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Welcome to a Minecraft Let's Play. Today we're playing a custom map called 15 Ways To Enter That Base 2.
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  • sb's sound has changed over the time

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  • u can make tnt explode in water by putting sand on top

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  • i didnt like untilhe got his legs back >:)

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  • i love MINECRAFT!!!!!!

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  • who has watched it 3 years ago comment here :)

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  • Sb: the only way I can get my legs back is if you like the video Me who didn’t like the video *> : D*

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  • Cklikbate

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  • The beginning was very cheap

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  • 3 years later

  • Elytras: *v i b e c h e c k*

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  • lol i actually left a like

  • Don’t mind me just taking a trip down memory lane you were one of my favourite Minecraft you tubers back in the day keep up the good work

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    • Same

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    • Haha lol

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  • Maybe the people who disliked the video its maybe because the did not expect charlie to be a zombie pigman

  • you can use your pick to break the doors

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  • You have annoyed me in so many levels with auto jump

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  • Your looking handsome?

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  • 18:30 he could have dived down the island and then use his rockets to fly up the volcano

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  • I didnt like its click bait...

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  • I remember when this vid came out

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  • I know how he did it by spectator mode

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  • Love your vids

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  • I am called charlie.

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  • hi sb737

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  • U call that secret? Bruh

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  • The bones are for no.

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  • I should make in my Minecraft server

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  • “Oh deary deary me. It looks like the volcano is erupting.”

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    • Lol

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  • What about no I'm a big dog person come on Like your videos

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  • See you later OK bye

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  • If you give me tnt your world is a goner

    •Star•Playz••Star•Playz•4 hónapja
  • The one tnt on the back wasn’t enough you need at least 2 to propel the tnt in the front

    Sophia HuangSophia Huang4 hónapja
  • 8:06 Here you are supposed to summon ghast and take him to overworld with fishing rods, a explode charlie house with ghast fireballs.

    MezzoMix 012MezzoMix 0124 hónapja
  • So he's your worst enemy because he stole your precious dirt.

    Lucas ZLucas Z5 hónapja
    • XD

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    • lol

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  • Do minecraft but you can only place 20 blocks.(Defeat the ender dragon and the wither).

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  • This was my first sb737 video in 2016 or 2017

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  • I'm I'm a big fan of you SB737

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  • I can wait till the next SB737 episode 507 comes out

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  • My name is Charlie I’m on my dads account

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    Eli FortEli Fort5 hónapja

    Eli FortEli Fort5 hónapja
  • There is a mysterious glitch

    GGG502 Yes Neutronex No AUTTPGGG502 Yes Neutronex No AUTTP5 hónapja
  • I died when he said lightning rod because it’s a storm here XD

    Saoirse the WolfSaoirse the Wolf6 hónapja
    • Literally

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  • you cheet

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  • Nice mate awesome

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  • Hello there NO🤣

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  • 1:39 he took his DIRT lolololololololololololol lolololololololololololol lolololololololololololol

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  • sb: makes TNT cannon Me: uses lever on the door

    silas morrisonsilas morrison7 hónapja
    • Scroll down and you will find the original comment

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    • Everybody put Sb in the top of the levels😀👍👍👍

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    • Keep up your minecraft in your view

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    • Well well you're stupid not stupid yeah more like the mind of you is small bro lol put lols in the comments for sb ok

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    • Sb you should play with a another HUworld or

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  • Hi Sb Watching You From Phillipines:D

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  • SB I know you are kidding but I liked the video soo much

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  • Is your worst enemy eima jolum

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  • sb just change your skin first

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  • is it me or do you have a uni brow

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  • yes

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  • 20:28 dinnerbone is on fire

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  • who else thinks the horse is where he got dinnerbone the dog`s name from

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  • It is survival Minecraft

    David LattimerDavid Lattimer9 hónapja
  • I saw a logdotzip vid about this

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  • I watched the HUworldr LogDotZip play this exact map

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  • Poor no the dog well puppy

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    • Okkkkkkk dude

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  • Poor No

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  • Wow!You are so good at this i couldn't even do this in my Minecraft server!

    JiB le BOOAAJiB le BOOAA11 hónapja
    • Really? Then sb737 is the best at, well, basically everything?

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  • Hi

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  • Me:You have leaver just use the lever on the door! 10:12

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  • I will eat your dog if you hit the hugging guy one more time

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  • I Love your videos sb

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    • Same

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  • SB737: Guys we have bad news. Me: That you shaved?

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    • Daniel helsel you're funny

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  • Me wen I see level 10 u :u have a pick axe

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  • Wow minecraft are good

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  • OMG

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  • SB your so amazing could you mention me in a video 😁😁

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  • When he tamed the puppy to sacrifice him the achievement said best friend forever 😪😪😪

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    • Me two

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    • mr negative I agree

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  • I love your 50 ways to die

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  • Did anyone else think that this video was gonna be sb breaking in Eima Jolum's base?

    • Yah

      LionNinjaPlaysLionNinjaPlays2 napja
    • No man idk

      psalm hadassah dizon Dizonpsalm hadassah dizon DizonHónapja
    • Me

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    • Totally

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    • Yeah

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  • *grows new legs*

    Tiler and Mari ExploreTiler and Mari ExploreÉvvel

    Tiler and Mari ExploreTiler and Mari ExploreÉvvel
    • hier i dum

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    • no i had him

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