BREAKING NEWS! Our 1st Eyeshadow Palette, DAYTIME REALNESS, is Here!

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We interrupt your usual programming to bring you DAYTIME REALNESS. Launching at 10AM PT on 2/26, the Daytime Realness Collection is a revival of the glamour and pageantry of ‘80s TV. Rule the airwaves by getting the whole collection!

💙Daytime Realness Palette
: Eight electrifying eyeshadow shades that will make every day a Very Special Episode. This pocket-sized palette of blues and metals will have you channeling your inner newscaster. With 5 mattes, 2 shimmers and 1 metallic shade, it’s sure to be a ratings hit. ($24)

💙For Reel Sparkles Glitter: And we’re rolling! For Reel is an ocean blue cosmetic glitter that will make everyone do a double take. ($10)

💙Daytime Realness Accessory Pack
: Are you a patron of the arts? Show your fierce loyalty for Trixie Cosmetics TV with the limited-edition Daytime Realness Accessory Pack featuring: 1 TCTV globe heart patch, 1 rad ‘80s cell phone pin, 1 medium beeper glittery sticker, 1 medium camera glittery sticker, 1 medium TCTV mug glittery sticker, and 1 mini blue T heart glittery sticker. ($16)

💙TCTV Logo Mug: Who can even think about the news before they’ve had their morning coffee? Get this limited-edition mug with the special retro version of the Trixie Cosmetics TV Logo. ($15)

💙TCTV Apparel: Show everyone that you have amazing taste in local network television with the TCTV Pocket Tee ($25), TCTV Long Sleeve Tee ($30), TCTV “Crew”neck ($40), and the TCTV Dad Hat ($23)

💙Daytime Realness VIP Bundle: Broadcast your love of Daytime Realness to the world with this bundle that is a ratings hit with girls and gays across all age groups. Get the Daytime Realness Palette, For Reel Sparkles Glitter, and the Daytime Realness Accessory Pack together and save $4! ($46)
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  • I would like to acknowledge the blatantly unglued wig and RAISE YOU the the fact that I have no pants on or underwear or even a bra LMAO

    Trixie MattelTrixie Mattel2 napja
    • At least your taking responsibility for your mistakes lol!!!

      Sadie PetersonSadie Peterson2 órája
    • Wow break fast at Tiffany's suitcase a skit show ive developed long ago telling you soul sister for real!!!

      Nicole FerranteNicole Ferrante4 órája
    • LOL Covid drag is convenient drag.

      Michael BiggsMichael Biggs6 órája
    • Pop off, wig !!!

      Jazz TJazz T6 órája
    • You also forgot to mention whether or not you are wearing the For Real glitter on the bottom part of your eyes LOL but we forgive you, kween.

      C LBC LB9 órája
  • Love the whites and light blues. Missing a royal blue there, cant have only unsaturaded dark ones, gotta have some dark saturated as well! Also why the blues are not side by side, its triggering my OCD!

  • +Trixie Mattel Girl if you gonna dedicate yourself, your makeup company, and your channel to blue eyeshadow from this day forward THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE TOTALLY *COLLABORATED SUCK LESS FACE AND BODY BY WILLAM* A QUEEN WHO HAS MADE THAT HER THING just as you have made Pink your thing, Katya made Red lips her thing, and Tina Burner Ronald McDonald her thing. I’m not saying just because it is blue you can’t or shouldn’t have done it...I just think it would be super dope and fun if you did collab with Willam on a blue shadow or glitter just like you did with Katya for Red Scare since her signature is a red lip.

    Dante FDante F45 perccel
  • One of the blues should have been called, Den-um. Or, Den-Unhhhm!

    peter Murraypeter Murray47 perccel
  • i’m hearing a little extra cher today

    bluetooth connectedbluetooth connectedÓrája
  • We also need a rerelease of that lipstick pin

    Choco XochitlChoco XochitlÓrája
  • im a little obsessed with soap star

    Toyadome CToyadome CÓrája
  • Is that a Mugler suit?

  • I don’t wanna be the one...but some of those swatches didn’t really wow me? some just didn’t really swatch nicely and looked a little chalky? Idk...also the whole color theme was all in all pretty boring for her first ever eyeshadow palette. For a “only blue palette” I expected something more exciting in it like a “blue with rosegold shimmer effect” or SOMETHING like that. Everything else is cute, Sorry. 😞

    fka Pearlfka PearlÓrája
  • Trixie PLEEEEEASE get a UK supplier, I need to pile my lids with this palette.

    Naomi LumsdenNaomi Lumsden2 órája
  • looking like Morgan Fairchild ..

    LWLW2 órája
  • who thinks Katya and Trixie should make their own palette

    Elizabeth McKnightElizabeth McKnight2 órája
  • Love this palette, I kinda want to have blue eyeshadow now. Those colours are cool and we'll considered I reckon.

    Isabella McClymontIsabella McClymont2 órája
  • Tracey martel trying to sell america on blue; for a hot minute. Gotta love IT!

    Sadie PetersonSadie Peterson2 órája
  • Upon seeing her new palette, Tracy became Stan-ley Blu-brick.

    OctavianOctavian2 órája
  • I love you trixie and I've been hurting emotionally now and you make me happy

    Vinnie GreeneVinnie Greene2 órája
  • I love this pallet!!! This is one of the few pallets that make me want to play with color!

    Michaela BMichaela B4 órája
  • Omg this robins egg !

    Yuliana QuinonesYuliana Quinones4 órája
  • I have money this time BITCH I'm stupid excited! Take all my money Linda!

    Ashley HaglAshley Hagl5 órája
  • Blue eye shadow and red lips for dance auditions in the 80's...oh the memories!!

    laura sneiderlaura sneider5 órája
  • I INSTANTLY clicked away to comment on that un glued wig but it was already there!! BAHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!

    Isaac MIsaac M5 órája
  • I’d rather buy this tiny blue pallet vs buy Jeffree stars with many more shades and support that piece of shit.

    BlissuringBlissuring6 órája
  • Willam is somewhere having the time of her fucking life waiting to do a new blue look in an unboxing video

    Little FlowerLittle Flower6 órája
  • CIS females are quaking atm. Please stand by ♥

    Allie McDAllie McD6 órája
  • The fact that she’s not wearing that iconic mushroom bowl-cut for this video is homophobic.

    bryan martinezbryan martinez7 órája
  • Omfg my dad was just passing by and Trixie started moaning :D

    Edgar DíazEdgar Díaz7 órája
  • I need a Trixie Mattel fanny pack please lol

    Life of CorLife of Cor7 órája
  • i really hate to correct a queen..(and plz don't kill me)..but weather girl is basically the matel dream mobile shade....just saying as a barbie/hot wheels fan...who also owns that toy*

    NSFWprincess*NSFWprincess*8 órája
  • Lol. I do night club looks at my day job. Rock what you like.

    Ruyi BlossomRuyi Blossom8 órája
  • Trixie Mattel is the most gorgeous mythical creature on the planet. Change my mind.

    Viet NguyenViet Nguyen8 órája
  • Finally, an eye shadow pallet towear in a God-honoring way

    Maggie HollandMaggie Holland8 órája
  • trixie why i just bought a blue eyeshadow palette this month how dare u make me buy another one..

    unlucky catunlucky cat8 órája
  • this looks SOO good. but not sure i can afford the limbs it would cost me for postage to the uk

    hollie1911hollie19119 órája
  • It’s so hard to watch your videos without headphones.

    Bass Boom I’m ReadyBass Boom I’m Ready9 órája
  • You have beautiful wrists

    Bridgette JBridgette J9 órája
  • That wisconsin accent came out real hard on that "about" there girl 😂 we love to see it

    genericusername364genericusername3649 órája
  • Blue eyeshadow just makes me think of my high school Spanish teacher. She was at least 70, wore blue eyeshadow and red lipstick every day (but her lips were wrinkly and she didn’t put lipstick in the cracks)... she was so southern ‘verbos’ sounded like ‘bear-bos.’ This palette cute as hell tho.

    Emma WheelerEmma Wheeler9 órája
  • What unglued wig? No idea what you are talking about.

    HelenHelen9 órája
  • ATTENTION TRACY! I was talking to my sister and we feel that you should serve us at least one Rocky Horror lewk to honor your roots. C'mon. Thank you

    stephtaurstephtaur10 órája
  • Trixie releasing a beautiful blue palette, the day before my birthday, when I am looking for a good blue palette, WHILE IM BROKE? The universe just decided to be completely rude to me 😤 brb gonna find a sugar daddy to get it for me I stg

    Cute Dark ArtsCute Dark Arts10 órája
  • I was already obsessed with blue eye looks, but know?!?! I'm committing to my obsession.

    Luana JaimeLuana Jaime10 órája
  • Oh b***h I’m getting this.. 💙

    Sarah WilsonSarah Wilson10 órája
  • I know it's nothing big but notice show Trixie says "we" when she talked about creating makeup and not "I" like Jeffree star. I'm just saying, trixie is REAL

    heeydani16heeydani1610 órája
  • My mom caught me wearing her blue eye shadow when I was little and she made me stand in the corner and pray.

    horntortillashorntortillas10 órája
  • I love the amount of efford you put in these videos. You make me really happy thank you ♥

    Adrián AcostaAdrián Acosta11 órája
  • I love that Trixie acts like she didn’t create every single color in this palette. Bitch this is your company! 😂

    Tianna EdenfieldTianna Edenfield11 órája
  • I've got to say what no one else will... Trixie's "Goodbye" got SO much betteeeeeeer!

    zakary-georges gagnézakary-georges gagné11 órája
  • I wanna look like someone's cool dad.

    Rachel BackRachel Back11 órája
  • OH. I REQUIRE THIS. I’ve been looking for a pretty blue eyeshadow palette.

    GandellionGandellion11 órája
    • I’ll see you Friday.

      GandellionGandellion11 órája
  • Congrats, Trixie!🥳

    Louise BarrowmanLouise Barrowman11 órája
  • Yess we love a business woman

    Luiza GomesLuiza Gomes12 órája
  • every time she mentions people who wear blue eyeshadow everyday i feel a little attacked but also a little special

    ThorneThorne12 órája
  • You look like Gottmik's mom in this video and I love it

    Jordan JonesJordan Jones12 órája
  • you look so fuckin gooooooooooooooood

    Sophie likesramenSophie likesramen12 órája
  • I hate that i feel like I will die if i miss out on this palette.

    beth baldwinbeth baldwin12 órája
  • I just literally saw a middle aged woman in somewhat rural Michigan serving FULL daytime realness at the grocery store taking her beer bottles back. I was SHOOK BITCH

    SassattackSassattack13 órája
  • Is it weird that the greys are what sold me? I just love grey so goddamn much.

    Kilian RayleighKilian Rayleigh14 órája
  • i think we are wrist twins

    Amanda CurcicAmanda Curcic14 órája
  • I need it. I have to have this. I have never ordered a palette online but I NEED THIS ONE 😭💙

    Sarah Jane Benzo WarriorSarah Jane Benzo Warrior15 órája
  • Televangelista Unhhhh realness

    Grant CaspersonGrant Casperson15 órája
  • it is SO HARD to find full coverage white and blue shadow. Other companies are so scared to go in on some BLUE BLUE shadow. I just want an irresponsible amount of blue pigment on my eyes, I want peacocks to become confused and try to mate with me. Thank you thank you thank you

    Madalene SmithMadalene Smith15 órája
  • miss tracy, you understand what makes a good palette in one colour, please, make a green one for your witchy wlw fanbase, we are starved

    Sofka450Sofka45015 órája
  • I am from the U.K and I had a pretty in pink Barbie when I was younger in the 80s, was this out in the U.S. love your channel

    Viv BurtonViv Burton15 órája
  • her hands are so perfect. The skin, the fingers, the nails. I am obsessed.

    Hayk HovhannisyanHayk Hovhannisyan15 órája
  • THANK YOU for saying it’s OK to wear blue feels like magic.

    Sherry DietzSherry Dietz15 órája
  • I hope the palette takes off like that wig line

    NathanNathan15 órája
  • I love blue eye shadow, but refused to buy a jefferee star pallet, hands down you have my money

    RandomecornerRandomecorner15 órája
  • The model needs to stop turning to the side because when they do they disappear and I can't see the product.

    Cassandra BeckmanCassandra Beckman16 órája
  • Gurl, that P A C K A G I N G !!!

    Vagrant ASMRVagrant ASMR16 órája
  • This video is for the people asking why they have marketing challenges on drag race... this entire video felt like a drag race challenge.. in the best way possible :)

    Logan CuumsookerLogan Cuumsooker16 órája
  • How to make blue eyeshadow look good with blue eyes in god honorable way? 😫

    Kaja Rehmus VlogKaja Rehmus Vlog16 órája
  • God bless you for making tiny palettes. Ion want 30 shades that I’ll never use. I want a red version. I want nudes. I want greeeennnn. The only company that does great little palettes is Huda beauty and I’m not trying to support that bad woman. God bless you, Tracy.

    Kass YoungKass Young16 órája
  • Yaaaassss 🙌 i said the other day if a palette has a matte black, it should have a smudgey grey as well, and so many other palettes don't do this

    Rachel RobinsonRachel Robinson16 órája
  • very happy trixie mentioned the wig bc it was all I could stare at

    Christina RosarioChristina Rosario16 órája
  • are they black girl friendly? you know not chalky and show up

    Destined2loveDestined2love16 órája
  • Please please tell me where you bought your nails!!!!!

    mel72083mel7208316 órája
  • Trixie: "You can put this in your pocket." Me: ~laughs in women's jeans~

    Talia NemethTalia Nemeth17 órája
  • Are the people that unlike these videos okay?

    Carla GermishuysCarla Germishuys17 órája
  • I need this palette in my life!

    Marlo TaylorMarlo Taylor17 órája
  • That white color is servingg finally a high pigment whiittee

    Almila CinarAlmila Cinar17 órája
  • wish there was a matte white in the palette instead of two white shimmers ):

    Maddie BatesMaddie Bates17 órája
  • GET ME THAT HAT!! instant love

    jaynob_neptjaynob_nept17 órája
  • i wish instead of saying "imagine this with this" she actually just put up an image of her wearing that specific eyeshadow look

    MelanieMelanie17 órája
  • its giving Blue Blood on a budget

    MelanieMelanie17 órája
  • (even an olivia lux purse)

    MelanieMelanie17 órája
  • not the jerkmate commercial soundtrack 😭😭😭 3:45

    MelanieMelanie17 órája

    Valerie DValerie D17 órája
  • Channel Surfer is my fave

    Valerie DValerie D17 órája
  • I love that the swatches keep disappearing because she was talking about how much she loves the palette so much they had to use multiple clips. 😂❤️

    KelseyKelsey18 órája
  • I haven't been this excited (or excited, really) over a make up release in almost 2 years. This entire release is so creative, fun, beautiful, and so we'll put together 🤧😭😭💙💙💙💎💎💎

    Just AdjustorJust Adjustor18 órája
  • Now that I know you’re from Wisco, I can’t I hear it. I love you so much.

    Courtney GiffordCourtney Gifford18 órája

    Lorie PhilbinLorie Philbin19 órája
    • Feb.24

      Lorie PhilbinLorie Philbin19 órája
  • working mammaaaa, anyone else from latin american, my poor ass will kill for all this stuff, but my latino ass says imposible

    Gabriela CastellanoGabriela Castellano19 órája
  • Could you do a daytime look on someone with this pallet?

    Sunny RiveroSunny Rivero19 órája
  • Why TH did I think after "Im Trixie Matel" she was going to say "and Im here to make it clear."

    M&MM&M19 órája

    Jamie GJamie G19 órája
  • anyone else very clearly seeing PURPLE in the Daily Double swatch?!

    Brittany ShetterBrittany Shetter20 órája
  • Yes👏

    Monya MeyerMonya Meyer20 órája
  • I thought that if Trixie made a eye palette it would be all Shades Of pink

    Chad the rad dude and Doug the thug showChad the rad dude and Doug the thug show20 órája
  • HELL YES! I've been looking all over for a matte-blue palette, genuinely

    Useless ReptileUseless Reptile20 órája