Bebe Rexha - I'm Gonna Show You Crazy [Official Music Video]

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Watch the official music video for I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha from the I Don't Wanna Grow Up EP.
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Bebe Rexha is a Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter renowned for her hit songs “Meant To Be,” “I’m A Mess,” “I Got You,” “No Broken Hearts,” “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody),” “Last Hurrah,” and “FFF.” She worked with artists like Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Eminem, Rihanna and Selena Gomez - amassing billions of global streams and receiving international acclaim.
There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead I’m broken
So I called this therapist
And she said “Girl you can’t be fixed, just take this”
I’m tired of trying to be normal
I’m always overthinking
I’m driving myself crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy
And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just ‘cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy
And I’m gonna show you
Loco, maniac
Sick bitch, psychopath
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
Mental, out my brain
Bat shit, go insane
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
I’ve been searching city streets
Trying to find the missing piece like you said
And I searched hard only to find
There’s not a single thing that’s wrong with my mind
Yea, I’m tired of trying to be normal
I’m always overthinking
I’m driving myself crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy
And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just ‘cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy
I’m gonna show you
Loco, maniac
Sick bitch, psychopath
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
Mental, out my brain
Bat shit, go insane
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
Crazy, crazy
Yea I’m gonna show you
Crazy, crazy
Yea I’m gonna show you (yea)
Crazy, Crazy
I’m tired of trying to be normal
I’m driving myself crazy
And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just ‘cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m fucking crazy
Yea, I’m gonna show you
Loco, maniac
Sick bitch, psychopath
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
Mental, out my brain
Bat shit, go insane
Yea I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you
Yea I’m gonna show you
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  • This song deserves a billion views 🥺... Personally as a Motivational Speaker I find this song with a benefit & deep teaching 🥺❤️... Bebe Rexha should deserve an award for this song. Who agrees with me???

    Musonda MwenyaMusonda Mwenya5 órája
  • I met Bebe Rexha 2 years ago in LA. I still remember how beautiful and down-to-earth she was. I was going through a traumatic depression at that time and when I told her about it, she replied "Aww dear god bless you, this too shall pass" & hugged me. 🥺🥺🥺 As she hugged me, all my depression & suicidal thoughts disappeared & great things started happening in my life, Such a miracle! Thankyou Bebe Rexha, I love you. 🌹☺️

    Gretel D'KabralGretel D'Kabral5 órája
  • Bebe Rexha is rigorously the most pulchritudinous songstress I've ever witnessed on this planet. 💜💯

    Drunk CandiceDrunk Candice20 órája

    Vanessa ColemanVanessa Coleman22 órája
  • The instinctive pest potentially move because bibliography approximately worry for a tearful peru. furry furtive, quick september

    Junker VeldJunker VeldNapja
  • Shes so badass

    Julianne RiddleJulianne RiddleNapja
  • This is honestly why I love her music and write alot of my own music. Like this type of music helped every terrible thing, I was dealing with at such a young age. Now, I'm 20 almost 21 and hearing her new music helps cause she understand... or seems like it

    Naukesha FinchNaukesha FinchNapja
  • Go better bebe

    the United circle The QUESTIONthe United circle The QUESTIONNapja
  • I fucking love it

    Sarah DemiokoSarah DemiokoNapja
  • Love you so much bebe

    Jared jessopJared jessopNapja
  • Her music is amazing

    Charlotte MilnerCharlotte MilnerNapja
  • cant believe she didn't turn off comments LOL nice Bebe Rexha 🥴👍

    mika stylesmika stylesNapja
  • Did she really go-to reform school?

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  • Me german

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  • Completely feel understood by her....

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  • Just wow. Amazing talent in a gorgeous package.

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  • This is actually me when someone messes with me im a freaking devil 😈

    Selena MoreauSelena Moreau3 napja
  • First time here. Pretty cool song. Can't relate at all to the rich people shit. I want drugs cuz the world fucking sucks.

    GermalityGermality4 napja
  • i really wish this was a movie

    mia kudlikmia kudlik4 napja
  • My anthem these days

    Dust and CrumbsDust and Crumbs4 napja
  • I am gonna show everyone crazy alright.

    Lilian TanLilian Tan4 napja
  • Hey! The past year was fuck, GASLighting, Crazy,INsane, And was almost put on mood stabilizers and bp Disorder meds. I even ask friend my if he thought I was a stupid bitch. I was processing my thought outwardly fuck! Lets chill some day? Like relaxing at the beach? You are beautiful! "___" ( 0^0') / )_) `` ``

    n nn n4 napja
  • I think she the most Sane on in this whole video

    A BA B4 napja
  • ILU BB

    Lofu NumnutsLofu Numnuts4 napja
  • I’m literally crying right now I havent heard this song in a while and I dress how I want to dress but my family said I’m werid and give descriptions of how I look and say it’s not normal this is my comfort song now

    Mochi _cossMochi _coss4 napja
  • Me:did she just...SHOW THE F**K FINGER?! My sis:YEAH I THINK SHE DID us both:AHHHHHHHHHHH

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  • I Love you

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  • it fuking good fuck the school

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  • This song makes me feel like a teen again lol actually it's kinda like watching a movie version of my boarding school experience. Was supposed to be a 1 yr program and idk man, I guess 2 riots, 3 dist fights n $30,000 in property damages wasn't something they were prepared for cuz I was gone in 8½ months! In fairness I earned them there was no way I was spending a full yr there.... As I intentionally smashed a printer w a smile on my face. Lol guess I showed em crazy on a lvl they couldn't handle. Can't blame em! I'd have booted me out WAY sooner!!! 🤣

    FloridaSam*45FloridaSam*455 napja
  • Did the Dad just say "reform school"? xD did I catch that right? "They´ll straighten her up". Mate, she does´nt need straightening up! You need to be more open-minded to the fact that everyone is different and thrive in being who they naturally are!

    AnnaBellesChannelAnnaBellesChannel5 napja
  • the netflix Intro beat is made from here hhaha

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  • Then honey let tell you seadtha joker I’m nom one don’t you forget it baby

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  • Bebe I’d absolutely love this video aswell Of course you’re song.I’d feel the same Thoughts at times you’re awesome Bebe Takecare Bebe

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  • me wuv dis song so much :3

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  • I don’t get how Bebe only has 8 million subscribers, like I kinda feel like she should have wayyyyy more. Cause she’s like such a good singer!!!

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  • These bitches should leave Bebe ALONE ✨KWEEN✨

    Emilygachabear Emilygachabear 6 napja
  • Best public message in a while. Why are people so afraid of normal!

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  • This one hit hard af for me since Day 1, but in the best way, much love to Bebe 💖💖

    Jewl SevilleJewl Seville7 napja
  • There nothing in this world that will stop me from listening to your songs

    Kristina LandKristina Land7 napja
  • You modavat me to stand up to someone at my school. You rilly are a legend:)

    Kristina LandKristina Land7 napja
  • Why do i think that Bebe looks like Dixie Damelio?

    Mahi ModiMahi Modi7 napja
  • Her family is just my family ahhhhhhhhh childhood

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  • 2021..?! 🌻😳😍...

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  • I am 47 and have lived with my mind as bipolar and ocd and was considered a wild child. Noone understood me. Suicide attempts and drinking, cutting (which not known in the 80s in my town). A full blown alcoholic by 14. They all just said I as psycho and crazy! I wish I would have had a song like this to relate to. We all Battle our minds. I had a dr, after years and years of seeing others only to put me on stronger meds, tell me "I think that is just the way you are! That is how you are made up!" He didn't prescribe me anything. I freaking loved that. This young lady obviously battles and all the power to her for reaching out with lyrics like this to help others. Good luck to all those today who are young and battle

    tan branwintan branwin7 napja
  • This young lady is gorgeous and so talented. Love this song. Thank you for sharing.

    tan branwintan branwin7 napja
  • She's a Star ✨ I could listen to her all day

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  • pineapple is not there by mistake......

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    • Neither is Dos and Donts 👍💪🙏🏼💝🤘

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  • I don't know but this is one of the best songs with perfect visualisation of the situations which is still prevalent, but unfortunately artists have really forgotten to make songs like this..

    ❤Raabanine$❤❤Raabanine$❤8 napja
  • When reality glitches 🥺🤞 2:51

    ✨8 napja
  • “Bat s***” She warned us......

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  • souch a fucking beautfull set of music videos like this one babe rexha you did a wonderfull job with theese music videos including this one keep up with the awsome work much love peace & blessed be peace!

    weareorganizationxvIII&anonymouscastleoblivion!weareorganizationxvIII&anonymouscastleoblivion!8 napja
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  • There is nothing wrong being urself

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  • Fact....Tiktok is trash

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  • Great song for this look alike act alike be alike world.

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  • Love love love all of your music

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  • I like your Hip

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  • I used to LOVE this song


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  • Still here#2021😜

    Yvette WisdomYvette Wisdom10 napja
  • its not about your outside look, its about your beauty on the inside.

    RobinVarietyRobinVariety10 napja
  • Bebe, from the beginning you have proved that all your songs are true masterpieces. You are a huge reason of why I want to be a singer one day! Never stop creating!! Congratulations on your new album, I'm Gonna Show You Crazy is one of my favorites!

    Abigail WoznickiAbigail Woznicki10 napja
  • this song does have enough views. it’s such a good song and extremely relatable for those who have been through anything similar to what the song about. I’m literally sobbing right now reading everyone’s comments, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this I know how hard it is I’ve been through something similar myself. stay strong you are perfect the way you are. and most importantly you are beautiful! love you all stay safe.

    xlivviiaxlivviia10 napja
  • Such relatable-ness. Such candidness. We need more music like this...💯💓💯

    P RP R11 napja
  • this song is so good, but i cant watch the video

    Gustavo AugustoGustavo Augusto11 napja
  • what are bebe rexha fans called cuz that's definitely me, y'know like how nicki fans are called barbs and ariana fans are called arianators, what are bebe rexha fans called?

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  • 2:56 My PC when I open some app

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  • They way she says "prescriptions" ...

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  • its sad to see people getting "fixed" just because their sense of clothing or their beliefs and thinking are a bit different than what the braindead society expects out of us

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  • Halp I'm Amber Alert Doug Burns is guilty

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  • How am I just finding this song??? I've been obsessed with Bebe ever since No Broken Hearts dropped. She currently is and always has been a QUEEN.

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  • Number 1 for me. Love her so much.

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  • Everyone can be what they wanna be Dont force them to be smt else * my opinion

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  • MHMR in Mineral Wells Texas is guilty for human adduction child abduction I'm a Amber Alert an apartment 502 Shady Oaks Circle a mentally abused a little girl for 6 years she was an Amber Alert is little girls in Apartment 502 Shady Hill Circle Mineral Wells Texas

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  • war inside my head.

  • So actual. Any time...2021

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  • Maybe the "normal one's" are actually the crazy one's

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  • I really like your songs

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  • Seriously if this is what her life was like at home for her. It was sad I'm happy she can now express herself

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  • Bebe: i'm gonna show you crazy & I'm a mess both has therapists references

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  • She really outdid herself on this song ...:)

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  • This gives me Sisters of Quiet Mercy vibes. 😭✋

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  • 66 million views and this video is 6 years old, 666 my friends

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  • If your watching this in 2021 ur a legend

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  • Me everybody think I'm crazy and always be mean to me and I will f*cking kill them

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