Boris flies a Cessna

2018.máj. 4.
477 176 Megtekintés

Boris flies a Cessna to find out how to survive on a budget in expensive country.
Today we celebrade 3 years of Life of Boris channel.
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  • TBH all you need is rice, beans, cornbread for nutrition and vodka to wash your sorrows away.

    Justin Y.Justin Y.2 évvel
    • Patrick Earthridge hi felled southerner

      A Minecraft PickaxeA Minecraft Pickaxe10 hónapja
    • And some po Che to to have the power to squat everyday

    • A TRUE SLAV HAS NO SORROWS, only vodka and budder brod.

      Skelton Slay8erSkelton Slay8erÉvvel
    • Justin Y. Why and how are you everywhere pls I need to know pls.

    • Justin Y. Of course you’re here

  • Ahahaha I want a Cessna for myself😫😫 Blyatiful video Boris

    2Bit Gamer2Bit Gamer2 napja
  • I live in sweden, everything is extensive here

    Quiet KidQuiet KidHónapja
  • He should have flown a MiG-25

    Roadmaster 07Roadmaster 07Hónapja
  • Lovely eyebrows you have

  • SWEDEN EXPENSIVE HAHAH, Norwegians go there to buy our food for cheap

  • you mean Yakovlev?

    kevin wangsakevin wangsaHónapja
  • Damnit

    Swedens Worst Youtube ChannelSwedens Worst Youtube ChannelHónapja
  • Boris, where do you keep your plane?

    Private Lo-fiPrivate Lo-fi2 hónapja
  • hardbasses and slavs this is your captain speaking uh we cant fit a entire community in this plane so why not watch it anyways we re clear for takeoff so please have your seatbelts fastend table stowed and window blinds up and your seat in the correct position for takeoff thank you for your attention

    NohamPlaysRoblox housniNohamPlaysRoblox housni2 hónapja
  • Boris does everything

    Boogey MANNBoogey MANN3 hónapja
  • how did I not find this until now

    N3rf0rN3rf0r3 hónapja
  • My opinion, boris is a: -Tailor -Pilot -Gamer -Baker -Pc Guy -And a true Slav

    Fayruz SyamilFayruz Syamil3 hónapja
  • How Aeroflot trains their pilots;

    Nikolas ZisoudisNikolas Zisoudis3 hónapja
  • You should try out space flight simulator

    Dante cloudDante cloud3 hónapja
  • Why you fly western cessna? Fly true russian plane - PO-2

    Cement KingCement King3 hónapja
  • Eyebrow reveal. 0:51

    HeatherHeather3 hónapja
  • Forehead and eyebrows reveal.

    Kobayashi ShinzuKobayashi Shinzu4 hónapja
  • You have to go back to sweden and hang upp the onions where you took them from!

    H LH L4 hónapja
  • Why you buy western spy plane

    Panzerkampfwagen Ausführung BPanzerkampfwagen Ausführung B4 hónapja
  • Bring back the cessna do it for the glory of the soviet Union

    Andrea CalliniAndrea Callini4 hónapja
  • A Cessna, what about an AC-130? I bet Vadim will be scared...

    Ghost the StormcallerGhost the Stormcaller4 hónapja
  • why so little views blin

    DiletDilet4 hónapja
  • Get MiG blyat

    Untitled Hardbass GopnikUntitled Hardbass Gopnik4 hónapja
  • He cooks, sings, dances, and now he even flies planes?? Best waifu indeed

    a ta t5 hónapja

    MazicEntertainmentMazicEntertainment5 hónapja
  • Budget living = airplane

    IcannotthinkofanameIcannotthinkofaname5 hónapja
  • this intro is better then the nowdays

    ProbrokristianProbrokristian5 hónapja
  • Malmö isn't Swedish. It's Danish!

    TNTFreddanTNTFreddan6 hónapja
  • boris has a flight license??? :O

  • This Channel not getting banned because its unique😂😂😂

    WXN- HACKWXN- HACK6 hónapja
  • So he can draw, control a flying blin machine, has Dragunov and makarov and cooked baklava that are insaneley expensive Yet he dosent wanna buy onions for 1,8 euro

    The Glowing Beans guyThe Glowing Beans guy6 hónapja
  • Boris drive plane after plane crash

    Xuyen_C HimXuyen_C Him7 hónapja
  • But it is a western plane blyat.

    Ranger Stark 04Ranger Stark 047 hónapja
  • 0:51 eyebrow reveal

    CavemanOlive67 83CavemanOlive67 838 hónapja
  • Where is the antonov

    kacperkrakowskikacperkrakowski8 hónapja
  • A Cessna Skyhawk: Seats up to 5 Gopniks

    Simon PailléSimon Paillé9 hónapja
  • Boris eyebrow reveal

    General CreeperGeneral Creeper9 hónapja
  • What liscence do you have

    Butterbrod Aviation And GamingButterbrod Aviation And Gaming9 hónapja
  • "red squatter 1" -Boris 2018

    John CoutuJohn Coutu9 hónapja
  • He put this in his “budget living” playlist, I mean, I guess just not buying food is cheap enough

    John HJohn H9 hónapja
  • are u sure is that plane a smol

    hein yu hanghein yu hang9 hónapja
  • lika om ni är svenska

    Elliot WestmanElliot Westman10 hónapja
  • Malmö is the absolute shithole of Sweden. You should have gone litterary anywhere else for true Swed experiance BLYAT.

    mysdoktornmysdoktorn10 hónapja
  • Dude! You know how to fly a Cessna 172e skyhawk? Same! I'm a private student pilot!

    The adventure guy who exploresThe adventure guy who explores10 hónapja
  • Crashing your airplane in Sweden is expensive you know.

    EldEld10 hónapja
  • Onions are only cheap when its onion season.

    ZackeTheBruteZackeTheBrute11 hónapja
  • I live in sweden

    Quiet KidQuiet Kid11 hónapja
  • Valcommen till malmö!

  • I am swedish meaning i have the ability to comfirm this. Living in Sweden on a tigth budget especially in big cities like Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Stockholm is a bit expensive to say the least. I would rather prefer living in small cities like Linköping or Norrköping as the ammount of renters are lesser there and there fore less demand on high prices for apartments. However this only matters if you want to rent a place to live. If you want to afford food it rather depends on luck as prices differ sligthy from store to store. In general Sweden is very good for people with a tigth budget due to the great welfare system however this only emplies for citizens meaning Boris is not included. Without the welfare system to keep you afloat then yes you are fucked my friend.

    Pontus GustafssonPontus GustafssonÉvvel
  • How you going there? blayt!

    adidas Blackadidas BlackÉvvel
  • you just flew to sweden and look on the price of Gul Lok and back home.

    Liam EllbergLiam EllbergÉvvel

  • Now this time... You can fly and not crash in blin space program

  • What, you no buy malmo pineapple?

    Ducky ManDucky ManÉvvel
  • as someone who lives in sweden i knew what was gonna happen but ouch X'D

    kagu darzellkagu darzellÉvvel
  • Lol he's very careful about not doxxing himself, i was looking for the registration to determine what country he was in. crafty boris

    Matt HorkanMatt HorkanÉvvel
    • He even pixelated the frequencies on the radio.

      my computer is a potatomy computer is a potatoÉvvel
  • Oppa, Super Slav Boris Flies a Cessna 172 SKYCOCK

    Khalid HebshiKhalid HebshiÉvvel
  • A.D.I.D.A.S [All Day i drink and squat]

  • i live there hard to survive

    Leon DamasoLeon DamasoÉvvel
  • Malmö? The crappiest city of the nordic. Also known as the little mogadishu.

    Formatique arschlochFormatique arschlochÉvvel
  • Countries with the highest prices have the highest salaries. Examples: USA, Norway... Take poland for example: 1/3 of the prize of Norway but also less than 1/3 of the income.

    Tobias EmmerhoffTobias EmmerhoffÉvvel
  • Happy channel creation (and drink lots of russkiy standart) day tovarishch!

  • In what country does he live Just a question?

    Roan HarteveltRoan HarteveltÉvvel
    • Roan Hartevelt Estonia, tovarishch 😀

  • c(apitalist)172 Bliat... Fly yak 52 instead !

    Adrien FollézouAdrien FollézouÉvvel
  • Sweden has become suprisingly obsessed with eco food and eco living as of recent, anything with the name ”eko/ekologisk” is almost always guaranteed to be more expensive. Although i’d imagine that Norway’s got it worse with them prices

  • lol Boris, Sweden is the Romania of Scandinavia.

  • I'm Poor., Ok, lets go fly my plane =) Not sure which model Cessna 172 this is. If it is 70's or 80's it is an Avco Lycoming O-360 Horizontal Opposed, 150 (m) or 160 (n/p) HP, air cooled, 4 cylinder, 8 spark plugs, two magnetos, etc... Blah Blah. He can fly from the right seat. It appears as if he is controlling the plane with his left and filming with his right. Regards, Ian - CFI, ATP Over 2,000 hours in Cessna 172 alone Over 1,600 Jet, most out of Mosow =) Chief Flight Instructor of California Airways at KHWD - To all my comrades, I can issue student visas.

    Ian CarisiIan CarisiÉvvel
  • 3 years of not getting banned is an achievement

    Astoria DrawzAstoria DrawzÉvvel
  • I’m pretty sure a Cessna 172 Skyhawk doesn’t have the range to even fly across Sweden

  • Kurwa dodaj polskie napisy

    WLKR hyWLKR hyÉvvel
  • they always say "is Boris" but never "hows Boris"

    • How's Boris doing on his next vid?

      the determined soulthe determined soul5 hónapja
  • wait that's expensive? onions at the local supermarket are like $3 USD... then again I live in Taxachusetts (Massachusetts... even cloth to make stuff costs an arm and a leg)

    allison sharkeyallison sharkeyÉvvel
  • what the blin boris you have plane?

    Igor BazylewiczIgor BazylewiczÉvvel
  • "You guys are fucked" yea we can see that

    Becca TaylorBecca TaylorÉvvel
  • We pay one US dollar PER ONION where I live

    Luke BossioLuke BossioÉvvel
  • That plane was made in capitalist america!

    Rusu ProductionsRusu ProductionsÉvvel
  • Even in America, $2 for onions is really expensive. They're usually $1 for a whole kilogram of onions.

    • Where I live in the midwest we see onions a dollar each

      Luke BossioLuke BossioÉvvel
  • I mAkE sO lItTlE mOnEy On YoUtUbE. *buys plane*

    Fat GuyFat GuyÉvvel
    • Everything is free with Comrade Makarov, blin

      The Ginga NinjaThe Ginga NinjaÉvvel
  • how is that expensive? Here in US, a dozen onions would cost you about $5

    Artyom ArtyArtyom ArtyÉvvel
  • Woah Boris you have a Cessna nice I'm going on learning how to fly now I'm doing really well what can you put effects tutorial video up of how to teach people to fly make it brilliant

    • LBOUNCER if you are learning to fly... the first tip is to realise he is sat in the first officer/passenger seat... 😬

  • eyebrow reveal?

  • Are you an aviator?

  • This is why I am in love with Europe so much, you could visit like 10 country's a day with the right papers ofc. Lol

  • This intro blin. Why no use?

    A human Of many intrestsA human Of many intrestsÉvvel
  • choo choo

  • Yes, yes we are fucked.

    Adrian BorgAdrian BorgÉvvel
  • He should go to norway, not sweeden, sweeden is chep compared to Norway.

    • he was it

  • Dragunov rifle in one of the videos? Now plane? Lada? Lots of knives? Hunting in the wild? .....At this point im sure that Boris is......Vladimir Putin.....i bow to you ...and approve ...keep motherland safe and happy ;D

    Balkanian SlavBalkanian SlavÉvvel
  • I used to live in Norway and shop in Sweden.

    Darkfang NightcrowDarkfang NightcrowÉvvel
  • this crazy cyka is pilot?

    Random Guy StudiosRandom Guy StudiosÉvvel
  • Haha OPAA Thats where i live. Fell sad that i didnt see you blin

    Captain RedCaptain RedÉvvel

  • Why not a Piper and why in the right seat ? Why Boris

    Lay SyLay SyÉvvel
  • what the blyat BORIS CAN FLY A самолет?

    Igor KralnovaIgor KralnovaÉvvel
    • Igor Kralnova Is it not самолёт?

      Danny BoyDanny BoyÉvvel
  • That’s a nice cessena 172 you got there

    Some random channel Idk lolSome random channel Idk lolÉvvel
  • True slavs can pull a 114 Ton plane.

    bread manbread manÉvvel
  • Hello mr.Boris you checked the wrong place for onions. We have onions for 0,30 € aswell komrad, the ones you picked up are considered richpeople onion. Stay cheeki breeki.

    Martin JensenMartin JensenÉvvel

    Not TellingNot TellingÉvvel
  • Boris can fly a plane?

    English commenterEnglish commenterÉvvel