Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat

2019.dec. 2.
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Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat - Life of Artyom
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01:11 1. dog food
01:39 2. cat food
01:57 3. celery
02:22 4. pizza
02:39 5. radish
03:03 6. sushi
03:35 7. carrot
04:02 8. a rose
04:35 9. toilet paper
05:18 10. banana
05:39 11. raw beef
06:27 12. raw potato
06:53 13. processed potato
07:36 14. raw fish
07:55 15. doctor's sausage
08:22 16. honey
08:32 17. sour cream
08:45 18. cardboard
09:07 19. hair ties
09:36 20. holodets
09:54 21. kotlet
10:02 22. toothbrush
10:20 23. potato salad
10:40 24. milk
10:54 25. pashtet
11:19 26. q-tips
11:42 27. cotton pads
12:23 28. wood
13:03 29. kefir
13:34 30. tourist delight
13:54 31. charger cable
14:18 32. yarn
14:47 33. grapes
14:59 34. babushka jam
15:23 35. melon
16:02 36. onion
16:42 37. mayonez
16:58 38. grass
17:18 39. leaves
17:28 40. lemon
17:43 41. bay leaf
18:00 42. ice cubes
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  • Артём так мило выглядит !!

    Brian SantesBrian SantesNapja
  • Me and the boys listening to the intro at full volume: *dancing elmo meme*

    Justin FrenchJustin French2 napja
  • C a t

    CommandoSSCommandoSS3 napja
  • My cat eats dirt

    ja mja m4 napja
  • my cat is the saaame 14:05

    i am a Catti am a Catt5 napja
  • Leaving the best for last 🥰

    Nina Davidovna ANina Davidovna A7 napja
  • I'd like to see Boris give Artyom 83.000 pats

    Mysterious VoiceMysterious Voice8 napja
  • Iphone wire is a favorite food of my cat...

    Slavic EngineeringSlavic Engineering8 napja
  • Boris neighbour: Boris, take care of my cat while I'm not at home. Thanks! Boris:

    Любомир ПетелюкЛюбомир Петелюк8 napja
  • Sushi is eda! Boris, blyat!

    Slavic EngineeringSlavic Engineering8 napja
  • kasha

    SYPHUS 590SYPHUS 5909 napja
  • Boris blyat, why is the Dog Food German are you German

    -DB- Der Kleine Spasti-DB- Der Kleine Spasti9 napja
  • cant say about cat but I can confirm that dogs love vodka.. 2 years ago christmas party got pretty rough and I ended up in state where you dont care when 1/4 of your 40oz of vodka is resting in the snow outside. dog went out for a poop and came back inside drunk as hell.. it was both hillarious and scary. she still well alive 2 years later tho ^^

    The Broken MaskThe Broken Mask9 napja
  • artyom is so big! he's a growing boy, i'm sure he's glad he's got such a great owner like you taking care of him

    Sebastian DevorakSebastian Devorak10 napja
  • this neighbor cat are for vadim?

    nicksonic2 Baía silvernicksonic2 Baía silver10 napja
  • Every time I play metro I feel like I’m playing as komrade Kat

    Jaime GarciaJaime Garcia11 napja
  • You forgot to say: „or maybe two“ when you tried the, Bay-leave

    igel_ HDigel_ HD11 napja
  • Artyom! Artyom!

    Emilia WoźniakEmilia Woźniak13 napja
  • Call a neighbour cat : anya

    *-leon-**-leon-*13 napja
  • Fun fact, cats taste a certain taste with every food. The taste gets better when the food is fat. That is why cats eat ice-cream

    The _FALL0UT GUYThe _FALL0UT GUY13 napja
  • Me : *sweating because i know that cats can die from Vodka and Onion*

    Aiden_sanAiden_san14 napja
  • go and giet a dog or a anmol ok a niu vidio

    Luca Daniel SiminaLuca Daniel Simina16 napja
  • 7:17 THE VODKA

    lolllb Revengelolllb Revenge16 napja
  • boris: takes neighbors cat Vadim: ahhhhhhhhhhh boris blayt

    luca pezkeluca pezke17 napja
  • boris is on the menu 15:39

    SkullPlayer77 ChannelSkullPlayer77 Channel17 napja
  • the way you literally lob Artyom on chair

    Jake CurtisJake Curtis17 napja
  • 8:33 тебе всё таки удалось напоить кота водкой

    ШлëппаШлëппа18 napja
  • Ok idk cats cant eat onion, maybe thats why they puked.

    33mavboy33mavboy18 napja
  • My cat likes to play with toilet paper (with back legs)

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!19 napja
  • 04:26 if you want to make your cat crazy buy Eustoma or Lisianthus

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!19 napja
  • Actually cats can't eat dog food because they need taurine as carnivores, for heart etc. And dogs can't eat cat food because of extra ingredients dog don't need. Not because of BONES

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!19 napja
  • Did you know that cats cannot taste sweet things? They have very different taste buds from ours and lack the buds required to taste it

    Random weirdoRandom weirdo20 napja

    DeLiVeRy DaNcEDeLiVeRy DaNcE21 napja
  • 6:08 Omg Yes So good More Seems about right

    FS24 • 7 years agoFS24 • 7 years ago22 napja
  • 🐈

    slav dogslav dog22 napja
  • My cat always eat..... My hand lol

    Danesh DRDanesh DR24 napja
  • 4:52 this is corona food new for cat

    antoly und ertuzantoly und ertuz25 napja
  • Boris, I'm just giving you a piece of advice but don't feed cats grapes or milk. They are lactose intolerant and grapes are basically poison to them. Please google before feeding your cat stuff.

    M4skedM4sked25 napja
  • 10:10

    Tomek GopnikTomek Gopnik27 napja
  • 10.7

    Tomek GopnikTomek Gopnik27 napja
  • My cat gets scared and runs away from bananas lol. He hates it.

    SiponatikSiponatik27 napja
  • Cat*

    Kyle MaxwellKyle Maxwell28 napja
  • Call the female katyusha

    Kyle MaxwellKyle Maxwell28 napja
  • My cat like the pink meat of the doctors kind

    Gopnik LewisGopnik Lewis29 napja
  • Citrus fruit is poisonous for cats!

  • Fun facr 10:22 in Russia this salad is called Olivie(Оливие), but in my country Bulgaria this salad is called Russian Salad(Руска Салата). Looks similar but is not Equal.

    Жельо ЖелевЖельо ЖелевHónapja
  • The wirdest thing my cat eats is marshmallows.

  • One of my cats will eat hair bands and charger cables, the other will steal my yarn and attack it :D

  • vadim blyat

    Unedited ScrapsUnedited ScrapsHónapja
  • Those cats eat better than 99% of the human population........

  • Fun fact: cats can't eat onion but Artyom is Slavic Kat

    Marcel WichniewiczMarcel WichniewiczHónapja
  • I believe you spelled *snacc* wrong

  • Your efforts at capitalistic corrupting of comrade cat will not work!

    Vincent RayVincent RayHónapja
  • 1:41 me too

    Alu HasbarAlu HasbarHónapja
  • woah Vadim's cat I presume

    Alu HasbarAlu HasbarHónapja
  • I like how Artyom and Kasha looks like they are a couple in that WW1 reenactment

  • What race is Artyom?

    Sergio ShafiSergio ShafiHónapja
  • 13. .__. OH NO tahts poisonous

    Umaiya AL-ShaibaniUmaiya AL-ShaibaniHónapja
  • 6:04 my cats acts like that whenever they are eating fish xD edit: the xD and also saying this edit

    Alen's DayAlen's DayHónapja
  • 3:10 wow that looks nice O_O

    R3TR0 30R3TR0 30Hónapja
  • Komrad kat trys surströmming

  • My Cat Eats Weed Flower :D

  • In russia cats drink vodka

    Fat ManFat ManHónapja
  • thanks tho vadmin!

    Anand SharmaAnand SharmaHónapja
  • I think you forgot three important things Blin borsch and butterbrod

  • is pashtet BASICALLY spam?

    z_xagger roblox Nicholasz_xagger roblox NicholasHónapja
  • Nooo. Ethanol is poisonous for cats :o

    Sarah ShannonSarah ShannonHónapja
  • 0:26 WHAT'S THIS MUSIC, PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME, I WANNA KNOW, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros ultimate sandvich!Heavy weapons Guy for Smash Bros ultimate sandvich!Hónapja
  • Artyom:I'm not gonna eat most of these things Kasha: I'll eat everything except for some

    Muhammad HussainMuhammad HussainHónapja
  • I love how Artyom's immediate reaction to anything he doesn't like is to smack it

    ant1 p0tat0ant1 p0tat0Hónapja
  • You should've cut the hard products into small cubes, like the carrot, of course they wont eat it otherwise, because they can't understand what it is, it looks solid and they have no way of figuring out how to eat it like that.

  • Do U live in Germany ? Because the Name of the dogfood was German 🙂

    Jamie KoerberJamie KoerberHónapja
  • Boris: *offers Artyom vodka* Me: hears loud and clear "ENEMY SPOTTED" from CS 1.6

    Janete RezeiJanete RezeiHónapja
  • Borises neighbor when he sees this video: Vadim i have bought you a new drillset

    Jman RocksJman RocksHónapja
  • #43, boris! does cat like?

    Zimo LiZimo LiHónapja
  • I would kill for Artyom

    Gabi GarzonGabi GarzonHónapja
  • snacc's*

    Gaming Plus - Roblox & MoreGaming Plus - Roblox & MoreHónapja
  • My cat eats paper

  • Snacc

    sabin_playsroblox YTsabin_playsroblox YT2 hónapja
  • I love how he spells *Snaks* like *snaccs*

    Andres LopezAndres Lopez2 hónapja
  • People = *Toilet Paper isn't cat food* Boris = **SLAV**

    n1tr0z3nn1tr0z3n2 hónapja
  • Title = *Cats try 42 snacks* Snack no. 9 = *Toilet Paper* Boris : Mmmmmm.......

    n1tr0z3nn1tr0z3n2 hónapja
  • Both cats like sour cream???

    DeeMolitionDeeMolition2 hónapja
  • Fun Fact: It's the same cat, I see nice editing skills.

    D R i c k r a f tD R i c k r a f t2 hónapja
  • i like the fact that half of the thing he gave them is not edible

    Nadim OmarNadim Omar2 hónapja
  • My cat likes to eat sponges, yes, the sponge that you use to wash dishes

    Ezra ZufarEzra Zufar2 hónapja
  • Poison to cats: Roses Rice Alcohol Cow Milk Grapes Onions Bay Leaves

    CatBeLazy SpiffyCatBeLazy Spiffy2 hónapja
  • Battle royal version: 2 snaccs, 42 cats

    Sam DabboiSam Dabboi2 hónapja

    ShadowWolfShadowWolf2 hónapja
  • Imagine letting your cats drink vodka for content 😂😂

    Milo BoczonMilo Boczon2 hónapja
  • How do you not know the name of neighbor cat?

    Ryan LumleyRyan Lumley2 hónapja
    • Pretty sure that artyoms sibling

      Cosmonauts JamCosmonauts Jam2 hónapja
  • Reenacting World War I? I wake up at 3:00am and reenact the crusades

    Ianstonean StudiosIanstonean Studios2 hónapja
  • 2:33 as an italian i can say he has a point

    ЛК срЛК ср2 hónapja
  • Cat cute!

    Franny SteinFranny Stein2 hónapja
  • Also don't let your cat eat a rat

    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer2 hónapja
  • Your cat maybe die so don't let your cat eat the box

    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer2 hónapja
  • Artyom every morning : CAT VADIM BLYAT

  • Cats are lactose intolerant. You shouldn't feed them dairy products

    eeriecoldeeriecold2 hónapja
  • my cat ate tape

    swedish swedenswedish sweden2 hónapja
  • When i saw "Vodka" on the list- my Mind is going crazy...? I Love your video's even though i'm not Russian Ii Enjoy them a lot!

    JayFilms_YTJayFilms_YT2 hónapja