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Massive crash! Teemu runs wide into a back, which flips his Fiesta over and off down a ditch! Crew OK! Full videos here
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The WRC is the FIA World Rally Championship, a tough motorsport using rally cars on real roads around the world. Watch the best rally drivers battle on gravel and asphalt roads with mud, rain, dust, ice and heat! Watch high speed action as the rally drivers power slide and drift round narrow corners, go flat out over a big jump or through a watersplash, handbrake turn round a hairpin, survive a big moment, or have a massive crash! Rally requires maximum attack and careful tactics to become world rally champion.
Each rally has timed sections called special stages, on closed roads. Drivers complete these stages as quickly as possible. A co-driver reads pace notes that explain the hazards ahead. Rally drivers use the same rally car to travel to each stage on public roads, following normal traffic regulations. The crew which completes all the stages in the shortest time is the rally winner. Championship points are won using the same scoring system as Formula 1. The championship is administered by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), motorsport's world governing body.
Over 30 countries have hosted WRC rallies. Rally Monte Carlo, Rally Argentina, Rally Finland, Rally Portugal, Tour de Corse on Corsica, France, Rally Sardegna on Sardinia, Italy, Safari Rally in Kenya, Acropolis Rally in Greece, Rally New Zealand, Rally Australia, Rally Japan, Rally GB, Rally Catalunya, Rallye Deutschland, Rally Mexico and many more.
Some of the world's greatest drivers have won the FIA World Rally Championship for Drivers, like Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz, Walter Röhrl, Stig Blomqvist, Petter Solberg, Ott Tänak. The list of world rally champions includes many Finnish rally drivers like Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Mäkinen, Ari Vatanen, Marcus Grönholm, Hannu Mikkola. French drivers have had success with Sébastien Ogier, and 9 times world champion Sébastien Loeb. Famous drivers from other motorsports have come to try rally driving like Ken Block from Rallycross, and Robert Kubica and Kimi Räikkönen from F1.
Car companies compete for the prestigious FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers awarded to the most successful WRC constructor. Winners include Citroen, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Peugeot. Ford have had success with the Ford Escort, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta when the M-Sport team won in 2017.
The 1980's featured the iconic Group B rally cars like the Lancia 037 and Delta S4, Peugeot 205 T16, MG Metro 6R4, Ford RS200 and Audi Quattro.
Japan dominated the 1990s with the Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, and Toyota Celica and Toyota Corolla. Toyota returned to the WRC in 2017 with the Toyota Yaris WRC, winning in 2018. The 2019 championship was won by Hyundai with the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC. Find out about the latest winners and champions at

  • Ow my gawd

    pida siouypida siouy27 napja
  • Ow my gawd

    doliio volaydoliio volay28 napja
  • Damn :/

    Shauka HodanShauka Hodan29 napja
  • The replay with the metal music remind me a burnout game

    aola wiliaola wiliHónapja
    • anche i detenuti della minoranza etnica uigura cinese sono stati presi di mira. Sabi ha dichiarato: «Espiantare cuori e altri organi da persone vive, irreprensibili, innocue e

      pida siouypida siouy27 napja
  • No room for error. Monte Carlo is brutal.

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooHónapja
    • delle Nazioni Unite e coloro che sono coinvolti nella questione dei trapianti, non possono più chiudere un occhio davanti a delle prove così "scomode".

      doliio volaydoliio volay28 napja
  • Come solo una parte del quadro generale, i prototipi interattivi ci chiamano a nuovi risultati, che, a loro volta, devono essere socialdemocratici anatemizzati. Va notato che diluito con una buona dose di empatia, il pensiero razionale consente di svolgere compiti importanti per sviluppare un ragionamento profondo.. したがって、社会志向の国家プロジェクトに向けたコースでは、社会によって設定されたタスクの分析が必要です。突然、野党の行動は、理性に対するマーケティングの勝利の真髄に過ぎず、その存在自体が社会に疑いの余地のない利益をもたらすものの、笑いの種にする必要があります。 まず第一に、将来のプロジェクトの高品質のプロトタイプは、決定の経済的実現可能性の重要性を大きく左右します。多様で豊富な経験から、トレーニングのフロンティアは参加型システムを定義する以外に選択肢がないことがわかります。

    Megan LoveMegan LoveHónapja
    • - OH no, everybody saw my crash! Let's hide down here.

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan29 napja
  • Career over.

    Tim SuetensTim SuetensHónapja
    • @cnmmd qiuoo I'm not a world-class rally driver entrusted with scoring the bulk of a world rally team's constructor's points this season.

      Tim SuetensTim SuetensHónapja
    • If you participate, you just destroy the rally car〜💢💢

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooHónapja
  • Like to activate.

    Regdu GehtRegdu GehtHónapja

      butti fdftbutti fdftHónapja
  • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

    dutoiu hourdutoiu hourHónapja
    • If you participate, you just destroy the rally car〜💢💢

      butti fdftbutti fdftHónapja
  • Feel sorry for him, great drive. The Monte just kept another prisoner!

    butti fdftbutti fdftHónapja
    • Suninen couldn't finish the rally stage seriously and destroyed more than he destroyed the previous rally car. Suninen is really good at scaling up. Easily destroy a rally car-I d

      aola wiliaola wiliHónapja
  • If in doubt, flat out

    Rich BRich BHónapja
    • Like ??????

      Regdu GehtRegdu GehtHónapja
  • さすがスンニネン!一発ポカしますよね!ラッピ復活望みます

    • M-Sport are in for a dismal season with crash happy Suninen and Greensmith

      dutoiu hourdutoiu hourHónapja
  • По красоте пошёл.

    Максимыч КиселевскийМаксимыч КиселевскийHónapja
    • When in doubt...yeet!

      butti fdftbutti fdftHónapja
  • The replay with the metal music remind me a burnout game

    laskin riubnlaskin riubnHónapja
    • Yay!

      laskin riubnlaskin riubnHónapja
  • ahh, poor tree...

    Roberto EnduroRoberto EnduroHónapja
    • which made it all funnier. Hahaha

      laskin riubnlaskin riubnHónapja
  • 1:38 beispiellos

  • Feel sorry for him, great drive. The Monte just kept another prisoner!

    misolou foutmisolou foutHónapja
    • По красоте пошёл.

      laskin riubnlaskin riubnHónapja
  • f1 crash: RED FLAG, SAFETY CAR FOR 15 MINUTES TO CLEAR UP A CAR THAT IS NOT EVEN BOTHERING ANYONE rally: A car rolled into a ditch. Lets just hold up a paper with SOS to let them know there is something ahead and do absolutely nothing at all

    Robert RRobert RHónapja
    • The replay with the metal music remind me a burnout game

      laskin riubnlaskin riubnHónapja
  • "Let's have a look at what this idiot did... in America!"

    Ronnie MacDonaldRonnie MacDonaldHónapja
  • Il 26 settembre la rivista National Review ha pubblicato l'articolo "La Cina accusata di aver prelevato organi da uiguri e da membri del Falun Gong" scritto da Zachary Evans. L'articolo riporta che un avvocato per i diritti umani ha accusato il governo cinese di aver ucciso membri della minoranza musulmana uigura e del gruppo religioso del Falun Gong per raccogliere i loro organi e ha esortato il Consiglio dei Ddirtti Uumai delle Nazioni Unite (UNHRC) a indagare sulle accuse. Hamid Sabi, avvocato e consigliere del Tribunale Cinese Hamid Sabi è un avvocato del Tribunale Cinese. Il Tribunale Cinese è un comitato indipendente fondato per indagare sulla questione del prelievo di organi in Cina, guidato dall'avvocato britannico Geoffery Nice, che in passato ha condotto l’accusa contro il presidente serbo Slobodan Milošević. «Il prelievo forzato di organi da prigionieri di coscienza, comprese le minoranze religiose del Falun Gong e degli Uiguri, è attivo da anni in tutta la Cina su vasta scala», ha detto Sabi all'UNHRC. Il verdetto finale del tribunale sulla questione, descrive nel dettaglio gli abusi commessi dal governo cinese e afferma che i medici sono stati autorizzati dal governo a «sezionare i corpi delle vittime mentre erano ancora vive, per i loro reni, fegati, cuori, polmoni, cornea e pelle al fine di trasformarli in merce da vendere». Il Falun Gong è una disciplina spirituale bandita in Cina. I suoi praticanti sono spesso arrestati. L'articolo sottolinea che i tempi di attesa per il trapianto di organi in Cina sono estremamente brevi. Ciò spinge i pazienti d'oltremare a recarsi in Cina per un trattamento. Il tribunale ha concluso che, in base alle leggi cinesi sulla donazione di organi, se le donazioni fossero veramente volontarie, l'offerta di organi dovrebbe essere molto più bassa di quella attuale. Il 24 settembre Hamid Sabi, consigliere del Tribunale Cinese, ha dichiarato al Consiglio dei Diritti Umani delle Nazioni Unite che la raccolta ha coinvolto «centinaia di migliaia di vittime», principalmente praticanti del movimento spirituale proibito del Falun Gong. Ha aggiunto che anche i detenuti della minoranza etnica uigura cinese sono stati presi di mira. Sabi ha dichiarato: «Espiantare cuori e altri organi da persone vive, irreprensibili, innocue e pacifiche, costituisce una delle peggiori atrocità di massa di questo secolo». Geoffrey Nice, presidente del tribunale, ha dichiarato durante un altro evento che i governi, gli enti delle Nazioni Unite e coloro che sono coinvolti nella questione dei trapianti, non possono più chiudere un occhio davanti a delle prove così "scomode".

    vyu gg6cyvyu gg6cyHónapja
  • - OH no, everybody saw my crash! Let's hide down here.

    • Feel sorry for him, great drive. The Monte just kept another prisoner!

      misolou foutmisolou foutHónapja
  • M3n cant drive

    crema de la sodacrema de la sodaHónapja
  • Suninen couldn't finish the rally stage seriously and destroyed more than he destroyed the previous rally car. Suninen is really good at scaling up. Easily destroy a rally car-I don't know if you regret the stupid guy who threw hundreds of millions of dollars into the ditch〜💢💢 It's a really bad rally driver that damages the company ~ Suninen has no results ~ If you participate, you just destroy the rally car〜💢💢

    George Balm Ghanard JuniorGeorge Balm Ghanard JuniorHónapja

    Ari HuuskonenAri HuuskonenHónapja
  • M-Sport are showing great pace. Teemu was unlucky.

    Ben CookBen CookHónapja
  • Goodbye Cruel World!

  • M-Sport are in for a dismal season with crash happy Suninen and Greensmith

    Weyland YutaniWeyland YutaniHónapja
  • When in doubt...yeet!

    Bradley RobinsonBradley RobinsonHónapja
  • Terrible luck for Suninen, was going to win that stage, Evans got really nervous on that same corner. I hope they can repair the roll cage and race tomorrow :(

    Miguel BarreroMiguel BarreroHónapja
  • That f....g while line grrrrrrrrrrrrf

    Miguel BarreroMiguel BarreroHónapja
  • I guarantee if m=Sport hired Craig Breen as a full time driver, they'd fare much better with him. Hardly ever crashes. A driver with big potential to become a World Champion and he's having to share seats at Hyundai. Not good enough.

  • 💩

    Roberto DucaRoberto DucaHónapja
  • He should have zigged when he zagged. D'oh!

  • Why rush Teemu? in test drive :O

  • Damn, that was brutal crash...

  • The replay with the metal music remind me a burnout game

    David jmnDavid jmnHónapja
  • The commentators got it wrong. We went wide not by crossing/slipping on the white line, but because that portion was made super slippery by the mud thrown into the road from the cars in front who cut the corner. Watch the replay from inside than the slow motion. Look at 0:32, you can almost see the mud thrown onto the road

    • Except none of the cars cut that corner but they all did have a slippery moment there as well. So your information is completely false.

      Leopold KnoxLeopold KnoxHónapja
  • No room for error. Monte Carlo is brutal.

    Jon DavisJon DavisHónapja
  • 🤢🤢😡😡🤬🤬🤬 basta teemu suninen basataaaaaa...! No es para vos el Ford fiesta , chau andate 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Lucho papuchoLucho papuchoHónapja
  • フォードがMスポーツで参戦し続ける理由ってなんだろう…😢

  • Suomi Finland perkele!

  • Rallye is the best 💪🏻

    Andy BazAndy BazHónapja
  • Да ладно, сколько Кубица тачек разложил за один сезон, это рекорд навечно

    Александр НиколаевАлександр НиколаевHónapja
  • That man is a bad joke for the Wrc

    Andrés TelloAndrés TelloHónapja
  • É preciso ter muito azar.Força

    EllDuro RallyAzoresEllDuro RallyAzoresHónapja
  • 0:04 Car crashes 0:06 Ok Imma bout to head out

    • Bad joke

  • The man with the SOS paper was just another annoying spectator for the huyndai....

    Nikolas DoukasNikolas DoukasHónapja
  • Volare oh oh.. cantare oh oh oh!

    El túcanEl túcanHónapja
  • 👽👍

    no commentno commentHónapja
  • Nothing to do with a white line, everything to do with going too fast for the corner

    • He went to fast for the corner, the police should have pulled him over after giving chase. How dare he speed on a public road In a road rally event. Naughty boy.

      Eddie MunsterEddie MunsterHónapja
    • White painted lines are super slipper In cold weather. Even In normal traffic conditions. But he went too fast for shure.

  • he lost it way before white line.

    dan katla sharpedan katla sharpeHónapja
  • I was watching this life not believing his splits, I’m not an msport fan but I felt so so so bad for him

    Caleb NonhebelCaleb NonhebelHónapja
  • "Oh no! Let's take another look"

    • Holy sshtt! Okay now in slow motion

    • On WRC+, they didn't go to the replay right away. They cut to Sordo's drive behind them until they confirmed both the car's occupants were okay. Pretty sure that's general media protocol in motorsport. After they cut back to the crew climbing out of the Fiesta, they did the replay.

      Leopold KnoxLeopold KnoxHónapja
    • Oh no! Anyway...

      Ferrari FredFerrari FredHónapja
  • Ok HUworld... I’ve seen it, don’t recommend it again!

    That Can Don’tThat Can Don’tHónapja
    • Hahaha true, I thought I deleted the comment

      That Can Don’tThat Can Don’t29 napja
    • I'm sure clicking on it and commenting really helps the algorithm think you don't want to see these clips.

  • Ah just what M sport didn't need a big crash on only the first stage and a big repair bill. However the car does have pace as his spilts were very good uptil then.

    Aman AliAman AliHónapja
  • Lmao the SOS sign, there's no way the drivers noticed that

    • They do actually

      Bajan FlyDudeBajan FlyDudeHónapja
    • On the other side was "OK".They showed it.

  • Someone‘s about to get the hairdryer treatment. M-Sport could NOT afford that…

    Jack DangerJack DangerHónapja
  • Comment off.

    RC Puknuta KarlaRC Puknuta KarlaHónapja
    • No were here for u bro

  • Who's this "Thimu?" Always learn from Forvo before pronouncing Finnish names.

  • Ott : "you call this a crash ?? hold my beer ..."

    veikko 1969veikko 1969Hónapja
    • Ott... The flying estonian🤣

      Nicola BonatoNicola BonatoHónapja
  • Oh my god. Feeling so bad for him and M-Sport... :((( They deserve better.

  • First stage, first crash how to start the event with a bang

    Marco _grtMarco _grtHónapja
  • from maximum attack to maximum perkele

    Karelian ShamanKarelian ShamanHónapja
  • Lappi go back please😲💪

    Matrix KokoMatrix KokoHónapja
  • On the onboard it looked like, when Teemu turned the wheel the car didnt steer at all.

    Seb A.Seb A.Hónapja
    • @Seb A. ur right these tires are new to drivers time will tell

    • Yeah, I also think its was aquaplaning. I think the Pirelli Super softs have a more slick like thread pattern this year.

      Seb A.Seb A.Hónapja
    • Its icy

    • Aquaplaning

      Callum RileyCallum RileyHónapja
  • Huge ouch

    Street BlueStreet BlueHónapja
  • Ooft

  • Piloti come mikkelsen paddon e lappi nn guidano un wrc... m sport ma che combini?

    Luca ImperatoLuca ImperatoHónapja
    • Eh gli servivano soldi per quest'anno

      Jaco F104Jaco F104Hónapja
  • 😎😎😎🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    Matkapete AlbaniaMatkapete AlbaniaHónapja
  • Its a hard track to learn and drive, you really cant blame him.

    • He should know by now. He's had years.

      Tim SuetensTim SuetensHónapja
    • @Marfran Dema yes new tyres

    • @jambo8442 ive played it on my One S (yes i play on xbox) and i also think its very difficult, for both wheels and gamepads, most likely.

    • @Eduardo Balona maybe you should go and give a try your self. Suni en was fastest at that point with the outdated fiesta.

    • This year they are on PIRELLI s

      Marfran DemaMarfran DemaHónapja
  • Hora de que Msports , contrate mejores pilotos, una vergüenza tantos errores.

    Guardia Republicana SPGuardia Republicana SPHónapja
    • Este año pasaron de Michelin a Pirelli, es un gran cambio

      Marfran DemaMarfran DemaHónapja
  • OMG... He's just unlucky... Keep spirit teemu...💪💪

    indra lemanaindra lemanaHónapja
    • In all life... Luck/unlucky coexistence.. Including the race... 😊😊😊

      indra lemanaindra lemanaHónapja
    • It s not luck, it s drive

      JC ZebiJC ZebiHónapja
  • First rally event.. first stage... first crash... monte is brutal.

    Justin Tyron PeinkeJustin Tyron PeinkeHónapja
  • someone add rage my dream to this

    wide clarksonwide clarksonHónapja
  • Feel sorry for him, great drive. The Monte just kept another prisoner!

    Eric FungEric FungHónapja
  • Teemu is crashing too much lately feel bad for him

    Dav-ID -Dav-ID -Hónapja
  • Hard corner

  • ese man cada rato choca ya es normal para el..

    antoni ps oneantoni ps oneHónapja
  • m sport need some decent drivers

    sebastian spaldingsebastian spaldingHónapja
    • They need money first

    • Go and try. We'll see.👎

      Nono MNNono MNHónapja
  • Bad pace note?

    • @Bonelessbeef not really, look how the hyundai took the corner.

    • @TheLaXandro still seemed like he was going too fast.

    • Slipped on the lane divider line. Bikers know that feeling all too well.

    • I think wet track

      Justin ByersJustin ByersHónapja
  • Ford with Brexit are struggling Budget wise and this guy as good as he was time was will have lost respect from team principal. It can happen to anyone but Teemu is fighting for his career needs to stop these mistakes. It reminds me of Kris Meeks great times but ending in a ditch

    james rochejames rocheHónapja
    • @jambo8442 Except Ken Block was never actually fast lol

    • @Oliver Ingram ask Ken block about pushing ur car to limit the only way you find limit is to crash

    • Colin McRae used to crash a lot at the start of his career, didn't turn out too bad for him....

      Oliver IngramOliver IngramHónapja
    • Big repair bill means no respect

  • This is very big crash.

    Grammaton PapGrammaton PapHónapja
  • Damn :/

  • Feel really bad for him, he would have won that stage if he didn’t crash.

    Krololol Nothing moreKrololol Nothing moreHónapja
    • @Graham Halstead Neuville is faster than him

      Mohammeda AbuduruMohammeda AbuduruHónapja
    • @Mohammeda AbuduruDon't follow your logic if he wasn't the fastest driver he wouldn't win! I think what you might mean is he cosistantly knows where the limit is.

      Graham HalsteadGraham HalsteadHónapja
    • @Komrander Yeah just look at Loeb's onboards the guy is always driving below his limits because one little mistake and it's game over. His secret is that he's not the fastest driver but the most consistent.

      Mohammeda AbuduruMohammeda AbuduruHónapja
    • Rallying isnt only about going fast, its also about balancing speed and your chances of crashing. Going really fast doesnt mean much if you cant handle it. Once you crash in rally it means you might not race for the next few stages, which just completely erases all the times youve achieved until then.

    • @Simon Rook The golden rule of Rallying and 24 Hours of LeMans.

      SuzuMR2 75SuzuMR2 75Hónapja
  • Ow my gawd

    15_Labib Fairuz15_Labib FairuzHónapja
  • Bad luck for Teemu, had huge potencial to win the stage

  • Bad start for him

    Auto formula_YTAuto formula_YTHónapja
  • Oh god

    Mehmet B.Mehmet B.Hónapja
  • Wow

  • first

    Wįłl DüñçåńWįłl DüñçåńHónapja
  • Wow I’m first and that was a big roll !

    Iceland Motorsport Stepping on the gasIceland Motorsport Stepping on the gasHónapja
    • @林泰平 Oh I was wondering lol

      james rochejames rocheHónapja
    • @S T No first in the rally

      Iceland Motorsport Stepping on the gasIceland Motorsport Stepping on the gasHónapja
    • @林泰平 First to wake up? but on what side of the world... Hmmm

      S TS THónapja
    • like first at watching or first to wake up? What are you first at?

    • Your first at what

      james rochejames rocheHónapja