BEST PLAYER OF 2021? Zidoo Z9X 4K Dolby Vision Media Player Review

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We review the Zidoo Z9X 4K Dolby Vision media player.
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XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Trinnov Altitude 32:
McIntosh MC255
McIntosh MC257
Pro 4K HDR:
Panasonic UB9000:
Value Electronics -
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Amazon -
Oppo 203:
AppleTV 4K:
Speakers - Bowers & Wilkins CT 7.4:
Subwoofers - Rythmik F18:
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    SpareChangeSpareChange28 napja
  • Nice player. The only thing is it comes from China where Google, Plays Store and almost all foreign app and internet site are blocked because of censorship. The reason why there is no google play store.

    James KirkJames Kirk21 órája
  • I need a zidoo...i have heard alot of good things about this box 👍

  • Great review.

    kachigga my biggakachigga my bigga5 napja
  • Very Nice - Thank you for Sharing 👍👍👍

    Philly Cable DavePhilly Cable Dave12 napja
  • Does it support a zoom function?

    SrekwahSrekwah15 napja
  • Interesting little box.

    Andyuk911Andyuk91115 napja
  • So Zidoo or Zappiti? It looks like the Zidoo UI loads faster?

    rudedog6868rudedog686816 napja
  • Zidoo boxes look good on paper! A few years back I bought a Zidoo X10 and it worked great for 6 months of minimal use. One day I turned it on and it wouldn't work any more no matter what I tried to do. Also, the customer support was terrible and I received a 1/3 refund at least! So it's a hit and miss I guess. If anyone is interested in a Zidoo device I suggest checking out the Zidoo forum to see which models are problematic as there can be several bugs caused after a firmware update. Nice review btw.

    MaltaSportzMaltaSportz21 napja
  • Think I'll stick with my Himedia Q5 Pro and Fire 4K stick for now.

    Brian ZBrian Z28 napja
  • This cant even find a cover for wonder woman 1984 ,why ? is there trick to this.

    Dooby darDooby dar28 napja
    • It’s found it for me

      VedderVedder21 napja

    J.S. JONESJ.S. JONESHónapja
  • hello every one, does it tested and compare zidoo z9x vs Dune hd pro 4K II ? which better

    Mulyanto LimMulyanto LimHónapja
  • Why coverage of an outdated device? why not new UHD3000 HIFI 4K UHD Media Play

  • I'm using the Zappiti 4K HDR Mini for a lot of years now. It plays about every file/iso/content I throw at it. Only thing I don't like so much is it's slow and buggy UI. Zappiti should update their firmware more frequently like in the beginning. Personally I think the Zappiti and Dune players giving the best picture quality, but the UI most be updated. I'm confused about this device. It does support ISO but no full 4K backup? What's the difference? An ISO file is usually a complete backup of a DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K UHD Blu-Ray 🤔

  • As this is android tv box ?

    Himu HimelHimu HimelHónapja
  • How much please.

  • We use the Zidoo Z9X for as an add-on for our digital signage service and love it. The HDMI in captures any available TV source and the player layers our “text message to live TV” seamlessly on top of it. Our customers grab their phones, send a text message, and it scrolls across the top of the screen directly above whatever they may be watching. Early on we had an issue with the wifi dropping with no ability to re-enable it other than a manual power on/off/on. We reached out to Zidoo and the next firmware release resolved it. GREAT SERVICE! It boots fast and launches our apk quickly - with the CEC set up correctly our clients can keep using their TV remote just like they always have. So far we have had 100% time with no follow up visits needed. We had been asked over the years if we could make something like this work - everything we tried was clunky at best. This player made it super easy. I know it can do a lot more than what we use it for but it is priced fairly and does what we need it to do.

    Paul WheelerPaul WheelerHónapja
    • No pop ups or TV interruptions, your text message just scrolls across the top of the screen as soon as it is received. No special texting app. Any text message sent from any phone. We could not make this work before the Z9X and the RTD1619DR processor. Still working out issues like some Blu-ray players wont pass through the Z9X and others will. We are still having issues with wifi locking out but not nearly as bad as it was. It might have worked on the Z9S but we were afraid that they will soon not be available. Most places have been out of stock for a long time. Android 9 is better for us than 7 so it is worth the price difference even if the X9S was available.

      Paul WheelerPaul WheelerHónapja
    • Does it break the TV show or just makes a pop up box? Any texting or use a special message app? I don't know how this could work.

      Trashy Roots TVTrashy Roots TVHónapja
  • Chromecast with Google TV with all apps easily available like Netflix, prime, Plex plays everything I need in dolby vision right out of box for $50. You'd need an unusual situation to need that extra trouble and expense.

    George LawrenceGeorge LawrenceHónapja
  • I think this is pointless. I have my 4K HDR TV that supports any hard drive and ALL formats inc .mts and .ts. I simply usb and play 👍🏻

    Heaton JagatiaHeaton JagatiaHónapja
    • Also missing out on the great poster wall you’ll just have a boring list.

      VedderVedder21 napja
    • @ErikT595 It’s true I only have a basic sound bar which is ok but the important thing for me is it plays .ts and .mts which this thing doesn’t.

      Heaton JagatiaHeaton JagatiaHónapja
    • But can you also use Dolby Atmos and DTS:X ? I mean do you have at least eARC HDMI support on your TV and receiver? Otherwise you'll not be able to listen to Full quality Dolby Atmos or DTS:X

  • It' Aluminium...not Aluminum!

    Dutch GloryDutch GloryHónapja
    • Depends where you live in the world.

      Electionfraud IsrealElectionfraud IsrealHónapja
  • No way that tap was Aluminium its plastic.....

  • HOW to download 3d .iso movie ?

  • Link isn't working to check out the product. Here's a noob question, so since it has an hdmi output, that means you can hook up an external hdmi source, such as a 4k bluray player? (something the Shield can't do) Looking to eventually upgrade from my 1st gen Nvidia Shield (from 2015 I believe) Now that I've watched this, not sure what the point is, if there's NO Play store. For my media I just use the Kodi software on my Shield, does just as good as this thing.

    mick schnabelmick schnabelHónapja
  • So in order to utilize 3d dobly vision and hdr, you need a projector. There are no current TVs that support all 3 with proper light levels.

  • Thanks Shane, just bought yesterday, the UI is very good, I'm using oppo UDp 203, the audio in Z9x more powerful, last night i tested with Tron movie, WOW !! man is beautiful upscale to 4k and the audio is amazing !!

    Suminto TjitrahadiSuminto TjitrahadiHónapja
    • @Mulyanto Limz9x better if all the Blu-ray discs are ripped and played on the z9x with a nice UI. sound and picture are slightly better to oppo 203, but for bluray disc overall oppo 203 still superior.

      Suminto TjitrahadiSuminto TjitrahadiHónapja
    • oppo UDP 203 vs Z9X which is better for watching 4K movie ?

      Mulyanto LimMulyanto LimHónapja
  • rubbish China brand product always

    spider manspider manHónapja
  • Since this has a LAN (RJ45) connection I'm assuming you can connect to a NAS and use it as Source? I'll do some research but hopefully someone has a quick answer. Thank-you.

    James_ Tiberius_KirkJames_ Tiberius_KirkHónapja
  • Is it chinese brand? So, nope, thank you.

  • Is it possible to have Netflix on it? And will the Dolby Vision work with Netflix? Anyone knows? I have the LG CX tv

    Gio GamerGio GamerHónapja
  • this player seems to have a lot of problems. is it really so hard to play back a lossless iso in full quality? Stupid question of course, but it seems like every option has a few fatal flaws

  • I have the Nvidia sheild and love it!

    Pope BeAdickPope BeAdickHónapja
    • Likewise the Nvidia shield tv pro 2019

      altih altihaltih altihHónapja
  • very cheap box i cant sleaping 2 night when i see price $ 229

  • I still use my oppo udp 203. My opinion is that this is still the best player made too bad they chose to discontinue it...

    chris harbertchris harbertHónapja
    • I still want one! But not going to pay what the pirates want.

  • Shane, You should have look at Zidoo uhd 3000 absolutely super media player. Blows the zappiti pro out of the water 🌊💦

    Liam CusackLiam CusackHónapja
    • In what ways?

  • Im using the rasberry pi 4 lol along with my external drive full of back ups. Way cheaper and it does the job.

    Mask MediaMask MediaHónapja
  • I am currently using SAMSUNG m7500 and it's okay

    Derek Moss MossDerek Moss MossHónapja
  • Using the Z9X, X9s, and X8. They are buggy but for the feature set, they are hard to beat. I only use them to view my own mkv ripped content. For streaming, you're better off with an NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV to compliment it. I use the Shield and Roku myself.

    Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
  • Hi, can you Please make a video on how to side load apps? , Thanks.

    Allan PonAllan PonHónapja
  • I have no idea what I just watched

    F DF DHónapja
  • Nvidia Shield FTW...tiny and powerful and does what it's supposed to do :)

    R4M 845R4M 845Hónapja

    TX TXTX TXHónapja
  • I will stick with my ub-9000

    Larry HazelwoodLarry HazelwoodHónapja
  • I hate zidoo, himedia and egreat. 2gb ram, 16 or 8gb rom which is very slow in 2021. Minimum must 4gb ram, 32gb rom

    open defecationopen defecationHónapja
    • Try the Dune HD Pro Vision 4K Solo

      Daniel BabaevDaniel Babaev23 napja
  • What no Atmos-encoded or earc not usefull

    George StephensGeorge StephensHónapja
  • What is the cost price of this unit?

    Michael WyckoffMichael WyckoffHónapja
    • €229,- at Amazon

  • So why use a player when you have the top of the line smart tv and blu-ray player?

    Zain ShaikhZain ShaikhHónapja
    • If they serve your needs, you don't. I have top of the line smart TVs, Blu-ray players, streamers, and some Zidoos. I rip my movies to mkv and store the digital versions for playback. Takes wear off my Blu-ray players, is alot easier than searching through disks to watch, and makes it easier for visitors to search through movies when at my place. Do what makes sense for you. Not everything is for everybody.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
  • I use the Dune HD Pro 4k player. It works very well.

    Home Cinema DemoHome Cinema DemoHónapja
    • @Mulyanto Lim yes heard that too. Can depend on software and other hardware components. Like OLED TV's all use LG panels but are not all same picture quality .

    • @ErikT595 Dune, zappiti and zidoo using same chipset hardware Realtek. How can you explain that ? i think It should result same quality video

      Mulyanto LimMulyanto LimHónapja
    • I think the picture quality of the Dune and Zappiti players are the best. Only thing is the UI is bit slow and crapy. This UI looks way better.

  • i go back and forth between infuse and my oppo 203. both are excellent. infuse gives me cover art, specs, etc. oppo just plays everything within backup folder (dolby vision, hdr10, atmos, etc)

  • I'm a proud owner of a Z9X for some months, great player. You can install the FW with or without Google services.

    Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
  • I'm a little confused on what the use for a media player is. If you have a 4K Dolby vision DVD player that plays 4K content why would you need one of these? Or if you have a 4K TV that plays 4K Dolby division etc content?

    Lindsay WilmothLindsay WilmothHónapja
    • @Lindsay Wilmoth You need a computer and adequate storage to hold all the data. A NAS or DAS is recommended.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
    • @Matthew Gaines do you need a computer to backup your disks or do you plug your player into the media server? I've never owned a computer just discs and tablets, phones and whatnot.

      Lindsay WilmothLindsay WilmothHónapja
    • You don't. I have DV Blu-ray players but wanted to backup my library to a server for convenience and the discovery of disk rot on about 15 DVDs in my collection. Its alot easier to search for a movie to watch on screen than it is to search through more than two thousand disks.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
  • So Nvidia Shield does everything faster, its official Android TV with great support, plenty of apps, you can install emulators as its CPU is quite powerful, you can try gaming on GeForce Now, it plays Dolby Vision, has all the apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. , has better upscale and is why bother with this one?

    Deividas ČerniauskasDeividas ČerniauskasHónapja
    • @Boterham met Pindakaas & Hagelslag havent had a single problem, you're just unlucky I guess

      Deividas ČerniauskasDeividas ČerniauskasHónapja
    • Perhaps because Nvidia Shield is buggy as hell? At least mine are... Frequent hick-ups in playback, often needing to restart. And yes, I have setup everything properly.

      Boterham met Pindakaas & HagelslagBoterham met Pindakaas & HagelslagHónapja
    • @MyRepublic Kaskus lol triggered? Not at all. Just giving my opinion, for my needs, based on owning both devices, and debating a previous post saying Shield could not play DV MKVs. Also, as stated above, I'm not using the official Kodi version from the Play Store, so your statement is moot.

      Marc YoungMarc YoungHónapja
    • @Marc Young *lol triggered* when it comes streaming of course Shield since it's certified but when it comes bluray disk RIP (3D, BDMV and ISO), Zidoo better than Shield because they modified Kodi better than Kodi from Play Store. Do you have 3D films? Zidoo very segemented product not streaming device.

      MyRepublic KaskusMyRepublic KaskusHónapja
    • @MyRepublic Kaskus what is your point? I'm talking Shield Pro vs.Zidoo. I have the Shield and tried the Z1000 Pro recently for comparison and the Shield wins. It just works better as an all around streamer/player. It has full DV and Atmos support from all of the streaming apps and with the side loaded version of Kodi from the thread I linked above, plays DV MKVs. The Maxwell GPU in the Shield plays everything I've thrown at it. Right now, for me at least, the Shield is still the one to beat as a streamer/player.

      Marc YoungMarc YoungHónapja
  • Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV; all seem like much better choices.

    • For streaming, yes. For curating you own ripped mkvs, definitely not. The Nvidia Sheild + Plex or Kodi come closest.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
    • Any of those play DV MKV?

      Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
  • This is not worth $230 for sure. Just get a Shield Pro

    Jerry ManciniJerry ManciniHónapja
  • Unrelated question. Has your Sony 's x900f hdr/dv brightness decreased after the Pie update?

    R M GR M GHónapja
  • is it a chinese brand? then thanks no

    Lev FedorovLev FedorovHónapja
  • The best review of zidoo z9x so far!!!! Thanks man!!!

    Nikos PaitNikos PaitHónapja
  • A ‘best’ 4K player with no 4K disk drive? Should the total have been best video streamer?

    Chris SnyderChris SnyderHónapja
    • I guess u never rip your own disk

      MyRepublic KaskusMyRepublic KaskusHónapja
    • It's not a streamer.

  • Great review Shane!!! I’ll keep my Zappiti player.

    David Stokes-LopezDavid Stokes-LopezHónapja
    • Should of not sold mine now im thinking.

      Dooby darDooby dar27 napja
  • can you add a .m3u as a source for movies or channels

  • I use a nivida sheild but, that player looks nice

    Darin BussDarin BussHónapja
  • Hey I went to Value electronics today may I say not treated well. I was the only there when one guy walked in and boy I was tossed aside. i guess I don't appear to have money. So much for looking into Trinnov but I have to say that Panasonic tv one hell of a picture.

    pete cappete capHónapja
    • Really? Who was there?

  • I have the zidoo x9s and the device still does not support 4k netflix nor prime 4k. I use it mainly to run my ftp server which is awesome . At this.price I will go for the shield pro any day.

  • How does compare to the nvidia Shield Pro?

    Sam LoomsSam LoomsHónapja
  • No offence. But 3 months into 2021 you can’t declare a best. You just can’t

    David PDavid PHónapja
  • No DV on 4k iso is bad, also quality isn't that great compared to 4k player or the zappiti.

    • True, the processor can't handle DV in ISO and FEL DV in MKV, only MEL encodes.

      Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
  • Spare you need to install the last firware.The black levels are great but you need to configure the hdr mode . The colour space too. When you tweak the settings then the black levels are great and the black is black. The player is great overall

    Joao FrancoJoao FrancoHónapja
    • @Joao Franco these settings are on auto which is 16-235 and displaying all hdr natively to the display.

    • Ok Spare But the black levels i see in the video it´s possible to increase with tweaks. For ex: If i put the Display/Color Settings/HDMI Range: 16-235 and VS10 Engine for HDR my blacks are not blacks and the bars are grey. Bu if i set everything to auto then the blacks are top notch. My television is the Panasonic Oled FZ800 but i know that with a projector the settings must be different. And for same tvs too. My last player it was a Zappiti one 4k and the Zidoo itá im my opinion away better. The image is crisp depending the movie off course. Keep safe Congratz from Portugal

      Joao FrancoJoao FrancoHónapja
    • I'm on the latest one Zidoo sent me.

  • @sparechange it does support Profile 7 Dolby Vision, but MEL not FEL

    Jiamie KoriJiamie KoriHónapja
  • The black levels ruined it for me

    Jaylen TuttJaylen TuttHónapja
    • if you keep HDR mode to auto and don't use the Dolby vision engine mode, the black levels are perfect.. It's a known big when using the Dolby vision engine, it raises the the black levels.. Also use 10 bit color to get rid of banding.. Again known issue.

      Christopher GeschiChristopher GeschiHónapja
  • Nvidia shield pro :)

    Bear's BlendBear's BlendHónapja
  • Please review on Egreat media player

    Ashikul IslamAshikul IslamHónapja
  • Sooo confused. What is this for anyway? Sorry, I've reached the end of the internet and this is where it stopped. How does this...thing...enhance my home theater experience?

    Gary PiazzaGary PiazzaHónapja
    • @Gary Piazza it all depends on your file size & format I guess, I generally watch x265 720p with file sizes of around 1gb on a 50” screen & am very satisfied I guess cinephiles would want to go bigger.

      VedderVedder16 napja
    • @Vedder With no degradation in quality? Are they that good?

      Gary PiazzaGary Piazza21 napja
    • To have all your movie collection at the touch of a button with a great poster wall linking actors to other films in your collection, that will play any format you throw at it, & will recognise almost any size hdd- I’d say that’s what mine is for.

      VedderVedder21 napja
    • BDMV and BD ISO

      MyRepublic KaskusMyRepublic KaskusHónapja
    • If you don't see the need, you don't need it and don't need to worry about. If you have a large collection of disk and know what disk rot is, this surely is insurance.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
  • Hi Shane you can also review on DUNE HD.It has 4K support and has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision as well.Please review it.Thks

    Naushad AliNaushad AliHónapja
    • Ive had dune but there firmware updates seem to stop all to soon.Got the zidoo z9x now and still coming to grips with it.Has problems finding movie covers.

      Dooby darDooby dar27 napja
  • Hi I am confused .. appreciate if you could shed some light What is the difference between Amazon fire cube and this media player?

    Ansaf MaazAnsaf MaazHónapja
    • Fire Stick for online streaming, Zidoo for untouched collection (BDMV and ISO)

      markun petruccimarkun petrucciHónapja
  • I've been using the zidoo z1000 for quite some time now.

    Abdullah YislamAbdullah YislamHónapja
  • So if I have a TV that supports all HDR types I’ll have to switch from auto, then with SDR content to the players cupconversion

  • Hey you never said, what's the HDMI in for? I kinda wish it didn't look like a cheap wireless router, would always use it wired, so I guess you could keep the antenna's down. Seems like a capable little thing, no reason I can see where you couldn't put Kodi on it for those that like it over plex, asume you can put plex on it too? and it's an affordable alterative to a shield so yay competition.

    • It is great for live TV capture and pass through. We use it to add live TV to our digital signage offering. Very few android boxes have hdmi in and none work as well as the Z9X.

      Paul WheelerPaul WheelerHónapja
    • I'm thinking the HDMI in is for the arc from receiver?

      Lindsay WilmothLindsay WilmothHónapja
  • Still using my older shield pro, suits me fine. I don't have any Dolby Vision content, nor do I have a compatible tv yet. Getting the new Pro for my projector and theater, but projectors don't do Dolby Vision anyway, All my stuff is either HDR or HDR 10+, which either shield does just fine in Kodi, I don't like Plex as much, and my media server doesn't play nice with Plex anyway, the background tasks keep randomly pegging my CPU to the point the NAS goes unresponsive. I can run plex on my computer, with the NAS simply as the file server, but it isn't quite as elegant of a solution and doesn't really give me any benefit besides better media search and organization. I don't even own a 4k blu-ray player, I gave up on "physical" media years ago, digital libraries are just so much more convenient.

  • Need new physical media players

    Mike ZMike ZHónapja
    • Plays Vision and 10+ and not $400. Don’t need apps. No analog ports. I’ll take the bare minimum if it’ll support those formats. I’ll get another player for the other goodies.

  • I m currently using the nvidia sheild pro & I love it. This does have some cool features tho.

    Bri CBri CHónapja
    • @Luis Fermin yea it does everything I need it to do .

      Bri CBri CHónapja
    • Nvidia shield is a beast

      Luis FerminLuis FerminHónapja
    • I have both, the Zidoo has the advantage to play MEL Dolby Vision MKVs

      Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
  • Hi Shane, thanks for the video. Can you give your opinion on the picture quality compared to the zippiti and Kaleidescape on your projector?

    John AlefJohn AlefHónapja
  • I don't get why adding proper support for ISOs is so complicated. No one seems to manage it. Some day maybe.

    • 7:37 they did

      markun petruccimarkun petrucciHónapja
  • I'm using Zidoo Z10 with 1080p TV waiting to upgrade to 4K, as u said Shane the UI is good, audio quality is good, I love the poster wall function, the issue I had is while playing 1080p mp4 and certain MKVs the player will restart in the middle of the movie once...But for BDs and MKVs with immersive audio and 4K the player does the job flawlessly without any issue..Its a disappointment that it has issue with mp4s but if you have BDs and MKVs with great audio and video it has no problem, Highly recommended 👍

    Harieesh RaajHarieesh RaajHónapja
  • I think I’ll stick with the Panasonic UB-820

    Jo LlamaJo LlamaHónapja
    • @Jo Llama But you're comparing a streaming box to a blu-ray player. I understand the benefits of one as I have a UB-9000. They serve two different purposes

      Kenneth TicichKenneth TicichHónapja
    • @Kenneth Ticich Uncompressed audio, better processing, and it’s more useful overall

      Jo LlamaJo LlamaHónapja
    • Umm, that's a blu-ray player, not a streaming device. What's the relevance besides Panasonic has a couple apps you can use on it?

      Kenneth TicichKenneth TicichHónapja
  • Can this play dolby true hd and dts master hd or just the stepped down digital plus

    Mark Louie AdameMark Louie AdameHónapja
    • Yes

      markun petruccimarkun petrucciHónapja
    • it's bit streaming the audio, it will output anything as long as your amp supports it

  • I have the Zappiti Nas and 4K mini. Now I don’t have to move to a full 4K setup to get the best of Atmos , which is mostly encoded on 4K discs only. The Zappiti Mini will transcode the video while leaving the audio raw. Best of both worlds...Don’t ask if I’ve tried it yet. The answer is no. I’m still backing up movies. I will enjoy when I’m done.

    Boy GeniusBoy GeniusHónapja
    • Ditto, got my Zappiti cinema edition 3 weeks ago and I’ve yet to watch it - as I’m backing up my discs, only 150 to go.

      Paul CarrollPaul CarrollHónapja
  • Good to see more devices coming that can play blu ray backups/rips. Looks like nvidia shield 2019 is still king though.

    Patrick MawPatrick MawHónapja
  • I thought I was the only person that says television instead of TV

    • Everybody in the know says "monitor"

      Billy GrinsteadBilly GrinsteadHónapja
  • I'll stay with my nvidia shield tv...better....everything

    • @Matthew Gaines I actually mentioned the Nvidia Shield, personally I use Roku for streaming and Zidoo Z10 for BD rips and other files

      Harieesh RaajHarieesh RaajHónapja
    • @Harieesh Raaj You can rip a 1 to 1 quality movie and play it on the Zidoo.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
    • I have the Shields, Rokus, and Zidoos. The Zidoo is for my own ripped disks and the others are for streaming.

      Matthew GainesMatthew GainesHónapja
    • @Alex Ojeda No, Plex can't support some things the Ziddo can, DV, BR ISOs, but you can install plex on the Z9X

      Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
    • @Alex Ojeda yeah 100% for most people its perfect. For someone like me it doesn't cut it lol. However easy work around for plex or any program like it. Simply create a 1-5 second video of a picture and write "please insert disc" name the file the name of the movie and it will show up in the collection.

      Davidde AscenziDavidde AscenziHónapja
  • Nvidia sheild tv is the best media player for me.

    Deacon St John rocksDeacon St John rocksHónapja
    • Yes for streaming device

      markun petruccimarkun petrucciHónapja
    • I own both. Hardly ever use the Zidoo Z9 these days. Nvidia wins hands down.

      Orin NaughtonOrin NaughtonHónapja
  • I think I'll stick with my Shield pro for now. Thanks for the video...

  • Does this support atmos with Netflix?

    Jeroen BartelingsJeroen BartelingsHónapja
    • No, only for untouched collector

      markun petruccimarkun petrucciHónapja
  • Love that you checked out Zidoo and Zappti. Not many English reviewers have done both. Hope you get to check out their UHD-3000 at some point. I am running their UHD-2000 with 36 TB (18 TB X 2 WD Red HDs) and am happy but their UHD-3000 has the same Realtek RTD1619DR this Zidoo has. Fun times.

  • Wow! Shane reviewed something that's not $3000+

    • Something for the common folk

  • @SpareChange are you & Whisper Status still going to check out the Sony A90J at Value Electronics today? Get the WORLDS FIRST GLIMPSE

    Sean WilsonSean WilsonHónapja
    • @SpareChange Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the WORLD'S FIRST GLIMPSE will have to wait Thanks for the reply! GREAT VIDEO too as usual

      Sean WilsonSean WilsonHónapja
    • It's not getting delivered for a couple weeks.

  • I have the Nvidia shield Pro, looks good to me, and I can play my PC games on my 77” Tv.

    Ryan BandyRyan BandyHónapja
    • @Jiamie Kori Shane did ask what other players people were using so, their comment was perfectly relevant, thanks for your irrelevant one too though. :)

    • We are glad for you. But this video is about Zidoo

      Jiamie KoriJiamie KoriHónapja
  • Using Zappiti mini now and just got(2 days ago) a new tv that has dolby vision and hdr10+ so is it worth getting the z9x ?.thanks.

    Dooby darDooby darHónapja
  • great video as always, given the choice on pure AV quality which one would you suggest Zidoo or Zappiti?

    Elitist ReviewsElitist ReviewsHónapja
    • @Elitist Reviews Thank you

    • @dberker I am researching between DLP projector from JVC vs LED projector from Epson, haven't decided though. Colors are much better on DLP projectors.

      Elitist ReviewsElitist ReviewsHónapja
    • @Elitist Reviews I'm curious which projectors you're considering, as I'm also in the market, but am just starting out on my research. Thanks in advance.

    • @Rui Carriço the projector which I am planning to buy doesn't support Dolby Vision so I will stick to HDR10 but Black Level, contrast is more important for me.

      Elitist ReviewsElitist ReviewsHónapja
    • If you value DV go to the Zidoo

      Rui CarriçoRui CarriçoHónapja
  • I have the Zappiti cinema edition. It’s definitely the best picture quality I’ve ever seen but it’s not the smoothest GUI (speed) nor does it do forced subs (as you mentioned). Every player has its strengths and weaknesses, hopefully we’re closer to the perfect “all-in-one box.” Thank you for this review. (From Canberra, Australia)

    Paul CarrollPaul CarrollHónapja
    • Does that mean avatar doesn't have non English subtitles?

    • Love my Zappiti player.

      David Stokes-LopezDavid Stokes-LopezHónapja
  • This has to be the same board as in the Zappiti mini 4K, ports are exactly the same. If only Apple would allow Dolby ATMOS and dfs:x from uhd blu ray rips infuse pro would be the best all in one player

    Jason FinniganJason FinniganHónapja