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Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account:

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  • i feel like the term "the customer is always right" is literally just something management says to the new hires and people beneath them to make sure that they stay out of hot water. Even though the customer can sometimes be the one causing major ass issues.

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  • Tht man knew abt manifesting ahead of his time 🤧

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  • when i was young i thought ups was a really popular bakkery or smtn idk

  • Him: idc about onions. Also him:kicks garlic

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  • "I'm not paid enough to care what you're shipping and I hate looking for another job too much to risk this one by messing with your stuff."

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  • Why do you kinda sound like scout from tf2

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  • Can YOU do this ‘ ,:)

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  • Okay, you win, HUworld recommendations. I watched the video.

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  • Why do you always remind me of Mable from gravity falls

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  • In Asia, when you are in highschool, you are in study hellmode.

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  • I’m so happy I found this channel

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  • A couple weeks ago we had a customer come up to the door after we closed, and of course my co-worker let them in. They proceeded to take an eternity to look through our catalogue, only to ask for a custom order which took double the time to make. This was during one of the busiest few weeks of the entire year for us, right as we almost finished cleaning and were about to finally go home...

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  • eating pizza like a cookie do be hitting different sometimes

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  • Every so often I remember your videos exist and they make me happy. Thanks ice cream sandwich. Hope you're having a good day

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  • Just after our country’s covid lockdown was lifted my partner was working at kfc (I didn’t work there) and the line was long asf and they were closing and we had to tell the cars to leave I helped out and a lady was very rude giving fingers ect I told her to fuck off and she wanted to report me to my manager I said good luck with that

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  • Right before he opens that suspicious time magazine an ad of old spice with exploding earth played. What a perfect timing lmao

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  • What's opium

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  • you were living as a background character in a cop show

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  • Hi I have crippling anxiety and am a large guy. Worked at McDonald's and there was a customer who was clearly angry from the start, and I was his cashier. He was very specific about wanting pickles, and when he didn't get the pickles started shouting at me. I started hyperventilating and shaking and he realized he messed up big time. He apologized a lot and even told my boss that I was having an issue. Tl;dr, sometimes (but not always) a rude customer is also under duress. Smile at everyone, because you don't know what burden they carry.

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  • 7:53 This was always my favorite moment in any job. "...Fuck. Did one of this company's uniformed personal servants to me just say no? Maybe if I ask louder and re-establish myself as king of the ape pack."

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  • Lots of minecraft references.... i like dat

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  • 0:17 is me with my friends all of the time.

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    • He’s been getting progressively smaller as he posts videos.

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  • Eating pizza like a cookie is awesome :)

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  • *P I Z Z A C O O K I E*

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  • Nice

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  • Funnily enough my first job was at 5 guys and it was possibly the coolest (granted the only) job I’ve had so far

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  • I just got this notification when its already 1 week ago...uh youtube ur 7 days late

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  • I like this

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  • Beautiful ey

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  • Did he say fresh fries

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  • I just found one of my new favorite channels

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  • X = X

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  • 2:44 Me at the retail gun store

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  • Yes you are crazy

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  • He’s been getting progressively smaller as he posts videos.

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  • What about morDOOR?

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  • I walked into a ups store the other day the entire time I was there I had this video playing in my head

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  • I am so jelaous of you for getting a job so young lol and getting to choose the kind of job Isn't that fcked up

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  • I subscribed. Waiting for that box to be thrown into a volcano.

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  • Me: reporting video Video management: what did video do bad? Me: I’m in the title without my say : ( Edit: no I like the video

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  • YOU'RE MEAN!! *Throws random person out a window.*

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  • 8:03 not me starting to chant I HAVE CLEAR SKINNNN

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  • "In the wild"

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  • okay but is tony the same tony from the food fight video

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  • When Andy releases a video a day goes from normal to legendary

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  • “You could spend it on five guys” *me eating five guys* ;w;

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  • There's a lot of alcohols that are a stronger drug than weed.

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    • By the way . I do live in the Nederlands.

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  • The job example at the beginning of the video look like you are kidnapping people and shipping them away to the black market

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  • The "Customer is always right" phrase doesn't come from the truth but is actually just to help sell more stuff, people don't like being told they're wrong.

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  • FAX the number’s not working- *F A X*

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  • Sits down to watch a video while I eat my Five guys: Brings up Five Guys: 👁👄👁

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  • i work as help & support staff through text chat. dude. the amount of times i've wanted to turn on my caps lock and get back at people... i can't of course, and i never do. but it's always a little victory when you get to slap the TOS rules on someone's face in the most diplomatic way possible.

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  • 2:13 well im scared

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  • I like my retail job a lot

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  • 4:31 : ITS DA SOOKY MONTH!!!!!!!!

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  • I tell ya man retail is in a whole other dimension of reality, I'm so glad I got away from my job working in a pharmacy.

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  • Subtle minecraft references: *exists* Minecraft veterans: "You have done well my friend"

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  • Among my greatest regrets was not getting your youtooz figure, is there any chance of it making back to the market?

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  • Those eyes.. They're beautiful..!

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  • I love the amount of minecraft sounds 😂

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  • This reminds me of when I was working in a photo shop in my hometown after college. This was in the pre-historic, pre-digital days when people used actual rolls of film which came in little plastic tube cases. One day a young girl around my age came in, dug into her bag, found the film case and started to open it. I held out my hands and she proceeded to dump her pot out into them. She was embarrassed, but I found it pretty funny. We did our best to get it all back into the case, then she found the other case with the film. I guess the moral of the story is if you're gonna use drugs, try to remember what you keep them in...

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  • Now we know how to ship drugs

  • 0:11 I agree

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  • "I wanna go home" -every worker ever-

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  • if you can, kids, find a retail job for professional supply, like a salon supply house or any kind of trade material distribution tbh

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  • So you have more viewers than subscribers?

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    • Yes that’s actually a very common thing

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  • His eyebrows are so curly when he is angry in this video.

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  • 0:33. Minecraft refrence

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  • Wow andy your eyes are beautiful today!

  • Whoever dislikes is not in the cool club

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  • Ice cream sandwich is definitely the most wholesome channel on HUworld

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  • Lots of mine craft noises

  • Wait what the hell are you talking about when I worked at Fed ex we shipped weed all the time And also we didn’t have to ask questions about what was in the box we basically just said is it food or is it not perishable and that was it we usually let our customers tape the box as well It was a good job but HUworld is better

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  • The animation and sound effects are what sell these videos for me. Look forward to more.

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  • Hey ice cream sandwich what app do you use to animate these vids?

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  • This has the best quotes lol "I don't like to work, I just like da moni" "...Or am I crazy? I am crazy, blblavablala" "If you wanna go out with your buddies, you gotta have da cæsh" "...and I know that- drugs... uhhh.. you can't do that one"

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  • it's commercial suicide to not provide the customer with said product or service

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