Brazil 1-7 Germany | Extended Highlights | 2014 FIFA World Cup

2020.jún. 5.
3 499 052 Megtekintés

Watch extended highlights of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ semi-final between Brazil and Germany.
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  • I've heard 7up is still banned in Brazil

    Akshay PurohitAkshay Purohit5 órája
  • intro song?

    SirTibzySirTibzy5 órája
  • 😆

    Artur WagnerArtur Wagner10 órája
  • You're here after Barcelona and Bayer.

    LuiskeletonLuiskeleton11 órája
  • And in 2020 Spain 6-0 Germany

    Retroman007Retroman00712 órája
  • FIFA, seriously?

    hitlerhitler12 órája
  • Nice on

    Julia WolfJulia Wolf13 órája
  • Aas a brazil hater, I fcking love this

    DovahkiinDovahkiin14 órája
  • 2014 : The german incident

    OTSOTS18 órája
  • I miss this match

    Mulai LamMulai Lam19 órája
  • The Germans must have definitely had a hard look at this match later on to find out what they did so spectacularly right. And the Brazilians...

    Rex TRex T22 órája
  • How many goals are u gonna score Germany: Yes

    Drama LlamaDrama Llama23 órája
  • Brazilians after the four gol: Please stop!! Germans after the four gol: Please stop!!

  • 6:50 lol

    Straight LineStraight LineNapja
  • 5:28 - The little boy is crying his eyes out!!

  • Hach keine Ahnung.. Ich werde es meinen Kindern zeigen und wenn meine Kinder auch Kinder bekommen, werde ich es meinen Enkelkindern zeigen *Herz-Smiley*

  • The second half was mercy from the Germans.

    M SmithyM SmithyNapja
  • goleada histórica, muy mala defensa de Brasil

    Marco PorrasMarco PorrasNapja
  • Still funny in 2021😂😂😂

    Lamka 91Lamka 91Napja
  • Die Mannschaft beat Samba 7-1 👏👍😎

    Rafi AbdullahRafi AbdullahNapja
  • Germany was playing at beginner difficulty, that’s unfair: ☠️

    Muhammad UmarMuhammad UmarNapja
  • 8:20 muller is just having fun 😂

    Purple KushPurple KushNapja
  • This is why, one should not go to bathroom while match is on. It's real !!!

    rajesh patrorajesh patroNapja
  • Since that day, it's called BRA7IL

    TC mekanikTC mekanikNapja
  • The most brilliant game ever... Totally annihilated.... And the goalkeeper was well gutted to let one beat him.... It should have finished 8-nil... Germany always come GREAT when it matters ⚽🏆😊

    Rav SinghRav SinghNapja
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    дима дмитриевдима дмитриевNapja
  • The Brazilian goalkeeping was poor.

    Ketan SinghKetan SinghNapja
  • Extraordinary Fantastic & Mind-blowing Game Never Saw Before

    Krishanu DasKrishanu Das2 napja
  • I went to the toilet and the match was 1-0. When i came back it was 5-0. Me: Ηοw long was i in the toilet? :o

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    Diego MDiego M2 napja
  • Watching this after Spain 6- 0 Gremany

    Ishak UddinIshak Uddin2 napja
  • As an argentine, this one is tough to watch. Celebrating our biggest rivals lose is always fun except for this one... I really wish they had just lost 3-0 and call it a day... 7-1 at home is painful and I feel for those poor fans lol but Germany was a machine! Unbelievable that they had to beat us in extra time in the final hahaha

    Nico SayavedraNico Sayavedra2 napja
  • i think every brazilian player considered retirement after this i mean conceding 7 goals infront of the whole nation is wild😭😭😭

    Ahmad SadekAhmad Sadek2 napja
  • Wkkkkkkkkkkk

    Apem Mambu_ChanelApem Mambu_Chanel2 napja
  • I have a bad and crazy feeling that in Qatar some national team will do something crazy once again In a finals match

    Scalie BoyScalie Boy2 napja
  • Virou passeio!!!!!!

    Dr. Titora PrimeDr. Titora Prime2 napja
  • How many days are there in 1 week? 7 days

    Anugerah Prima RandaAnugerah Prima Randa2 napja
  • Question: Did Brasil supported Germany vs Argentina in the final?

    Jörg MehringJörg Mehring2 napja
    • It's obvious. GERMANY.

      Dr. Titora PrimeDr. Titora Prime2 napja
  • I seem to remember Germany beating Saudi Arabia 8-0 at the 2002 World Cup and the pundits questioning if a team that could be beaten so badly should even be at the tournament.

    Calum SteeleCalum Steele2 napja
  • My favorite part is the Brazilian crying dwl OZIL IS MY SON'S NAME...

    Lynkz jamaicaLynkz jamaica2 napja
  • This was delight to watch! :D Latinos football players are so arrogant! This was a nice lesson! Same as Argentina got from Croatia in 2018! 🤣

    DenisPKDenisPK2 napja
  • Damals war das deutsche Team wirklich noch deutsch. Hat sich viel verändert.

    Baddas UnicornBaddas Unicorn2 napja
  • 5:53 cringe af

    BigSadDilanBigSadDilan2 napja
  • Ez game yo

    BigSadDilanBigSadDilan2 napja
  • A Brazilian fans nightmare.

    John McJohn Mc2 napja
  • Klose ❣🔥

    one punchone punch2 napja
  • Totally embarrassed for Brazil team. The same humiliation happened to great germany against tiny Korea+ Mexico.@ world cup russian.

    blue oceanblue ocean2 napja
  • I remember being at work in a training session and someone saying “Germany is up 4 - nil” and me being surprised that it was already the second half...and being double surprised it hadn’t even been 30 minutes.

    TarikTarik2 napja
  • 2021- 7 years up.

    Kapil KKapil K2 napja
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    Next GenNext Gen2 napja
  • My family is Colombian and it made us so happy to watch Brazil get bodied like this.

    Americanpride555Americanpride5552 napja
  • Cómo te van a ganar 7-1 en tu casa bsnsjsnsnsjdjd

    aa2 napja
  • Brazilian looked like Chutiye in this game

    MSQ SNMSQ SN2 napja
  • I'm going to watch Spain vs Germany 6-0

    USPhiteUSPhite2 napja
  • 3:53 is a feel bad for that man holding the trophy

    killermasked 1killermasked 12 napja
  • My step mom yelled in my face saying "BRAZIL SUCKS" and made me cry during the 2014 FIFA World Cup when I was 12. My step mom was rooting for Germany and I was rooting for Brazil, because I'm from Brazil.

    ghost aughost au2 napja
  • Its a tradition now to come here once in a while............

    Moses NathanaelMoses Nathanael2 napja
  • Fair play to those Brazilian fans who jumped up and celebrated when they scored

    High StakesHigh Stakes2 napja
  • 4:10 LOL the 4 german's in the crowd rubbing it in their face's xD

    warbreakrwarbreakr2 napja
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    Usary DiepUsary Diep3 napja
  • And now even a team like Masidonia can beat Germany so badly

    Sunír YeågerSunír Yeåger3 napja
  • Expectation Brazil vs Germany Actual San Marino vs Germany

    Noval AkhmalNoval Akhmal3 napja
  • Ozil: "Who wants to score next? Who wants to score next?" Khedira: "Me! Me! Me! I didn't score. Please pass the ball." Ozil: "Don't worry, here you go."

    Sumukh SamakSumukh Samak3 napja
  • my fav game of football

    Shashwat TripathiShashwat Tripathi3 napja
  • I am a morrocan born and live in holland but menn that day i was screaming my longs out when germany keeps scoring

    Ilias IliasIlias Ilias3 napja
  • Better no celebrating with 3 goal more

    I FALI FAL3 napja
  • I miss the world cup so I come here to relive it all again. It’s a lifestyle to come watch it now

    dopeswagg11fuldopeswagg11ful3 napja
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    Mr MossMr Moss3 napja
  • Marcelo tried to replace neymar and it didn’t end well.

    VenusVenus3 napja
  • Ha ha 😂😂 Brazil

    Anshari AndiAnshari Andi3 napja
  • Germany 🇩🇪 ❤️

    Shaho BarznjiShaho Barznji3 napja
  • Everybody feeling sorry for Brazilians but when i see 11:06 i get the cold feet for the german dudes circled like prey

    Can DenizCan Deniz3 napja
  • I remember this like it was yesterday

    BunnyCentauriBunnyCentauri3 napja
  • This video is obscene. Delete it !

    DA_AAADA_AAA3 napja
  • Least celebrated FIFA Football Semifinal victory.

    Kapil KKapil K3 napja
  • And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27 KJV) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV]) If you refuse to humble yourself before Jesus Christ and call upon his name and ask him to save you with contrition, you will be cast into the lake of fire with no rest, day or night.

    Robby MorningRobby Morning3 napja
  • Thomas Muller said how ''Brazil's defense was just scattered like bowling pins'' and they ''never meant to humiliate Brazil''

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson3 napja
  • The fourth goal from Germany starting at 5:08 is the most ridiculous one. The performance from that Brazilian player were literally national shame.

    王兆成王兆成3 napja
  • commentators are brutal 6:50

    FBI AgentFBI Agent3 napja
  • Humilhação pra história se lembrar daqui 50 anos

    Motoqueiro CometaMotoqueiro Cometa3 napja
  • Everytime I see this: Oh dear!

    Ayush ApoorvaAyush Apoorva3 napja
  • over confidence team make disaster for themself

    regy umbararegy umbara3 napja
  • If we see in detail, luiz gustavo and fernandinho was involve in a lot of goals from germany.

    Douglas CastroDouglas Castro3 napja
  • should be more than 7

    regy umbararegy umbara3 napja
  • David Luiz and Fernandinho destroyed Brazil... Headless Chickens!

    Suman PaulSuman Paul3 napja
  • 5th german goal was offside... with the VAR the result had been differente: maybe 1-6 or always 1-7 with germans not giving up scoring more goals

    claroseduardoclaroseduardo3 napja
  • on every 2-3 months coming to see her again 04:24; she is an angel

    petar petrovicpetar petrovic3 napja
  • If only hummels didn’t ask them to take it slow

    galaruler68galaruler683 napja
  • Legendary

    Robert MarstonRobert Marston3 napja
  • On the first goal 8 brazilians in defense for 4 germans when the ball arrive in the center two germans on the 4 are alone without any brazilian around amazing on this level on the third goal 3 germans five defender when the ball arrive the 3 germans are able to shoot and put the goal.

    jeanjean4 napja
  • German team all time favourite in football since 1998...

    rajesh swamirajesh swami4 napja
  • Love vrazil 💔 From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    Sterling De HimelSterling De Himel4 napja
  • No problem only Brazilian people best of ball

    ismaaciil Empireismaaciil Empire4 napja
  • Some people say that brazillian kid still crying until now.....

    Malaikat MautMalaikat Maut4 napja
  • great game!!

    Create LogicCreate Logic4 napja
  • Andre Schurle's 2nd goal was lit

    Agyar HardjasudjanaAgyar Hardjasudjana4 napja
  • മറക്കാൻ പറ്റോ 😐

    vineeth kakkattilvineeth kakkattil4 napja
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    Legit PaircaptchaLegit Paircaptcha4 napja
  • Brasil sendo representado hahahahahahaha

    Kayke AlvesKayke Alves4 napja
  • I wonder when Lewis Hamilton's day will come.

    azamiruddinazamiruddin4 napja