Checkin' in w/ the Hype House Again

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Cody Ko

  • it’s not even like these people are attractive. they’re boring looking, they have no personality or talent, are they all part of a cult where they sold their souls for fame or something??

    Claire BearClaire BearNapja

    amit daphnaamit daphnaNapja
  • I literally know none of these people you mentioned

  • It’s a frat house without a education

    falcon blubberfalcon blubber3 napja
  • alt title: teen internet stars try to live their life and be decent to fans while getting harassed by some middle aged guy

    MadiMadi3 napja
  • leave it to cody to be the only person on earth that could make me feel bad for privileged tiktok'ers lmao that looks like literal hell like he said

    BorkosaurusBorkosaurus3 napja
  • I looooove you

    Cinthya LcCinthya Lc4 napja
  • 11:46 I thought he was gonna say he just takes a massive fuckin bite out of the guy's throat

    Elijah JacobsElijah Jacobs4 napja
  • Tiktok kids make me feel so smart and mature. Second hand embarrassing

    Reem hellReem hell4 napja
  • “Steve” is friends with the hype house and this video was soo funny

    JohnnysocooJohnnysocoo5 napja
  • pls make more of these omggg

    Sabrina GormanSabrina Gorman5 napja
  • 4:30 ... I wonder how many Pink Floyd songs that kid could name. LA is literally like a satirical show of what human will be like in 50 years... except it's happening NOW!

    Sicao is deadSicao is dead5 napja
  • 13:59 we gotta canadian Ball Boy over here, casually shouting out Austin Rivers

    Young ChipperYoung Chipper5 napja
  • aww man... i love cody ko, we need more people like him in this world....

    Chronic AwarenessChronic Awareness5 napja
  • noah beck is LITERALLY the nicest buy to fans👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    Suhjin KimSuhjin Kim5 napja
  • Cody somehow looks 25 and 45, simultaneously.

    James BuggemoJames Buggemo6 napja
  • 8:44 omg someone take his drugs he looks awful

    J MacJ Mac6 napja
  • Why does this remind me of Lord of the Flies...

    Michelle MarieMichelle Marie6 napja
  • this is reality now...this is it, i've never wanted to die more

    YoitsilyYoitsily6 napja
  • Make more that’s cringe

    Vince DVince D6 napja
  • Guy in the vest was thinking something different then everyone else apparently

    Mike MalMike Mal8 napja
  • Josh from sway house needs to eat for god sake he looks sick with those bones protruding

    Sukhman K GillSukhman K Gill8 napja
  • This is worse than love island

    Fred RossFred Ross9 napja
  • The new faze house has a security guard like a neighborhood would

    RadsparkyRadsparky9 napja
  • chair 😢

    Angie TAngie T9 napja
  • I’m willin’ to bet at least 500 of the dislikes aren’t 18 or older

    Christian RochaChristian Rocha9 napja
  • Jake Pauler nation finally becoming teenagers and now they’re invading hollywood

    Abe WAbe W11 napja
  • These kids are 15-17... And their fans are 10 and younger..I just.... 🤢

    Chai TeaChai Tea12 napja
  • No one: Nobody: Not even paparazzi man, Steve: Cody: ✌️🤘

    Maura ZimmermanMaura Zimmerman13 napja
  • Didn’t they move into the old Faze house? Everyone & their mother knows where that is

    Brynlee GibbsBrynlee Gibbs13 napja
  • Haha Lauren Kettering went to my school and her mom is a counselor there. She used to make tiktok vids in her mom's office.

    Nicole ReevesNicole Reeves15 napja
  • Me killing myself in college because maybe one day I will get a good job, and this kids are just here being stupid and getting all the money, I mean I am doing something wrong I guess...

    Cristina ValleCristina Valle15 napja
  • All those young boys waiting to take pictures with teenage girls that dance and do makeup stuff. Sad, I guess that’s California for you.

    Burt RandolphBurt Randolph16 napja
  • 4:25 Look at how he wears his hat lmao

    Burt RandolphBurt Randolph16 napja
  • Danny just did "her" video?

    Sohail AfsharSohail Afshar16 napja
  • Paparazzi used to just be at red carpet's, now they follow them everywhere like stockers.

    GotchaGotcha17 napja
  • Kolodziejzyk

    MC DickhedMC Dickhed18 napja
  • These puppets love having paparazzi "harass" them don't get it twisted, it gets them more clout and the photographer makes an easy check

    BlavoodBlavood19 napja
  • I’d be down for my kids participating in any sort extra curricular, maybe even go to concerts of talented people with them, but you have to be an idiot to sit outside of celebrities’ houses and let your kid harass people like this

    ruh roh raggy editsruh roh raggy edits19 napja
  • That paparazzi man can bring peace to the Middle East

    Sarah koukiSarah kouki19 napja
  • I’m too tired to reply to all of the comments saying “Oh my god why these kids so famous our children are doomed” Someone’s actually using these kids to make money sometimes without them even knowing Also they’re nice to people some not but that’s just how it works that’s the world I guess

    Japanese EraserJapanese Eraser19 napja
  • Fletcher Gang

    Organized SoundOrganized Sound19 napja
  • steve had to have watched the live video to know where they were...... Useless.

    Daniel ThomasDaniel Thomas19 napja
  • my jaw dropped when i saw the livestream

    Teya PhanmanivongTeya Phanmanivong19 napja
  • This is so hard to watch m

    LucaLuca20 napja
  • you dont even burn

    YxmitoYxmito20 napja
  • Wod up

    Christoph LugerChristoph Luger20 napja
  • Somebody needs to file a RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST THIS MAN

    Chloe SolesChloe Soles20 napja
  • I love Cody

    G. T.G. T.21 napja
  • let me sum it up chase and charli was getting back together with chase but then he kissed nessq joshs ex and then everyone attacked him then he sent a tweet exposes EVERYONE IN SWAY HOUSE

    gracebluesgraceblues21 napja
  • 17:11 bruh holy shit i only got one minute left of this video second hand embarrassment is killing me

    esang g.esang g.21 napja
  • i went to school w anthony reeves and he fell asleep during algebra 2 and nearly failed. like, he was such a dumbass.

    Mars BMars B22 napja
  • The fans/pedophiles wanna know . They really need to ban Tik tok and all other apps like it .

    Andrew GriffinAndrew Griffin22 napja
  • I’m losing brain cells

    KeelyGristick22KeelyGristick2222 napja
  • The Hollywood fix guy only shows up if you DM him.

    N BN B23 napja
  • more of these!!!

    Lexie HamiltonLexie Hamilton23 napja
  • they genuinely all make me want to vomit

    Laine ColeLaine Cole23 napja
  • I'm pretty sure these kids are calling up this pap least some of them are

    cynicalcynical23 napja
  • 8:30 why is it so schmidt in new girl

    Atessa FaresAtessa Fares23 napja
  • he called greg "that guy" *bruh*

    Emily DreamerEmily Dreamer24 napja
  • Idk if you guys knew this already but Cody and Kelsey broke up...

    Ty NairTy Nair24 napja
  • They need a helpline for that.

    new friendnew friend24 napja
  • 11:28 is my gf in a nut shell. thanks or giving me content to roast her with

    WehrlsWehrls24 napja
  • bruh what does cody’s shirt say?

    Maeve GoodanMaeve Goodan25 napja
  • Celebrity culture must end

    UtzUtz25 napja
  • idk if i hate the camera guy recording them or the tik toker kids more

    Anthony MedinaAnthony Medina25 napja
  • One of those kids is really wearing a bright yellow fake bulletproof vest 🤣

    BUCCBUCC25 napja
  • pka

    Tatiana OcampoTatiana Ocampo25 napja
  • These "houses" are legit frat houses. Pretty gross.

    GhostyGhosty25 napja
  • It's funny to me that Cody doesn't know that these kids call the paparazzi on themselves 😂

    GmonkeyJ777GmonkeyJ77726 napja
  • Cody you’re just jealous you’re over 40 yrs old and no paparazzi comes to film you at your house

    No NameNo Name26 napja
  • kamala harris

    Hema RagaaHema Ragaa26 napja
  • Lol I hope you're being sarcastic when believing that this is real and this dude comes out if nowhere like paparazzi. These are all set up

    John MillerJohn Miller27 napja
  • why are the breaking into and trespassing in this home ON CAMERA i am so confused

    Veronica PrietoVeronica Prieto27 napja
  • Who honestly cares this much about TikTok people?

    Crimson RoseCrimson Rose27 napja
  • Why does the blond curly hair boy look like grimes

    claireclaire27 napja
  • harrypotter

    Paula González CarreteroPaula González Carretero28 napja
  • The future of our children is *DOOMED* . Its a shame seeing how stupid everyone is. Makes me not want to reproduce

    Watson DelmickWatson Delmick28 napja
    • Watson Delmick whoever said you were actually going to reproduce with someone

      Japanese EraserJapanese Eraser19 napja
  • This is so funny

    Ally JeanAlly Jean28 napja
  • Seriously when’s still softish coming out?

    Cal NCal N28 napja
  • 2:13 literally delete your channel bruh

    Jack WellsJack Wells28 napja
  • WTH they hats look like that 😆 😆

    Beezy GBeezy G28 napja
  • Damn I can’t believe all the comments are hating on them😭like y’all are jealous and it SHOWS

    Rebecca RRebecca R28 napja
  • This is like Jerry Springer

    hoodieman04hoodieman0428 napja
  • dixie was so nice too, hollywood fix guy is just making her uncomfortable asking about charli.

    precious trajanoprecious trajano29 napja
  • 11:21 to 11:42 💀💀💀

    iutubbyiutubby29 napja
  • Where can I get that shirt

    Roblox SavageRoblox Savage29 napja
  • Why do they wear their hats like that

    S G MS G M29 napja
  • Back im the good old days these kids would have wiped Out somme of that white powder and gone to town on that guy now its just lame

    Till NuofferTill Nuoffer29 napja
  • “We’re not here to fight” has a whole squad of 5 guys and one with a bulletproof vest on

    Mr RobotMr RobotHónapja
  • Dixie was TOTALLY high

  • Maybe it was a paid paparazzi

    Lucio NobileLucio NobileHónapja

    Princess AubynnPrincess AubynnHónapja
  • they're actually really nice to those kids who would have thought lmaoo

    Mallory ForemanMallory ForemanHónapja
  • I hope someone just rocks dude in public for no reason, he is literally the biggest problem on the internet lol

    Jay S.Jay S.Hónapja
  • who are these cringey kids and why do they have money?

    Bailey SmithBailey SmithHónapja
  • people really say there's no privacy, then proceed to like and share the video... smh

    elaina sbelaina sbHónapja
  • I don't think enough attention was placed on the fact they were asked about a missing teenage girl and they were visibly nervous and clearly lying when they said they don't know anything about it...

    Oswaldo RomanOswaldo RomanHónapja
  • #wearadamnmask

    Taylor SwiftieTaylor SwiftieHónapja
  • Tic Toc pays Hollywood fix.

    Aaron SheltonAaron SheltonHónapja