Cheesy Poutine With Homemade French Fries (2 Ways)

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If you don't know what poutine is, you've been missing out on one of life's greatest gifts. Crispy homemade french fries covered in a rich beef gravy, cheese, and well... that's all you need. That is unless you wanted to make say... a fancy version.
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  • It sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen 🥰🥰

    Christos TsangarisChristos Tsangaris4 órája
  • Both look great! Us Canadians love trying to make anything into a poutine. Turkey dinner poutine, Donair poutine, Pulled pork poutine, Dill pickle poutine. Any Canadian that gives you grief for mixing it up a bit would be a hypocrite.

    aGirlHasNoNameaGirlHasNoName16 órája
  • D'où vient la poutine ? Choix 1: Du Nouveau Brunswick Choix 2 : Du Québec Choix 3 : De l'Ontario Choix 4 : Du Saskatchewan

    Hugues KaragiHugues Karagi18 órája
  • Should have used a nice Canadian IPA instead of that Quebec beer.

    Matthew FemiaMatthew FemiaNapja
  • Umami? Ooh papi!

    Lucas GrayLucas Gray2 napja
  • Reused oil tends to make the best french-canadian fries. You want a darker colour as well, not too crispy, but full of potato goodness, similar to steak fries. Overall a nice looking poutine, one of the few ones on youtube that actually can be called "d'la bonne pout".

    Oli JonoOli Jono3 napja
  • i’m not into men but the way you chop made me feel ethereal

    Alyson SolisAlyson Solis4 napja
  • Well, you’re an honorary Canadian now!

    Roxane PRoxane P4 napja
  • person: what's ur favorite song? me: 2:53 :3

    Anya TAnya T6 napja
  • You should make wonton tacos from apple bees

    Alyssa BushmanAlyssa Bushman8 napja
  • I live in Germany and these curds are not my type of thing (I am more into "real" cheese no offense), therefore I use smoked real Italian Scamorza, Polish braided cheese etc. If you wish to have a more caramelized and slighty stronger taste use Nordic Mysost/Brunost (name depends on country and milk used). You may want to try Bonbel though it is more processed. Thanx for the video ❤️

    Katrin LauschKatrin Lausch9 napja
  • Soggy poutine is better tho 😅😅

    Monika ThomasMonika Thomas10 napja
  • yaaaas, im from canada. yourwelcome :)

    Juzer HassanaliJuzer Hassanali10 napja
  • Pronounced War-Chester-shire sauce

    HoagieBoy 07HoagieBoy 0711 napja
  • He didn’t use the St-Hubert gravy, it’s not good

    Tide PodsTide Pods11 napja
  • You should have made your own cheese curds to get that authentic squeak! It's easy! And don't use Molson Canadian. As a Canadian, even I find that "beer" offensive.

    NikolaiNikolai12 napja
  • great recipe but most poutine here is made with chicken gravy

    smug catsmug cat12 napja
  • If he didn’t use St. Albert cheese curds he didn’t actually make it traditionally

    Nicholas FowerNicholas Fower12 napja
  • Ladies and gentlemen, he has done it. The first ever American HUworldr chef who cooked poutine with pure Canadian cheese curds!

    Ethan RedEthan Red13 napja
  • I’ve got a but better challenge for you. Can you make Wingstops voodoo fries better?

    Curt LyonsCurt Lyons14 napja
  • As a Canadian I can appreciate it. But the fancy poutine needs a brown gravy! If it ain't brown and beefy it's not gravy

    ChoochPoochChoochPooch14 napja
  • As a Québécois I will be honest: the chives are a sin. The fries shouldn't be really crispy. It looks HELLA good though, so it definitely passes the test : )

    Justine OuelletteJustine Ouellette17 napja
  • Not soaking in salted water smhead

    NateNate17 napja
  • I’ve had a fancy poutine once and it was 🥰 deliiiiiiiishhh. Okay so it was made with new potatoes with braised and shredded beef 😍 annnnd oka cheese with gravy of course.

    Elizabeth CordElizabeth Cord17 napja
  • Poutine isn't Canadian, its QUEBECOIS!!!!!!

    Élia BerthiaumeÉlia Berthiaume18 napja
  • Your j

    Renchy SteveRenchy Steve18 napja
  • who tf puts beer

    Bleeval ChatthaBleeval Chattha18 napja
  • On dit une poutiiine love your work from quebec

    alex Volkof brunetalex Volkof brunet19 napja
  • Every time I see poutine it just reminds me of cheesy chips and gravy here in the UK - the best night out food to keep the potential hangover at bay at 3am. Papa knows the scores... xx

    Stephi LaReineStephi LaReine20 napja
  • love you my dude but that second one is nothing near a poutine love, all of quebec

    amanda levineamanda levine21 napja
  • the difference between the original poutine (the québecois one) and the rest of canada poutine is that the latter almost ALWAYS overlooks the most critical ingredient: the cheese. when fresh, cheese curds are squeaky to the teeth and don't quite melt under the warm sauce. as soon as they are refrigerated or just as they age, they lose that freshness. in almost any Québec dep (corner stores), you can buy decent fresh cheese curds, so that gives you an insight in how poutine became prominent. looking at your poutine, the cheese looks melty and a bit matter, which makes me think it might have been refrigerated and not have been squeaky, but other than that, the fries and the gray looked good!

    Sébastien TremblaySébastien Tremblay21 napja
  • You shoulda made your cheese Josh! I love my squeaky cheese. Worth the time.

    Eric PEric P21 napja
  • Im from Quebec and I approuve this video

    ALL OneALL One22 napja
  • Hey Joshua, I wanted to ask, Because I don't drink, for the classic one, is there a substitute for the beer which is non-alcoholic

    tariq huseintariq husein23 napja
  • Yumummumumymmmmmmm

    Natalie Robinson [Student]Natalie Robinson [Student]26 napja
  • Norm Summerton makes way better poutine

    DragonSlayerBigPimpCumDrizzler69DragonSlayerBigPimpCumDrizzler6926 napja
  • Compared to babish's "poutine" this is great

    Charlie PiperCharlie Piper27 napja
  • Haha Bro ! The second one sounds really good, but you can't call it “a poutine”! In Quebec, we have a rule, you must absolutely respect the base: A) French fries B) brown sauce C) the Skouik Skouik Cheddar! For a luxury version, you can add whatever you want, make the brown sauce with a real meat base, but it must remain brown! Haha. Look, here's a French chef who managed to make a fancy version, but respecting the basics:

    Anthony BuckleyAnthony Buckley27 napja
  • my sense of humor is broken. I broke out laughing when he dropped the butter into the pan

    OnceLanded :-DOnceLanded :-D27 napja
  • Traditional poutine looks lit🔥. But as a Quebecer I will say this about your version, it can’t be a poutine if you don’t use gravy. Papa would get yelled at it you made that here 😂😂

    Nikola SavicNikola Savic28 napja
  • You are amazing

    mezzo mezzomezzo mezzo28 napja
  • sobrassada is actually catalan so no Italian accent pls

    Victoria VVVictoria VV28 napja
  • first non canadian poutine video i didn't hesitate to watch.

    Alexandre BerthiaumeAlexandre Berthiaume29 napja
  • For the traditional version for the gravy what could you use instead of beer?

    Black ScreenBlack ScreenHónapja

    Charming KillaCharming KillaHónapja
  • So as an American living and working as a cook, now of my favorite I earned/my brain needs indulgence just as much as my body dinners is French onion soup thickened and used as gravy with duck confit and of course cheese curds. Def not a meal to eat on a split shift, lol

    Climbing ChefClimbing ChefHónapja
  • Poutine is Québécois but o well Ima just say as a Montrealer, u passed the poutine test

  • As a French Canadian, I have to say that you did it perfectly both ways. I would eat both with the similar rigour that it takes to eat a Poutine that is TOP NOTCH QUALITY.

    Martine SéguinMartine SéguinHónapja
  • I am offended by your Alfredo fries

    Brunette BadBrunette BadHónapja
  • Papa is changing our Canadian poutine. We love papa. It was a too much stray away from the poutine but because we are nice, we will grant you permission to do so

    Elsa ZedElsa ZedHónapja
  • You'd love to be in North England as it's a very common takeaway meal, but called "Chips, cheese and gravy." The South don't know about it oddly, but the North is the one

    Sean PSean PHónapja
  • I love the 2 way

  • idk kinda wanna make papa mad. sorry to this mans gf.

    Candi RobertsCandi RobertsHónapja
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is perfection

    Eik Lee FooEik Lee FooHónapja
  • Never had poutine in my life and I'll give it a try, but I think I'll use some feta. I think it goes great with fries

    Elisabetta ErricoElisabetta ErricoHónapja
  • Hey guys maybe someone could help me-I can't find cheese curds in Austria /Europe and I never had poutine so what kind of cheese should I use? Thanks :)

  • Osti de Tabarnak!

    sam shepardsam shepardHónapja
  • Im canadian so lets get this review done. No1- fries- you did good so +1 No2- cheese- you did good +1 No3- Gravy- looks good but should be beefy +.5 No.4- salami- you did good +1 No5. Chives- you did good+1 No6. Parmesan- you did good+1 No7 parsley- you messed up-0 Total score: 5.5/7. Still good overall and canadians approve you

    Yousuf KhuramYousuf KhuramHónapja
  • THANK YOU for using beef broth for the gravy

    Emma LaughlandEmma LaughlandHónapja
  • So what are your thoughts on soaking the fries in a water bath with salt and baking soda for an hour? from what I am told, it makes them extra crispy on the exterior.

  • the normal looks soooo good, but the fancy one isn't even poutine you didn't even put gravy

  • Stoners midnight dream

    Poulami DasPoulami DasHónapja
  • Who else read ' Perfect Routine ' at first glance?

    jaba roychowdhuryjaba roychowdhuryHónapja
  • My thumb read the word poutine and moved to click before my brain saw it.

  • You should use the salami oil for the rue before you make the béchamel sauce. Adds more flavor

    Eliran CohenEliran CohenHónapja
  • @joshua Weissman seems to be that late night stoner he was talking about???

    Eliran CohenEliran CohenHónapja
  • This Canadian has a new found respect for you. Good job Chef!

    Jason BrittJason BrittHónapja
  • Your gravy needs to be a bit thicker and that's not a good beer lol. Great video, loved every second.

  • i cant keep watching you i get very hungry and i realize i cant eat it

    birby chicky nuggiebirby chicky nuggieHónapja
  • Honestly, when I had poutine in canada I was pretty disappointed. I did not like it much at all

    Serafin SchallerSerafin SchallerHónapja
  • Papa love you canadian people

    Jimbo Echevarria G.Jimbo Echevarria G.Hónapja
  • Vladimir poutine

    anthony sloatanthony sloatHónapja
  • You make the soggy chips sound like a bad thing.

    Aaron SomersbyAaron SomersbyHónapja
  • French canadian here. I approve the traditional poutine.

  • i want that slap that dough t shirt

  • Kesser ça

    Jonathan BondJonathan BondHónapja
  • This makes me miss home so much.

  • Looks good but would not call it poutine

  • Never used gravy and cheese pieces myself. I fry my taters dark brown with sliced up onions and they get salt and pepper and ketchup

    Max PinsonMax PinsonHónapja
  • Canadian here! They both look AMAZING!!! The second isn’t really poutine though 😂

    Jack RobertsonJack RobertsonHónapja
  • 2:00 dude.....Im shocked cuz that butter smack was so loud I thought it was just my imagination

  • you said the link to the french fry cutter was in the description

  • This video is pretty fucking pointless gravy fries cheese curd why why does what the fuck am I watching it for

    Nigel MorganNigel MorganHónapja
  • "A good beer" pulls out the worst beer Canada has lol As a Canadian I'm offended lmao

    nathan dennathan denHónapja
  • Ah so THIS is what Harry Styles was talking about at that one concert! I didn’t know what poutine was

    Abbie. SAbbie. SHónapja
  • Sorry to be a bitch but they sell that Canadian beer he was drinking at Woolworths here in Australia and it tastes nasty AF 😶. I don’t think anyone would buy it twice. But all good cos I know Canadians would usually make bloody amazing beer and grow lots of their own hops too.

    A AA AHónapja
  • #canucks

    Gretchen Jeanne SmithGretchen Jeanne SmithHónapja
  • Say it like youd say tin like tin foil

    Brandon ShorttBrandon ShorttHónapja
  • 5:59 why do you think Canadians speak in a texan accent? 🤨

    Ryan JefferiesRyan JefferiesHónapja
  • I'm Canadian and c'mon stop using chives and also make the gravy thicker man like the gravy needs to be thick extra thick anyways love your channel

    Peter BayerlePeter BayerleHónapja
  • As a Mexican living in Montreal, I’ll give you a thumbs up for this version.

    Darío VallesDarío VallesHónapja
  • Gravy on the bottom, cheese on top of the gravy, fries on top. Stays crispy that way, cheese melts between fries and gravy, everyone does it wrong

  • Haven't watched the video yet betting he says poo-teen Edit: Said it right once I'll allow it lol

    Keilan BarnesKeilan BarnesHónapja
  • here's the things Harry Styles loves most about canada: 1 POUTINE 2 POUTINEEE 3 POOOOUUUTTIIINEEEEEEEE 4 POhuhuutINEE 5 *s y r u p* 6 SYRUP ON POUTINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 7 you

    Tua Nonna In CarriolaTua Nonna In CarriolaHónapja
  • while that second one looks delicious i can't in good conscience as a Canadian call that a poutine

    Ruby WintersRuby WintersHónapja
  • Is this the food they have in canada??!! Dutch needs to hear about this

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganHónapja
  • As a New Jerseyan, I appreciate that you made disco fries.

    Brian P.Brian P.Hónapja
  • Putin

    laurentiu cotiugalaurentiu cotiugaHónapja
  • It’s actually pronounced p’tssine but yeah

    Soulayman M24kSoulayman M24kHónapja
  • ugly cheaps

    6B 19 LI Tin Wing Terrence6B 19 LI Tin Wing TerrenceHónapja