Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

  • Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

    • Don't forget, Smart people ruined the World. I will eat many smart people come Chaos.

      Two Dogs AndaManTwo Dogs AndaManNapja
    • love the idea - but one thing I would like you to consider. Are robots really better than humans or are they better SPECIALIZED PRECISION TOOLS than humans? Thinking about people as "human tools" is a specialty of certain group of "captains of industry and humanists" that in one point in time reduced people to status of a thing and in the name of kindness created sophisticated euthanasia programs to weed out the "defective" and "undesirable" in order to improve society for the greater good. It's quite worrying to hear the 80 year old slogans ("jokes") in slightly updated form being used by apparently very nice people in public without any embarrassment and shame. Seems like holywood did pretty good job in making everyone to forget the real history. The point I'm making is that once you start reducing people in your mind to tools and meat servos - even as a joke - it's enough of an efficient shortcut and it makes thinking about complex things so much easier so for the brain it would be wasting resources not to stick with it. The academia and "nobility" historically always fell into that trap.

      SimPit TechSimPit Tech2 napja
    • i knew it was you in the vid

      xGonzo5340xGonzo53405 napja
    • stewart platform ayy?

      Wiley StewartWiley Stewart6 napja
    • Your hand is a robot.

      asailijhijrasailijhijr7 napja
  • I know that isn't my business, but I don't really like the way his wife treats him...

    Ca ueCa ue7 perccel
  • My favorite joke 6:44

    RedStride TechnologiesRedStride Technologies13 perccel
  • The words "simple" and "easy" were said waaaay too many times in this video, haha!

    rajun50rajun5018 perccel
  • "I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played."

    Brian KleinschmidtBrian KleinschmidtÓrája
  • I'm so tired I read, "Automatic pool stick vs. Marijuana. I know I live in Washington and it's everywhere, but dang.

    Mr. GrottoMr. GrottoÓrája
  • This is just awesome!!! Dude! The idea and implementation are on a whole new level....

    Aditya KrishnaAditya Krishna2 órája
  • I bought my last TV from MicroCenter. Shout out from Atl, GA

    Matthew MitchellMatthew Mitchell2 órája
  • Totally subbed

    KennyCleodKennyCleod2 órája
  • This is amazing how have I never heard of you before!

    Subri SubrikaSubri Subrika4 órája
  • How do people dislike this?

    bkcatcher10bkcatcher104 órája
  • My goal in life is to be as smart at this guy.

    Bea ChapmanBea Chapman4 órája
  • Why did you have a florida man wikipedia page open

    hi byehi bye4 órája
  • Angagement

    DiveshDivesh4 órája
  • Challenge Mark Rober!

    MarcoBala92MarcoBala925 órája
  • Lmao I see parts that are inside my R/C cars

    Rock HashRock Hash5 órája
  • Mannnn u r a genius

    Da Don DaddaDa Don Dadda5 órája
  • It took a genius to figure out what any drunk idiot can do without a stupid robot... so who is the real idiot here?

    Man-E-BeardsMan-E-Beards5 órája

    caliah dzrtdcaliah dzrtd5 órája
  • its not the quantum leap for pool but close enough.

    sxxxychocolatesxxxychocolate5 órája
  • Just stop! Please stop! You are driving me crazy! You love this stuff too much!

    Southern CrossSouthern Cross5 órája
  • Wow, just subscribed. u r amazing man!

    Steve WSteve W5 órája
  • It would be neat to see English. In my mind, it might require a 3D sim to handle top/bottom-spin? Or maybe 2.5D (|:-D)

    AppliedCryogenicsAppliedCryogenics5 órája
  • Micro Center rocks! Great place for Creality parts and filament!

    smaqdaddysmaqdaddy6 órája
  • Its not a "stick." Its in fact known as a "cue"

    Stepover Sami RahmanStepover Sami Rahman6 órája
  • As a math major whos currently taking a programming course, I am thoroughly impressed.

    Jakub VoracekJakub Voracek6 órája
  • 4M21 sent me here.

    Aryaman ReddiAryaman Reddi7 órája
  • Meanwhile Michael Reeves has robots that piss on people. And both are equally impressive. I love this stuff.

    powderedwater67powderedwater677 órája
  • Very smart and cool, but this could never go mainstream in my opinion. By taking out the skill in the game you take out the competitive fun side of the game. You just grab your robot cue and have a simulated game that doesn't reflect on opponents measuring their d*ck sizes in pool. That's what competition is about in any game; who has the better skill set to earn the bragging rights/reward.

    Ethan PearsonEthan Pearson7 órája
  • Golden arms... Epic song

    XeldinXeldin7 órája
  • I'm lost for words, a monument to human ingenuity and perseverance. You're gonna have a blast challenging people on parties.

    Joaquin PirottoJoaquin Pirotto7 órája
  • After seeing Twitch plays Pokemon and Twitch plays Jerma's Carnival, twitch plays pool would be fun

    Alex DaigleAlex Daigle7 órája
  • Has Elon musk offered you a job yet

    Judah OakesJudah Oakes8 órája
  • Must have been expensive, I have watched 8 unskippable ads in 10 minutes.

    Rob and the VanRob and the Van8 órája
  • This guy is a freaking polymath

    Zealot FeathersZealot Feathers9 órája
  • Your wife is terrible at acting

    SNNSNN9 órája
  • False advertising about the gpus at micro center

    SNNSNN9 órája
  • Dude wow

    SadfrogerSadfroger9 órája
  • On one hand he's intelligent but on the other he's not because he is wasting it on entertainment. That intelligence should be used for something that helps the planet.

    Nate SilversNate Silvers9 órája
  • One of the most amazing things I've seen on youtube. Well done. From one kindergarten level nerd to a Ph.D. level nerd.

    2 Music Lover2 Music Lover9 órája
  • Are you tony stark

    Garrett MitchellGarrett Mitchell10 órája
  • Its incredible how fast he can do these projects

    Cliff CheungCliff Cheung10 órája
  • I once wrote a sudoku solver. Do you imagine that nobody wanted to solve sudoku with my app?

    Pawel MiechowieckiPawel Miechowiecki10 órája
  • „It is the robot that won, not you” „Ye but, i coded it, therefore i won” *OOOOOO BURNED!*

    MARMAJE69MARMAJE6910 órája
  • Robots have no empathy or sympathy, can't understand nor tell jokes. They can't deliver bad news well (like doctors) and have NO critical thinking. How are they better than us again??

    Dustin FigueroaDustin Figueroa11 órája
  • Michael reeves but older and more mature lol.

    Pinxue LiPinxue Li11 órája
  • AMAZING!!!

    Andrew GillisAndrew Gillis11 órája
  • This guy and Mark Rober could take over the damn world !!!

    N IncN Inc11 órája
  • Anyone who tells you that "having fun" has nothing to do with the quality of your toys is a liar. This stuff is all awesome, but if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend, I hope you enjoy pretending that broom is a horse.

    FuglyStickFuglyStick12 órája
  • I want to play the game of pool like it was supposed to be played :Then proceeds to use a robot pool stick Me: 👨

    Corey HarrisCorey Harris12 órája
  • 14:35 his mouth

    Twizz SwitchesTwizz Switches12 órája
  • I played league many years ago and this idea takes away all skill. Mass produce those and you kill the game.

    Aaron McAlpineAaron McAlpine12 órája
  • Lmao.. I present to you a week of pain in 20 seconds.. Just fab.. lol. This would have to be so precise.. Even the pressure of how hard you hit the ball or the spin you create with the pool ball.. I Love this experiment..

    Wize Omz TMWize Omz TM12 órája
  • "haha, wife bad." - every cishet

    MilaPoliticalMilaPolitical13 órája
  • I like how the wife is tolerant of his robot love, she may not like it, but she realises humanity depends on it.

    JackjudeJackjude13 órája
  • Shout out to this man's wife for not only putting up with this man's weirdness, but also encouraging it and being happy that he's happy even if she doesn't understand why he's happy, (watching multiple videos can make this obvious)

    Skyler GarzaSkyler Garza13 órája
  • Learned electronics, mechanical and computer science engineering in a single video.

    Rounak ChourasiaRounak Chourasia14 órája
  • this video called me stupid in many many ways...

    Taylor PendredTaylor Pendred14 órája
  • And some people still insist that our mind came from randomness 😂😂 you wish so ..

    No one No oneNo one No one16 órája
  • I was watching a pigeon making a pizza but somehow I ended up here

    General RommelGeneral Rommel16 órája
  • you could add a bar that support the robot, resting on the ground

    Edoardo ColtrinariEdoardo Coltrinari16 órája
  • Just discoverd this channel - this guy is amazing! And the project is awesome! It's like a mix of Colin Furze and Boston Dynamics.

    GangiGanganGangiGangan16 órája
  • I wanted to see more games with the cue!!!

    No NameNo Name17 órája
  • but does micro center have any rtx 30 series gpus ...

    S4L TARXANS4L TARXAN17 órája
  • dude, if your wife is not actually acting the way she reacts to your awesome project, you need a new wife

    Peter MayrhoferPeter Mayrhofer17 órája
  • “I bought a pool table and now I need a tax write off”

    John AJohn A17 órája
  • dude, thats FUKING AMAZING! So impresive and interesting!!

    StockeltekStockeltek17 órája
  • I start looking at my career as an engineer and I'm like... I'm starting to really know my stuff... Then I look at your videos and realized that I'm just a huge idiot and I'm totally OK with it! These are amazing man!

    paro8344paro834418 órája
  • This guy is amazing.. but surely his talent could be put to better use..

    Terry ThompsonTerry Thompson18 órája
  • This is amazing, such a cool invention

    Flo ViFlo Vi18 órája
  • "I want the robot to have control" famous last words

    Flo ViFlo Vi18 órája
  • Excellent execution.

    John PaulJohn Paul18 órája
  • Never heard of you before and have no interest in mechanical engineering but the algorithm gave this to me so I had to watch it.

    DavidDavid19 órája
  • Totally genius

    Anjo same hereAnjo same here19 órája
  • The most useless yet fun video

    Super Retro ShowSuper Retro Show19 órája
  • Play Russian billiard (pyramid). It will be crucial!

    Никита РедькинНикита Редькин19 órája
  • "I wanted to play a game of poll the way it is meant to be played" Said a man who made a whole frickin robot just to play poll, Amazing work bro !

    Stojanovic NebojsaStojanovic Nebojsa20 órája
  • Russell Ackoff coined a term “Omni-Competence” that describes this guy perfectly. If you understand everything, there is nothing you can’t do. I think “Renaissance Nerd” also applies, and I’m using the word nerd in the most affectionate manner possible. This man is my hero.

    Robert BarrettRobert Barrett21 órája
  • "You know what? Math is useless..." Lololol

    Zack SherryZack Sherry21 órája
  • Are u superhuman? Just amazing how you built all those things from scratch... You remind me of Sheldon Cooper man...

    Venkatesh YadavVenkatesh Yadav21 órája
  • You should play against a real Pool Pro

    Christoph DumserChristoph Dumser21 órája
  • your wife has a GENIOUS in her house and she still behaves like she is the prom queen and you are just a "nerd" ... but she is the opposite of the prom queen in looks 100% AND in personality, its like melt jelly, she doesn't know how to even appreciate and need to humiliate you on the camera even when you are 10000% times smarter than her? like wtf, a good job would be a "normal person" would tell at the end ...not "this"...

    Mr. PrevoMr. Prevo22 órája
  • How. Just how do you know all this stuff!!!

    Dom BurgessDom Burgess22 órája
  • "I think this is a good proof of concept"

    weesalikesmilkteaweesalikesmilktea22 órája
  • Made my day. Was thinking a time of flight camera could’ve made this a bit easier.

    H CuebasH Cuebas23 órája
  • I feel people like this will be our masters in the future.

    fat tfat t23 órája
  • the stick has two parts, the long one that you hold and the tip is Efren Bata Reyes

    Mr. PadfootMr. Padfoot23 órája
  • Elon musk is better

    Alex Plays AlotAlex Plays Alot23 órája
  • And I'm here copies program of find area of circle and also got error

    Hiren PatelHiren Patel23 órája
  • Real genius.. subbed and used the link as instructed 😊

    kilicsamikilicsami23 órája
  • You are one of the best content creators that the Internet has ever seen! I admire your genius, your dedication, and passion!🔥

    Art CollectionArt CollectionNapja
  • Now it just needs *N E U R A L N E T W O R K S*

    Rhys BRhys BNapja
  • is it just me or does this guy look like Pete Davidson?

    Moon BohraMoon BohraNapja
    • only if pete davidson had this dark humor and 5 new brains to compensate for his IQ

      Moon BohraMoon Bohra23 órája
  • dedication to this bro!! hats off

    Om PatelOm PatelNapja
  • 0:25 ‘they work no hours for no pay’ Wait isn’t that just slavery?

  • new 8bp cue looking cool

  • Amazing work! I can tell this took a lot of mental work!

  • Efren Reyes would give this cue a run for it’s money

    steve favelasteve favelaNapja
  • The robot wielding the pool stick to be a complete pool player ai

  • I can’t do a single thing shown in this video