Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video

2021.jan. 2.
10 209 545 Megtekintés

After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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  • any true brother would stop it

    carl worrallcarl worrall2 perccel

    Edwin Antonio Morales PrietoEdwin Antonio Morales Prieto22 perccel

    Edwin Antonio Morales PrietoEdwin Antonio Morales Prieto23 perccel
  • Goosebumps what a way to go to valhalla

    The WandererThe Wanderer45 perccel
  • Was this a cutlery commercial back in the day?

    garry weinberggarry weinberg51 perce
  • Where the eff was Thor?

    Anonymous PosterAnonymous PosterÓrája
  • Nice face! Its chosen

    Alin Vasile MoisaAlin Vasile Moisa2 órája
  • The warm psychology cytologically divide because mexico adventitiously flood than a dusty graphic. supreme, sturdy burst

    Ryan KhansaryRyan Khansary3 órája
  • Valhalla will acept no less

    Reality isnt A choiceReality isnt A choice3 órája
  • top

  • The show got better without Bjorn.

    Dave WitmerDave Witmer4 órája
  • If you wanna arrest me call after police because I won't online

    Zaneta MrowiecZaneta Mrowiec4 órája
  • 🇷🇺🇸🇮🇸🇮

    Hung SoLowHung SoLow5 órája
  • Who knows the background music?

    World Entertainment TvWorld Entertainment Tv5 órája
  • Anybody else disappointed with the last two episodes?

    Lee BowerLee Bower6 órája
  • ewwwwwwwuh

    frank linfrank lin7 órája
  • Хуета

    Леша НаумовЛеша Наумов7 órája
  • It wasnt a mortal wound tho, if it was he would have died instantly.You can see that the arrows didnt hit his heart.

    SandeeSandee7 órája
  • One of the best movie scenes ever.

    FuRuKaSuLYeeFuRuKaSuLYee7 órája
  • Как жесток этот мир😈

    Иван ФокинИван Фокин7 órája
  • Ooo the ones paid tax for 500 years to THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE !!! BTW ... SOON YOU WILL START PAYING AGAIN .... TURKS COMING

    Ben VeSeyahatBen VeSeyahat7 órája
  • Now that's how you send off Bjorn🔥🔥🔥

    Lloyd MpepoLloyd Mpepo7 órája
  • Veliki Bjorn!

    Vladimir RadosavljevicVladimir Radosavljevic7 órája
  • What episode is that? I missed that scene in the last of season 6

    Davide ZackDavide Zack7 órája
  • Hold on which episode is this?, i watched the whole series untill season 6 on netflix but this ive never seen? whats up with that

    Nytox xNytox x8 órája
  • Einfach play69 im Film

    Jorell FaizioJorell Faizio8 órája
  • Too few can this might be found in men of this era.

    ARcindianARcindian8 órája
  • Что за фильм?

    leonid Marchenkoleonid Marchenko8 órája
  • Ты божий раб, я - внук Даждьбожий. Ты унижаешься, прося. Во мне ж горит огонь Сварожий, Я с Предком говорю любя. С Богами говорю как равный, А ты готов весь лоб разбить. Я для Богов потомок славный, Твой Бог за грех готов убить. Рабом останешься навеки, И вряд ли Он тебя простит. Я ж растворюсь в лесах и реках, Мой Бог не будет внуку мстить! Не божий раб я, внук Даждьбожий, Не унижаюсь я, прося. Во мне горит огонь Сварожий И тот огонь - моя стезя!

    А КаА Ка8 órája
  • One of the best series ever! If you haven't seen the episode where he fights the bear, watch it!

    Chris CChris C8 órája
  • Русский перевод не появится надо понимать

    monte crismonte cris8 órája
  • By which name I can find this... ??

    Sahil BhagraSahil Bhagra9 órája

    Chandu VloggerChandu Vlogger9 órája
  • Hard to Believe he'd Sit There on his Mount and Take 3 Arrows.

    Kristof ThibaudKristof Thibaud9 órája

  • Why didn't hviserk go to Bjorn ? Take the sword of His family/Kings. and actually see Bjorn for one last time.

    YeNZeCYeNZeC10 órája
  • I wanna be a viking

    ÇağlarÇağlar10 órája
  • Huns VS Vikings

    David FitcherDavid Fitcher11 órája
  • "Retreat" - Ivar the homeless

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni11 órája
  • Which Season is this ? And aflevering

    Wijkagent HamidWijkagent Hamid11 órája
    • S06 E011

      Mo74mm4d KhasawnehMo74mm4d Khasawneh11 órája
  • If he would’ve had one last war cry it would’ve been even better

    SirIsiahSirIsiah12 órája
  • What an epic series

    Prashant SharmaPrashant Sharma12 órája
  • Сценарий писал автор Властелина Колец)))

    Миkола СтрiлкоМиkола Стрiлко12 órája
  • Rus means a colour. Rysik cvet volos is my hair colour and like 90% russians have rusij colour. Hazel/light brown. We are not turks or pechenegs like in this movie

    Igor PriladyshevIgor Priladyshev14 órája
  • Wht again portrating ruddians as asians or turkd?

    Igor PriladyshevIgor Priladyshev14 órája
    • "Retreat" - Ivar the homeless

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni11 órája
  • Song?

    Arrano ZuriaArrano Zuria14 órája
  • Music??

    Arrano ZuriaArrano Zuria14 órája
  • Can Someone elaborate this to me🇮🇳

    Stark TechStark Tech14 órája
  • The last of the great heros... I get goosebumps everything I watch this...the true spirit of viking is captured in this scene perfectly.

    David S.David S.14 órája
  • This scene gave me goosebumps

  • Самый эпичный момент последнего сезона!

    akira rinnakira rinn15 órája
  • " There I shall wait for my son's to join me, and when they do I'll bask in their tales of triumph" 😭😭😭😭😭

    papajones pizzapapajones pizza15 órája
  • In thee legend alone mighty Odin had himself suspended to Idrassil ,the world tree! 9 days and nights slashed down his primogeniture! His blood and seed flooding the roots of the ancient Idrassil....for our lives today!!! That is a MAN.

    O Ceviche BandO Ceviche Band16 órája
  • What's the name of this tv show

    Billy RogersBilly Rogers16 órája
  • what kind of steppe Europeans in Mongolian armor? 😂😂😂

    Tamerlan 1986Tamerlan 198618 órája
  • That's impossible...

    J ColezJ Colez19 órája
  • Ragnar and Lagertha are waiting for you Bjorn in the Valhalla. Maybe even Odin.

    Murat KAHRAMANMurat KAHRAMAN19 órája
  • Man i didnt saw this before, dont spoiling man... Its not even on netflix right now, your hurting me.

    E DelanoE Delano21 órája

    Fredi GogoliFredi Gogoli21 órája

    Fredi GogoliFredi Gogoli21 órája
  • King of All was Muhamed Peace and blessing be upon him. PROHPHET Muhamed was the most influential man ever lived on face the earth.

    Nuuh AliNuuh Ali21 órája
  • Cadê a tradução

    Adilson Aparecido SilvaAdilson Aparecido Silva23 órája
  • "i didnt watch it yet, maybe i should get amazon to watch it" Amazon- NOP, take these spoilers.

    Tougen M-Tougen M-23 órája
  • I dont want to cry😥😭 But this last ep is sooo painful😭

    ethan hawkeethan hawke23 órája
  • Ragnar is Bash in the Triumph of Bjorn in Valhalla

    Laibansan LyngdohLaibansan Lyngdoh23 órája
  • 10 MIL VIEWSSSS!!!

    Gkikas SpyrosGkikas Spyros23 órája
  • What a epic ending for Bjorn Ironside. Ragnar would have been proud to call him son.

    Russ ParkerRuss ParkerNapja
  • Why i did not see this on netflix last season??

  • Which season and episode is this

    ivan deninivan deninNapja
  • This is poetry at its best!

  • Najsmutniejsza scena z całej sagi... śmierć Bjorna...

  • i actually fkin cried at this episode :)

  • Está cena ficou demais

    Filipe SchumakerFilipe SchumakerNapja
  • A Great scene of Cinematography!

    Arutin MuradyanArutin MuradyanNapja
  • one of the best series ever i see

  • Why did he got out there alone instead of riding with his army? to get self shot n become a hero? 😞😞😞

    Ranchor DasRanchor DasNapja
  • Кино и немцы

    Сергей ЗавадскийСергей ЗавадскийNapja
  • A scene i will never forget. So much Honor.

    S. ArnoldS. ArnoldNapja

    Best status & MusicBest status & MusicNapja

  • He didn't really go into battle since he missed out all of the action

    Dw InnitDw InnitNapja
  • I stopped watching when Ragnar died

    Hersi harveyHersi harveyNapja
  • kick kozlovski from thre

  • this gives me goosebumps

    BE SIBE SINapja
  • Skol !!!

    17_Abhishek Pratap Singh17_Abhishek Pratap SinghNapja
  • Что там делает Козловский? Блять Петрова не увидел, но чувствую он там тоже есть

    Анкудович АлександрАнкудович АлександрNapja
  • I hate so bad when youtube recomendations made me see spoilers.

    Ángel FrancoÁngel FrancoNapja
    • Don't cry that's your fault.

      Arrano ZuriaArrano Zuria14 órája
  • For me vikings ended when Ragnar died in season 4

    Ovaid WaniOvaid WaniNapja
  • I Can Do any thing trust me

    Salma SalmaSalma SalmaNapja
  • Epic

  • Бред сивой кобылы

    Eugen DyakonEugen DyakonNapja
  • What a man is Björn, to be so honored even by his enemies. The valkyries chose well with him.

    Sven Double-YouSven Double-YouNapja
  • Would of been better if Bjorn used his last breathe to let out an almighty shout, While holding sword of king of kings up in the air. Then the troops charged from the back and front.

  • I liked this series as much as when Ragnar and bjon were there, after all this blue eye man I don't like neither I continued to watch more

    The PelicanThe PelicanNapja
  • What a cosmic moment of an Icon GOT producers could have learnt from this. Even after losing the star ⭐️ Character Ragnar, they still managed to reel us in

    yomi williamsyomi williamsNapja
  • Really wish we got a final scene of everyone feasting in vallhalla

    Aaron McKenzieAaron McKenzieNapja
  • Kürşad benzetmesi yapılmış Kürsad ölmüştü fakat attan düşmemişti Ölmüştü fakat yenilmemişti

    Goca Durmuş KanıkGoca Durmuş KanıkNapja
  • soooo , anyone else cried like a friggin baby while watching this?

    Nico RansNico RansNapja
  • His traitor druggie brother had lost his right to say any praise towards Bjorn

    YouTube VigilanteYouTube VigilanteNapja
  • What episode is this

    Traveller NinjaTraveller NinjaNapja