Black Ops Cold War for meme lords

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gonna be addicted for exactly one week

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  • you can catch the streams over at

    zannyzanny9 napja
    • U need to play bo2 black cheddar

      Ethan WhitlockEthan Whitlock16 órája
    • Have you ever had gruyere cheese?

      crying coobcrying coob3 napja
    • Bet you're playing the PC version because PS4 & Xbox One players are experiencing campaign glitches that disconnects the controller or freeze the screen idk.

      Henry GonzalezHenry Gonzalez5 napja
    • You should play Middle Earth - Shadow Of War

      Tyler WilliamsonTyler Williamson5 napja
    • play some kingdom come deliverance again just 1 more video to finish it off

      First name Middle names Last nameFirst name Middle names Last name6 napja
  • whats with the non-binary option lol? by putting it in, did they basically imply that mk-ultra was behind it?

    Sunshine SkystarSunshine Skystar2 órája
  • There is something about zannys laugh that is addictive to listen to

    James BouyerJames Bouyer3 órája
  • We've got another percy jackson fan

    Hey It's ZachHey It's Zach8 órája
  • has anyone ripped the ronald reagan model yet or is it only in pre-rendered cutscenes? i am a dirty fucking mac user and will buy and download this game JUST to port Ronald McRaygun to garry mod

    FragrantGingerCalamariFragrantGingerCalamari11 órája

    Some_ BitchSome_ Bitch12 órája
  • "I'm logging this as evidence that communism worked" LMAO

    SimpleOne2SimpleOne221 órája
  • Bruh, is rather eat styrofoam than play the multiplayer

    Tucker MoriartyTucker Moriarty21 órája

    Austin ConnorsAustin Connors21 órája
  • Bro want to play cod sometime?

    Jordan RendonJordan Rendon23 órája
  • good singing

    Preston LeePreston LeeNapja
  • Nice

    Dues Vult YtDues Vult YtNapja
  • How the fuck is everyone woods the old bad guys the fu is this me or there still alive

    Ghost NinjaJpa750 coldGhost NinjaJpa750 coldNapja
  • Non binary👿really Activision

    Neil O ConnorNeil O ConnorNapja
  • "we are communists comrades if one walks in a line and gets shot we all walk in a line and get shot"

  • Also besides the crossbow bolt there were a compound bow

    Qualinn MobleyQualinn MobleyNapja
  • It’s a bit of a reboot but it does take place after black ops 1 but black ops 2 and 3 and 4 aren’t gonna be apart of it because black ops and modern warfare are actually in the same universe now

    Qualinn MobleyQualinn MobleyNapja
  • 2:22 what is the name of that song? It’s ok the tip of my tongue.

    Oliver WittOliver WittNapja

  • If i get a chance of playing black ops cold war campaign I would name Bell as Johnny Depp and choose all the right choices coz this is for him we all love him and want him to come back to fantastic beasts 3 and pirates of the carribean

    ArshKhan LM10ArshKhan LM10Napja
  • What is that music someone please tell me! 3:23

    Panzer IVPanzer IVNapja
  • 5:03 Does Zanny Know Football(Soccer)? How the heck does a now Manuel Neuer?


    Apex BrothersApex BrothersNapja

  • This man really played the 5th game, that takes place in between the 1st and 2nd game without any context of where it is in the timeline, and also having not played the 2nd and 3rd game. I respect how little sense your decisions make

    Regan HemiRegan HemiNapja
  • We need Zanny to play a FIFA game and just rip EA to shreds while throwing shade on every player/club.

    Shut upShut upNapja
  • Rcxd is faster than cars and a jet about to takeoff......seems legit 😂

    Shut upShut upNapja
  • It's a soft reboot, Zanny.

    i think my obsession is cleari think my obsession is clearNapja
  • 11:30 I thought I was the only one who refused to use optics on an AK

  • Cant believe ppl pay 60 bucks or more for cod games

    David MartinDavid MartinNapja
  • 1:32 yes thats my man!!! Or should I say “ah, I see you are a man of culture yourself”

    Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinNapja
  • ZANNY is playing as a women

    Pawel SzczypkowskiPawel SzczypkowskiNapja
  • Mason died and lived there are three endings he got sniped by woods and died but if you shot him in the legs Mason lives

    Shadow KadeShadow KadeNapja
  • Everyone gangsta until they add the My Lai DLC

    Alexander GeorgievAlexander Georgiev2 napja
  • 12:42 It's because of the iron sights

    Alexander GeorgievAlexander Georgiev2 napja
  • They ruined the vietnam helicopter mission. Where's my god damn M60 at!?

    Isaac FreemanIsaac Freeman2 napja
  • "Boys use optics. Teens use iron sights. MEN USE HIPFIRE!" -Sun Zoo

    ZeldamateurLPZeldamateurLP2 napja
  • “I’ve only played bo1 and 4 so I’m out of the loop” So ima just leave now

    Christopher PeccoriniChristopher Peccorini2 napja
  • MI6 like we keep him alive Zanny+CIA like alright we go loud and proud and use master flank because were chads

    ion knoion kno2 napja
  • Fun fact: Black is actually President Reagen If you look at him speech in when meeting it's very similiar Hah my grammar is suck

    EPIC 12EPIC 122 napja
  • Black Ops: A shit load of war crimes

    PeopleProblemsPeopleProblems2 napja
  • Mero should have a cam 2

    The VariantsThe Variants2 napja
  • 5:40 I can’t get over the idea of screaming “STEALTH” during a stealth mission

    Night OwlNight Owl2 napja
  • I... am from Iran

    AlebtekinAlebtekin2 napja
  • "I went to Brazil" E aê, vai sifudê.

    Felipe LopesFelipe Lopes2 napja
  • 🤣 😅 😂 😂 "Nice to see they put Manuel Nuer in the game" I love his football references

    RaundeusRaundeus2 napja
  • Percy Jackson reference Pog?

    CEO of Vibe checksCEO of Vibe checks2 napja
  • 4:59 lol

    Floris SmuldersFloris Smulders2 napja
  • The question with call of duty is always does the zombies make it worth it?

    UkSapyyUkSapyy2 napja
  • Zanny: Flash out! Also Zanny: *throws frag Grenade*

    ChristophTvChristophTv2 napja
  • Play Monster Hunter World Iceborne please

    emPtysp4ceemPtysp4ce2 napja
  • That thumbnail tho

    Peter EsoePeter Esoe3 napja
  • 2:12 I see Zanny is a man of great intellect.

    ShadowReaper2006ShadowReaper20063 napja
  • Hey guys, feel free to check this video out if you have time, it might be helpful for you!

    Adrian McDougallAdrian McDougall3 napja

    Wolfus KadnikovWolfus Kadnikov3 napja
  • "Nice arm huh" -Zanny to Zhakaev Dude youre fuckinv hilarious

    Gioco RoyecaGioco Royeca3 napja
  • zanny collab with the *FAT* man (winter tommy)

    TreeCult LeaderTreeCult Leader3 napja
  • 0:08 only BO1 and 4, your kidding right?

    Elias RosadoElias Rosado3 napja
  • I’ve played cod and I’m just as confused as zanny

    Billy BobBilly Bob3 napja
  • Zanny : 5:16 Communism is trash Also Zanny : 6:48 I love Communism ! *Visible Confusion*

    Vedant YadavVedant Yadav3 napja
  • Is Zanny a Filipino? Cause he speak Tagalog in MHW meme😂 Pukei pukei🤦🏻‍♂️

    Andrew FrezAndrew Frez3 napja
    • Yes he is I'm pretty sure

      Ice7674Ice76742 napja
  • legend says zanny's laugh can cure depression

    fish go blob blobfish go blob blob3 napja
  • Please play the Modern Warfare Trilogy next. You can either start at COD 4 or MWR, then MW2 or MW2R, then MW3.

    Winchester ChuaWinchester Chua3 napja
  • Is zanny filipino?

    HyperSpace GamingHyperSpace Gaming3 napja
  • Idk why but I thought the graphics wold be better😥

    Aiden JohnsonAiden Johnson3 napja

    Ian Gustavo HerreroIan Gustavo Herrero3 napja
  • Call of duty the camping war would be a more fitting of name

    Drew VenturesDrew Ventures3 napja
  • Zanny: alexa what time is it Me: pizza time

    Pixelation NetworkPixelation Network3 napja
  • Zanny I got a medieval game you could play. It's called, Ryse Son of Rome

    Diet AppleDiet Apple3 napja
  • New zanny video coming tomorrow yay I think

    Ayan ManAyan Man3 napja
  • hey zanny there is a event for red nose day called #thankmas to raise money for it

    Nathaniel BishopNathaniel Bishop3 napja
  • What about that tony hawk game? Err I think it has a campaign

    Jackson WojnowskiJackson Wojnowski3 napja
  • 1:25 wow i didnt know that percy was a comrade

    Fernando Andre Coello ChavarriaFernando Andre Coello Chavarria3 napja

    Jose DelgadoJose Delgado3 napja
  • Why dont you play devil may cry 5 zanny? Its the kinda game you would like

    Klara JangojanKlara Jangojan3 napja
  • Over there, capitalism Over here, painful, agonising, failure

    Birb YTBirb YT3 napja
  • He Sounds Like TankFish

    Arkaan TitanArkaan Titan3 napja
  • Woods: LETS GO Zanny: OK!.. WHERE?

    LetsEnjoyJuiceeLetsEnjoyJuicee3 napja
  • From what I’ve seen from the COD player base’s view of park I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about certain aspects of her

    Randomdude 27Randomdude 273 napja
  • Zanny can you play for honour with winter tommy?

    standard_dragonstandard_dragon3 napja
  • Can you stop the rotors. 🤣

    Pokemongenix CoffmanPokemongenix Coffman3 napja
  • 7:07 *remembers of RAMIREZ*

    Pablo L MustafaPablo L Mustafa3 napja
  • Wait the Cold War wasn't in Winter

    James ThompsonJames Thompson3 napja
  • "There are optional missions in COD now?" *cries in Infinite Warfare*

    Holden TyreHolden Tyre3 napja
  • Bro you got on mrtlexifys channel

    Angel CoronadoAngel Coronado3 napja
  • Mrlexty reacted to ur vid btw

    Ben GuimaraesBen Guimaraes3 napja
  • Zanny MrTLexify reacted to this this is a big deal

    Aine MartinAine Martin4 napja
  • My Alexa respond to his questions for time

    7.bằng nguyễn danh7.bằng nguyễn danh4 napja
  • "There's such a thing as too much fan service" *metal gear solid 4 sweats profusely*

    ITheSuicideKingITheSuicideKing4 napja
  • yo,zanny.When are u going to make another battlefront 2 video?

    Sava RilakSava Rilak4 napja
  • A Vietnamese man, playing an American, shooting Vietnamese men.

    Ronin ChimeraRonin Chimera4 napja
  • I love the Neuer reference at the Berlin Wall lol

    Carbonated MilkCarbonated Milk4 napja
  • Zanny Filipino ka pala HAHAHAHAB

    Ralph Angelo H. OliverosRalph Angelo H. Oliveros4 napja
  • nooooo you cant just go through 2 thirds of the campaighn and then go to multiplayer! ha ha bad sniping go brrrrrr

    Cathlene BassonCathlene Basson4 napja
  • Take me to vier nam plssss

    not a romanianot a romania4 napja
  • just remenber in viatnam america lost

    Abner GabrielAbner Gabriel4 napja
  • I’m pretty sure all xboxers want to play with zanny

    Jess GoldsJess Golds4 napja
  • Dude Zanny cheers me up so much it’s crazy, I use his videos as background noise to sleep because quietness makes my anxiety flair, and I get lost in his videos, since he plays only games that I play, when he makes inside jokes I actually feel involved, and since i’ve been here for like 3 years it genuinely feels like I am following with Zanny, one of my many inspirations to do youtube, I hope I get a friend group like Zanny has, keep going i’m sure you’ll only grow from here i’ll try to be every step of the way

    JMacSTLJMacSTL4 napja
  • Call of duty black ops cold war is a good game

    Anthony ArensAnthony Arens4 napja
  • The memes zanny, what do they mean?

    The Unholy CrusaderThe Unholy Crusader4 napja