Checkin' in w/ the Hype House Again

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Cody Ko

  • Don’t these “TT House’s” call the paparazzi and tell them where they’re going to be? You know like the Kardashian’s did...

    TrinaTrina2 órája
  • Austin Riverss? Spoken like a true dookie. Go heels baby

    Cameron PearceCameron Pearce9 órája
  • We’re just jesties

    private accountprivate accountNapja
  • the tik tokers totally call this pap guy to come and film them, so cringey lol

    S BakerS Baker2 napja
  • joe mama

    TANN3R _TANN3R _9 napja
  • Please make this into a series 🙏🏻 with this pap guy

    Mae's LifestyleMae's Lifestyle10 napja
  • the *virality* of steve’s videos is commendable

    ayla khanayla khan12 napja
  • This is definetly one of my favourite videos from Cody! "imagine if they just added the hollywood fix to the hype house" lmao

    Miguel OharaMiguel Ohara12 napja
  • For y’all wondering age 😍 : Cody is like 30 I think and the holly would fix dude is like 38 so yuh

    Cherry TapesCherry Tapes13 napja
  • Im mad that cody didint do an add read for exspress vpn after reading the comment that said that privicy didint exist.

    RED'S ALTRED'S ALT13 napja
  • The guy in the thumbnail is the dr crane dude from the dark knight rises 😱

    Muctebrrr MobileMuctebrrr Mobile14 napja
  • Tiktok-guy: Sneaking to the bathroom Steve: What up Bro? Watching some porn? Doing some wank stuff? Awesome, is Addsion still missing? Cool!!

    jojo pjojo p15 napja
  • "we're just chesties" hahahaahahahahah

    Marissa ThomasMarissa Thomas16 napja
  • I don’t know fletcher is kinda of an og

    Alec AutryAlec Autry17 napja
  • no seasoning

    shaye holcombeshaye holcombe17 napja
  • They all look like walking bobbleheads

    RitualisticShameMuzzlesR4SickPeople MuzzlesDontWorkRitualisticShameMuzzlesR4SickPeople MuzzlesDontWork17 napja
  •'s hard for me to watch you watch this. Cody taking one for the team, thanks man.

    Chelsea BChelsea B18 napja
  • lol this was posted on my birthday

    Natalie PrattNatalie Pratt18 napja
  • ash ketchum out here "not tryna fight or anything"

    The96thThe96th19 napja
  • cody’s hair looks amazing here... cody cut ur mfing hair

    maddie larkmanmaddie larkman19 napja
  • The thing I want to know is - WHERE ARE THEIR FUCKING MASKS?

    meme19 napja
  • Lol this just ain’t right

    ethan Vargasethan Vargas20 napja
  • I have seen multiple videos featuring the Hollywood Fix guy, it never gets easier. So fucking disgusting. Nobody should make a career out of invading other people's privacy. I feel like this is common fucking sense. Why do we live in this bizzaro world where shit like this doesn't get you sent to jail?

    CBplayZCBplayZ20 napja
  • Why is this on my recommended

    Ryan KriegerRyan Krieger21 napja
  • What is Jaiden’s favorite wing stop flavor though? I need an answer

    PixelPlexoidPixelPlexoid21 napja
  • I found it weird how that same austin rivers with 2 "s" was still at the house hours later or before?

    nicoletatiananicoletatiana23 napja
  • I would flip the guy off if he said "ArE YoU DaTiNG *insert name here*,"

    The Fleet FarmerThe Fleet Farmer23 napja
  • I love how he always laughs at his own jokes

    Wizard PokemonWizard Pokemon26 napja
  • Aren’t we in a global ✨premi Lovato✨

    Xlin.28Xlin.2827 napja
  • 5.2 million people watching Cody KO watching a old geezer , watching young kids , lovely .

    LiL BoudLiL Boud29 napja
  • On another note, Cody has nice teeth!

  • can ya fuckin cut that mullet n go back to this, jus advice from a guy bein a doood

    C DuggyC DuggyHónapja
  • kids in my class: omg have you seen the hype houses latest video! me: watching Netflix shows and waiting for promised to Neverland season 2

    Shelly WilliamsShelly WilliamsHónapja
  • I really find it hard to believe that people are going and asking him all these questions. Sounds like he’s just trying to get random buzz info that he doesn’t actually understand.

    Murren KellyMurren KellyHónapja
  • I really love how cody and danny and drew have this invincible connection that I cannot figure out

  • heeeeeyyy jaeden what’s your favourite wingstop flavour 2:08-2:13

    Jada JJada JHónapja
  • Can you restock the assembly required hoodie with the boney fingers?

    Scott MeleadScott MeleadHónapja
  • The Hollywood fix is honestly a genius, I wish I had his idea.

  • You know, someone could probably make a shit ton of money being a boomer trying to 'explain' tiktok stars to their boomer audience.

    Shawn ConwayShawn ConwayHónapja
  • Why wear a mask if you are going to take it off when you talk???? The whole point of the fucking thing is to cover your mouth WHEN YOU TALK. Talking and coughing are what sprays the most moisture out

  • And all this while a pandemic is killing thousands every day

  • This guy gives me huge prom chaperone vibes

    John BishopJohn BishopHónapja
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    Roger CRoger CHónapja
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    A AA AHónapja
  • It’s literally like a dating show🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Luis AndreLuis AndreHónapja
  • Hollywood fix reacts to Tiktokers react to Cody reacting to the Hollywood fix harassing them

  • So that last video is an old man zooming in on a topless gyrating child... If he wasn't a tiktoker that'd be seen as weird right?

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-AbodeHónapja
  • Awwwh I bet that littlen' doesn't even listen to Pink Floyd. The disingenuous little shits!

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-AbodeHónapja
  • a few years ago i got so high in that house and my dog shit on the floor in the theater room. good times.

    Emmy PalmerEmmy PalmerHónapja
  • I wanna know how many people have played flip cup!?!😂💯

  • They remove their masks to speak..... them: 👬the point: ☄️

    Carrie MinassianCarrie MinassianHónapja
  • 5:06 call me crazy but is homie in the black caressing his buttcheeks??

  • Fuck it, I’ll finally subscribe after watching 3 great videos. Every joke you make is something I would do

    Big ZBig ZHónapja
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    Mike StarkMike StarkHónapja
  • I couldn't focus because of the chin thing

    Rachit SrivastavaRachit SrivastavaHónapja
  • Y do their parents think its ok to bring their kids to a teens HOUSE

    Matt StylesMatt StylesHónapja
  • the bullet proof vest took me out

    fatmah alsarraffatmah alsarrafHónapja
  • It’s like someone stuck a bunch of randomly generated sims in the same house and let all hell break loose

  • The “ whaddup “ had me dying 🤣, then just after the typical fuckboy comes up 🤦‍♂️😂

    Giovanni LopezGiovanni LopezHónapja
  • 50 bucks the dude in the thumbnail doesn't listen to pink floyd

    the big dealthe big dealHónapja
  • All these kids gonna grow up and look back at these videos and realise how stupid they look and sound 😂

  • Watching the Hype house is why kids are losing brain cells. I blacked out and woke up on my kitchen floor drooling after watching 20 seconds of the Hype House clips

    Fresh SleevesFresh SleevesHónapja
  • At least he can prestige in black ops

    Koben FleegeKoben FleegeHónapja
  • it’s so funny how cody reacts to the drama even though he has no idea what’s going on

    Sariah ReneaSariah ReneaHónapja
  • It’s extra creepy now that Tony’s getting charged with SA or whatever with minors

    alfie goodingalfie goodingHónapja
  • When you said it’s Steve I was literally thinking it was gonna be Steve.

    Zune_Zune_Zune 2Zune_Zune_Zune 2Hónapja
  • The holly wood fix only gets like 1k views on their videos now 😂

  • You've made my view on the world worse cody, well done

    Spoofy DansterSpoofy DansterHónapja
  • "Heyy momm made it on paparazzi whattss guudd?!" Lol dud this is just...ew.

    Heather Brown MusicHeather Brown MusicHónapja
  • Makes me so uncomfortable to see a tiktok being made in real time with no sound.

    Handsome GunnerHandsome GunnerHónapja
  • This is the first Coldy Ko video where I couldn’t watch the whole thing

    L WyattL WyattHónapja
  • This is so creepy, ugh

  • that little blond kid at 11:09 or something made 2 appearances 😭 mans is COLLECTING pics w tiktokers

    Morgan RandMorgan RandHónapja

  • How to get the paparazzi to leave you alone: 1. Get to know the person behind the camera 2. Have a good relationship of respect between each other 3. Try to persuade the paparazzi to film you less

    A_lby McCoolA_lby McCoolHónapja
  • Imagine your kids asking you to take them to a tik tok house or something similar. I’ll lose my shit probably and downgrade their phone to a Nokia 3310.

  • The guy in the yellow vest has the worst fashion taste ever and I bet they all hype him up for it 🤢

    Cole ClarkCole ClarkHónapja
  • Cody is the tether to reality everyone needs lmaoo

  • Did anyone else notice the same blonde kid in the back

    Ethan KleeEthan KleeHónapja
  • Everybody weirdly pointing out in the comments that their white....uh yes I have eyes I can see that their white.

    Shannon HillShannon HillHónapja
  • Hahahahahahahaha imagine getting in fight with these girls..knockout two of them others gonnaa run

    Lazar ŠundićLazar ŠundićHónapja
  • This is so childish

    I’m UncomfortableI’m UncomfortableHónapja

    Katie VaseghiKatie VaseghiHónapja
  • Why the fuck does one dude ave a life jacket on lmao

    Alexis BuffonAlexis Buffon2 hónapja
  • The way cody mimicked them so quietly 8:39

    apricots apricotsapricots apricots2 hónapja
  • Lauren and jack are 17 years old why is he asking high schoolers about their relationships

    Chelle EveChelle Eve2 hónapja
  • When they asked him to turn the camera off and he kept filming THATS literally invasion of privacy and illegal

    Water GodWater God2 hónapja
  • What is them shorts on that skinny little boy? Dude got on Hulk size shorts

    Happy Black ValentineHappy Black Valentine2 hónapja
  • was looking to watch codys channel so i clicked this and i just.. wow his hair changed..

    saturncitysaturncity2 hónapja

    marla sanlleymarla sanlley2 hónapja
  • Britney had no privacy

    LífLíf2 hónapja
  • You do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re outside like that....

    Sir LoinSir Loin2 hónapja
  • The younger generations fuckin ruined the internet with tik tok. Got adults doin that’s bullshit....Awful....all of it.....

    Dakota LenziDakota Lenzi2 hónapja
  • Sometimes I feel bad for these kids

    Bendy McShmittyBendy McShmitty2 hónapja
    • I wouldn't mind whatever they're goin through considering that paycheck

      Nekoda AsayNekoda Asay2 hónapja
  • I still can’t believe that people actually think they are being paparazzied. Like you have to call them to get some camera time. Unless you’re at a Kardashian’s level where people get paid to leak your location

    Mike KooymanMike Kooyman2 hónapja
    • @Mike Kooyman Video proof of u being wrong . they clearly get surrounded with fans and papparazi lmao

      Tyler SeguinTyler SeguinHónapja
    • @Mike Kooyman HUworld search "hype house Boa steakhouse" you'll see many different papparazi channels following these people on their own

      Tyler SeguinTyler SeguinHónapja
    • @Mike Kooyman I already know some influencers pay the papparazi. My point is some people (not all) in the hype house actually get a crazy amount of papparazi following them around at BOA steakhouse. I live in LA i see it every day. The papparazi use them for views on their youtube channel because some hype house members have more youtube and instagram followers than real celebrities.

      Carter HindleCarter HindleHónapja
    • @Carter Hindle do you really think he would admit that they pay him and call him? There goes all his credibility. Once you get in the industry you’d know how things work

      Mike KooymanMike KooymanHónapja
    • @Mike Kooyman fletcher admitted he follows a lot of them on his own tho he said it in an interview with Tom Ward. They get followed everywhere especially at BOA

      Carter HindleCarter HindleHónapja
  • Don't hate on the guy for trying to make a living off these goons. Steve's just trying to get by.

    hal Bohal Bo2 hónapja
  • This papa guy is THE razzi doe

    Cari Berry00 JacksonCari Berry00 Jackson2 hónapja
  • at 4:16 that reminded me of his character wade on the real bros of simi valley

    StephanieStephanie2 hónapja
  • This turned into hype house shit and than it’s more talking shit bout the guy

    BraveFatManBraveFatMan2 hónapja