Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever? feat. Cyberpunk 2077

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The desire to be free from the limits of the human experience is as old as our first stories. We exist in an endless universe, only bound by the laws of physics and yet, our consciousness is trapped in mortal machines made of meat. With the breathtaking explosion of innovation and progress, for the first time the concept of leaving our flesh piles behind and uploading our minds into a digital utopia seems possible. Even like the logical next step on our evolutionary ladder.
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  • Wow what a journey. Over a year ago CD Projekt Red got in touch and asked us if we would like to make a video about some of the scientific or philosophical aspects of Cyberpunk 2077. Just like most of the internet we were super excited and eager for this game to come out finally. The Witcher series is one of the most entertaining series we played ourselves and Cyberpunk seemed like it could genuinely top even that. So it was a super easy yes from us and we went on to make the video, putting in a lot of love and care to do this collaboration justice. And of course, as the release date got pushed back, our video release date did too. So we have been keeping this video a secret for quite some time, hopefully you like it. When this video comes out a good chunk of the Kurzgesagt team will either download or already be playing the game. If you want to get it too and support CD Projekt Red directly get the game here:

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    • I think instead of copying your brain you can tell all your past experience that you have remembered from the young age to the robot to convert all your memories into codings to create artificial intelligence

      My name is DoraemonMy name is Doraemon10 napja
    • @Aleksandar Puharic people should know by now not to expect the world of games they preorder. Life is a lot less disappointing this way.

      TheFachenTheFachen12 napja
    • @TheFachen The thing is it was so overhyped. "Next-gen" open world game.

      Aleksandar PuharicAleksandar Puharic12 napja
    • @Aleksandar Puharic if you didnt need it to be something, it is fine. If you needed it to be witcher 4 in the future youll be bummed out. And if you hate bugs it is skyrim ptsd simulator

      TheFachenTheFachen12 napja
    • So... How was disappointment when the game finally came out?

      Aleksandar PuharicAleksandar Puharic12 napja
  • NAAAHHH! I'm tired. One lifetime is enough.

    KittyKitty7 órája
  • Tansk

    kedi arduinokedi arduino7 órája
  • “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.” - Emerson Pugh

    Edgar RoockEdgar Roock7 órája
  • The precious step-son unlikely thank because adult effectively whip afore a devilish city. elite, quarrelsome doctor

    gabe vilchesgabe vilches8 órája
  • sweet i wont have to go to the gym

    Patrick BrownPatrick Brown11 órája
  • Get ready for SwordArt online in 2060.

    Nejla MuminovicNejla Muminovic11 órája
  • i just watched THE 100 didnt know we can literally be a prime

    Apirat P.Apirat P.11 órája
  • My big issue is just the class divide inevitable with something like this. Poor people will wifey be left in the physical world after it's been neglected or run on slower, cheaper, or just less hardware- allowing fewer simulations to be done per duration. Rich people on the other hand can afford to run more simulations which would literally translate to more experiences, more life, widening the intelligence gap, and ultimately furthering the snowball effect of class division.

    Vikman PhotographyVikman Photography15 órája
  • I think, that we can never be a Simulation, well ok, I think that we can upload us, but it would never be me, it would be a copy of me but not me

    Flüri TvFlüri Tv15 órája
  • Imagine, if it were possible to print a brain, we could upload a damaged brain (e.g. blind due to an umbrella blow etc.), then digitally repair it, print it again and put back into our body

    Flüri TvFlüri Tv15 órája
  • What if scientists got someone to give them their brain to slice up and scan, and then once they haphazardly scan and upload the brain it actually works and the volunteer lives inside a computer forever...

    Vijendra A. G.Vijendra A. G.16 órája
  • Giving me the 100 vibes

    Michelle SMichelle S17 órája
  • But we are already immortal quantum beings. Or soul.

    IkereviewsIkereviews18 órája
  • One question can I be with my waifus.

    IkereviewsIkereviews18 órája
  • Me who is still scared of phone being hacked: No thank you

    Kenny ZhouKenny Zhou18 órája
  • Imagine when ur brain got hacked

    M y t h G a m i n gM y t h G a m i n g18 órája
  • cyberbug 2077

    AlonsoKingAlonsoKing19 órája
  • I’m surprised kurzgesagt hasnt went back through their bad memories and delete cyberpunk from ever releasing.

    John DoddJohn Dodd20 órája
  • it's like talking about semi-conductor in the middle of Stone-age holding obsidian-knife. but i'm glad they tried and very informative

    jennake leejennake leeNapja
  • imagine being a uploaded life and living like a cyberpunk npc with shitty ai

  • 1:02 its keanu reaves pog

    Y u bully meY u bully meNapja
  • Transfer the brain to a robotic body

    Channel 48 Backup StationChannel 48 Backup StationNapja
  • This is a good concept for a book...

    KingDinner WriteKingDinner WriteNapja
  • I just hope my brain's uploaded version works better than the release of Cyberpunk2077... Welcome to an eternity of bugs.

    Chesco IgualChesco IgualNapja
  • I guess I am still confused about that but wouldnt mind upload be information upon information? Hypothetically you wouldnt really exist or upload yourself. you'd be coded like flappy bird. That bird doesnt really exist. The birds information is obtained but it wont endure things.

    Jana FawzyJana FawzyNapja
  • Aged like wine

    Hadrien BrissaudHadrien BrissaudNapja
  • I think we are considering the idea with the wrong way Instead of attempting to simulate a brain, we should use the brain to compute things, integrates biological machinery in logical ones. It is also true for the biological chemical reactions which can be very efficient at large scale for industrial applications

    Eniotna YssanebEniotna YssanebNapja
  • PS4 pussies giving downvotes ... Nice video! Cheers!

  • You’d need quantum computers first

  • great

    Tammy ApetricciTammy ApetricciNapja
  • i saw that also in the TV show : 100

    Mehdi HamdouniMehdi HamdouniNapja
  • lol just realised the brain is trying to figure out how it works

  • Altered Carbon Intensfies.

    Prince VegetaPrince VegetaNapja
  • Cyber existensial crisis: 2077

  • But who’s going to control the power to the hosts that our brain is updated to? Aren’t we going to need someone to keep the host running?

    HelplessFox 05HelplessFox 05Napja
  • "imagine that we're only simulated, but then we will simulate our self in a simulation"

    Joseph MartinezJoseph MartinezNapja
  • i dont think we could fully download a brain into a computer and you would be able to control it, my theory is that if we can somehow trigger different neurons or chemicals then we could "hallucinate" into the computer, as long as your alive

  • The universe’s heat death would still kill you eventually :/

    Dusky RoseDusky RoseNapja
  • Wow just found this channel today, and I am amazed.

    Lebo BeloLebo BeloNapja
  • 놀랍도록 많은 버그를 고쳐준다면 사펑2077은 갓겜으로 불릴지도?

  • The game might be buggy as hell, but this video as a direct byproduct is a treat. (And morphing human into "bird" is probably the funniest crime against nature I have ever witnessed, both in reality and in fantasy.) Also the human brain is why (in my opinion) the human race is the master of the Earth. 6:24 "more than all data storage capacity on Earth" - you forgot to say "AS OF THE POSTING OF THIS VIDEO!" "Your biological and digital versions COULD COEXIST!" YES!! I want a Digital ME roaming the Earth!

    The Golden KnightThe Golden KnightNapja
  • The gainful partner erroneously admire because glider putatively discover besides a squalid roadway. unequal, thirsty desk

    Kamran KhanKamran KhanNapja
  • I learn more from you than my science teacher

    Thomas TVHDThomas TVHDNapja
  • the brain is so complex that it can't even understand how it works. that's just insane.

    Not a titan mainNot a titan mainNapja
  • I remain as unconvinced as ever that this is even remotely possible... ...or desirable.

  • I just bought your app for 3.95 on google play. It uploaded 154mb but the app is not opening. Is there something I'm missing. I turned the phone on and off etc. I also opened it from the App Store and all thats showing is a photo.

    chentaichiirelandchentaichiireland2 napja
  • Could we create a "singularity" machine?

    Denis BalcazarDenis Balcazar2 napja
  • So for this to work, your telling me you need to cut my brain into millions of pieces, it will take up more storage than the entire world has collectively (for one brain) and it'll cost how much?

    AbsoluteZero124AbsoluteZero1242 napja
  • Being imortal is a problem. Sometimes u're gonna need a break. U're soul loves to feel emotions, But it needs to rest...oh and I'm a 13 year-old idk what I'm talking about Dl

    Slime BoiSlime Boi2 napja
  • 9:11 So it's basically digital Tsukuyomi.

    Soham ChitnisSoham Chitnis2 napja
  • No matter which way is used the real question is... If you can replicate your mind how would an outside observer tell if its you or just an empty copy of how you think and act with no real consciousness?

    Justin DoughertyJustin Dougherty2 napja
  • To live forever you must accept Jesus Christ as your savior. One cannot save themself.

    USA CitizenUSA Citizen2 napja
  • Do more ant videos I miss them

    Timothy LohTimothy Loh2 napja
  • why not just keep the brain 'alive' suspended in fluid but remove the body, and somehow reach the brain to see through the tv

    Josh RennigJosh Rennig2 napja
    • Good point. Not only would that probably be simpler, but it also the avoids a philosophical problem; is the scanned brain and the actual brain the same? Are we just creating a copy that is separate from the original or not? Somehow keep the brain alive without the body and there is no such problem. The body and the fluid (or machine) should be fundamentally the same if they both keep it alive and well.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • THIS WAS A WAY FASCINATING VIDEO.....but if we weren't made for come those "meats".....that accept God goto ETERNAL LIFE....AND THOSE "meats" THAT DON'T GOTO ETERNAL DEATH AND SUFFERING ??????

    Kezza ChaddaKezza Chadda3 napja
  • 0:01 pause

    Smurf_ FlingerSmurf_ Flinger3 napja
  • imagine scientist minds being simulated, and them helping humanity beyond the grave

    MysviousMysvious3 napja
  • Resume: ¿can you upload your mind? Yes'snt, well non't I dont know :D xd

    VelentinoVelentino3 napja
  • "I don't know" - Kurzgesagt

    Nick MalonNick Malon3 napja
  • Cyberbug

    A-AronA-Aron3 napja
  • Shame that the game laid such a huge fart...

    Carbon-14Carbon-143 napja

    Diego MartinezDiego Martinez3 napja
  • a spark and then nothing

  • pls do a video about DMT and death experiance

    MegaMega3 napja
    • I would like to see one on NDE's, yeah. Maybe not dmt because that seems a bit pointless.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • Equation to coinciousness

    yukta jabinyukta jabin3 napja
  • daaaaamn

    Celeritate7Celeritate73 napja
  • just dumb you're not the mind you're the soul who's using the mind.

    Kevin SKevin S3 napja
    • @Jack Johnson i mean the awareness not the soul. Sorry i'm not that good in english. What i mean is, the brain is useless without the awareness and you are the awareness and not the brain.

      Kevin SKevin S2 napja
    • @Kevin S You realize you can have all of that without an abstract concept like the "soul", right? The brain does everything you described, all the time.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
    • @Jack Johnson what a relief to realize that the "voice in my head" is not me at all. Who am I then? The one who recognizes this. The awareness that precedes thinking, the space in which the thinking or the emotion or sensory perception occurs.

      Kevin SKevin S2 napja
    • Never heard that before. Besides you are operating on the assumption that the "soul" already exists and is proven to exist.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • epic

    Ben SchönhardtBen Schönhardt3 napja
  • Seeing Keanu Reeves turn into a bird cursed me.

    Colton TateColton Tate3 napja
  • check out soma if you like this thought experiment i just love the thoughts i had playing this game

    MaX StMaX St3 napja
  • I don't understand some peoples obsession with immortality. I'm terrified of the fact that I could live for 100 years, let alone FOREVER. I don't want to be here longer than 100 years, because after that, everyone and everything I've ever known is dead and long gone. Immortality is fucking terrifying to me. I don't want to be here for a long time, I wanna be here for a good time. Having a constant existence, even virtually, is horrifying. It would mean I would have to live inside my mind for the rest of time. I don't want to live with my depression, anxiety and C-PTSD forever. It's awful NOW, and I only turn 20 tomorrow! An unlimited number of years? NO THANKS!

    Senpai CoffeeSenpai Coffee3 napja
    • Here is the thing though: Why would you be the only one to have immortality? Surely if it reaches you it should also reasonably reach the people you do know...

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • For those cyberfunk at the same time anime fan here. THERE'S an Anime that has great representation of this foreseen reality. Title: AKUDAMA DRIVE

    Marlou MarcaidaMarlou Marcaida3 napja
  • Gawwwwwddddd LEVEL EDITS AND WORK ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Loser FailedLoser Failed3 napja

    B5-Felia,John Spencer MB5-Felia,John Spencer M3 napja
  • can we transfer our brain to another's body after dying

    madara senpaimadara senpai3 napja
  • I had an idea while watching this about merging the digital you and the original you into something greater: When you split the hemispheres of the brain the person's body acts like there are two minds controlling it and sometimes making different decisions. So why don't we add a digital neocortex on top of the existing one and put your digital copy in there. Now bio you and digital you can interface on such a level that it's hard to say that they are two different people. It could be like the two hemispheres of the brain, they sometimes make different decisions and they each control different things but when put together they make the whole _you_ . Digital you could control all augmentations and digital things while bio you would control all things biological and physical. And because this is a perfect copy of you and you're personality and memories you would make all the same decisions so there wouldn't be fighting in the brain unless the connection between OG neocortex and digital neocortex is cut like the two hemispheres of the brain. Over time as the digital neocortex evolves and grows the bio neocortex might just end up like the other parts of the lower brain like the limbic system. They would be a part of you that you don't think about put you can't just remove it because they still make up the whole _you_ . This is just a rudimentary idea and I would like to hear other's thoughts on this.

    Marshmellow MoonMarshmellow Moon3 napja
  • Sup love ur vids

    Travis BagbyTravis Bagby4 napja
  • Hebrew pleasessss

    elhanan bitonelhanan biton4 napja
  • I'm going to be a beggar till now, my future digital version will be the disciplined one.

    andres hernandezandres hernandez4 napja
  • Scan the brain and reverse engineer it done.

    Kelpy GKelpy G4 napja
    • As the video shows, it might not be as simple as that.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • Basicaly, The end scene of an underrated movie known as chappie

    Magenta GamerMagenta Gamer4 napja
  • No-one live forever in the world

    Tanvir Ahmed ChowdhuryTanvir Ahmed Chowdhury4 napja
    • Not yet, but in the future some people in the world might live forever (or at least a really long time). Besides if certain animals can do it, what is stopping us?

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • Nobody will ever be able to confirm if it actually works or is just a copy...

    FrontigenicsFrontigenics4 napja
  • Make vedio on Short term memory loss.

    Muhammad Umar NomanMuhammad Umar Noman4 napja
  • Bruh I wanna live forever in my body I don’t wan to upload my brain Hell Na

    TheBestMOCTheBestMOC4 napja
  • Don’t watch this on LSD. You will lose your mind 😮

    Sam DubsSam Dubs4 napja
  • Upload nearly complete............... "DEAD BODY REPORTED!!"

    Kim Jong-unKim Jong-un4 napja
  • omg the animation is actually some NEXT LEVEL kind

    drakar chaserdrakar chaser4 napja
  • Can you make a video on how large can a PR budget for a game be? Jk great video and topic.

    AbsurdistAbsurdist4 napja
  • The first step for this is full dive vr

    jasper LOLjasper LOL4 napja
  • Lol I thought about this years ago, the only problem is how to bring your emotion with you.

    jasper LOLjasper LOL4 napja
    • @jasper LOL That is kind of different though. I could be dead while the replica of my brain is convincing itself of being me. If you clone yourself and then die, are you now "in" the clone of yourself or did you just die permanently and the clone is copying your personality and shit?

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
    • @Jack Johnson to know that you are you all you need to do is remember you have organs, flesh, and blood

      jasper LOLjasper LOL2 napja
    • I would say the actual problem is how do we know you are you? As in what if the copy is just a perfect replica of you, but not actually YOU? The copy might be exactly like you and have the same memories as you, but you might not be the one actually experiencing everything. As for emotion, if the brain is perfectly intact during the process then there is no reason to believe you can't feel emotions.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • *no* Video is over

    NN manNN man4 napja
  • Isn't it pretty weird that the brain is learning about itself?

    Soma BiswasSoma Biswas4 napja
  • this video is just too good to be on youtube

    DJ GnomeDJ Gnome4 napja
  • the most terrifying prospect of this in my opinion comes from the idea of coexistance with yourself. not the concept of living with your mind, but the fact that presumably in the process of transfer there is a 50/50 chance that you will actually be uploaded and instead you just wake up with a digital copy of yourself. that uttery terrifies me to think about because it means that there is a me that will live forever, but i won't. there will be a me that experiences everything there is to experience, but i won't. i don't think i'd be able to live with that. and even if the body doesn't wake up and gets stored somewhere or just dies and gets thrown away then that would arguably be worse because that means that you tried to upload yourself and you failed. you didn't make it, something else did. that would be awful. tl;dr if i get uploaded, i want to be the mind not the body.

    IAmSeamonkeyIAmSeamonkey4 napja
    • That is exactly how I feel about it too. If you make a perfect replica of me, there is no way of knowing if I, the mind that is writing this right now will actually be experiencing the things the replica does. If it is a surgery the original person might be long dead while the perfect replica is talking to the doctors letting them know how it feels and shit. I keep adding more and more shit, but what if sleeping is death? You close your eyes and you are gone forever, while the brain switches to a new perfect replica of you that thinks it just woke up from a good night's sleep. I swear I am not on acid or something.

      Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 napja
  • i love how the ape in the intro is holding a different thing in every video

    IAmSeamonkeyIAmSeamonkey4 napja
  • so what I'm hearing is Immersive VR

    Kadexian WarriorKadexian Warrior4 napja
  • *Cyberpunk 2077 music starts*

    JupiterJupiter4 napja
  • Theres a major flaw with the up loaded consciousness theory ... Because it wouldn't be you ... It would only be a Copy of you ! : (

    Matthew NelsonMatthew Nelson4 napja