Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 3

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NEW VIDEO: "Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 5" --~--
I am excited to make PART 3 of our Among Us map (Halloween-Look) and build the Rooms Cafeteria, MedBay, and Upper Engine with cardboard and clay!
We craft some beautiful walls and rooms with cardboard, do some decorations with polymer clay and then make a declaration of War against Dani.
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  • you will regret this, mr clay man

    • The largest of oof’s.

      Xander RobertXander Robert18 napja
    • How did Danny get over here. I'm Confucius.

      frog Ribit Ribitfrog Ribit Ribit29 napja
    • ur cringe

      **29 napja
    • Dani you watch mr claym

      Copycat sCopycat s29 napja
    • Lmao

      Loïc De PelsemaekerLoïc De Pelsemaeker29 napja
  • wow

    CHAn'S happy VIDEOSCHAn'S happy VIDEOS3 perccel
  • U are just amazing bro

    sheik omarsheik omar3 órája
  • no

    Tania FrancisTania Francis4 órája
  • Dani

    Zach NaickerZach Naicker4 órája
  • You will regret this

    Zach NaickerZach Naicker4 órája
  • When he was doing the black part in Upper Engine, he wrote MILK there.

    ADthatsMEADthatsME9 órája
  • next polas who want likeee

    sAAmiHAA islaMsAAmiHAA islaM17 órája
  • Yes

    Lisa WinterLisa Winter17 órája
  • dani is milkman, u is clayman

    Dex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And MinecraftDex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And Minecraft17 órája

      Dex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And MinecraftDex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And Minecraft17 órája
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      Dex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And MinecraftDex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And Minecraft17 órája
    • U dumbus Ur the same person

      Dex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And MinecraftDex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And Minecraft17 órája
    • First comment

      Dex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And MinecraftDex's Junk Folder Of Stuff And Minecraft17 órája
  • Knock knock, who's there, deni, deni who?,deni likes milk.

    cindr Bellbearcindr Bellbear20 órája
  • cookie im gonna replace the second vent in cafe

  • Hola como andan seguidor mexicano jaja

    Diego Jimenez SolisDiego Jimenez SolisNapja
  • Its called a scanner, ClayClaim. (The thing in MedBay you thought was an X-Ray thingy.)

    Zen BuckleyZen BuckleyNapja
  • you: *slieds the phone and falls* me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Clive CaburnayClive CaburnayNapja
  • It's not the most polished builds (parts 1 to 3), but its the most fun. Love the commentary!

    Tere RañadaTere Rañada2 napja
  • Yay

    SpaghettoSpaghetto2 napja
  • RIP phone

    Slytherin ReviewsSlytherin Reviews2 napja
  • START IT U CAN BEAT HIM U MAKE A CLAY JAIL AND PUT HIM IN IT and plz pin I love your videos clayclaim clayclaim clayclaime just in case I don,t get pined for the words this is a code word just for fun

    Anah Taylor-RempelAnah Taylor-Rempel2 napja
  • Do you realize he write milk down there before he cuz put the engine there

    Jeremiah ResilienJeremiah Resilien2 napja

  • The thing you said was an xRay in medbay is called medbay scan

    Francisco Alcala IIIFrancisco Alcala III2 napja
  • please please please put link to the print outs i can't find them anywhere please!

  • Make a part six and create amoung us characters

    Sophie PointonSophie Pointon2 napja
  • How long it took to make the whole map 👇

    Hazel MaloHazel Malo2 napja
  • no ingles no ingles

    Marle1001Marle10012 napja

    Marle1001Marle10012 napja
  • Milk joke is ´´You wanna know what i want for Christmas? My dad to come back with the milk he said he was gonna get.´´

    Exerside PlaysRobloxExerside PlaysRoblox2 napja
  • Yes start milk war go to danis house and pour milk on him

    Iliana RamirezIliana Ramirez2 napja
  • My PP

    TixszTixsz2 napja
  • You should’ve made where we spawn when we’ve joined the game

    thierno barrythierno barry2 napja
  • Why do you yell so much? Calm down bro

    thierno barrythierno barry2 napja
  • No

    Baxter DickBaxter Dick2 napja
  • hopefully the hernold sticc boi map doesn't have a weird perspective

    hi i'm benhi i'm ben2 napja
  • Yea

  • M

    Fauzan andriansyahFauzan andriansyah3 napja
  • You do Say sus

    luisameza4luisameza43 napja
  • Next time make oll the skeld

    Alaa Ibrahim AhmedAlaa Ibrahim Ahmed3 napja
  • I Love playing among us

    Courtney TalcottCourtney Talcott3 napja
  • He forgot about the tasks

    Jen MartinJen Martin3 napja
  • And can you make a pack man maze

    Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia3 napja
  • You grout your phone

    Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia3 napja
  • Awesome

    Minecraft Miran ErdoMinecraft Miran Erdo3 napja
  • i loved

    Mauricio Munoz TagleMauricio Munoz Tagle3 napja
  • yes

    Blue ArrowBlue Arrow3 napja
  • MILK WAR!!!🥛🐄

    familjen furumarkfamiljen furumark3 napja

    Raheesh PlayzRaheesh Playz3 napja
  • Hello can you makes the kaboom city of superthings I am 9 years old pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Ignacio Torres SolísIgnacio Torres Solís3 napja
  • You forgot to place vents on the floor.

    Doni BadoniDoni Badoni3 napja
  • Poor phone

    Aluno Vicente Figueiredo dos Santos MartinsAluno Vicente Figueiredo dos Santos Martins3 napja
  • Did anyone notice that he changed his player name from ClayClaim to MilkMan for a seckond or two? 18:08

    danielkowalinskidanielkowalinski4 napja
  • In the medbay machine is called scanning machine

    Leonah ReyesLeonah Reyes4 napja
  • Can you do polis

    Keyshawn JonKeyshawn Jon4 napja
  • Sacamen de latino america

    Welltiago 0Welltiago 04 napja
  • I was gonna say "no" to the question clayclaim asked but I saw the comments and it was to late..... dang it...... Edit: ( BTW I still love the work...... )

    Opalmoon lightOpalmoon light4 napja
  • hello i´am portuguese

    Gizeli FonsecaGizeli Fonseca4 napja
  • Normal jokes : hold your horses . Milk jokes : hold your milks 🥛

    Alana SardinasAlana Sardinas4 napja
  • Sculptors in Russia be like: 3:48

    Sam PersellSam Persell4 napja
  • lol puffballsu's name is henry so he named henry stickmin after himself

    Sam PersellSam Persell4 napja
  • You should ad part 5 where you will put there the crewwmades you made

    Lucie CervaLucie Cerva4 napja
  • Amonus

    Ruben Gutierrez ZajaraRuben Gutierrez Zajara4 napja
  • I don’t like dolls or anything but I would so play with this if I had one.

    PandayaPandaya4 napja
  • Actually u should be orange juice gang

    Fox's galaxy gamingFox's galaxy gaming4 napja
  • did he do the camera

    King Jacob and Chef MichaelKing Jacob and Chef Michael4 napja
  • the laptop is only in freeplay

    King Jacob and Chef MichaelKing Jacob and Chef Michael4 napja
  • Part 4 pls

    Yuliani BintangYuliani Bintang4 napja
  • Part 3 pls

    Yuliani BintangYuliani Bintang4 napja
  • Dani is gonna win

    Noa StærkeNoa Stærke4 napja
  • Wow that's crazy but it's awsome

    Raniery PatricioRaniery Patricio4 napja
  • who is dani

    King Jacob and Chef MichaelKing Jacob and Chef Michael4 napja
  • Lol when he did upper engine he wrote ''milk''😂

    Azam AminuddinAzam Aminuddin4 napja
  • Part two

    Aryan SinghAryan Singh5 napja
  • 19:16 Why 2 vents?

    Detvan KeloDetvan Kelo5 napja
  • For the people saying he didn’t make a vent in upper engine here it is 22:08

    Lone WolfLone Wolf5 napja
  • The Map Designer Really gave u some pain With the engine ;w;

    gamer girl miku :3gamer girl miku :35 napja
  • Did anyone notice the candle was from Beauty and the beast

    Joy SanderlinJoy Sanderlin5 napja
    • It was in medbay

      Joy SanderlinJoy Sanderlin5 napja
  • I liked subscribed and hit the bell

    Joy SanderlinJoy Sanderlin5 napja
  • I love the sound of cardboards and hardened clay

    AXL Lead 0AXL Lead 05 napja
  • He woke up and chose violence

    おちんちんI LikeおちんちんI Like5 napja
  • He does every single detail love this guy keep up the hard work

    • DIEGO ALVAREZRUIZ go to part 2 at 19:15

      Lone WolfLone Wolf5 napja
    • What your talking about

    • I don’t know

    • DIEGO ALVAREZRUIZ he forgot the divert thingy in comms

      Lone WolfLone Wolf5 napja
  • If u die in among us then you can go outside the map to see it better

    Jax McDermentJax McDerment5 napja
  • milk comes from cow and ghost's!!!!!!!!!!!! (ummm its not funny but ghost's means goat sooooo i guess its funny?)

    Grape geckoGrape gecko5 napja
  • Scaner Machine

    Andrea Verónica Herrera GuaránAndrea Verónica Herrera Guarán5 napja
  • Can You Build MiraHQ Next?

    Kaleb GriffithsKaleb Griffiths5 napja
  • Mano nao precisava fazer o computador

    Taliane NayraTaliane Nayra5 napja
  • What do you call a flying milk A milk shake

    Jewels4PoolsJewels4Pools5 napja
  • You que pro

    Eduardo Antonio Quilez olanoEduardo Antonio Quilez olano5 napja
  • Dr mr li,I hope you liked it

    Zachariah LiZachariah Li5 napja
  • Nice,part 6 of different map

    Zachariah LiZachariah Li5 napja
  • The skeld dosent have a computer, only the freeplay version skeld has a computer 👇 This is how many people noticed

    Fernanda PulidoFernanda Pulido5 napja
    • It is fine he was doing what he was seeing (NOT BEING RUDE TO YALL)

      Annalys DejesusAnnalys DejesusNapja
    • @Denis Rybalchenko true

      Fernanda PulidoFernanda Pulido4 napja
    • He won’t see this probably

      Denis RybalchenkoDenis Rybalchenko5 napja
  • The map so far is great! Just half of it will be Halloween forever...

    joeconnollybosjoeconnollybos5 napja
  • cafe has a vent med bay has one

    PesquedaPesqueda5 napja
  • Dani must keep those milk jokes

    Owen SinclairOwen Sinclair5 napja
  • MALK

    GravilideGravilide5 napja
  • some people are complaining about ur skeld,but i have some actions, 1)funny 2)i dont think that anybody like this just because ur missing a vent and u are so creative! :)

    Maysim CheangMaysim Cheang5 napja
  • Love your vids

    Andrija JovanovićAndrija Jovanović6 napja
  • Do not fit

    Lena LintrupLena Lintrup6 napja
  • Noooooooooo

    Lena LintrupLena Lintrup6 napja
  • Vent in cafeteria: aight ima head out

    Adam RobloxAdam Roblox6 napja
  • ther is no vent in caftaeria

    mia with cookiemia with cookie6 napja