Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat

2019.dec. 2.
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Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat - Life of Artyom
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01:11 1. dog food
01:39 2. cat food
01:57 3. celery
02:22 4. pizza
02:39 5. radish
03:03 6. sushi
03:35 7. carrot
04:02 8. a rose
04:35 9. toilet paper
05:18 10. banana
05:39 11. raw beef
06:27 12. raw potato
06:53 13. processed potato
07:36 14. raw fish
07:55 15. doctor's sausage
08:22 16. honey
08:32 17. sour cream
08:45 18. cardboard
09:07 19. hair ties
09:36 20. holodets
09:54 21. kotlet
10:02 22. toothbrush
10:20 23. potato salad
10:40 24. milk
10:54 25. pashtet
11:19 26. q-tips
11:42 27. cotton pads
12:23 28. wood
13:03 29. kefir
13:34 30. tourist delight
13:54 31. charger cable
14:18 32. yarn
14:47 33. grapes
14:59 34. babushka jam
15:23 35. melon
16:02 36. onion
16:42 37. mayonez
16:58 38. grass
17:18 39. leaves
17:28 40. lemon
17:43 41. bay leaf
18:00 42. ice cubes
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  • 10:54 Ah yes, meat jelly. I discovered this today thinking it might be a good sausage for buterbrod, and while I wasn't wrong, it wasn't what I was expecting.

    Kulrig AlestoutKulrig Alestout3 órája
  • "Vadim's cat (Neighbour cat)"

    Padika Shaka SatiaPadika Shaka Satia4 órája
  • So I had the problem with my cat and the reason why they weren't interested was because they were clean Q-tips. Used ones are full of "animal grease" and it makes them irresistible to my cat and others.

    Gabrielle Le RoyGabrielle Le Roy16 órája
  • My cat likes bread, peaches, anything that a normal human would eat in a healthy diet

    Franco RedstoneFranco RedstoneNapja
  • My freinds cat Kingston eats plastic shopping bags

    Jacob IshiiJacob Ishii3 napja
  • My indoor cat Picklesthecat won't eat anything except raw deer,raw elk or dry cat food

    Jacob IshiiJacob Ishii3 napja
  • the first was from germany because the name from dog food was "von feinsten" its german

    Leo4MCLeo4MC3 napja
  • Im so sorry to dissapoint, but i hate (I know hate is a strong word i have a strong hate) mayonaise. if you like this comment that means you are saying sorry to Boris.

    Riley ShortreedRiley Shortreed6 napja
  • Gonna kill Vadims cat...

    Gassy IrishmanGassy Irishman7 napja
  • artyrom migth have a girlfriend on the neighbors cat

    John Benedict G. PortugalJohn Benedict G. Portugal8 napja
  • Maybe boris should do a crochet video.

    Assaf ArbellAssaf Arbell8 napja
  • Artyom can smell that pizza and that its a western spy food

    Jayden EmperorJayden Emperor8 napja
  • Artyom

    Jay CubertoJay Cuberto9 napja
  • Cats like corn on the cob too

    Leah DesuLeah Desu9 napja
  • 💥😀

    Pintér AttilaPintér Attila9 napja
  • Is it Vadims cat?

    Aldi FitraAldi Fitra9 napja
  • Please give Artyom watermelon

    Jaszczurka GTAJaszczurka GTA9 napja
  • Boris neighbor is vadim. a western spy so neighbor's cat is a western spy cat. do not let it steal sosig

    李硕李硕10 napja
  • They r so cute

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gaming11 napja
  • So you're tellin me you don't have Ivan in your basement!?

    MAUL3R-EggieMAUL3R-Eggie11 napja
  • Boris COOL Now you have 42 dishes to wash

    Tim EngalanTim Engalan12 napja
  • зис хорибл акцент...

    CaturdayCaturday13 napja
  • cats like whipped Cream e

    AllisonAllison14 napja
  • My friends name is Артём (artyom)

    atomic kolobokatomic kolobok14 napja
  • boy, PETA probably hated this

  • Like button is broken now....

    knutzzl Rampspoetnikovknutzzl Rampspoetnikov15 napja
  • 11:20 Uhm I think they meant *used* Q-tips, this is sweetest ambrosia to any animal. Ask me how I know.

    RatkillRatkill20 napja
  • Boris my cats love half those things...the Russian food don’t know never had any would try some but I’m pretty sure Buddy (Who looks like Artiom) would probably eat it. He eats anything including r Asparagus 😂

    I’m not a dunmer You areI’m not a dunmer You are23 napja
  • Your kitten is broken

    Skiper NipperSkiper Nipper23 napja
  • i think i know why boris is calling the neighbors cat Kasha, because masha is thicc and a woman and K from kasha as in Komarede "kat" yknow..... Kasha

    ChrissChriss23 napja
  • Hey Boris, please do not give cats alcohol, it is very toxic to them, even strong Slav cats like Artyom Also, please be careful about letting cats eat your food. Cats have some pretty nasty bacteria in their mouth that can get you pretty sick

    Tofu BunTofu Bun23 napja
  • 7:09 he knows what alinity has done

    NoMore BrofistNoMore Brofist23 napja
  • my cat loves sardines

    Liam RolstadLiam Rolstad24 napja
  • If you got the notion to do 42 snaccs from Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy... well-played. If not? Also well-played.

    J.R. CaldoonJ.R. Caldoon24 napja
  • Grapes are very toxic to cats

    CinixenCinixen25 napja
  • We have the same cat 😆

    TheRealKinG NunuTheRealKinG Nunu26 napja
  • So cute! also what is the name of the owner of the neighbor's cat? note:just really want to know.

    Anthony MangalimanAnthony Mangaliman26 napja
  • my cat loves eating marshmellows

    VileStormsVileStorms26 napja
  • When boris open the dog food its feel like i smell it

    awsaatawsaat27 napja
  • people are using hemp to remove skin tags in america boris,

    Austin PhoenixAustin Phoenix28 napja
  • One of our cats goes absolutely crazy for sour cream.

    xXx3OOOv2xXx3OOOv229 napja

    Heavy weapons GuyHeavy weapons Guy29 napja
  • le Slav cat vs le non Slav cat

  • GIMMIE DOCTOR SOSIG MMMMMMMMMMMMM (i like to Make butterbread with sosig and slav mayonaise

    chew gumchew gumHónapja
  • *Sniff sniff* HHHHMMM. No this is celery. Its for poor people. Rose: mmmmm. This is so gourmet shit.

    A ScoutlyA ScoutlyHónapja
  • When my cat saw the mayonez it tryed to eat it

    Calin AlexutaCalin AlexutaHónapja
  • 17:40 Voi jumalauta!! Saatanan paha hetelmä!

    Simo HeinonenSimo HeinonenHónapja
  • 4:20 Maybe Artyom’s Bulgarian, after all 🤔.

    Simo HeinonenSimo HeinonenHónapja
  • Artyom recognized pizza as Western import. Also, Artyom knew that Russia and Japan are still technically at war with each other. 😸

    Simo HeinonenSimo HeinonenHónapja
  • The fact that Boris can crochet just... Hits differently. ONLY RESPECT FOR MY SLAV KING BLYAT!


    AleX Kat ?AleX Kat ?Hónapja
  • Giveaway you blytcat

    Dilan HimuraDilan HimuraHónapja
  • "Honey, the neighbor took the cat again"

    Rafli ArrasydRafli ArrasydHónapja

    Heavy weapons GuyHeavy weapons GuyHónapja
  • You say onion is poison for cats, but when I was a kid I found one of my dad's cats eating an onion by the chicken coop. The cat was fine.

    Indigo GollumIndigo GollumHónapja
  • Tbh, I was kinda disappointed when the cat said no to sushi...

  • 8:34 sneeki breeki

    yanni1950 roblox playeryanni1950 roblox playerHónapja
  • sneeki breeki

    yanni1950 roblox playeryanni1950 roblox playerHónapja
  • What bout me

    Just some KittyJust some KittyHónapja
  • When he said vodka I thought who are you alinity

    A literal Zombie villagerA literal Zombie villagerHónapja
  • Mine eats pizza and croissants!

    Margaret L.Margaret L.Hónapja
  • 15:39 ah stranger cat found the true snacc ;)

  • plot twist: the other cat is vadim's

    Dipalee AtreDipalee AtreHónapja
  • Hold on wat was that ice cube sack that was awesome 😂

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty ShacklefordHónapja
  • 6:03 that scared me

  • Me sees vodka as a food for cat also me hol up

    alex roalex roHónapja
  • Hello Comrade Cat!

    Mycobacterium TuberculosisMycobacterium TuberculosisHónapja
  • My cat loves French fries and will Sometimes aggressively try and steal them

  • So cute cars... But they look as if they were siblings.

  • 7:02 Alinity intestifies

  • umm boris you know vodka is poisonis by cats Right

    Dafa AlfariziDafa AlfariziHónapja
  • haaaaa bratan, I remember it when me and my ex made some sushi at home and my cat yami just swallowed one of the sushi pieces whole and looked happy as fuck, we both called her a little suka and gave her some rubs, the green onion might be a bit unhealthy for the kitteh and all, she's 10 years old in a couple of months, still have her, she's a great cat and I love her a lot

    Sine NomineSine NomineHónapja
  • Im wondering what will happen if cat drink vodka........


  • you forgot the main food!!! CHEBUREK

    CountryBall StudiosCountryBall StudiosHónapja
  • slav cat

    Eduard VlasEduard VlasHónapja
  • My cat loves cake and biscuits

    Maria Clara BaptistaMaria Clara BaptistaHónapja
  • My old cat liked eating corn but he died rip

    Urszula KUrszula KHónapja
  • What music is in this video??? If anyone knows, please tell me

    Heavy weapons GuyHeavy weapons GuyHónapja
    • Tell me please

      Heavy weapons GuyHeavy weapons GuyHónapja
  • not slav enought. you forgot about pelmeni

    Никита ГаврилинНикита ГаврилинHónapja
  • That was not pizza

    richard hallrichard hallHónapja
  • My cat likes instant noodles, salami, and crackers.

  • Artyom when gets the celery:What is this chernobyl reactor rod

    Emanuel CiuciuEmanuel CiuciuHónapja
  • What does spaznewa correct me if im wrong about the grass at 17:18

    Lucas SherwoodLucas SherwoodHónapja
  • the same cat i had would try to floss when i was doing it wanting me to hold the string and he bite on it and move his head and i could brush his teeth when he was old was a very smart cat he new words to you could not say chicken ore steak in dutch to him he would run to you and want to eat or attack

  • i think the cats that where eating celery did because they would see there owner do it that's how one of my cats started going to the toilet later i learn him to pee in the drain of shower much better then in the box just wash away with shower head shitting he would still do in the box and he would like to try the food i was eating

  • whats the music at 13:27?

  • Who allowed you to feed my cat blyat

    Louis SkilltLouis SkilltHónapja
  • И ни одного русского комментария? о_о

    Lily PenguinLily PenguinHónapja
  • our cats try to steal the cake mix while were making cake

    Cyka BlyatCyka BlyatHónapja
  • He better give Artyom 78k pets

    Wonderful TimelineWonderful TimelineHónapja
  • What a spoiled cat!

  • Late comment but you forgot catnip

    Samuel RuizSamuel RuizHónapja
  • What kind of cat is this?

    Donkey KongDonkey KongHónapja
    • Slav cat

      Cosmonauts JamCosmonauts JamHónapja
  • lol imagine if the neighbor is watching they're cat eating all of this stuff

    pandorax gamingpandorax gamingHónapja
  • most loved slav of the eternity:boris

    Ilton RôdeIlton RôdeHónapja
  • Boris: - Vadim... Can i have your cat for a day? 🤔

    Hanna RékaHanna RékaHónapja
    • I like to think Boris kidnapped the neighbors cat for the day

      Cosmonauts JamCosmonauts JamHónapja
  • *komrade kat will now dance for the motherland*

    Samuel PhillipsSamuel PhillipsHónapja
  • Try giving your cats a little melon. Cantaloupe or watermelon. A little bit is fine for them, and my cat loves the former. She'll knock over the trashcans to get at the scraps. Pumpkin is okay for them too, it helps with constipation.

  • when he was staring at the plate it got me! 😂

    N10's Roblox ContentN10's Roblox ContentHónapja