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It's #FailFriday so that mean's it's time for The Fails of the Week! Happy #FailFriday everbody!
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  • Mom: "who broke my vase!" Kid: "Kamar did it" Mom: "Stop lying or I will take away your PS5!" Kid: "Would you like to know who really killed Kennedy?"

    Your Mom's Creepy UncleYour Mom's Creepy Uncle21 perce
  • Nothing more american that wearing a stars and stripe wife beater and not understanding how the sun works.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusÓrája
  • Did you make this one intentionally bad?

    BNL AsafaBNL Asafa6 órája
  • 2:22 so he was supposed to cut BELOW the rope? hahahahah

    Cristopher GoreCristopher Gore7 órája
  • 3:54

    Jhonn Anderson Bravo AsenjoJhonn Anderson Bravo Asenjo7 órája
  • Hey the content tik tok it's boring I do not say it in a bad way but I say it to take into account in a future video anyway your voices are super fun😂😂😆😆😉

    Carlos Risso PatrónCarlos Risso Patrón13 órája
  • Are girls really crying over hair ?? Jeez... I'm becoming bald at 35 and I don't give a shit lmao

    GameDjeenieGameDjeenie15 órája
  • Huuuhhhhh)))))

    ToP FuN VideoSToP FuN VideoS16 órája
  • No need to cry over hair that's a little uneven, most hairdos look like accidents these days.

    Wyatt SimmsWyatt Simms19 órája
  • When you didn't got enough cash, to get a new Haircut 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Lol the sun light tho 😂

    apriliana papriliana pNapja
  • this water coming out the bathroom is such a karen move....

  • Some fails are better than others

  • 5:42 MORONS

  • Фалс файл ролик

    Сергей ФедюковСергей ФедюковNapja
  • nice

    ms salientms salient2 napja
  • 04:10 harry potter out here playing with vingardium leviosa(sorry if its wrong spell)

    Timon timmyTimon timmy2 napja
  • 3:40 she still looks pretty tho 🥰

    XLandmarkSix69XXLandmarkSix69X2 napja
  • You started it

    Mad Dogg USA smugglers run USA. Officer maddogg. 12Mad Dogg USA smugglers run USA. Officer maddogg. 122 napja
  • omg. shoe super fake

    Pets AwesomePets Awesome2 napja
  • Woww

    Mr 583Mr 5832 napja
  • cabeça

    ARE _ARE _2 napja
  • Covid19 is not the proper way to decrease the population growth. Considering the method at 2:09 commonly called "TheBallBuster" is very much effective, less lethal and more humane. 👍

    AsunaAsuna2 napja
  • Imagine crying over hair that grows back ..

    Honda RydaHonda Ryda2 napja
  • 0.43 -> c'mon now literally No one believes he didn't know exactly what she was doing. Pathetic. Get out

    Nah GTFOHNah GTFOH2 napja
  • Imagine crying over hair.

    Satan's ButtholeSatan's Butthole2 napja
  • 5.25 cant handle a slip

    Hugh MungusHugh Mungus2 napja
  • Gay pride preceeds the fall....@ minute 1:50

    Clark KentClark Kent2 napja
  • worst failarmy video ever. for feal...

    JazzonJazzon2 napja
  • piss off its just hair, it'll grow back.

    Russy WRussy W2 napja
  • I've never understood why girls cry about a hair cut. Its hair. Itll grow back.

    PaigeElise123PaigeElise1232 napja
  • Dirt bike fails pls🏍️👍

    PYRO cookiePYRO cookie2 napja
  • "Water coming out of the bathroom" is not a fail. Followed by the guy's reaction. Awesome. That chick is a keeper.

    RamblinRickRamblinRick3 napja
  • Haircut girls!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Awesome

    Miguel GuerreroMiguel Guerrero3 napja
  • 4:33 Wow, that’s new levels of stupid. Though the tats should have tipped me.

    Tallowyck62Tallowyck623 napja
  • That's all Nike does is draw-on swooshes...why can't I?

    J RandallJ Randall3 napja
  • ATV flipped over wildly 😂😂😂😂

    Sir KnightSir Knight3 napja
  • That guy with the arrow ... wtf?! 05:41 ... imagine straight on the head. RIP

    To HellTo Hell3 napja
  • You need to do a compilation of all these people trying to cut their hair during lockdown. It always ends up with "What did you do?" "I don't know!"

    hXc HectorhXc Hector3 napja
  • Could the woman with the fake Nikes, get done for consumer goods forgery? The Nike slogan is a copy written symbol.

    YouChwbYouChwb3 napja
    • Only if she tries to sell them, and claims they are actually Nike's. That is what trademark laws are protecting. Copyright has to do with intellectual property like books, art, or music.

      JedgarJedgar2 napja
  • Please. No tiktok garbage...

    Adam WAdam W3 napja
  • So many of these clips are obviously planned out and rehearsed. Can you at least attempt to stick to genuine fails?

    Ross KaneRoss Kane3 napja
  • A lot of these videos I couldn’t understand for the language. At least put subtitles please.

    Cristóbal LetelierCristóbal Letelier3 napja
  • 1:50 oh amk iyi olmuş

    Blue explosion gameBlue explosion game3 napja
  • "Water coming out of the bathroom"... nice.

    Howard ShubsHoward Shubs3 napja
  • 0:20 NIKE send this kid a pair of shoes

    Shannon GomezShannon Gomez3 napja
  • That girl with the messed up haircut looks like the same girl that messed it up a few years ago doing the curling iron tutorial

    fillgfillg3 napja
  • Stupid girl! Crying over how her hair got ruined. Why bother messing with them in the first place? 🌚

    Asif A. AliAsif A. Ali3 napja
  • 3:43 aah my heart's breaking for her. My two darlings are 24 and 18 I miss their little selves.

    Jamie and his magic torchJamie and his magic torch3 napja
  • Did he really just shoot an arrow straight up? 5:42

    Matt JasaMatt Jasa3 napja
  • 02:50 you cant cut your own hair and think it will be beautiful af

    venqorvenqor3 napja
  • 💯👍👍👍👍👍💯💞💖💞💖💞

    Вадим СоловьёвВадим Соловьёв4 napja
  • hi) come visit me)🙈

    Territory of LaughterTerritory of Laughter4 napja
  • чет гавно какое то в этот раз

    Andrey ShoppingLiveAndrey ShoppingLive4 napja
  • Finally some new contents!

    JL RibeiroJL Ribeiro4 napja
  • This one was prett funny

    jdmsaijdmsai4 napja
  • Who broke the fucking vase haha

    Krabby Patty KrabsKrabby Patty Krabs4 napja
  • Don't ever tell your friends to cut your hair, they will make fun of you for sure LOL... Bc I did the same to my friend :)

    Fun and CuteFun and Cute4 napja
    • omg only hairs.....

      Malte HagedornMalte Hagedorn4 napja
  • 5:07 I felt pity for all human life !

    Hey Ya!Hey Ya!4 napja
  • 5:27 The most genuine "aduhhhh" I've heard on HUworld

    Average XennpaiAverage Xennpai4 napja
    • That guy is from Indonesian

      Alifiandi SyahputraAlifiandi SyahputraNapja
  • "Theres water coming out of the bathroom!" Classic lol!

    Great White North LifeGreat White North Life4 napja
  • Typical- show all the videos everyone else has posted

    Scottish Unicorn GlitterScottish Unicorn Glitter4 napja
  • Bruv,The First Kid Is A Puma Fan...

    1NFECT3D.1NFECT3D.4 napja
  • bro did u really name ur vid after the shortest clip of the compilation? lol

    TetraTetra4 napja
  • 46 seconds in lmao

    David GanglerDavid Gangler4 napja
  • why she crie its not that bad lol

    ba-zou-KAba-zou-KA4 napja
  • 5:04 Wow, that's stupid on a whole new level!

    Michael TatumMichael Tatum4 napja
  • “It was sikai!” “Why did you snitch on me?!” Honey, you were already snitching on your brother and yet you act surprised your baby brother snitched on you? I feel bad for the brother being blamed for the vase.

    donald deluxedonald deluxe4 napja
  • These were trash falls

    Nemo CiauNemo Ciau4 napja
  • Props to the kid with the fake nikes. Humble to the core.

    Doc Holliday GamingDoc Holliday Gaming4 napja
  • 0:57 We have a vr masterpiece

    Alex StoriesAlex Stories4 napja
  • this channel should just be called "dumbest people on earth" not fail army.

    KShedKShed4 napja
  • 3:30 Haircut girl... 1) Don't cry, get control of your emotions before they jeopardize every relationship you will ever be in. 2) No need to cry, just next time get someone to cut your hair for you that you trust. Your sister can only be trusted when you are truly in an emergency. If you're okay, your siblings will mess with you. 3) Sill no need to cry, it'll grow back. 4) Further still, no need to cry, it looks good if you just even it out. 5) Absolutely no need to cry, because people don't care about your hair nearly as much as you think they do.

    Brian DanielsBrian Daniels4 napja
  • Always liked and subbed!!! Love ya

    Ava_Angel 077Ava_Angel 0774 napja
  • My dad after drinking somthing special in 3 am 1:49

    Bacon HairBacon Hair4 napja
  • This is why you don't get new videos often. But Fridays are still the best

    Josh PaperDragonJosh PaperDragon4 napja
  • i watched this

    zuhnzuhn4 napja
  • 2:50 thats why i go to the salon

    Connot LicelaveConnot Licelave4 napja
  • That light never goes out. It's a skylight. Damn... How are these hot chic's just so stupid? Common sense is NOT where we are in the US. THIS proves it (on a small scale, I get it) why we are in the state that we're in.

    Chris - Trail name: ThumperChris - Trail name: Thumper4 napja
    • Hot checks are hot, they don't need anything else :) The same goes for guys too.

      Владимир КругловВладимир Круглов3 napja
  • I wanna be mad/disappointed at the woman about the skylight but I can't...kinda adorable in some innocent form. Just me I suppose.

    Brian PalmerBrian Palmer4 napja
  • thanks for not cussing

    brian mclendonbrian mclendon4 napja
  • The bible says in Romans 3:23 because all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God For our sins we are destitute of the glory of God (of his kingdom) That means we would go to hell But there is good news for everyone The bible says in John 3:16 Because God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, for everyone who believes in him does not perish anymore have eternal life Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus By the grace of God, we have salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Romans 10: 9-10 That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved, because with the heart it is believed for justice, but with the mouth it is confessed for salvation Jesus said, repent because the kingdom of God has drawn near If you want to accept Jesus in your heart as your Lord and your Savior say the following prayer out loud Jesus, I recognize that I am a sinner and that I sin against you But I ask you to forgive me for all my sins I accept your gift of salvation And I ask you to write my name in the book of life and never erase it I accept you as my Lord and my savior Amen and amen You probably think I told you about religion, but you are wrong, God is not religion The human being created his own false gods, who really are demons No religion saves Christianity is a personal relationship with God

    Veride ClaudioVeride Claudio4 napja
  • Is this some new form of Lawn Darts??? (5:43)...

    EvilwhiteclownpunkEvilwhiteclownpunk4 napja
  • having a house full of a bunch of kids must be awful.

    set upset up4 napja
  • "It's a skylight" couldn't make that shit up...

    Mocktail BobMocktail Bob4 napja
  • 3:16 and the fact that she is fat does not bother her? let her have the best hairstyle in the world, she will still remain oily :)

    ЁгуртЁгурт4 napja
  • Roughly a third of these are not fails, they are closer to Tik Toks

    Pierre ValentinPierre Valentin4 napja
  • A couple soon to be Darwin Award Winners....

    JasonJason4 napja
  • Don't mess with his ps5😝😂

    KingAndrade91KingAndrade914 napja
  • I did the water coming out of the bathroom thing.

    SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK StudiosSevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios4 napja
  • 4:33 Seriously, women would be fucking lost without men.

    Craig McCartyCraig McCarty4 napja
  • My channel contains funny videos if you would like to come over

    AWNAAWNA4 napja
  • wait till he finds out there are no playstation 5s anyway...

    Paul HempenstallPaul Hempenstall4 napja
  • 4:04 i know that was supposed to be funny, but that was some beautiful footage right there.

    Kuzzikan009Kuzzikan0094 napja
    • @Shimmer Shine No argument there.

    • Beautiful footage, but not very beautiful when you have it flying towards your windows 💀 I live in this city and everyone was scared shitless. Rightfully so.

      Shimmer ShineShimmer ShineNapja
  • Why freak out it's only hair it will grow back. 3:22

    rennie radrennie rad4 napja

    Daniel MoresDaniel Mores4 napja
    • It did look like a light in the video, but of course most of us would know it was a skylight if we saw it in person.

      JedgarJedgar2 napja
  • Aids v8d

    jesusmithebossjesusmitheboss4 napja
  • I find it weirdly relaxing watching idiots do stupid things

    Iron CliffIron Cliff4 napja
  • That girl who cut her only has herself to blame

    Ruth WilkesRuth Wilkes4 napja
  • I didn’t get the girls with the pole. Can someone please explain. I’ll love you forever

    - thChrch- thChrch4 napja
    • The car was sliding out of control on the ice/snow, and they thought they were going to crash the pole... that's my theory...

      EvilwhiteclownpunkEvilwhiteclownpunk4 napja