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Boris teaches Boris the basics of HTML, the building blocks of the Internet. The wild west of the modern world. So to stay safe, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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    • Need MOAR programing with boris.

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    • Sooo happy for you add brother! Stack those fucking ruples

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    • Ah finally, the Slav King is finally sponsored!!

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    • Wow I can’t believe u live in Eastern Europe

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  • Part 2

    Ihsan TopcuIhsan Topcu13 órája
  • Comerade explains on how to program the gopnik coding for super slav scientists.

  • "IE 7, if youre crasy" ehehe

    twrkhanasparukhtwrkhanasparukh3 napja
  • Boriz iz a Real Software Engileer

    akifakif5 napja
  • is this the same guy who cut a cake with an axe

    om gawandeom gawande5 napja
  • c++ is a lot easier

    HaskellRHaskellR5 napja
  • I have learned more in 10 minutes than in five years of computer science college

    akrom2010akrom20105 napja
  • I want to go to this school

    FR-Serbian Comrade69FR-Serbian Comrade696 napja
  • I've 25 year experience of web development, still watched the complete video. Didn't even skipped a bit.

    Magnus KramnikMagnus Kramnik6 napja
  • Be Careful, you can hack NASA with that

    Sout East Asia SportSout East Asia Sport7 napja
  • Thanks for the VPN, now I can watch PP vids peacefully (cz they are all banned in my country)

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  • How about DJ boris?

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  • boris can you teach how to edit html on websites (like u change it and if u reload then its the same and it stays forever) because if u teach it then i can do good things with the site (and funny things)

    pitu tiszapitu tisza9 napja
  • Leo tolstoy

    Satabdi ChakrabortySatabdi Chakraborty9 napja
  • The student just sounds literally like a baby

    BigBoiMcGeeBigBoiMcGee9 napja
  • Best HTML first tutorial ever. And I've been a web developer for 5+ years, plus I've taken computer science university courses.

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  • Pls do some more programming videos

    Asddsa AsdfgAsddsa Asdfg12 napja
  • now i want to learn java with you

    mohamed elsayedmohamed elsayed13 napja
  • How can you talk about text editors without mentioning GNU Emacs, and Vim?

    HrHaakonHrHaakon13 napja
  • Wouldn't it be cool if Boris made this a real series of tutorials? Like that video helped me not be completely behind in my IT class just before attendance classes started again 😅 I know those are just the basics that Boris showed but hey! It helped!

    sarah thummsarah thumm13 napja
  • Make a html series

    Rofik IpsumRofik Ipsum14 napja
  • i love your lessons bro

  • With Boris, anything is better!

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  • How does he manage to make the clearest ever html tutorial while being a funny video I'm done he's the best youtuber ever

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  • Boris : **Explaining in english** My Brain : Oh this language is russian

    Dio NugrohoDio Nugroho16 napja

    Miloš ĐošićMiloš Đošić16 napja
  • Considering how laid back and fun this was, and that it was accurate and concise......Boris could make oligarch money with full programming tutorials.

    Paladin LostPaladin Lost17 napja
  • I really want a part 2 for this...

    K1NGK1NG17 napja
  • instructions unclear I made google 2.o instead......

    SamTheSam1002SamTheSam100217 napja
  • Of course Boris didn't mention western spy program Microsoft Visual Studio Code

    rcankarcanka17 napja
  • Boris I give you the most important piece of advice Remove the 'The' Just SlavBook *crowd bursts into applause*

    Siddharth BhatiaSiddharth Bhatia18 napja
  • I did it once before with my slav friend but we realised that HTML is not a programming its a markup language but still cool haha I love the life of boris!!

    Uno YoonUno Yoon18 napja
  • 10:03 The quotation marks are optional, but you should still ALWAYS use them. It makes your HTML much easier to read and understand and helps you avoid some bugs.

    Jonah Lawrence • Dev Pro TipsJonah Lawrence • Dev Pro Tips18 napja
  • 4:07 correction: Not all tags need to be closed, but all tags with closing tags need to be closed (includes most tags). Some tags are self closing such as , , , , . With these tags you CANNOT have closing tags.

    Jonah Lawrence • Dev Pro TipsJonah Lawrence • Dev Pro Tips18 napja
  • VS Code is a much better choice these days than Atom. It's faster, more lightweight, and very easy to customize with extensions to save time (ex. with live server, tabnine predictive text, and more). Also Atom lost support when GitHub was acquired by Microsoft.

    Jonah Lawrence • Dev Pro TipsJonah Lawrence • Dev Pro Tips18 napja
  • UTF-8? You from Germany

    Cumbolt RushCumbolt Rush19 napja
  • Lol in Serbia we dont need VPN , you can do whatever the fuck you want on internet 😎

    Milan JovanovicMilan Jovanovic19 napja
  • want more coding please. hoping for more uploads in the new channel slavtek.

    The Crimson ConverseThe Crimson Converse20 napja
  • link to download for html program??

    PotentixPotentix20 napja
  • If you did a Masterclass of programming, I'd watch

    Vanessa Trotter-WilsonVanessa Trotter-Wilson21 napja
  • use wix.

    Васил ХристовВасил Христов22 napja
  • C:/brickhouse/mybrickhouse.html Chrome:TAKE IT DOWN VADIM CHROME:TAKE IT DOWN VADIM BLYAT

    Republic of TurkeyRepublic of Turkey23 napja
  • Legend is, Boris is still working on The Slavbook to this day

    Emperor of LightEmperor of Light23 napja
  • but I have Sublime for free? does it mean I didn't read a license and I will lose it eventually?

    Santiago MoralesSantiago Morales23 napja
  • I made this file:///C:/Users/abcle/Desktop/coding.html/coding.html

    Hyperranger XHyperranger X23 napja
  • This is the first time in a really long time that I've commented on a youtube video but I have to say as a CE student this is the best HTML guide I've seen (your C# video is amazing too), Boris keep up the programming videos you're a fantastic teacher blin!

    LanaLana24 napja
  • I learned more from Boris just now than all of my CS classes..

    Anna StuffAnna Stuff25 napja
  • no likes on my comment wow

    ADOBLOADOBLO25 napja
  • this guy cracks me up... "internet explorer 7 if you are crazy!!!" just too good.

    Arpan ChatterjeeArpan Chatterjee25 napja
  • Love ur videos

    Aish MaelAish Mael26 napja
  • This is exactly what happens when your teacher pairs you up with the other Gopnik in the class for a school project

    FareShadowsFareShadows26 napja

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  • Im a full stack developper and U MAKE ME laught when time is hard

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  • Шаг

    Shark puppets Second cousinShark puppets Second cousin28 napja

    ben smithben smith28 napja
  • 0:57 that is by far the most dissapointed tone that I've heard from Boris

    Constantine Petra Dewananda HaryantoConstantine Petra Dewananda Haryanto29 napja
  • You can use Notepad++ dark mode by going to style configuratior

  • is that vadim

  • This was really good.

  • I'm a web programmer this is very accurate. just one more thing: when you are a real developer, you almost never use html documents

    VinnT- -TnniVVinnT- -TnniVHónapja
  • You took me back to my childhood and the beginnings of my internet abuse career - thank you, Boris! :)

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis AlbaHónapja
  • but boris, how do you put the html into domain???

  • are you from belgium

    Letfan StövelLetfan StövelHónapja
    • wait fuck i never realized you had vpn

      Letfan StövelLetfan StövelHónapja
  • i learned more about coding in this video than any written book could ever teach me

  • boris: da internet is made of blocks Me: *how did they make it out of legoz tho?*

  • Я не знаю почему, но это напоминает мне чилийского ютубер-дилантеро

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  • I already know HTML, I'm just here for Boris

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  • I'm not using nordvpn because they had the perfect opportunity to make ths percentage 1% higher to make the number 69..

  • I understood html better in these 10min than I did in school. Can we have more lessons, please?

    Attila DécseiAttila DécseiHónapja
  • he mentioned Unity which is a lightweight Video game coding program

    Anarchic BlinAnarchic BlinHónapja
  • 6:50 BORIS SERB STRONK!!1!

    Marko KučevićMarko KučevićHónapja
  • USB = Universal Slavic Bus

  • I thought that was Anatoli lol

  • Do Unity C# Game Programming tutorial next! WE NEED THE NEW BRACKEYS

    Rezakoplak !Rezakoplak !Hónapja
  • .capitalists { width: 0; height: 0; overflow: hidden; opacity: 0; display: none; }

  • HTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

    Kiril 1910KikKiril 1910KikHónapja
  • Hyper Text Markup Language

    Kiril 1910KikKiril 1910KikHónapja
  • Programming with Boris: C++?

    D3D Retr0D3D Retr0Hónapja
  • I used the Boris to teach the Boris

  • I had to pause the video just to laugh lol

    Afifa AlifiaAfifa AlifiaHónapja
  • Oh my god, he actually did make the brick cooking video...

  • oy blin, i learnt more from Boris than i learnt in school blyaat..

    Travis MartinTravis MartinHónapja
  • Boris make more of html blin

    Zaid AlhusseiniZaid AlhusseiniHónapja
  • Therapist: Chipmunk Boris isn’t real, he cannot hurt you Chipmunk Boris: 2:37

  • I need moaaaar

    Nh BlqsNh BlqsHónapja
  • What about visual studio code is free and more powerful than atom

    shikhar vermashikhar vermaHónapja
  • I feel like Boris and is the Codrin Bradea of russian-speaking Eastern Europe

    Casian UngurCasian UngurHónapja
  • the student in the opening skit sounds like gru

  • Boris you are a HERO!

    Akshay KumarAkshay KumarHónapja
  • What are you talking about Boris? Everybody knows HTML means Hatmail.

    Paps The Skelly BoiPaps The Skelly BoiHónapja
  • -ponimau-

    The NailThe NailHónapja
  • Boris, vscode?

    Jay MateJay MateHónapja
  • 🎩📮

    Б бБ бHónapja
  • Do a css tutorial

    Hybrid BildHybrid BildHónapja
  • Boris you would be a great teacher

    The weissling mobileThe weissling mobileHónapja
  • 6:37 boris lives in belgium

  • **Cooking with lada**

    Thorin OakenshieldThorin OakenshieldHónapja
  • I am actually learning from this for my Web Design Class

  • Hey Boris, next time can you teach C++ or C#?

    Supreme AlbanianSupreme AlbanianHónapja