Black Clover - Opening 13 | Grandeur

2021.jan. 5.
4 370 969 Megtekintés

The Spade Kingdom Arc Has Begun! 🔥
Artist: Snow Man
Song: Grandeur
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  • Watch Black Clover here!

    Crunchyroll CollectionCrunchyroll Collection12 napja
    • @Jantheking d uniTur vuoi più

      Iacopo BertottiIacopo Bertotti10 órája
    • @Jantheking a presto il tuo nome e cognome del

      Iacopo BertottiIacopo Bertotti10 órája
    • @Jantheking i imagine

      Adaliz HURTADOAdaliz HURTADO2 napja
    • Bruh you don’t have ep 100 you have like ep 60 and that’s it

      Banana SpyBanana Spy3 napja
    • OK :-|

      MatinMatin3 napja
  • 1:02 best part for me

    Kirigaya KazutoKirigaya Kazuto20 perccel
  • Snowman op 11:This is a good opening :D Snowman op 13:Surpass your LIMITS

    Gamer of chaosGamer of chaos46 perccel
  • Let's start this year....... with grandeur

    SriVatsa RaoSriVatsa Rao52 perccel
  • don't mind me... DEFINITELY not my 100th time watching... yup... DEFINITELY

  • I'm in love with Vanica

    Vito Simone TaglianettiVito Simone TaglianettiÓrája
  • 0:43 Is it weird if I think Vanica is hot?

  • this opening made the asta become more dwarf than it already is

    Itachi MemesItachi Memes2 órája
  • me encanta la sigo escuchando ❤

    rosa Violetarosa Violeta2 órája
  • o anão bombado ta chegando, se prepara spade.

    ArthurArthur3 órája
  • Asta watched Jojo

    Minato NamikazeMinato Namikaze3 órája
  • Never watched Black Clover but this SLAPS

    Aiden LewisAiden Lewis4 órája
    • It's a great anime, tho the first few episodes are pretty rough

      TwiroxTwirox2 órája
    • You should watch it it’s really enjoyable and their ops don’t miss

      Ophelia PhelimOphelia Phelim3 órája
  • Black clovers path is basically the same as Asta’s. Started just a random anime with no power in the anime community. Never gave up, worked hard to improve, and now we see a buffed and amazing story. Props to the creator and the studio 👏

    Gonçalo AlbuquerqueGonçalo Albuquerque4 órája
  • This song is just sticky

    Thalita FortalezaThalita Fortaleza4 órája
  • Thick neck

    Marvale BarnesMarvale Barnes5 órája
  • I'm about to simp for Asta gad damn

    Prometeus APrometeus A5 órája
  • 0:43 my fav part

    Yummy MankoYummy Manko5 órája
  • Best op black clover

    RassidoX UzumakiRassidoX Uzumaki5 órája
  • Chad asta

    AmemeAmeme6 órája
  • W I D E

    Omega CheeseOmega Cheese6 órája
  • Boomer wizards: U can just fly in a broom you midget !!! Wide asta: *Flying Sword goes Brrrr*

    Dark MagicianDark Magician7 órája
  • Asta is one THICC BOY.

    Rhiannon SenpaiRhiannon Senpai7 órája
  • Que sentimientos encontrados hace sentir este opening...lo que se viene es muy fuerte,🌝

    OBITO 07OBITO 077 órája
  • Autors have some good recipe for openings

    Phoen1xPhoen1x8 órája
  • please tell me i am not the only one who got goosebumps at 1:24 when they showed Liebe and Lichita

    SetsukueSetsukue8 órája
  • Asta anão bombado fds

    Caio ;_;Caio ;_;8 órája
  • Is it just me or should they have made asta a little taller at least. Guy looks like he bout to pop

    Nooh KhaledNooh Khaled9 órája
  • Black Clover bestoo shounen!!

    Hikari LHikari L9 órája
  • Its a DAMN SHAME that black clover got snuffed for the Anime Awards Nothing for their amazing openings and nothing for their amazing fights, both of which Crunchy Roll loves to upload for views, but i guess nothing for actual praise.

    Darryl JackDarryl Jack10 órája
  • The best intro

    Ayoub CharefAyoub Charef12 órája
  • The artstlye looks fantastic on all of the characters in this new arc. Everyone's eyes look bright and stuff

    I Play GamesI Play Games12 órája
  • Господи что с Астой ? Что за перекачаный карлик ????

    Angelina PavlyshAngelina Pavlysh12 órája
  • I was once a hater, This is now one of my favourite anime’s 🍀

    Buzz RedBuzz Red13 órája
    • Welcome Little pony

  • 1:24 this is my 145th time listening to this song and that piano melody at the end still gives me chills 😳😳

    Kirito's InternKirito's Intern14 órája
  • If they play the first op during one of this arc's fight it's gonna be fkin epic

    Gabriele TestiniGabriele Testini14 órája
  • Watched Black Clover from episode 1 to where it currently is in 3 days, I don’t regret not studying for my finals for this

    Justin PyunJustin Pyun15 órája
  • Man Asta has been doing em' daily quests for 6 months.

    MilkywayThe CommenterMilkywayThe Commenter15 órája
    • When instead of following the story you do over a 100 side quests and you become over levelled for the boss fight:

      Yash FofariaYash Fofaria9 órája
  • bad opening spoilers everywhere

    bo sama:gatuibo2bo sama:gatuibo215 órája
    • @Yash Fofaria u seriously im joking 😄😄

      bo sama:gatuibo2bo sama:gatuibo27 órája
    • Yeah and? Have you seen the naruto pain arc Op it in comparison had more spoilers in it.

      Yash FofariaYash Fofaria9 órája
  • After we see the Full Demon at the end we se his Mom

    NTS ShineNTS Shine15 órája
    • bruv thats amd

      haha tempohaha tempo15 órája
  • Where's Magna though! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Boris NoumbissiBoris Noumbissi15 órája
  • Вау, не слишком ли много показали под конец? Я имею ввиду.. Маму его и Либе.. Но выглядит просто супееер

    KyushukiKyushuki15 órája

    Arda MeriçArda Meriç16 órája
    • He a top 10 character

      sneeky poopermansneeky pooperman16 órája
  • Gosh Asta got THICC

    SteakInMyHeartSteakInMyHeart16 órája
  • I've been watching since ep 1 and I never understood why people thought it was trash, I've always liked this anime regardless of animation and Asta's pretty wack screams ( which didn't bother me) glad to see this anime is trending and I'll gladly stick around until the end of this anime!

    YungYung16 órája
  • *My friend told me to skip the opening* *He was missing the next day*

    Zeldrus AMVZeldrus AMV17 órája
  • how come i see no one commenting on the demon form of his, the one we see for a split second

    LightningsahibLightningsahib17 órája
    • Maybe cause thats not what it is

      sneeky poopermansneeky pooperman16 órája
  • i've been waiting

    the gasping ghastthe gasping ghast18 órája
  • Lo diré Black clover besto shonen

    Fabricio AvilaFabricio Avila18 órája
  • Características de openings* Jujutsu kaisen: Panda do parkour Black Clover: XANDÃO bombado

    Tiago BernardesTiago Bernardes19 órája
  • Nice

    Christian TakaChristian Taka19 órája
  • Suputamadre asta súper mamadisimo 😱

    Nahuel PonceNahuel Ponce19 órája

    Roma 26Roma 2620 órája
  • Боже! Это просто самый лучший опенинг, который я видел!

    Just JJust J20 órája
  • this opening makes asta look way shorter than he already is haha

    PixieBearPixieBear20 órája
  • are we really gonna ignore how good this op is

    Gianni FareakahanGianni Fareakahan20 órája
  • Anão musculoso

    Over HeavenOver Heaven20 órája
  • I just loved it

    Mlk sem magiaMlk sem magia21 órája
  • Nobody: Asta after watching jojo:

    umar buttumar butt21 órája
  • Still waiting for that 9 tails anti-magic beast and wind element Susano

    Tronen ShikokuTronen Shikoku21 órája
  • If he keeps getting more buff at this rate, Asta will make Jojo characters look like stick men in comparison

  • Esta buenisimoooo

    ElementrixGamerElementrixGamer22 órája
  • Why are his arms so tiny at 0:09

    FrPk DarkFrPk Dark22 órája
    • Rushed art

      sneeky poopermansneeky pooperman16 órája
  • I better look like wide Asta by the end of 2021 or this year was bad

    Prelude IIVPrelude IIV22 órája
  • Im glad i binged watched this to catch up

    Chaos Leviatho2Chaos Leviatho223 órája
  • vim aqui após o video do guto sobre black clover

  • Since when?! This only came out last week and it has 42m views

    peti the manpeti the manNapja
    • It was trending #1 at one point

      TwiroxTwirox23 órája
  • Wow, this is prob the worst bc opening yet, and even it’s decent. They haven’t had a bad OP yet

    • Lol, worst? Its the best for me

      Ghayathi GtGhayathi Gt15 órája
  • Is it just me or does asta remind you of tyler1

  • 0:20 when i get a new game

    Rokibul HassanRokibul HassanNapja
  • I love this OP.

    Precise SoulPrecise SoulNapja
  • Asta in op 12 [ ] Asta in op 13 [. ]

    Reiper OtakuReiper OtakuNapja
  • It took me two weeks to binge watch episode 1 - 158 now I'm ready for this season

    El WaldoEl WaldoNapja
  • Im hyped on this arc

    Blocker ExtraBlocker ExtraNapja
  • Asta new form

    Simo BelhadadSimo BelhadadNapja
  • At 1:01 ↗️↙️➡️↙️⬇️➡️⬆️

  • El diseño de Asta se ha vuelto simplemente grotesco, es un enano con más musculo que cabeza... Me resulta incomodo de ver..... extraño su diseño anterior

    Daniela RodríguezDaniela RodríguezNapja
  • to think all the vents until now were in a span of 2years and now noelle,asta,yuno are all 17 thats tuff

    Young Dagger AgentYoung Dagger AgentNapja
  • Anime do Anão bombado continua :)

    Pão PãoPão PãoNapja
  • No seria un opening de black clover si no tuviera spoiler , me encanta

    Wooyoung AteezWooyoung AteezNapja
  • Sounds like they got Captain Sparklez to do the song

    Havik AlexHavik AlexNapja
  • I listened to this more than how many episodes will be in this arc

    Degenerate CitizenDegenerate CitizenNapja
  • The best thing about thus song is dat the animators have done black clover animation to where natch came in👍👍😎

    Ayomide JimohAyomide JimohNapja
  • wo:weak opening sp:strong opening wo1 wo2 wo3 wo4 wo5 wo7 wo8 wo9 wo10 wo11 wo12 so13

    evahn beukesevahn beukesNapja
  • HAHAHAHA Asta looks like a chubby umpalumpa

  • Best opening

    very coolvery coolNapja
  • Hey I'm watching black clover not rise of the sheild hero

  • Love this OP

  • Юно тупо каждый раз пропихивают паувэр апами, тупо потому что он родился!

  • So no one gonna talk about how 00:17 is just the best part and that lil “woo hoo” part hits diff

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoNapja
  • What happened to Asta?! When did he suddenly get ripped!

    • 6 months heart kingdom training timeskip

  • I love how with every new opening, the artstyle quality increases

  • yeah boiiiiii!

  • Anão bombado

    Alph4_0 -Alph4_0 -Napja
  • put this song on spotify..

    BlackBullYami TVBlackBullYami TVNapja
  • it's fantastic how in all of the phrases there's an English word

    Cristiano CotognoCristiano CotognoNapja
  • Finally the simp king is here.

    jotaro kujojotaro kujoNapja
    • Yare yare daze

      Americano CYAmericano CYNapja
  • I swear, Asta's so Buff he might as well be the Mascot of the Black Bull's cause he's built like a Bull

    • "Mini-Yami"

  • في عرب

  • Real girls seeing anime girls: THAT'S SO UNREALISTIC, MEN CAN'T EXPECT US TO LOOK LIKE THEM! Me seeing buffsta: I will go to the gym right now to look like him.

    • I mean, muscle can be changed easily, not like body parts size or face... _I liked your joke, don't woosh me please, I'm weak_

      雲Nepheles雲Nepheles22 órája
    • 🤣🤣 so true

  • Ah those post time skip shounen openigs, love this vibe...