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Directed by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke
Kevin Porter as Batman
Aaron Schoenke as Joker
Michael Madsen as Bullock

"Batman and Joker have always had such an interested psychological relationship, it's those dark concepts that make the characters so interesting."



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    • @Danica Ramos Lumboy spelling

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    • Terrible acting as the joker this guy needs to consider stop acting

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    • @Shad DOUIDA what

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    • Batman and Catwoman😄😄😄😄😄👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🎥📽🎞

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  • Please continue to make films like these

    The golden camel from EgyptThe golden camel from Egypt45 perccel
  • Okay can this be a full length feature film? It was really well done.

    anthony andersonanthony andersonÓrája
  • One of the best Batman actors ever. He's perfect! The Joker not so much to be honest. To me he sounded and behaved a bit closer to penguin. He certainly looked the part, just didnt sound the part.... but then i'm expecting Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger when i think of the joker.. hard acts to follow

    Chris TChris T2 órája
  • Well, Killer Croc's make-up and prosthetics were better than Suicide Squad's! And Madsen surprised me very much.

    Charles CumellaCharles Cumella2 órája
  • Missed an opportunity to have Batman checkmate the Joker with a Dark Knight as Joker moved a white piece and called himself a King.

    Derek MorrisDerek Morris2 órája
  • Cool but some superpower beat downs would be cooler.

    Donald WestfallDonald Westfall2 órája
  • Bravo!

    Nathan NateNathan Nate3 órája
  • We are living in the End Times. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. Those that recieve the vaccine being promoted will not inherit God's kingdom. Tell my people to avoid the vaccine. Their eternal destination is important. I warn because I care.

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  • This not only looks but feels like a real Batman movie, it's so crazy good!

    0penthaugtz0penthaugtz4 órája
  • Awesome!! Congratulations for the great work! 👏👏👏

    Paulo JPaulo J4 órája
  • Imagine Vaas in Arkham Asylum.

    Emanuele MancinoEmanuele Mancino5 órája
  • Is this an episode wowo♥️♥️ Batman look so cool👍👍👍👏👏

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  • Spoiler Alert Joker and Batman's chemistry was crazy, it's something the Dark Knight only really hinted at, we never really got to see their co-dependence on screen. It's clearly been made on a relatively low budget, but it's still unbelievably well done. It's also the most brutal and comic accurate Batman appearance, the Mad Hatter scene and the bit where he hangs Joker are standouts. They show a side of him we haven't properly seen on screen. I hope there's a sequel.

    Aodhán McGroryAodhán McGrory10 órája
  • I love that the people on the news names were all mixed first and last names of the Impractical Jokers lmao

    Undisputed PenguinUndisputed Penguin10 órája
  • Great work

    Rudra kumarRudra kumar14 órája
  • The guy who plays the Joker played the role excellently! He could be better than Heath if not an equal.

    Jon SecillanoJon Secillano15 órája
  • This is what ment to be Batman !

    Cyprem AnandCyprem Anand16 órája
  • I forgot i was watching a movie! This was brilliant!

  • This is a fan movie????

    Big RedBig Red18 órája
  • I have to accept it, this is amazing, i take my hat off

    Reverse FlashReverse Flash18 órája
  • Not bad at all. Some surprising faces. Decent story, reminiscent of a Batman TAS episode. Very cool, good job, everyone.

    Jock McBileJock McBile19 órája
  • That was freakin’ awesome.

    Albert MunozAlbert Munoz22 órája
  • 8:22 Lisa Ann Reporting LOL

    zapidantezapidante22 órája
  • Holy shit, this is amazing. How did i not see this b4. My hats off to you.

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  • 08:23 Lisa Ann reporting xD I see what you did there

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  • Everything is on point the Gotham knight , The prince of crime bullock hell even the small apparition of quinzel and Poison Ivy Mr freeze and croc are on point, i can feel the passion and love when making this short movieshout out to all actresses & actors who worked on that short movie and gotta give credits to Joker's makeup and the Batsuit !! I think WB should really see this !!

    D- IMPD- IMPNapja
  • Cringed so hard when joker talks

    Migurdia VRMigurdia VRNapja
  • Very well done! Excellent work guys! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • excellent

    Aristides SequeraAristides SequeraNapja
  • That Was great job ,thank u so much

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  • 🃏

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  • Another great movie by bat in the sun.

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  • Love it.

    Ashish KommalaAshish KommalaNapja
  • His batman mask is far better that new upcoming batman's

    Shivendra .__Shivendra .__Napja
  • Can you doo Terminator T 800 vs Iron man

    DragonFlamesMan GamingDragonFlamesMan GamingNapja
  • Kept up with the comics. Very nice.

    Sierra ForceSierra ForceNapja
  • Not bad though the melanoma line lol

  • 8:26 Bro, I literally almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that scene with the lamp because one of my earliest memories was me watching some cartoons one time when I was at most 2 years old and feeling sorry for a lamb being surrounded by weapons. And now I actually saw that scene again 15 years later. Crazy nostalgia

  • When I found this, I was like “batinthesun is still a thing?” And Im so happy I clicked on this video

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  • Do sub zero since mortal combat coming in HBO

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  • The beginning theme song please lmao, its epic

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  • Batman is amazing 👏 😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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  • We need more Please don't stop this series

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  • It better than WB and WB need sell dc

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  • Everything about this was 🔥🔥... Plzzzz another one !!! ☝️

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  • Dude I have to say this was amazing the guys that played Batman and joker were legends Kevin was an amazing Batman he needs to play in a Batman film of his own and Arron played a phenomenal joker these guys need to be in a real film together I hope more people sign the petition to make Arron an actual producer for dc

    Spider avenger MillerSpider avenger Miller2 napja
  • I thought this was a movie cause it was so good

    GreedyGreedy2 napja
  • Bat in the Sun please make a movie based on George Miller's Justice League Mortal 🥺🙏🙏🙏

    Sulthan Gibran JaySulthan Gibran Jay2 napja
  • 1:07 lol is that an impractical jokers reference? Sal, Gatto, Quinn, and Murray hahah

    ChebCheb2 napja
  • Aaron, do you wish to restorethesnyderverse# ?

    The French ReaperThe French Reaper2 napja
  • love letter to arkham

    jeetesh goyaljeetesh goyal2 napja
  • I have got watched this awhile ago and I repeated again because I like how they portrayed the characters here. How I wish they could be include as part of the DC production. I want them to make a series. I love it.

    Rigenald SonzaRigenald Sonza2 napja
  • Absolutely awesome short film, the ambition of this short film, doesn’t feel like it, it feels like it could rival and smash some of the drivel WB have produced. AT&T may be the change for a more cohesive, exciting comic book abiding yet adaptive vision moving forwards! May #BatInTheSun keep producing great content. #RestoreTheSynderVerse #GreenLantern2 #GreenLanternCorp #RyanReynolds #ManOfSteel2 #Aquaman2 #WonderWoman2 (1984 doesn’t count 👎🏼) #FlashPoint #TheBatman #BenAffleck #JusticeLeague2

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  • Amazing Job !!! CGI is great ✨✨ Just wondering what director could have done in a main stream movie...

    jorvis vegasjorvis vegas2 napja
  • Fuck Snyder, you are the best!

    Gabriel Sant'AnnaGabriel Sant'Anna2 napja
  • I like the impractical jokers reference with the names of the cops in the beginning

    Rocco MorrowRocco Morrow2 napja
  • this is the batman we want!

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  • Çok güzel olmuş emeğinize sağlık gerçekten,izlemesi gereken bir film.. bu videoda sosyal sorumluluk gerçekten buda çok güzeldi gerçekten emeğinize yüreğinize sağlık ...

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  • Was riddler played by that one actor who plays a lot of creatures. Pans labrynth, shape of water, hellboy. Others. ?

    DayzerDayzer3 napja
  • I didn't realize Athena Finger is in this

    LeaveMeAloneYouTubeLeaveMeAloneYouTube3 napja
  • Ok...just wooow..... Props to all who worked on the project

    Jeslin PhilipJeslin Philip3 napja
  • batman under the red hood movie : i know its a lot but people want to see the jason todd movie

  • I would definitely love to see more of Porter’s Batman, he was great!

    The RyemysterThe Ryemyster3 napja
  • Michael Madsen IS Bullock ! Genius casting. i know he's had his own personal demons but this was a role he was meant to play. i would almost say, destined. If you want to see him own a role, being the best Madsen, check out the slept on gem that is Blueberry (a.k.a The Renegade in the U.S i believe). It's a comic book adaption of a classic French comic that the legend Mobius spent a lot of years on. It has the BEST "Gunfight scene" in any modern cowboy flick. It's a (sorta) mindfuck of a film and i LOVE it. If anything DMT related is your thing, you need to see this film ! The cast list is bonkers ! Go.... Find it... WATCH IT.

    Thomas CarnackiThomas Carnacki3 napja
  • I am blown away with the Plot Twist ...... The Batmans Voice reminds me of classic Kevin Conroys 90s' Batman Animated Series .... All the casts are excellent .... The best part of the Film is the Background Music .... Theme is Epic .... Strongly hope to watch & is gonna wait for more !!!

    Omi Dark KnightOmi Dark Knight3 napja
  • Loved it. Superb

    stew powerstew power3 napja

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  • I four git a bout this channel

    jacksonjackson3 napja
  • I want these productions to never end....just insane Aaron and Sean

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  • This is too good.... I loved it..

    Saurav RanaSaurav Rana3 napja
  • BTW? have U noticed WHO played the Riddler?

    Михаил КусакинМихаил Кусакин3 napja
  • Absolutely flawless!!!

    Михаил КусакинМихаил Кусакин3 napja
  • This was such an amazing film! I loved everything about this. It’s dark and haunting. I wish all Batman films were like that. I hope you guys can continue will continue this as a series. Great Job!👍

    Gonale PesaGonale Pesa3 napja
  • ... all it takes is one bad day.

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  • This is the batman we deserve on the big screen

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  • I need more joker laugh

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  • This joker was better than letos suicide squad version

    KriigZKriigZ3 napja

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  • To the CW this is how you can create a Batman TV series .

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  • My question is why couldn't Affleck suit look like this in #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague Also I like who's playing him better too #Batman

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  • Hell yeah I'm down for this ish #Batman

    Ty G-HarrisTy G-Harris3 napja
  • that joker actor is 100 times better than Jared Leto would ever be

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  • Seriously well done.. The big wigs at Warner Brothers should be taking notes on how to make a Batman movie the fans actually want..

    MadmartiganMadmartigan3 napja
  • This was great. I thought I recognized......hugo strange........ Chris Daughtry LOL. Well done though guys.

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  • this deserves HUGE props. what an effort this is to be appreciated. SICK!

  • you guys got micahel madsen lmaooo holy shit thats so cool

    Daniel EscobarDaniel Escobar4 napja
  • The very fact that you got Michael Madsen for this blows my mind! You guys do such amazing work!

    Sassy TroySassy Troy4 napja
  • Can someone summarize the plot for me?

    Ali İmran KAZANAli İmran KAZAN4 napja
  • Mmmmmmmm yummy both Harley and Ivy yeowch sorry I'm a sucker for both have been since I was a kid

    Cameron KentCameron Kent4 napja
  • Batman: There is a Difference between us ... Bullard : And what is that ?? Batman: We both looked in to the Abyss but when it looked back you blinked , that would of been perfect for the end conversation on the roof top scene

    Cameron KentCameron Kent4 napja
  • Should make a series of this

    Cameron KentCameron Kent4 napja
  • Great movie!

    SzymonSzymon4 napja
  • This felt like bale and Affleck Batman collided into the perfect mix a way better classic gray suit than Affleck and all the detective skills/tech of bale and emotional torture plus a better fighting style the the tactics of bale but the brutal style and mobility of Affleck. This person should direct a Batman movie one day !!!

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  • Can you do super hero beat down of dc lobo vs Deadpool please

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  • Ugh date night

    Riddler’s leaked emailsRiddler’s leaked emails4 napja
  • #Jokar 👌

    Saiful HowladerSaiful Howlader4 napja
  • Love the batmobile, it reminds me of the arkham games! The batman & his suit is straight out of the comics! Well done to everybody involved in this short film!

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  • estoy aqui por que #francoescamilla me mando Saludos..

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