Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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  • I usually 12 Block nether but when i have the chance i make a giant square or make special room for it so ITS so ✨ *PRETTY* ✨ Like, ✨ *Model* ✨

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  • this is probably going to be the only book to read because actually want to wasted your time

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  • Whats the name of keyboard and mouse?

  • MysteryOre: "Not long ago, Mojang released a guidebook on how to beat Minecraft." Also MysteryOre: "Ah, yes. This book is extremely outdated" Me: "Then why did you say-"

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  • this is just some tricks these are not compulsary

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  • Where did you get the awesome keyboard and mouse??

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  • Gonna get this vid at 1mil likess

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  • i build my nether portal with 100000000 blocks

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  • ooh i have that same guide

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  • Personally, I think that Nether portal is too small.

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  • Istg im feeling deja vu from this video bcs i thought i watched this like 2 years ago

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    • Dude this is 2 montasje old

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  • i build it with 500

    Shajin ByambajavShajin Byambajav3 órája
    • Not even possible

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  • 4:03

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  • 0:37, is that a cross?!!!

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  • Why dose that sound good 5:04

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  • It’s ok I’ve never had diamonds 💎

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  • can you do it? @npyk

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  • xray 2.0 2:16

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  • I build my nether portal 90 feet tall

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  • “Moh-yang”

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  • 3:00 ngl is friking made me Dying LMFAO

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  • I build my portals 60 blocks high

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  • Thats why polar bear always beat us like wives

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  • i do 15 blocks of ubsidian

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  • Post please

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  • Snowballs???? In the nether????

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  • Man had a water bucket and wasn't using it to climb/break falls

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  • Now it’s time to speed run the Mojang way

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  • how does this have 29million views

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  • do all the stuff every time i play Mincraft and did it for fun also i use 0 bc i never go in i never world

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  • I like your keyboard and mouse

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  • 10 obsidian or 14? i use 420

  • Not long ago mojang released a book Oh yeah... This book is outdated

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  • Do I need to put looting on my snowballs??😂😂😂I love this

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  • anyone get those books from bookfair?

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  • When u teleport to the nether, boop the ad came out

  • Right when he went into the nether I got an add

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  • i build mine infitine

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  • Speed runners be like...

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  • Hey I love this vid I watched it a whole bunch lol

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  • Is this guy dead or what

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  • who else has these books and heard him say mojang wrong

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  • him: *going in the nether portal* *ad pops up* PH CARES NATURAL GUAVA!

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  • We have the same keyboard but mines black

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  • Mojang is 1984

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  • It’s mojang

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  • 5:25 "kill me kill me kill me" **proceeds to run away from death**

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  • blue forest did you mean warped forest

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  • moyang what the ducking duck its mo Jang

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  • I love how @MysteryOre just says Moyang instead of Mojang😂😂😂😂

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  • why in hell would you use obsidian as you're main building block? just get some stone

    General ZodbergGeneral Zodberg10 órája
  • I know the iron can find, if there is a coal there is an iron if there is an iron there is a coal around the ore

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  • moyang

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  • Wow why did you just beat Minecraft hard-core Minecraft

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  • 0:54 dont say it stupid because incase you lost your house when your in tge forest you can see a pillar that where your house at

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    • That’s how you say it

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    YouTube Except I do it like a five year oldYouTube Except I do it like a five year old11 órája
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  • Mystery: about to die Ad: my time has come

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  • Dont worry, ur not a lone, i havent dont it myself either.

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  • I use 14 blocks but when I’m lazy I use 10

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  • Why dirt tho?

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  • Dude uploaded !!!!!!~!~~!!!!!!!

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  • This guy helped me get thru 2020

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  • I build my nether portal with 10 then take the extra 4 and make an enchantment table

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  • The reason you died to the Ender Dragon so many times is that the book recommended to use a sword not an axe

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  • Do you know how to play minecraft? well you don’t Dream “ am I a joke to you?”

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  • The edits were no clean

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