superhero level

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  • unsung hero of this episode: "Using larger breasts will increase your chances for success, you know, kinda like casting one of those real housewife shows....."

    Ben BrunskillBen Brunskill5 hónapja
  • Just tried this . My chicken turned out dry not moist. I used parchment paper instead aluminum, and my oven heats both top and bottom rack, but the plate was only placed on top. I baked for 15 min. Is that why my chicken is dry ?

    Ok MorningOk Morning5 hónapja
  • I like the voice over 😂

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  • I follow the recipe to the letter but no matter what I do I don't get the butter oozing out of the chicken as seen on the video. I've tried shortening the searing and lowering the oven temp to 420 but it still comes out drier than all of the videos on HUworld. What am I doing wrong>?

    gary kahangary kahan5 hónapja
  • Hi all wonderful foodies here: i heard this dish is sometimes cooked with chive/tarragon instead parsley ? What's the best seasoning for this dish? Is it parsley and garlic ? Or do u have something else ?

    Ok MorningOk Morning5 hónapja
    • Tried chive and dill. Like it better

      Ok MorningOk Morning5 hónapja
  • Made it today for the family. Delicious!

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  • His voice is just cringing

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  • where is the mayonez

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  • I wish you would use real measurements, it is not the 1800s

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  • I like you. You're funny. Pls make more videos

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  • 1:41 Using larger breasts will increase your chances of success??! Is this guy for real 😳

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  • He never said how high to put the gas on the stove. He never said to test the temperature of the oil. Result - a black oily cinder of chicken with garlic butter all nicely packed inside.

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  • It’s Ukrainian not Russian !!!!!!!! And not France u dumb dumb “kievsky curita”

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  • KIEV CITIZEN : 1) 0:40 - GARLIC ??? Why ??? 2) 1:09 - squish garlic with butter ??? parsley? u brits probably like parsley. i don't. i use dill (fennel). Butter i not squishin !!! 3) 1:30 - what f*** is THAT ???? i just take BUTTER and cuting one small piece. 4) 2:11 - yes. i beat chicken but not too much because when i gona connect two pieces with toothpick it can fall apart. 5) 3:05 - i don't do THAT !!! i use toothpick. 6) 5:14 - OVEN ?? no!

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  • Bumped across your channel while searching for recipe for Chicken Ala Kiev. You made it look so simple and it indeed turned out yumm. Went by the instructions !! Thank you

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  • I've just watched a TV programme called food unwrapped. They have visited a factory that make Chicken kievs. They said that there is NO garlic in chicken kievs. Almost every one I've eaten have been garlic.

    dave Scopesdave Scopes6 hónapja
  • That is NOT a Chicken Kiev. LoL 1. The dish was created and named here in Ukraine in 1809 and not by some guy in New York. 😄 2. You did not use one of THE MAIN ingredients of the dish. 3. You have made the dish out of the wrong part of the chicken. With love from Ukraine from a professional chef of 32 years. 👋🙂

    MARSOCMARSOC6 hónapja
  • *Pootis*

    Aeon of KarzarothAeon of Karzaroth7 hónapja
  • Can I make extra and freeze some for another day? If so what's the best way to reheat it? I've made it once before & it was amazing! Love your recipes Chef John! Thank you 😊

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  • 01:35 "I have two breasts." So does practically everyone else on the planet!

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  • 1:34 everything sounds so wrong in my head 😂😂

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  • Thanks Chef John, had this for dinner and it turned out amazing

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  • hey chef john.... work on your food more, and stop doing youtube.... you suck

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  • ⁦🤲🏻⁩👍👌👌🌹🌹🌹💐🔔⁦♥️⁩🥰

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  • Iiiiiiiiis BORIS

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  • just finished cooking, letting it rest and i hope it pops like a pimple🤤🤤 fist attempt and not really that hard just a few steps👍👍

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  • I am the pootis man

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  • "...And by Russian I mean Ukranian, and by Ukranian, of course I mean French.." T😂😂 MUCH!

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  • Wonderful recipe.

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  • Please stop talking like that.

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  • Smooth top, and very rugged bottom... Oh my

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  • I always watch Chef John, great stuff

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  • I'm sure your fine; I really have a hard time listening to your inflections.

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  • Well done chef.

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  • Or what you Putin, love the pun.

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  • Awwww *BLIN*

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  • i can't say i'm massive on sealing them by pounding the texture out of the meat..

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  • Why do most chicken breast recipes call for removing the tenderloin? It's the best part.

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  • Omg. I can't believe this was that easy. Other refused to get it from my local store because it was not halal. Do I thought I'd make my own. I'm very impressed. Thank you so much for this recipe. Mine will be a lot more spicier ofcourse but I just order a mortar pestle online. I always wanted one. Beautiful recipe. 💗❤️❤️🥰🥰

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  • I’m making this Monday! You’re right it is “worky.”

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  • "Beat up that parsley" ... I'm not going to day anything more

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  • Please Chef John, It's a SILENT 'T'... Please a SILENT 'T' NOT PesTle but Pesle...

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