Boris goes London - Country review

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Boris goes London. There is Vidcon London 2019 taking place. Met with "Music by Blanks", Tomska and others.
uamee - BEAT FOR BEAT 2019
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  • I refuse watching this video idk why. Like i havent watched this video in almost a year

    Ljiljana TrkuljaLjiljana Trkulja10 órája
  • japierdole dis na minaturce XD

    Kro bKro bNapja
  • I’m a bit sad no one asked him to sign a bottle of mayonnaise

    Kellen O'SullivanKellen O'Sullivan2 napja
  • 100 :')

    Joni TuominenJoni Tuominen2 napja

  • 0:23 polish course blayt

    Toxic NetflixToxic Netflix2 napja
  • Lol

    bannedfahim gaming bloggerbannedfahim gaming blogger3 napja
  • "I always look right" I am wearing a pure Slav :)

    The DudeThe Dude3 napja
  • Yo Boris why did you take a woodoo doll of yourself?

    IronFighterSK YTIronFighterSK YT3 napja
  • Че ты творишь. ахахахах лучший канал

    -Yukari--Yukari-3 napja
  • Hey boris... in the uk it's the tube not the metro

    Tankman045Tankman0454 napja
  • I just realized he zoomed into LDshadowlady a Minecraft youtuber lmao

    TheRandomGamerTheRandomGamer4 napja
  • Mercedes- we need a new name for our new car launch Boris- Mercedes blinz ??

    MARK V gamingMARK V gaming5 napja
  • They all white people. Where are the blacks? They should give a chance blacks and muslims.

    Yorumcu TurkYorumcu Turk5 napja
  • Wait is that Tom?!

    Nathen BusbridgeNathen Busbridge6 napja
  • No vid con this year corona

    Arshdeep SinghArshdeep Singh6 napja

    Nicholas RusanoffNicholas Rusanoff7 napja
  • "some people do phone review bu this guy does a country reiview"

    amal ibrahimamal ibrahim7 napja
  • Kurawva mac is polish not Russian

    EliteElite7 napja
  • do you like AK 47

    andrew Andrewandrew Andrew8 napja
  • why quiet THEN YELLLL! it all vodka... sometimes i think you are really US college student....then i think no. GIN??? not gin....

    Isabel OrtizIsabel Ortiz8 napja
  • Ey im from russia how do i buy ur ushanka i dont no if it will not sent to my cyka country

  • Chess next please. Slav defense.

    Smoky DonutsSmoky Donuts9 napja
  • I like ur accents... 😀😀

    Gunawan MigiGunawan Migi9 napja
  • This gopnik I would lend my phone to make a call

    Thumbs Up GuyThumbs Up Guy10 napja
  • imagine drifting with this

    diego brandodiego brando11 napja
  • Big Blin

    ShadynutShadynut12 napja
  • How the heck did get that much alcohol through security

    Matthew HanMatthew Han13 napja
  • He really from russia?

    SatoshiSatoshi13 napja

    Remilia ScarletRemilia Scarlet13 napja
  • видам блять 😂 I will do a edit if I got likes lol😂

    Ninja GamingNinja Gaming13 napja
  • Boris do a country review on America

    its John but you can call me snakeits John but you can call me snake14 napja
  • 4:10 Puma?! Pashol nahui!

    Miko KomunjaraMiko Komunjara15 napja
  • This the Boris there I know, pass me some vodka

    Felix YTFelix YT16 napja
  • United states of England

    artur texeiraartur texeira16 napja
  • 1:24 Germany is triggered

    Viper TheLegendViper TheLegend16 napja
  • Who here thinks Boris should give away some of his merch two people like us who are broke?

    Danny BurritoDanny Burrito17 napja
  • Big suc

    1大哈哈1大哈哈17 napja
  • How Karens wear masks: thumbnail

    CompletionOfComplex YoutubeCompletionOfComplex Youtube17 napja
  • Ha you were going through black wall tunnel

    BoLtZ_04BoLtZ_0418 napja
  • Next up: boris goes to mars Planet review

    The ArtistThe Artist18 napja
  • Me who Saw Boris before I heard of his channel: wait a minute I remember you

    Asriel DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr19 napja
  • yes boris show you're superiority among those western spies, squat like a slav

    Felix AlexanderFelix Alexander19 napja
  • No (*sniffles*”)we don’t drive wrong on the wrong side of the road (*starts weeping*”) all of you drive wrong

    TsardineTsardine19 napja
  • how to pack your suitcase like SLAV *absolute CYKA*

    Odette CantalejoOdette Cantalejo20 napja
  • Good Job

    Nitro ZeusNitro Zeus20 napja
  • oh look! social media victims :DDD

    hanFstonedhanFstoned22 napja
  • I wish my life was like Boris life

    Joshua DominguezJoshua Dominguez23 napja
  • Me: turns up my volume to hear him better. Random hardbass: AAAAAAAAAAA-

    comrade woofcomrade woof24 napja
  • "Leave a message in the comments if you want to see me again at Vidcon (in California.)" Me: Looks outside to see the country on fire, both figuratively and literally. "I don't see that happening."

    CThompson1082CThompson108225 napja
  • Where is ak?!

    hp hphp hp26 napja
  • Kurwa mać

    BebenBeben27 napja
  • 4:19 FINALLY! I have been waiting for boris to mention Dendy atleast once in his videos! the dendy is what introduced me to gaming.

    Skeletor KeldorSkeletor Keldor29 napja
  • thanks for the video blyat

    MagnetLoopMagnetLoop29 napja
  • Non alcoholic vodka xD

    Zi ZibolskiZi ZibolskiHónapja
  • oh my god, water is just non-alcoholic Vodka?

    Ko-wing wongKo-wing wongHónapja

    Weird NationWeird NationHónapja
  • Hardbass and vodka huh Boris.

    dark zerodark zeroHónapja
  • Britaim is nice i guest

  • 4:08 only comrades can see vladimir putin on the left

    RE meax StudiosRE meax StudiosHónapja
  • boris so stronk he drink marmite for breakfast

  • I wanna see you in California

  • Kurwa mać or cyka bleat

    Mateusz PolkowskiMateusz PolkowskiHónapja
  • I drive my Blin 2 I guess. Im lazy so I wont, blyat.

    NRG KrispyNRG KrispyHónapja
  • yes boris can you please go at the next vidcon pleaseeee

    Maria PsarraMaria PsarraHónapja
  • Most important: vodka

  • Epik vodka

  • Boris in usa is a war declaration

    Juan José BJuan José BHónapja
  • I can't believe that he forgot the mayonnaise...

  • i fill up my bag with vodka and always hope that the secruity deosnt see it xD

  • London seems weird California is horrible I guess it is better in London than California

    Tara TysktyskTara TysktyskHónapja
  • 0:10 TSA approved

    An anonymous authorAn anonymous authorHónapja
  • Oh yes. I too take several different bottle of vodka with me to visit country

    Russian BrowserRussian BrowserHónapja
  • 5:54 Чё за хуйня?

  • Lxaxaxaxaxax your floor is my gaming desk

  • 6:10

    Timothy AndriychukTimothy AndriychukHónapja
  • 5:50 who else is a super fan of theodd1sout?!

    Mr. A Person [The Colonel!]Mr. A Person [The Colonel!]Hónapja
  • "United States of England" Oh man he's tryna start a war.

    Soundwave SuperiorSoundwave SuperiorHónapja
  • Did he run into any roadmen

  • If you ever come to canada, would love to meet up, drink some vodka and eat poutine.

    Jman LPGuyJman LPGuyHónapja
  • 🙌

    Richard VelasquezRichard VelasquezHónapja
  • I love how London trains has those coverings in front. Wish America gad those coverings maybe then people would stop throwing themselves in front of the moving train ahhh

    Richard VelasquezRichard VelasquezHónapja
  • Check out the u.s. after this shit lot of pancakes there's lot of mayonnaise and jelly

    Isaac the paper chaserIsaac the paper chaserHónapja
  • Pa to je nas covijek, a kakve budale u Londonu

  • the only reason i clicked on the video is becuase tomska was in the thumbnail.

    Eli ShehuEli ShehuHónapja
  • I like the luxury lada thing

    SBinnala Racing divisionSBinnala Racing divisionHónapja
  • Ьшцсн

    Marius Oyhus 2Marius Oyhus 2Hónapja
  • Лпзлулсздуьзс щузальцдузца по Юру бабушек швы бфкщгы

    Marius Oyhus 2Marius Oyhus 2Hónapja
  • Mercedes blins 😂😂😁тфлузаьу жатую

    Marius Oyhus 2Marius Oyhus 2Hónapja
  • "I love me too" 6:11

    Matthew BecketMatthew BecketHónapja
  • Dats tom ska there

    The ChestersThe ChestersHónapja
  • Boris in California is a Dream

  • Boris don't know what to do LMAO

    the boii brickthe boii brickHónapja
  • 6:22 that 💥💥💥

  • The comments: “USA triggered” Me: so nobody gonna talk about tomska in the thumbnail?

    Stupid DogStupid DogHónapja
  • 2:53 чёёёёёёё никогда не подумал бы что вы двое когда-либо встретитесь лоооол

    Кирилл КреславскийКирилл КреславскийHónapja
  • Oh Blyat

    DũngPlayz 69DũngPlayz 69Hónapja
  • Boriss geography is almost as slavic as him

    Digit DevDigit DevHónapja
  • I drank the black liquid and left...

  • 1:46 Boris that is *ourtube*

    Nur IlliaNur IlliaHónapja