Bolognese | Basics with Babish

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  • "God's morning breath" DUDE! I'm dying 😂

    Marlinah WillisMarlinah Willis20 órája
  • Why not red wine and why not beef stock? Is this just the traditional way to use white wine and chicken stock?

    Harry GunningHarry Gunning3 napja
  • Can I substitute the whine with something else since im under 21

    WJ-MTB™WJ-MTB™5 napja
  • Looks yummy. I wanna where he got that bowl though.

    blaze trentblaze trent6 napja
  • Looks yummy. I wanna where he got that bowl though.

    blaze trentblaze trent6 napja
  • Lots of carbs, I love it. All that is missing to guarantee a heart attack is butter. Which I will add in my own.

    William Julien Nkoghe OlympioWilliam Julien Nkoghe Olympio6 napja
  • You forgot the beef stock pots.

    Chase CharlevilleChase Charleville7 napja
  • JAI PASTA BOLO GANESH!!!!!!!!!!!! no offence here but a reference of @jordindian

    Paratpar goudParatpar goud7 napja
  • them Babish cooking tunes...too good

    Just MeJust Me8 napja
  • this is everything but a classic bolognese. period.

    StrombergSchalke04StrombergSchalke048 napja
    • actually it is pretty classic/ traditional

      D BD B4 napja
  • White wine in in a red meat sauce?!?!

    Daniel BoultonDaniel Boulton9 napja
  • The school pasta is nothing like this. It's just store bought pasta drenched in tomato sauce and browned ground beef.

    OmnipotentOmnipotent9 napja
  • The foothills of mount flour!!!! God bless you!

    John HoffmannJohn Hoffmann9 napja
  • whats the background music? name/artist/genre? please. i need it. D:

    Alex WayneAlex Wayne9 napja
  • Excelent execution, grea pasta tecnique but please, please..never put cream again in any italian souce :). Want creamy and richness? Just use pasta water and ...air. just need to practice on stir

    Simone FantiniSimone Fantini9 napja
  • really stretching the definition of basics at this point lol

    Emilian LaferEmilian Lafer9 napja
  • 993 people don't enjoy happiness

    snkedoctor457snkedoctor45711 napja
  • Never tell me to let a chicken stock go for 24 hours again, Babish. I took that personally, and it was 24 hours of agony. It was worth it, but it was agony.

    BaneicornBaneicorn11 napja
  • why is this in the easy playlist

    CammyBotCammyBot11 napja
  • I really don’t feel I have the patience to make my own pasta, but I’m mos def going to make this sauce. TONIGHT! Looks like heaven in a bowl to me 🙌🏼👏🏼

    QueentuttQueentutt11 napja
  • After making the dough what do you do with that Extra flour

    Justin HillJustin Hill11 napja
  • You need to get on the chicken feet game for making your chicken stock. They have so much collagen and makes this incredibly silky stock.

    coco wilsoncoco wilson11 napja
  • Me clicking on this thinking it would be a good basic recipe Realising it wants me to roast and boil 1.5 KILOS of chicken wings LOL

    Valeria VagapovaValeria Vagapova12 napja
  • I imagine this tastes banging. Needs pomodoro sauce, red wine with the meats, less cheese / milk, beef stock rather than chicken.

    Chris PrendergastChris Prendergast12 napja
  • I made Lopez' bolognese and to be honest, I dont get it. Not his version in particular, just the dish itself.

    Rose MaliRose Mali12 napja
  • I made this today (except with chicken, I hope that's not too sacrilegious) and my golly it was frigging delicious! I'm definitely gonna make the proper version in full at some point, considering the "easier" version alone was this amazing! Pretty straight forward recipe as well, absolutely recommend anyone to try it!

    Yousef JebaiYousef Jebai12 napja
  • Oh no. Babish is using a metal slotted spoon on a coated cast iron casserole dish. Oh no...

    Jank1Jank113 napja
  • What are you trying to compensate with those carrots?

    Fabian KönigerFabian Königer13 napja
  • ❄️❄️❄️Happy deepawali sir....from India

    Pramod GangwarPramod Gangwar13 napja
  • Traditional bolognese sauce doesn't have milk or heavy cream in it, but I trust 100% this was VERY delicious

    Milo ŠparicaMilo Šparica13 napja
  • this is far from how the _sicilian_ executive head chef who guided me from commis de cuisine to chef de partie had me make the bolognese, but it still looks delicious as all hell

    Sid WasIstDennHierLosSid WasIstDennHierLos13 napja
  • *Jeremy Clarkson wants to know your location*

    Dale WassonDale Wasson14 napja
  • Ah yes, wouldn't be an americanized recipe if you didn't put the heavy cream in it. Honestly why is it that every sauce that has italian origin must be "enhanced with flavour and richness with heavy cream" honestly, should we ever need extra taste and consistency we go for bechamelle sauce, and we don't even dump it on every recipe, mostly when doing lasagne, but on a bolognese? cm on man, you're better than this, educate your audience better.

    Dani Flunky CookDani Flunky Cook15 napja
  • Why the hell do you use egg’s to make pasta, that’s disgusting. No one does that.

    Harish ChandHarish Chand15 napja
    • Nice bait, not falling for it tho

      Lucas GeeLucas Gee8 napja
    • Are you serious

      BloodrassilBloodrassil14 napja
  • Just wow!

    soldier in trainingsoldier in training15 napja
  • “Kinky pasta”. *I like the sound of that.*

    ChadoroChadoro15 napja
  • You should do Nick Millers Bolognese sauce from New Girl where he puts in mayonnaise and bologna. (thus the name)

    Bryan MurrayBryan Murray15 napja
  • Can anyone give me some wine/cooking advice? I don't drink wine, I don't drink at all. I understand I need some wine in my kitchen but over the years I've read conflicting advice on the subject. Some say don't cook with wine you wouldn't drink, others say it's fine to use cheap stuff. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing here?

    Scorched EarthScorched Earth16 napja
  • Andrew, this is easily some of the best food porn I've ever laid eyes on.

    Corey R. ScalesCorey R. Scales17 napja
  • Such a waste! Nicks bolognese sauce from New Girl. Cmon man

    Yurgay3031 0Yurgay3031 017 napja
  • First time watching an ad and actually enjoying it

    Reda SurvivalReda Survival17 napja
  • That has nothing to do with real italien bolognese except for the minced beef. Look it up in "The silver spoon" cook book

    Victor WeinreichVictor Weinreich19 napja
  • Italians can be terrible food nazis.... ;) They sometimes act as if there was THE ONE recipe chiseled in stone by St. Peter himself. With a total disregard for the fact that most of todays famous italian dishes derive from poor peasant kitchen that used whatever was there. So all these recipes have a wide tolerance for variations by genesis... ;)

    TMoD7007TMoD700719 napja
  • Why am I watching this? I already know how to make amazing Bolognese.

    Joonha ShcalJoonha Shcal19 napja
  • No one: Babish: make sure to verb your verbs until they are very.....verbal

    william pearcewilliam pearce20 napja
  • If there's one thing I've learned from Babish its that I need to let everything rest. I wasn't resting anything before lol

    John ChapmanJohn Chapman20 napja
  • Did this man just say fennel fronds? Thats that real shit bro yall don't even get it, fennel fronds are the very best green in all of America, and in the northeast they just grow on the fuckin ground literally everywhere. Yall gotta try em.

    John ChapmanJohn Chapman20 napja
  • It's 1am and now I really want to make myself some pasta. Thanks for that 😭😭

    alexjocalexjoc20 napja
  • Why so much creeeeeeeeam

    Emanuela BegoEmanuela Bego20 napja
  • We have very different ideas of basic. You listed dozens of ingredients.. lol

    ThatsSoFunkedThatsSoFunked20 napja
  • I have to say, I've already watched a few of your videos and your watch game is strong.

    Rob AveryRob Avery21 napja
  • Does anyone else think “Patrick Bateman” whilst watching Babish?

    Karl CrashKarl Crash21 napja
  • Dear Andrew,could you please let me know what song you used in this video? This mellow jazz fusion with modern electronic influences really soothes my soul. And yes I’ve noticed the playlist you provided but it would seem as this very song is not included in there. It would mean very much to me if anyone could tell me the title of this song. Thanks in advance

    Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski21 napja
  • I enjoy your enthusiasm and love of Cooking and food But just Google "sugo al ragu" google translate it and enjoy the real thing Chicken broth? Are you kidding me?

    Sali LandricinaSali Landricina21 napja
  • If you're not making your noodles. How much pappardelle do you buy for the recipe?

    Daniel PereyraDaniel Pereyra21 napja
  • NOT THE CREAM! lol great recipe though! Italians around the world cried when you did that.

    MrBifkinMrBifkin21 napja
  • Okay sono di Bologna e gli spaghetti alla bolognese non sono MAI stati fatti così, se dico a mia nonna che ci ha messo la pacetta e l'agnello le faccio venire un infarto ahahahah

    Eleonora BusiEleonora Busi21 napja
  • I'm surprised you make such good use of your left arm with that massive onion on it.

    BernardoBernardo22 napja
  • I'm addicted to bolognese. It may be my favorite thing to cook. It's amazing as a pizza "sauce".

    Warren305Warren30522 napja
  • Food purists are basically the boomers of the culinary world. Just kinda felt like throwing that out there.

    박성원박성원22 napja
  • I'm not even italian and still felt offended by this recipe

    Catarina CraveiroCatarina Craveiro22 napja
  • There is no such a thing like "unreasonable amount of Parmesan"! The only limit is how expensive that stuff is!

    SupernichtpatrickSupernichtpatrick22 napja
  • Pasta Lovers: *Homer Simpson drool face activated* Mmmmm....Bolognese.... Karen Syndrome Individuals: Omg he like totally fucked up in his instructions and this is so not authentic Italian!!! Everyone Else: *no fucks given, loves Babish for his wholesome down-to-earth videos with all his cheeky sarcastic humor and very human qualities* Me: Please sir, may I have some more? *wants more wonderful HUworld content from Babish*

    Cat LadyCat Lady22 napja
  • 7:23 Ah but did you raise the animals yourself before killing them to cook? Or rear chickens for eggs?

    XenonXenon22 napja
  • My grandmother's advice for making stock: It should smile and giggle, but never laugh. (I.e., keep it simmering, never at a boil.)

    TechBearSeattleTechBearSeattle22 napja
    • Too wholesome

      Prathamesh ChitrePrathamesh Chitre13 napja
  • no red wine?

    jack nilandjack niland22 napja
  • Very nice!

    Daniel BuysDaniel Buys23 napja
  • He kink shamed pasta :,)

    Andrew BurksAndrew Burks23 napja
  • I approve of this recipe.

    Alessandro DevotoAlessandro Devoto23 napja
  • What happened to the apron

    Alexis MajalcaAlexis Majalca23 napja
  • How many servings does that make?

    Andy MackintoshAndy Mackintosh23 napja
  • I just want to say that you are a huge inspiration to me. I'm a child, just a lil minor and you've inspired me for months to begin cooking and baking, I've began making pasta my own way too! I also love making the buttered noodles you made that one episode, but I can't do too much cause my grandma and mom don't want me making a mess or using too much money at the store. But you inspire me so much, you make me want to cook constantly.

    Rex TassyRex Tassy23 napja
  • The proportions for this recipe are so catastrophically off. Everything from the recipe is basically double what is actually in the video. If you use three pounds of meat it will not look anything like what is in the video.

    Cole KruegerCole Krueger24 napja
  • so yeah some people can say you're wrong but this is how my auntie makes sauce so I can vouch for the legitimacy of this recipe on at least that level. ALSO PLEASE DO A NEW BASICS ON GENERAL KITCHEN ESSENTIALS. That would be awesome.

    Dizzy DDizzy D24 napja
  • God's morning breath, i'm dead. Great video!!

    John KlippelJohn Klippel24 napja
  • Alternate title: Home made Hamburger helper with a twist- basics with babish

    Martiandoritos777 YTMartiandoritos777 YT25 napja
  • This was the best thing I ever made!

    Jessica FranciscoJessica Francisco25 napja
  • looks great! next time try using rich red wine instead of white wine. Gives it a great umami taste :)

    BussiBussi25 napja
  • Yummy ;)👍🏻

    Cook LookCook Look25 napja
  • 3:44 J Townsend would like to learn your location

    RikiRaccoonRikiRaccoon25 napja
  • Goodness!

    KJ HKJ H25 napja
  • Can you please make dumplings from Dumplings?

    Kia MariaKia Maria25 napja
  • where have you smelled Gods morning breath hahahahahaha

    Charmaine MoyoCharmaine Moyo25 napja
  • rich person's asshole

    Dennis CrosbyDennis Crosby25 napja
    • most of us who can actually cook can't live right now. This ogre gets to to do it once a week. And I bet for thousands.

      Dennis CrosbyDennis Crosby25 napja
  • The pork meat should be Italian were supposed to cook the cream in with the meats and soffrito then add the broth. I’ve seen many use beef broth or red wine with the chicken broth. But yes, many variations. However - It really shouldn’t look ‘orange’. Your pasta was spot on though.

    L JayL Jay25 napja
    • I know but when you add white cream to red sauce it turns vodka sauce; pinkish orange

      L JayL Jay23 napja
    • I think the orange color is just the color grading of the video, babish really saturates everything so heavily it's hard to tell whag color something actually is. The tips of his fingers look bright red.

      VmpereVmpere25 napja
  • Do you think you can do a Basics on chicken and dumplings? I wanna learn how to make it. Getting tired of going Cracker barrel just for that. Lol

    Cameron's Music and Gaming LandCameron's Music and Gaming Land25 napja
  • My family love your recipe. We just cannot come at drinking vinegar with our meals. Yes i'm talking about wine, that stuff ruins everything bro. Like chicken breast, it is so overrated.

    2010redshift2010redshift25 napja
  • Love the meat fork pasta spin trick! Very cool!

    Matthew Caspino (MDoubleC)Matthew Caspino (MDoubleC)25 napja
  • Do curry of life from naruto.

    Dr. McStuffinsDr. McStuffins25 napja
  • "An unreasonable amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese" Approvato.

    José Ignacio De VriesJosé Ignacio De Vries26 napja
  • Ok Babish. I made this and it was delicious! I added four cloves of smashed garlic and some oregano/basil because if I didn't my Irish mother (yes Irish) would come back to haunt me.

    Patrick TibbsPatrick Tibbs26 napja
  • Early on i thought he was saying that he was going to credit k jenji lopez alt for giving him the idea to salt his meat

    Maximu TatroMaximu Tatro26 napja
  • What happened to the Parmesan rinds?

    That CorvidThat Corvid26 napja

    william clarkewilliam clarke27 napja
  • I got tipped by a fellow foodie to use guanciale instead of pancetta. It smells like heaven in my kitchen, just roasting The guanciale!

    Ida LaursenIda Laursen27 napja
  • I'm sure that was awesome but the four italian experts would tell you to use milk instead of stock.

    tktk27 napja
  • Hi Babish. Love your basics recipes and they usually turn out fabulously. This one seemed to come out rather... I don’t know, bland? I followed the recipe closely and used all the optional ingredients- though I admittedly used store bought stock... perhaps I skimmed off too much fat at the end. Any tips on improving the flavour?

    SimonSimon27 napja
  • I will definitely be using your recipe! Looks amazing

    A WA W27 napja
  • I hate plastic

    kitty katkitty kat27 napja
  • As an Italian, I approve

    Chase B.Chase B.27 napja