Boris goes London - Country review

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Someone commented on Reddit that outline of my eye was almost visible in the thumbnail. We cannot have that! So I fixed it.

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Boris goes London. There is Vidcon London 2019 taking place. Met with "Music by Blanks", Tomska and others.
uamee - BEAT FOR BEAT 2019
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  • Welcome to my land

    SANS-sationalVIDSSANS-sationalVIDS9 órája
  • "Ding dong cyka!' That's LMBO funny! And 'Mercedes-Blinz'.

    Ross McArthurRoss McArthurNapja
  • @ 6:11 Fan: "I love you Boris!" Boris: "Me too" 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Jorge EspinozaJorge EspinozaNapja
  • omg western spies! lots of love from North Korea

    Kim Jong UnKim Jong UnNapja
  • Because of thsi I can't stop saying SUKA BLYAT

    Dat 1 guyDat 1 guy2 napja
  • Hey cyka come mongolia blyat

    EzDefeatEzDefeat2 napja
  • I swear the thumbnail changed.

    HuhHuh2 napja
  • hand up

    Serek HomogenizowanySerek Homogenizowany2 napja
  • Бориса не смотрят в России?

    Andy BiAndy Bi2 napja
  • Hey! Here's TomSka on the preview!

    VovantusVovantus2 napja
  • Why you desecrate the chessboard that's not very Russian of you

    Zacariah AndersonZacariah Anderson3 napja
  • haha next vidcon , ... :(

    Lazer KittyLazer Kitty4 napja
  • did anyone noticed that he changed the thumbnail

    Eaian GaleriaEaian Galeria4 napja
  • 4:08 looks like vlad

    NuggetNugget5 napja
  • I love your videos!!!

    Korawich WithayanunKorawich Withayanun5 napja
  • Длина

    Korawich WithayanunKorawich Withayanun5 napja
  • Mordo ale kurwa mać to z polskiego ;)

    SoczewaSoczewa5 napja
  • So i come to this video 1 year later after having some(a lot)of experience with alcohol. And i have this question: Is only me and Boris an alcoholic, or is this what the whole russia is like?

    Weed YeeterWeed Yeeter5 napja
  • 0:27 our first choice

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin5 napja
  • "they're drinving on the wrong side of the road" i mean, russians do too usually

    Niklas NeighborNiklas Neighbor6 napja
  • 5:49 is that the odd1sout?

    Kovid SharmaKovid Sharma6 napja
  • MERCEDEZ BLINZ! That cracked me up! 🤣🤣🤣

    xcaliber7779xcaliber77796 napja
  • i to polskie Kurwa Mac xD

    Crazy23123Crazy231237 napja
  • Hahahaha a luxury lada lol

    jonkarsy pmjonkarsy pm7 napja
  • HUworld? Did you mean OurTube?

    Mika PratamaMika Pratama7 napja
  • So many western spy

    Exo GageExo Gage7 napja
  • Hmmmm 0:22 Kurwa mać ? Boris you can speek in Polish language ! :D

    Crazy Wizard PyroCrazy Wizard Pyro7 napja
  • if boris himself walked on stage i would say " ah yes finnaly comrade, how much vodka today?'

    Absolute MadladAbsolute Madlad7 napja
  • gud gud

    Karin KnudsenKarin Knudsen9 napja
  • how am i seeing this just now ... wtf is my life ? ALSO THIS CONTENT IS PROBABLY THE MOST ORIGINAL SHIT ATM ON HUworld HAHA ! slav vlog HAHAHA

    SlavPlays GamesSlavPlays Games10 napja
  • Борис теперь ты вестерншпи

    Spetsnaz Gamer boiSpetsnaz Gamer boi11 napja
  • Just gotta say, I was rick rolled by a frito lay ad

    Lando Likes To BikeLando Likes To Bike11 napja
  • Boris fan:I LOVE YOU BORIS Boris:me too

    Shepard DanielsShepard Daniels11 napja
  • Boris looked more lost than Компот в магазин

    SpoofSpoof11 napja
  • *Pauses Video Before It Starts, Checks Thumbnail* GAVNO, BLYAD! Who Did That?! xD Googly Eyes On Boras, What The Blin?!

    Ash WilliamsAsh Williams11 napja
  • Capitalists be like: there's one impostor among us

    Uros MarkovicUros Markovic11 napja
  • boris come in greece you will love it trust me ill show you around if you come in crete

    legion354legion35411 napja
  • You should have just used teleportation tea.

    Bob KowalskiBob Kowalski11 napja
  • i like how in thumbnail he is with tomska, and tomska looks so dead inside

    Aleksandar AleksićAleksandar Aleksić12 napja
  • To Crush : I love you. Crush : Eww no! To Boris : I love you Boris : Me too.

    The434 GuyThe434 Guy12 napja
  • I thought it was banned for people to bring alcohol in planes

    7A Zyad Wystan Valerian7A Zyad Wystan Valerian13 napja
  • "Where is the subtitles?" We all wished that

    turtlerr rturtlerr r13 napja
  • I ALWAYS LOOK RIGHT, I WEARING TRACK SUIT 😂 Yes my fucking icon ❤

    TopTop13 napja
  • You have big lips

    Zach Hans Animation and OthersZach Hans Animation and Others13 napja
  • all of these people are western spies

    AlderAlder13 napja
  • Would you be willing to go to the U.S.A.?

    C0NM4N 1132C0NM4N 113213 napja
  • Wait, when boris goes to california, will he be a russian spy?

    MinihoiMinihoi13 napja
  • I love this vid 😂

    Ralph Halliwell WrightRalph Halliwell Wright13 napja
  • 3:45 london people:how to squat

    Dewangga Casanova Al CaesarDewangga Casanova Al Caesar13 napja
  • 2020: whole world wears masks Boris: 🤗

    Chaos FarmChaos Farm14 napja
  • I have a blyatiful plan try vidcon in Moscow

    Jason. ytJason. yt14 napja
  • "I drank the black liquid, and I left." hahha

    Ali FarwiAli Farwi14 napja
  • I hope you made it to a vidcon in 2021

    SweetMahoganySweetMahogany15 napja
  • its not packing your suitcase like slav if you forget gasmask

    RagadoddleRagadoddle15 napja
  • How to Russian: да

    INK! sans YouTubeINK! sans YouTube15 napja
  • harvs_gaming - Twitch

    harvs_gamingharvs_gaming15 napja
  • Wow its now allowed to bring liquids in an airport Edit:and dont forget how boris says sit and city(shit and shity) dis is not a hate comment

    Voltzzz ChannelVoltzzz Channel16 napja
  • I was there. I was seated far back

    JppickscopeJppickscope16 napja
  • "I always look right I'm wearing tracksuit" ahhhhh im dead

    Usman QureshiUsman Qureshi16 napja
  • damn Boris is pro at throwing Vodka non broke from a cross the room like a legend he is

    Micheal LewandowskiMicheal Lewandowski16 napja
  • You must come visit Cape Town. You will feel right at home here.

    JPJP16 napja
  • I’d love to meet artyom

    Kat PerezKat Perez17 napja
  • I LOVE YOU BORIS!!!! me too.

    タモドタモドLoulou_7タモドタモドLoulou_717 napja
  • In America: "You can't bring Several Liters of Alcohol" In Russia!: *"THERE IS NO LIMIT HOW MUCH YOU BRING ALCOHOL"*

    Mr. Jackson :PMr. Jackson :P17 napja
  • How was the vacation Boris.

    Alan YouTuberAlan YouTuber18 napja
  • 5:47 that is rebecca parhem on screen from let me explain studios huh

    Madison McintyreMadison Mcintyre18 napja
  • You changed the thumbnail with new Googly eyes?

    35 Tan Ze Qi35 Tan Ze Qi19 napja
    • You used to be able to see his eye before

      Michael OrtizMichael Ortiz16 napja
  • Gotta love the techno music wheres the women

    MessengerMessenger19 napja
  • The dislike is 666

    Jonny PatJonny Pat20 napja
  • He was the most cultured one there

    Jeferly GiraffeJeferly Giraffe20 napja
  • Wheeeeee

    éģĺééģĺé20 napja
  • Just your every day Slav in a fucking city if teabags and crumpets Lmao

    Приседания спецназаПриседания спецназа21 napja
  • 4:06 them cakes though 👌

    HollaHolla DollaDollaHollaHolla DollaDolla21 napja
  • The thumbnail is, uhh... Questionable

    Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen21 napja
  • Wait wait the supreme slav overlord changed the thumbnail and thats ok

    KGBKGB21 napja
  • Boris I have a question is that warowl in the thumbnail?

    Failed channelFailed channel22 napja
  • CHEEKI-BREEKI-!!!!!!!!!!!!😲🐿

    T AT A22 napja
  • Boris is just slavic barot

    Skip xdSkip xd22 napja
  • Зачем продавать безалкогольную водку?

    red4memesred4memes22 napja
  • 0:23 niedługo to nam się języki pomieszają XD

    Lumiére DIYLumiére DIY23 napja
  • @Life of Boris which vodka is the best?

    Chan BaChan Ba24 napja
  • Boris: Also Boris: “What do you mean you can’t play S.T.A.L.K.E.R on this, blyad?!”

    commander 1138commander 113824 napja
  • No one: That one slav kid in class: 3:44

    Chief GREENChief GREEN24 napja
  • since when boris added eyes in the thumbnail

    Jp the AnimatorJp the Animator24 napja
    • Since people noticed that you could see his eyes through the glasses. You can't get no privacy on the internet these days.

      Kubek 34Kubek 3424 napja
  • I love how I was watching a fan mail video and at the end he says about a bad package “ this is what happens when you pack stuff wrong” and then I see first part of video.

    Jack NewlandJack Newland24 napja
  • you need to visit my state, Penn-SLAV-ania... we actually have a decently large Russian immigrant population in my town, enough they got their own churches.

    RockeyDAproductionsRockeyDAproductions24 napja
    • also you can go the the mall and buy lunch, then Kalashnikov! (state collage)

      RockeyDAproductionsRockeyDAproductions24 napja
  • я хочу поддержать тебя

    Moskitoboss 3705Moskitoboss 370525 napja
  • Boris:🧑‍🚀🇷🇺 Tomska:😟💂‍♀️🇬🇧

    Fire bottleFire bottle25 napja
  • when is the next vidcon I live in california

    Classy CosplayerClassy Cosplayer25 napja
  • Lmao, he re edit the thumbnail

    KentaKenta25 napja
  • Review Philippines we squat there

    James ManansalaJames Manansala26 napja
    • maybe if this sheet is over (the pandemic i mean)

      чики брики чебурекичики брики чебуреки22 napja
  • 4:06 damn that's a big ass

    Daniel_ _LogachevDaniel_ _Logachev26 napja
  • You should visit Oxford sometime it’s in Britain

    Oliver WaiteOliver Waite26 napja
  • Tomska

    random guyrandom guy27 napja
  • Bts

    _SoftieRose_ Gacha wolf_SoftieRose_ Gacha wolf27 napja
  • Blyat.

  • In the intro he looks kind of anatoli-ish

    BT - 7274BT - 727429 napja
  • Is it just me or did Boris change the thumbnail to censor his eyes...

    Marge RedeliciaMarge Redelicia29 napja
    • HE DID

      I eat children yumI eat children yum21 napja
  • 3:39 this is why I subbed

    Uroš VrbaškiUroš VrbaškiHónapja
  • me dutch :D