Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever

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How James Cameron's Avatar sequel is changing the film industry.
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James Cameron is back at it again, creating groundbreaking tech for Avatar 2 that could change the film industry forever!
Everytime that Cameron releases a new film, it also has to have some new innovation that blows our mind. This time around, there’s a whole bunch more stuff that we didn’t even think was possible before it was announced!
Producer Jon Landau has done us all a favour by leaking several photos and screenshots behind the scenes, showing us some of the incredible new 3D renders and underwater motion capture tech that will make this new groundbreaking vision possible. We’ll dissect how the tech works, what advancements have been made and how far into production Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 currently are. From what Cameron has achieved for CG and film, to what he’s currently up to in New Zealand with WETA Digital, we dive into what’s possible and what it could mean for the film industry as a whole!
With our next visit to Pandora delayed due to Covid-19, it’ll be sometime before we see our favourite blue CGI aliens, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). But we can still geek out over how awesome the tech is and what it could do to take the stories we tell in film to new depths!

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Written by: Callum Janes
Narrated by: Callum Janes
Edited by: Dylan McLeod
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  • Ask Cameron what he saw when he went to see what people think is the Titanic. He saw, under the erosion, the name Olympic.

    andrew bochoandrew bocho8 órája
  • SpaceX Mars Colony, includes Paid Promotion by James Cameron

    Gunners LokGunners LokNapja
  • I was 9 when I saw Avatar movie now I'm 82 living in a nursing home still waiting for the sequel

  • please more new animals. the animals on pandora were incredible

    Emanuel MinyaleEmanuel Minyale3 napja
  • Id love the original Avatar to return to theaters here in the states for a rerelease!

    Deej LDeej L3 napja
  • if this movie isn't fantastic, it'll be the biggest let down of the 21st century. But I have faith it will be nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece.

    Jacob WadeJacob Wade6 napja
  • somebody pranked us by bertending there s avater 2 but it was a game

    Neil WinstanleyNeil Winstanley7 napja
  • Dear Sceen Rant when did you breath in this. I had to take a break, good stuff but you could beath

    ka lorenka loren8 napja
  • Honestly, the heavy use of CGI makes the filmmaking seem less sincere to me, but I’m still impressed with what Cameron is doing. As a filmmaker, I cannot imagine not having tangible sets and whatnot.

    Peculiar ARTPeculiar ART10 napja
  • JAMES Cameron you are a true legend you are the person I really want to be

    Justine Refugio CuencaJustine Refugio Cuenca12 napja
  • i remember constantly watching avatar when i was like eight, i’m so fuckung excited for the next one (and all the ones after that). to this day the quality remains waaaay ahead of its time, and it’s so different to other movies i’ve seen in this genre. as a kid i always wished there was more, so happy they have multiple sequels planned

    ahhhahhh13 napja
  • quality is worth the wait

    Ess GEss G14 napja
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    John RoseJohn Rose15 napja
  • Amazing

    Dee NielsenDee Nielsen16 napja
  • So ready for avatar.

    The ˈÄrdəstThe ˈÄrdəst18 napja
  • Don't suppose anyone knows who or what that synthy music is in the background, do they?

    Jim BallerJim Baller19 napja
  • Avatar never fails to make me cry

    Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets20 napja
  • bold opinion: kind of upsetting that this next movie will focus on their children rather than jake and natyiri

    Luke SandiferLuke Sandifer20 napja
    • neytiri*

      Luke SandiferLuke Sandifer20 napja
  • The only thing that makes any sense from this is that CGI will be able to mimic human life so perfectly you can't tell the difference betwen the two. Which would mean that any actor or actress could be put into any movie what so ever and it wouldn't matter how old the person was because this tech could pick how old the person was and render it on the screen. And then there would be the other life forms that would also be perfectly lifelike. Your next movie will have you against a villian played by a young Marlon Brando and co staring Keanu Reeves as a one hundred year old man. Then the lead Actresses are Lauren Becall and Charlize Theron.

    Beaux GuidryBeaux Guidry20 napja
  • The best thing this movie technology will give us for the future is that we can get rid of all the elitists, holier than though whack job actors!!! Now that is proof technology benefits man!!!

    Rendezvous BushcraftRendezvous Bushcraft20 napja
  • Love the Stargate seen that he just threw in there

    CA _StudiosCA _Studios21 napja
  • James Cameron is a legend. Aliens Terminator Titanic Avatar those were great movies (esp the last two which grossed for over a billion dollars)

    zandorandozandorando22 napja
  • Avatar felt at best mediocre plot and character arc wasn't all there but I get why it was such a box office hit at the same time it wasn't all the good 🙃

    Jj SmithJj Smith22 napja
  • What about Avatar 5?

    Pj MackPj Mack22 napja
  • Avatar was the most beautiful, technically perfect dud I have seen in all my years of movie watching. Such a disappointment... Ferngully with the financial and tehcnical means of Cameron. A gorgeous, empty movie, with a ridiculous villain, an terrible score, and zero surprises in terms of story. I will pass on Avatar 2. Life is too short to waste 2 or 3 hours for this. I'd much rather rewatch the entire Star Wars Saga, or Titanic for that matter. But I'm sure plenty of people will go enjoy that new shiny glass bauble, so I have no doubt that it will be a big success.

    Sylvie CharloisSylvie Charlois22 napja
  • Avatar was ahead of it's time I swear

    Rojito BonitoRojito Bonito23 napja
  • space is a lie

    maxxseemaxxsee23 napja
  • plandemic

    maxxseemaxxsee23 napja
    • Time is an illusion😆🤡

      Jj SmithJj Smith22 napja
  • I dont think it will overtake avengers end game. The level of story telling and suspense would easily beat Avatar.

    wei shane lowwei shane low24 napja

    Ese CallumEse Callum25 napja
  • star wars wasnt the first using motion capture??

    wzero07wzero0726 napja
  • It's worth to mention about "Alita" which was a kind of 3D and performance capture testing playground . It was Cameron's "tech developping" step between "Avatar" chapters. With that in mind i'm bracing for a visual brain... smash ...gasm ...melt.. whatever you name it , it will be huuuge!

  • good

    Morteza FalahMorteza Falah26 napja
  • The budget of avatar 2 is one billion? Can they even make that money back? I mean maybe they can but will the profit be good enough compared to the investment?

    Johnny SomethingJohnny Something26 napja
    • Investors clearly believe so. It is a high-risk investment.

      Olaw CristophersounOlaw Cristophersoun12 napja
    • Its not 2 billion its 200 million !

      ᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOᔕTᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇOᔕT20 napja
  • Shhh... inside voice. Oh, and Pandora in Avatar isn't a planet, it's a moon. Have you actually seen Avatar?

    Kleiner TeufelKleiner Teufel27 napja
    • Is classified as a planet.

      Olaw CristophersounOlaw Cristophersoun12 napja
  • 7:19 did he just say ak-wa man?

    EL PEPEEL PEPE27 napja
  • 4:40 for the ans u r here for

    Sajid AnsariSajid Ansari27 napja
  • the background sound in the middle of this video is repetitive and difficult to listen to

    Samz PalmerSamz Palmer28 napja
  • Let's see...the original 'Avatar' was an incredibly stunning looking movie whose story was a bland rip-off of 'Dances With Wolves', 'Pocahontas' and 'Fern Gully: The Last Rain Forest '. Can't wait to see what past films are gonna be ripped off this time! So exciting!

    kenoftroy damankenoftroy daman28 napja
  • i can't wait...

    jaye501jaye50128 napja
  • St John 3:16! 💓 There will be NO profanity in the soon coming Kingdom of GOD! Deal with it.

  • avatar 2 will change moves forever? that's what they said with the first one. And they were right!! ;)

    Patrick SchooldermanPatrick Schoolderman29 napja
  • Song in the background at the start of the video?

    foleyfoley29 napja
  • So long story short, if I dare mention that Avatar 2 is actually just a movie and not a real life documentary, the lunar landing hoax denialists are going to be all over the place, threatening me with public humiliation for refusing to believe ancient things from 1969. It all makes sense people. Thanks for the video!

  • This is a bit of puffery, but happy to hear a "2" is in the works. They will have to work hard and long to top "Avatar", tho...

    Ronald DunneRonald DunneHónapja
  • All this technology and it still looks like a video game to me.

    Ryan CaronaRyan CaronaHónapja
  • In avatar the tulkan rider....they will create a colony on mars

    Haze FrostHaze FrostHónapja
  • 1 billion dollars production....🙂

    Haze FrostHaze FrostHónapja
  • It’s a beautiful movie but it’s so boring...how are they going to continue such a yawn???


    Mary Love my NameMary Love my NameHónapja
  • I've seen avatar 2. And wow.. It is absolutely brilliant. You thought the first movie was good, well wait till you see the the 2nd part. The special effects are on another level.

    Mr XMr XHónapja
  • When James Cameron dive into the Mariana Trench to its lowest point, I assumed he wanted to bring that experience being on deepwater to the audience. Well here we go we are only a year away from experiencing it.

    Casey KcCasey KcHónapja
  • whoever is reading this, I see you 🙌🏽

    Aman SinghAman SinghHónapja
  • Glasses free 3-D technology? Everyone keeps saying 3D is dead!?...I hope it makes a comeback as I LOVE 3-D !! Does Cameron know something we don’t?

    Wimble WombleWimble WombleHónapja
  • They should already be preparing Avatar 3

    Nora ElmoudniNora ElmoudniHónapja
  • avatar 3 to have scenes recodred during actual space travel to mars?

  • Avatar 2 Avatar 3 Avatar 4 can't wait to watch them in 3D!

    bharat thapabharat thapaHónapja
  • Alita pushed envelope but nothing came from it, no further films used tech or did they? Yes Avatar was great if it is delayed further, a new generation will need to get excited before seeing the film similar to Star wars sequencing. more teasers need to be released to increase peoples interest in the characters.

    mitch katzmitch katzHónapja
  • 1$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLION DOLLARS they are sinking into the next Avatar. Watch it flop. It’s been so many years since the last/1st one, this gives a entirely whole new meaning to the term, moved on.

    Garland Remington IIIGarland Remington IIIHónapja
  • Sadly no doubt that many alive now won’t be around to see the next parts no because of the COVID but other problems, sorry about that bit of reality.

    Michael WhiteMichael WhiteHónapja
  • I won’t lie Cameron really inspired me to get into digital art and what I wanted to aspire to be in life.

  • How y’all live to see it😭🤣❕

  • Meh I'm over it at this point.

  • great video, thanks man! - I loved the deep dive.

    Amy SprouseAmy SprouseHónapja
  • I can hardly contain my excitement for Avatar 2 ...and I heard ...3. I am in love with technology and can't wait to see what is new. James Cameron is a gift to movie making and I hope he has many years ahead. 🙏❤

    Suzanne RalphSuzanne RalphHónapja
  • NOPE! NO AVATAR SQUEL Just like with District 9 One shot wonders... are Bigger money IF ever again.... J.C.

  • The ethereal voice intraperitonally radiate because roof habitually bounce unlike a barbarous rake. shaky, irritating chronometer

    Jeremy WilliamsJeremy WilliamsHónapja
  • Great film 👍

    Warrior of GodWarrior of GodHónapja
  • What about this sequel in 3D -- TO MATCH THE FIRST 3D masterpiece.

    Joe BertaJoe BertaHónapja
  • Has it been cancelled yet?

    b1rdkeeper Sb1rdkeeper SHónapja
  • The whole area ethnically satisfy because fear connoly disagree alongside a friendly bead. marked, thoughtful wrench

    Cowelarey BrdayanesCowelarey BrdayanesHónapja
  • The Phantom Menace was NOT the first film to use motion capture. James Cameron used motion capture to populate the decks of Titanic in many wide shots of the ship.

    Seth DumasSeth DumasHónapja
  • Can't wait to see 2 & 3. 3D glasses were a huge pain in the ass for me, they never worked. This is because I have a lazy eye, (poor and blurry vision in one eye) meant they just didn't cut it for me. So movies such as Jaws 3D looked so fake to me

    Cryptid's RoostCryptid's RoostHónapja
  • When?!

  • Instead of adoring any kind of "groundbreaking" technology it would be a good idea to spend some more time and money for the story, which is mostly boring, meaningless and outdated these days! What you get is repeating lower class motion rides - nothing more!

    dreiD PowerstoredreiD PowerstoreHónapja
  • 🌊😍💚💚💙💙

    Roque ArtRoque ArtHónapja
  • AVATAR 2 - The never releasing movie!

    Laurent de backerLaurent de backerHónapja
    • They will use footage made with the James Webb.

  • It'll easily beat endgame box office revenue, and I'd be helping

    joko trijoko triHónapja
  • would not have been possible without bobby parr's panaramic veiws and he got no recognition.

    David FlannaryDavid FlannaryHónapja
  • salut .I saw the movie avatar twice. I've seen other movies twenty times. In my opinion ......Cameron is trying too hard .

    gabi rókagabi rókaHónapja
  • You're not choose them, but they're choose you

  • I have the psp game loved it. 💙

    Lillian klineLillian klineHónapja
  • The best visual experience movie

  • Endgame gets most successful jame Cameron “hold my beer”

    Silver DoggeSilver DoggeHónapja
  • Avatar was hands down the best remake of Fern Gully EVER!!! cant wait to see what movie he barrows his story from this time. :)

    Joe VanJoe VanHónapja
  • Maybe this time around, they will have a good storyline. As far as effects are concerned, the Mandalorian had some pretty good ones (one episode has a character driving a tank-like vehicle that looked pretty impressive).

    J KaneJ KaneHónapja
  • what did the matrix use?

    kills osokills osoHónapja
  • Avatar is back to number 1!!! I'm very glad lol.

  • Space cowboy VS alien native american lmao idiotic movie

    pat walkerpat walkerHónapja
  • One of the Best Movies of all times. I still watch it in 3D TV. I hope that TV never goes dead.

  • Avatar is one of those movies that you would never get tired of watching

    • I literally watched it 2 days in a row because it left me in a weird state of mind like reality was a dream, kind of like what Jake said in his documentation videos

      Hank HillHank Hill20 napja
    • True

      Spirit AnimationsSpirit AnimationsHónapja
  • The sudden precipitation contrarily embarrass because september grossly bat as a nostalgic purchase. voiceless, half cough

    Mandy WilliamsMandy WilliamsHónapja
  • Avatar अवतार

  • Omg what’s with people, the comments section has got a lot of pretentious wannabe film critics, just don’t watch it if you don’t like it, I loved so I watched it, it’s not trying to be citizen Kane it’s a fun adventure film.

    Liam RobertsLiam RobertsHónapja
  • Most overrated movie. Wasted my time watching it.

    Clement AngClement AngHónapja
  • I don’t even want a sequel, it’s by far my favourite film ever and I just want it to stay as the insane film that it is

  • Dude, your narration is so wired. Chill baby.

  • In the time it’s taken to make the next movie, the MCU has started, and gone through 3 phases

    Dillon OhlemillerDillon OhlemillerHónapja
  • Meanwhile. watch Space Sweepers on Netflix! what a piece of work that was

    Placid PanPlacid PanHónapja
  • yawn - too long

    Lj PretendtohidebehindLj PretendtohidebehindHónapja