BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Scarlet Cross (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Patrick Fogarty
Produced by Steven Contreras
My mind remains my pain
I'm tied down to this chain
It spirals as I ache
To find holy embrace
Stay here with me, I'm afraid of my soul
Blackened and left in control
Cannot be free and you can't deny
The end is coming
Will we live?
When we die?
Just keep on saving our goodbyes
The fear and the cost
The world will stain us with a scarlet cross
A symbol for my shame
The color of your name.
It's how they see you break
And live with my mistakes.
Sin for me, cast away from it all
Watching every letter fall
Hold onto me, I can't let go
The End is coming
#BlackVeilBrides #ThePhantomTomorrow #SumerianRecords #ScarletCross

  • Best song in the year

    Rock never die TRock never die T18 perccel
  • You dont have to be a fan of these guys but you have to admit Andys voice is fucking incredible.

    Bill PriceBill Price25 perccel
  • Amazing

    Alexandre ArrivabeneAlexandre Arrivabene28 perccel
  • aint a BVB song without some oHH HHoos

    KabzKabz39 perccel
  • Looking at the thumbnail, I thought he was the lady from Eurythmics. lol

    Flash CloudFlash Cloud41 perce
  • Damn, lead vocalist is hot 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • He is a dream....! 🔥

    Mė mÿ SELF and įMė mÿ SELF and įÓrája
  • I like this Fckin Song Yea ;)

    Astroman9569Astroman95692 órája
  • andy is blonde now? ok then ill take it XD

    Rachel LoofRachel Loof2 órája
  • Did i mispelled and typed devil may cry?

    Baff7Baff72 órája
  • Sounds like The void by Parkway Drive. Or is that just me?

    Michael KarnageMichael Karnage3 órája
  • Andy is just so damn cool i love this song they never fail to impress

    Ryan PorterRyan Porter3 órája
  • Honest question, what kind of shirt is Andy wearing? I've seen those around but can't find it for the life of me. Amazing song!

    MrNiceChaiMrNiceChai3 órája
  • Blond Veil Brides

    Patrick Stump's FedoraPatrick Stump's Fedora3 órája
  • The inner 16 year old in me is absolutely in love. Having seen these guys grow from knives and pens to where they are now is beautiful. 27 year Old Jess is still in love ❤️

    jessica kerrjessica kerr4 órája
  • tired and lame af

    Ryan FauroteRyan Faurote4 órája
  • Woow,,,,,, just woooow

    Ariyan KhajevandAriyan Khajevand4 órája
  • A era revenge chega para todos

    Mylena Dos SantosMylena Dos Santos5 órája
  • He looks so more healthy now

    IMchallengesIMchallenges5 órája
  • Que temazoo estos no vaya nunca 🤟🏻

    Luis DarkLuis Dark5 órája
  • this heavily reminds me of the scarlet letter novel. AHHH this is so good i’m screaming

    oliveroliver6 órája
  • How many cliches can you shove into one song? A lot.

    David TaylorDavid Taylor7 órája
  • I shazamed it and it brought up "The Void" by Parkway Drive.

    Antonis AlvanosAntonis Alvanos7 órája
  • What happened to the old channel? #Bvb

    Mohamed AmineMohamed Amine9 órája
  • What a song love this band 🤘

    Freddy KelkFreddy Kelk9 órája
  • ✊🏻✊🏻

    Lady LíviaLady Lívia9 órája
  • make it 3 ads!

    KniFeMasTeR McLeodKniFeMasTeR McLeod10 órája
  • The type of shit song nordic countries present themselves at Eurovision

    KeyoGKeyoG10 órája
  • I love you Andy Black ♥️🥰

    Sandra kršákováSandra kršáková10 órája
  • 💕💕💕🙌💕💕💕

    KittynoscopeKittynoscope10 órája
  • I cant decide if I like it....

    jay richardjay richard10 órája
  • Reminds me of V for Vendetta!

    Jason DerouenJason Derouen11 órája
  • andy is grindelwald confirmed

    MeowthMeowth11 órája
  • andys vocal riffs in this song are so sick

    abexzileabexzile11 órája
  • Andy Blonde is 18 years old

    Harman SinghHarman Singh12 órája
  • Hear me out, andy as Draco Malfoy as an adult thanks

    TaimaTaima13 órája
  • camp

    Menno FennemaMenno Fennema14 órája
  • Сергей Лазарев на вокале заебал за один куплет

    Ali FerzAli Ferz14 órája
  • Who replaced Purdy?

    Dee RawrzDee Rawrz15 órája
  • this voice...

    Veronica ZanettiVeronica Zanetti15 órája
  • Black Veil Friday!

    High-Voltage 95High-Voltage 9516 órája
  • Reliving all of my old days with this, can't listen to it without a big ass smile

    Lydia BennettLydia Bennett16 órája
  • I haven't listened to BVB in a while, and this is amazing! Andy looks so good with blonde hair!

    Amber DalumpinesAmber Dalumpines17 órája
  • Huinaaaa

    Zefir4ikZefir4ik18 órája
  • wtf is that ? new backstreetboys? xD

    PoisonPoison19 órája
    • Yeah, I remember all those awesome drums and guitar solos in Backstreet Boys, good times.🙄

  • I haven't heard anything from them since Knives and Pens and I gotta admit this is awesome

    Renn GallardoRenn Gallardo19 órája
  • Siguen vivos :v ase 5 años q no los escucho

    Raul zuicideRaul zuicide21 órája
  • Love the music, a bit confused but really good, I still feel uneasy with christian images but this is good.

  • es mejor los clasicos como ac dc,guns n rose,twisted sister,kiss,black sabbat,metallica y el mejor de todos queen

    FOXIS6FOXIS622 órája
  • I can see all the finesse and confidence Andy has, I’m kinda jealous....

    JigglyJiggly22 órája
  • danhowell

    Monica ZavalaMonica Zavala22 órája
  • I immidetly started to listen to this song for the milinth time when i found out i was an IEP student.

    Brooklynn RaeBrooklynn Rae23 órája

    PANDAPANDA23 órája
  • he's alive?? lmao

    Adina MariaAdina MariaNapja
  • this man can literally run me over


    Cuc ThaCuc ThaNapja
  • Right on time for my emo come back

  • i cant stop listening to this its 100% AMAZING 🖤BVB FOR LIFE🖤 @BLACK VEIL BRIDES

    Harley ReidHarley ReidNapja
  • Is it me or this Andy Biersack (Lead Voice) looks better with white hair ( soy yo o este Andy Biersack (Voz principal) se ve mejor con pelo blanco) Like you think the same( Like piensas lo mismo)

    jimena gonzalezjimena gonzalezNapja

    María Fernanda Onofre CastilloMaría Fernanda Onofre CastilloNapja
  • Amooooo

    María Fernanda Onofre CastilloMaría Fernanda Onofre CastilloNapja
  • He looks so hot with blonde hair

    4 P4 PNapja
  • He can lowkey rock blonde and i love what hes wearing

    Emily SydorowiczEmily SydorowiczNapja

    Gertina Petronella GroenewaldGertina Petronella GroenewaldNapja
  • They are uber talented and it feels like there is an early 90's rock vibe going on. Andy's voice is always epic.

    Regina EppersonRegina EppersonNapja
  • Non ci credo.. Sta malissimo biondo.. Meglio nero!!!ma sempre bello lo stesso

    Alexander GozziAlexander GozziNapja
  • Капец Энди изменился и песня норм Upd: русские есть?

    Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaNapja
  • Omg I was wondering if BVB was gonna drop a new song, and I have to say, this is absolutely amazing and I love Andy's hair and outfit 😍😍😍

    Sarah BossleySarah BossleyNapja
  • Vorrei tanto dirle che è cambiata, che lei non è più così, così timida, chiusa nella sua testa. Vorrei dirle quanto cazzo è cambiata, quanto è diventata grande e bella, vorrei parlarle delle sue abilità, dei suoi obiettivi raggiunti, ma non è così. Non è così, non posso dirle queste cose, non posso dirglielo perché lei non è cambiata, lei è rimasta se stessa. Non ha cambiato né il suo modo di pensare né altro.

    Miriana GiordanoMiriana GiordanoNapja
    • È rimasta la solita incompetente, la solita ragazza perdente e quindi quelle parole, quegli incitamenti che avevo in mente non potrò mai dirglieli

      Miriana GiordanoMiriana GiordanoNapja
  • Why Vergil is not singing Bury the Light?

  • We stitch these wounds ..

    Lazar HrebeljanovićLazar HrebeljanovićNapja
  • 13 year old me... 24 year old me. Yup. Still the same feels🖤🔥

    Miletzy FelicianoMiletzy FelicianoNapja

  • aries

    rashawn hamptonrashawn hamptonNapja
  • I like blonde Andy

    Emma BowerEmma BowerNapja
  • Still don't like their look, but i really like this song !

  • These chicks sound just like Bon Jovi

    Qriminal 1:64Qriminal 1:64Napja
  • Omg.

    Sap XuySap XuyNapja
  • This version of Andy reminds me of Draco Malfoy.

    Arunava GuhathakurtaArunava GuhathakurtaNapja
  • Father, who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name. Forgive me, for I have sinned. Using thy mouse, I clicked play to hear what kind of sound would be found within a band called 'Black Veil Brides.' Oooh baby Jesus, I wasn’t prepared to find out Lou Pearlman is at it again. Even from behind bars, he’s managed to rebrand the image of "The O’Town" look. Classic boy bands like 'In Sync' and ’The Back Street Boys' have now morphed into shitty versions of 80’s cock-rock bands. It appears, 'Black Veil Brides' is his Opus Maximus. Please, GOD, give me thy relic known as "pussy scrubber" so I may scrub my brain raw of all auditory and visual stimuli received from "BVB." ☀️✝ HERE MY CHILD - CLEANSE THY SOUL!

    Winston VancoonWinston VancoonNapja
  • Andy has one of the most interesting voices in Rock Universe 🤘

    Zinaida TereshchenkoZinaida TereshchenkoNapja
  • Great song

    David ToledoDavid ToledoNapja
  • Sounds huge!

    TranceMachine VFX VisualsTranceMachine VFX VisualsNapja
  • BVB wow,love it 😊😊

    jayson Bolimajayson BolimaNapja
  • metal back street boys?

  • Anyone else a teenager here And going to one of there concerts next year?

    bT AurabT AuraNapja

  • Alguien que hable español??😅

    Karol AgualemaKarol AgualemaNapja
  • it'2 2010?

    Frankie WestminsterFrankie WestminsterNapja
  • Great vocalists! But the band is nothing new and their backup vocals and the lyrics are cliche. Maybe they will grow with time.

    Donny PoseyDonny PoseyNapja
  • ❤️❤️👏🤟💋

    Priscila btwicePriscila btwiceNapja
  • I try to play your songs on my guitar and I make it You are the best

    SyFe_ WxrriorSyFe_ WxrriorNapja
  • You are the best band I have ever seen and listen

    SyFe_ WxrriorSyFe_ WxrriorNapja
  • Saudades de quando o cabelo dele era preto

    Allyta YtzhariAllyta YtzhariNapja
  • Half of Andy in these music videos are like ‘what do I do with my hands’ the other half is ‘I know exactly what to do with my hands’. The other band members have instruments to play but it feels like Andy needs to keep his hands busy all the time too.

    Lily PLily PNapja
  • it sucks

    Pig SkillPig SkillNapja
  • Still has the shit logs

  • Legit question. How many people here are over the age of 20 and still listen to BVB as a dedicated fan?

    Ghost In MusicGhost In MusicNapja
    • Legit answer. Nobody who has a pubic hairs worth of respect for themselves.

      Winston VancoonWinston VancoonNapja
  • why is music so bad these days? this is garbage

    Bobby BookerBobby BookerNapja
  • Blond Andy hits differently

    Andrew DavisAndrew DavisNapja