Awkward Divorce Drinking Game

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  • Whers THAT CRING

    Pabi SvabiPabi Svabi3 órája
  • Bring back That's Cringe, but with Papa Noël !!!

    Derek TanDerek Tan3 órája
  • Make videos with Noel

    Divyank SoniDivyank Soni3 órája
  • Cody Cody Cody you HAVE to react to lele pons “my first time flying” it would be so funny

    JR ProducerJR Producer4 órája
  • CODY react to dove Cameron’s tik tok

    Brook CBrook C5 órája
  • “Is that what you call it?? Marriage partner??” A spouse, Cody, it’s called a spouse.

    Elaina ReddimallaElaina Reddimalla5 órája
  • The fact that you looked up bashful 😭

    Helen DelgadoHelen Delgado6 órája

    tristan mclaytristan mclay7 órája
  • do they have bad hair day? why both of them are wearing hats?

    Nikola KristaNikola Krista7 órája
  • Cody you should watch this tiktok toker and do a that’s cringe on

    ClutchCarl50ClutchCarl507 órája
  • Cody ko has to watch this😂😂

    Kendric EduarteKendric Eduarte12 órája
  • The knotty archeology revealingly decorate because crow inherently jam apropos a private patio. verdant, pastoral ravioli

    Maxwell RussellMaxwell Russell12 órája
  • for some reason the bashful thing absolutely killed me

    SamSam17 órája
  • Imagine getting a tattoo on yourself that says IM SHY

    MJ WestMJ West17 órája
    • lmaooooooooo

      w0ah samw0ah sam9 órája
  • Why are all the questions asked sexual

    payton alipayton ali19 órája
  • He probably getting ready to shoot sonic 2

    Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*19 órája
  • Some people's Pov: You went and searched up Cody Ko from pancho

    Nooby - Animations Gaming!Nooby - Animations Gaming!20 órája
  • 151k likes and 2M views in 2 days wow

    Griffin Joker ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡGriffin Joker ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ21 órája
  • "ex-babe" I can't take it lol 😂

    The BaconThe Bacon21 órája
  • didnt like the video till she found out she was a gamer girl uwu

    Seth GSeth G21 órája
  • He should have said xxxgames

    Gigi GiffordGigi Gifford22 órája
  • Hahahah how do they find them . Just took the word out of my mouth. How do they fuckin find these people

    MerlinMerlin22 órája
  • this video made me gay

    Henry GilesHenry GilesNapja
  • 5:48 why did the "welcome to hoOo- lly wood babyyy" make me laugh harder than any of the jokes in this video

  • Why did I tRY to click on one of their videos at the end before he read comments-

    Jazmo HawkJazmo HawkNapja
  • u HAVE TO react to 7 strangers decide etc, etc

    bo stiansenbo stiansenNapja
  • 2:32 best acting I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂

    Kagome NishiKagome NishiNapja
  • The Cut needs to give Cody a cut of their profits.

    Catherine BCatherine BNapja
  • looking rough Cody

  • roasting fans 4?

    yum yam yoyum yam yoNapja
  • We need more videos with Noel

    Hudson YeahHudson YeahNapja
  • @cut hey you should invite Cody

    Alissa BAlissa BNapja
  • Cody’s facial expressions throughout this entire video has me dyinggggg 🤣🤣🤣

    Liyah & LifeLiyah & LifeNapja
  • just had a druggie try and break into my house whilst I'm home alone, was scared, and still felt unsafe so I watched this video because Cody literally makes me feel safe :)

    Paige O'DwyerPaige O'DwyerNapja
  • The unequaled clam densply dance because windshield ultrasonographically carry excluding a thin back. gifted, rapid diploma

    sour chucksour chuckNapja
  • cody really had to look up what bashful meant

  • Can you imagine being as young as they are and already getting a divorce... embarrassing.

    Bella LynnBella LynnNapja
  • she kinda bad tho?

  • the bashful bit lmao

    Cameron AydtCameron AydtNapja
  • cody's mane is magnificent

    Marko MedicMarko MedicNapja
  • 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West have been missing for 45 days in California City, CA.120,000$ for information of their whereabouts

    people personpeople personNapja
  • cody you sound like you did the voice of wayne from prep and landing, if i dont say it il loose my ankle socks

    tilly cromartytilly cromartyNapja
  • Hair game is on.

  • Wow I just realized that Cody has an earring. Very edgy.

  • you scared to get a haircut ever since the jake thing huh?

    bb jadebb jadeNapja
  • X Games Sex? You couldn’t just say seX Games? ITS RIGHT THERE

    Chris HillChris HillNapja
  • plot twist: this dude is the guy from what would you do and he broke it off when he found out she was a girl lamer

  • Ngl you had me actually laughing out loud . That rarely happens with youtubers. Great vid

    Ana BarriosAna BarriosNapja
  • this convinced me that my nipples do need shaving :/

    Mel DembinskiMel Dembinski2 napja
  • Cody: Whats the words for it? Marriage partners... Husband or wife? Me: Spouse 🙄

    WhateverWhatever2 napja
  • Did anyone else notice the new tatoo 👇

    DynoDyno2 napja
  • dawg my dads name is gary

    Sterling BrownSterling Brown2 napja
  • the bashful tattoo might have been a snow white thing

    Brenden MooreBrenden Moore2 napja
  • LMAO “Ex-Babe”

    icky caticky cat2 napja
  • you even burn bro ?

    HaydenflythathighguyHaydenflythathighguy2 napja
  • *Bros before Hoes* *Games before Dames* *Dudes before Nudes* *Kicks before Chicks*

    pRoJect 45pRoJect 452 napja
  • cut ur hair bro

    LetsMixItLetsMixIt2 napja
  • Silly me always thought that being separated meant that you didn't live together.

    John IngramJohn Ingram2 napja
  • ex babe

    alinaalina2 napja
  • watch the intro at 0.25 hate me later

    Ramy LaqlachRamy Laqlach2 napja
  • this is a new level of cringe

    CroatoanCroatoan2 napja
  • Why do all of the top comments have the default profile pictures

    Griffen CampbellGriffen Campbell2 napja
  • I thought Jerry Trainor was on the thumbnail smh talk about clickbait

    Mahina OsaiMahina Osai2 napja
  • Oh my god I choked on beef stew on my lunch break watching this I can’t stop laughing wtf

    Karolyn RedillaKarolyn Redilla2 napja
  • This was easily some of your funniest content in a while man

    Mitch EMitch E2 napja
  • the divorced couples: taking about something else the guy recording : sex,sex,sex,sex

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami2 napja

    giovanna maignardigiovanna maignardi2 napja
  • i feel like the from canada or sum

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami2 napja
  • Funny part is I’m divorced and you get so used to saying everything and anything going through divorce that this game already doesn’t work on concept 😂

    RachelRachel2 napja
  • you remind me of Jerry Trainor.

    PsychedelicPsychedelic2 napja
  • cody looks like Steve Herrington with his hair

    SlumpDawgBarsSlumpDawgBars2 napja
  • Remember 80 + 26 = 96

    Mason MyersMason Myers2 napja
  • I would watch a whole video of Cody doing the sleazy producer character

    Al DoesagoodAl Doesagood2 napja
  • Your hair is more amazing every video. Keep that shit up. 👍🏼

    barelycalmbarelycalm2 napja
  • missed opportunity: X Games sex = Sex games

    Caitlin BanksCaitlin Banks2 napja
  • They would make a good show

    ricorico2 napja
  • You should react to your first videos comments

    Laura HolmesLaura Holmes2 napja
  • bruh he literally pulled the Dennis "because of the implications"

    Matthew RosenMatthew Rosen2 napja
  • Did he THINK of cheating? Sounds like we have a Mr . Struggle here bois

    S R T HS R T H2 napja
  • cody has just given me inspiration to get "bashful" tattooed on my forehead

    Sorry gSorry g2 napja

    j.e.e.lindbergj.e.e.lindberg2 napja
  • I love your divorce video content please make more 😂😍👍😊❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈

    sakura hoorasakura hoora2 napja
  • missed the chance to say sex games instead of x games sex 💔

    claireclaire2 napja
  • how do even apply for a video like this-

    n0n1s3n0n1s32 napja
  • Do Guinness world records videos they’re weird

    Lucas OsborneLucas Osborne2 napja
  • React to “a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed” by cut pleaseeee

    Ella SchrommElla Schromm2 napja
  • I love cut their content is cringe,creative and weird at the same time

    emrah karadağemrah karadağ2 napja
  • i love u

    Sarah SchultzSarah Schultz2 napja
  • Yikes that girl is so bitter. She agreed to this so she could make the guy look bad on the internet

    luckycharmmallowsluckycharmmallows2 napja
  • Why every time I watch Cody Ko he gets a new tattoo, coincidence I think not

    Chase LazarianChase Lazarian2 napja
  • cody has really been reminding me of schmidt from new girl recently lmao

    Jordan VellmureJordan Vellmure2 napja
  • are u and noel done making vids together

    Benjamin CrossBenjamin Cross2 napja
  • Cody you have to watch the cut video where it’s strangers decide who gets the 1000 dollars. It’s the one with a massive dislike to like ratio.

    mason Harrismason Harris2 napja
  • bashful lmao

    Lucy DCLucy DC2 napja
  • You have to do the bridesmaid drinking game cut videos they get MESSY

    Jessica MarieJessica Marie2 napja
  • 9:57 Bro your face at the Warcraft bit was spot on lol.

    sammy davissammy davis2 napja
  • Why does cody look like mega mind when he acts like the host💀

    saiki k cultsaiki k cult2 napja
  • Can we get cody to do a Marriage Story reaction bc that shit is SAD

    Ellie PattersonEllie Patterson2 napja
  • the cut directors have always been horny ngl lmao

    SahayedaSahayeda2 napja
  • the cut put out a video about a mom guessing which kid in a lineup is high. just saying.

    Karlie MathiasKarlie Mathias2 napja