ATB, Topic, A7S - Your Love (9PM) (Official Music Video)

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ATB, Topic, A7S - 'Your Love (9PM)' out now!
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Directed, filmed & cut by Marvin Ströter (Instagram:
Produced by Stefanie Ganschow (Instagram:
Main Dancers: Sarah Kübler & Diego De La Rosa
Assistance: Jonas Klimaszewski, Justus Pachel, Christoph Scholer, Alina Heinlein, Hannah Leitsch & Melissa Opitz
Production Company: WEVAME Medienproduktion (Instagram:
Additional Dancers & Extras:
Lukas Bönninghausen, Danilo Louzao, Cansu Öksüz, Jennifer Freitag, Tiffani Achilleas von RocKingz Entertainment, Kai Krüger
#Topic #A7S #ATB #YourLove
Music video by ATB, Topic, A7S performing Your Love (9PM). A Virgin Records recording; © 2021 ATB x Topic x A7S, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH

  • This version is amazing ❤️❤️

    Maykon FreitasMaykon FreitasÓrája
  • ATB, Topic, A7S - Great Corporation!!! I love this Music!!!!! I would like, lot of same music!!!!! :)

    Zoltán TóthZoltán TóthÓrája

    Félix Felipe Mogollón CruzFélix Felipe Mogollón CruzÓrája
  • Der Beat 🥰

    EvilKnievel 1987EvilKnievel 1987Órája
  • Top 2021 Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷aqui galera. UHuuuuu

    Thiago RangelThiago Rangel2 órája
  • Great Cover!

    Emre KAYMASLIEmre KAYMASLI4 órája
  • Super !!! ♥

    Мила МилаяМила Милая5 órája
  • This song is wonderful. 👏 😮 👏

    Danyel HenriquesDanyel Henriques5 órája
  • Andre wie seit Jahren hammer

    Mareike GünterMareike Günter5 órája
  • I remember this in my 90's.....yes!!! Yes!!!

    유다희유다희6 órája
  • Fuck this song...u just ruined 9PM... the original is waaaaaaaay better thant this...

    spanishviperspanishviper8 órája
  • 🙌

    Silvia MüllerSilvia Müller12 órája
  • Cool!!!

    Александр ПархоменкоАлександр Пархоменко13 órája
  • Thank You Spotify @Spotify #Spotify

  • Wow

  • SWEET!

    NickNick15 órája
  • Wow

    GapStargateGapStargate16 órája
  • La la la la la

    looky khanlooky khan20 órája
  • remix is amazing!!

    Sanjida KSanjida K21 órája
  • Spero in Italia. Vi.aspettiamo

    Stefania MarchesinStefania MarchesinNapja
  • Topik very very music. Love Italia

    Stefania MarchesinStefania MarchesinNapja
  • Good song. Actually it’s the oldschool melody. 😁😁🎧

  • TOP

  • why can't the Gen Y's think of there own songs instead of remaking old music?

    Joel SadlerJoel SadlerNapja
  • ATB...du alten Bochumer Junge ✌🏽Herr Tannenberger hat es immer noch drauf !!

  • Can’t wait for pubs to be open and my jaw swinging all over the place to this tune

    Louis BellLouis BellNapja
  • Любимка, со мной самой молодости!Наташа,Казахстан 😍

    Артём ПитураАртём ПитураNapja
  • tududu


  • I was 18 when I was listening to the original version. This one, I must say, is much much better, it’s so good. I listen to it on repeat. It takes me back to the happy times when I was still just a teen

    Anna CAnna CNapja
  • The song is really great....

    Stefanie RaabeStefanie RaabeNapja
  • Wenn das nicht der Sommer Hit 2021 wird dann weis ich auch nemme


  • What is the name of the music sample instrumental start? I remember it from the clubs in the early 90s as it was a big hit. I was trying to research and found Signum...but that wasnt it. Any tips much appreciated!

    Yamini SomeshwarYamini SomeshwarNapja
    • @Mixhety You rock!!! Thank you! Now, my spotify list while driving will be better!!!! :)

      Yamini SomeshwarYamini Someshwar9 órája
    • Till I come BY ATB

      MixhetyMixhety20 órája

    ayoubrej rejayoubrej rejNapja
  • This song/version is OK, but there's only ATB's 9p.m.-melody with modern DCM rhythm + lyrics. I think there's a kind of leak of the essential part/integrity from the original 9p.m. (till I come). This one a is a nice, summer version of an all-time-classic, but still I miss the pure ATB sound within. I wish André could "back in time" a little and release a new single, going back to the old times: remembering his collaborations with Ayla, Trance AllStars (yes, I remember "Lost in Love") or United DeeJays for Central América ("Too much rain") or his greatests songs with Heather Nova or Roberta Carter Harrison. 80s' sound came back in 2019, so why not 90s/early 00s' sound in 2021?

    Emil SajakEmil SajakNapja
  • ❤️🇱🇧

    Alaa OxoAlaa OxoNapja
  • Babic💩💩

    ak caukaak caukaNapja
  • omg its best song


    Melissa LoureiroMelissa LoureiroNapja
  • Super magnifique j'adore comme chanteur préféré super magnifique j'adore topic j'adore comme chanteur préféré super magnifique j'adore il chante très bien 😀😃🤩😍🙂😍😃😀🙂

    Dany BoucanvilleDany BoucanvilleNapja
  • Very like good sound

  • Best

  • the music is amazing. In addition it's a summer sound 👑🏝

    IlyasseIlyasse2 napja
  • I love it...reminds me of the good old times... hm...

    Bebe BánvölgyiBebe Bánvölgyi2 napja
  • Thanks Atb from Russia! 😍😍😍🤘🤘

    Алексей СергеевАлексей Сергеев2 napja
  • Thanks Atb from Russia! 😍😍😍🤘🤘

    Алексей СергеевАлексей Сергеев2 napja
  • I love it, great collab

    C.C ARTC.C ART2 napja
  • Would love to hear what people think of my new song on my channel. Feel free to give it a listen and give me some feedback! Thank you 🙏

    TommyometerTommyometer2 napja
  • Great song bud the originale has special place in my heart

    KnoakLifeKnoakLife2 napja
  • Origina ATB - 9 PM is much better. Listened to it from the age of 9 on a cassette player

    Ekaterina EfremovaEkaterina Efremova2 napja
  • Avete fatto benissino a svecchiare la vostra bomba dance anni 90! Entra tantissimo 🔝💪😎

    Andrea AccarigiAndrea Accarigi2 napja
  • 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

    Mama LimonadaMama Limonada2 napja
  • I love it sooo much!!!

    Arianator 24Arianator 242 napja
  • This song is just too catchy! It's stuck in my head and I keep coming back to it.

    JellyJelly2 napja
  • Fantastic! So good to have you back ATB!

    Curtis GriffinCurtis Griffin2 napja
  • Great remake..👍👍👍❤

    thealein tthealein t2 napja
  • How is the background 90s Song called ?

    Phillip DavidsPhillip Davids2 napja
  • If i have to choose between David Guetta & ATB. No doubt ATB the diffrence is in the rythym...

    Erdi MyrtajErdi Myrtaj2 napja
  • Reminds me a lot of material by Meduza/Goodboys.... Must be the bassy house stylie! 😁

    Davey JonesDavey Jones2 napja
  • 👍🤩

  • Git

    Lukasz LukaszLukasz Lukasz3 napja
  • Avondklok 9pm

    JoeJoe3 napja
  • Congrats! Turned a 90s classic into EDM shit.

    la bestia negrala bestia negra3 napja
  • Great vocal!

    gosia gosiaczekgosia gosiaczek3 napja
  • Let's get this video to 2 million!

    Joseph GonzalezJoseph Gonzalez3 napja
  • Оригинал лучше!!! 😁

    Rx9Rx93 napja
  • Best song of 2021..a remix of a 90s song!

    Stefanos ZavrosStefanos Zavros3 napja
  • Thank you for this realy is a beautiful remake

    Francisco Javier Dubon CotoFrancisco Javier Dubon Coto3 napja
  • Sensacional!! @radiojovemrio

    Jorge MunizJorge Muniz3 napja
  • 😍😍

    Michele MistrettaMichele Mistretta3 napja
  • Fucking goooood souuundddd thx ATB ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    DOnnie BrascoDOnnie Brasco3 napja
  • beautiful song and gean

    Cynthia SuarezCynthia Suarez3 napja
  • Amazing song 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Alexandra Ana ManAlexandra Ana Man3 napja
  • keep playing with nostalgia and i will keep listening ❤

    Zaid MohamedZaid Mohamed3 napja
  • Why does the back ground music sound familiar?

    julianne selinajulianne selina3 napja
  • Yessss 👌

    Daniel WeberDaniel Weber3 napja
  • YES YES YES!! Tune of the Year. Nice work guys!

    Chris XChris X3 napja
  • Hi

    w1111l yutuberw1111l yutuber3 napja
  • Nice

    w1111l yutuberw1111l yutuber3 napja
  • Such a banger and throwback.

    Rixx KumarRixx Kumar3 napja
  • Cool song, I love it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Nicole RosinNicole Rosin3 napja
  • Platz 3 in den Charts aktuell. 🔥🙌🔥🙌🔥🙌🔥🙌🔥 Ich habe das Original damals schon geliebt. 👏👏👏👏👏 And the voice is awesome...thats why i had to do this...😇

    JoyfulWAVE - ProducerJoyfulWAVE - Producer3 napja
  • I love this new version of 9pm (till i come). And I can say that this is the best song of 2021!

    Aleksandur ObretenovAleksandur Obretenov3 napja
  • Locomía Imperium anyone?

    Limbos ViLimbos Vi3 napja
  • This song will go viral

    Name VornameName Vorname4 napja
  • 1.09 how can i find this melody?

    Karīna AleksejevaKarīna Aleksejeva4 napja
  • Great remix of the old classic 1990s song

    Ilias rambo john wick 31Ilias rambo john wick 314 napja
  • #ATB 9pm memories came back 🇵🇱

    Pawel Piotr PorowskiPawel Piotr Porowski4 napja
  • Bravo 👑👍

    Trukmüller MihályTrukmüller Mihály4 napja
  • Дайте оригинал строго трека пжжж

    Тимербулатов АязТимербулатов Аяз4 napja
  • Best in the Best ❤️💪🏻🇵🇱🇷🇸

    Warciarz_1912Warciarz_19124 napja
  • Guys keep moving you are creating something special. I remember ATB when i was 10yr and these songs was on top in the world. And now this mix is very nostalgic after 20 years. Thank you its nice to come back in the past 🙂

    Raymond MediaTekRaymond MediaTek4 napja
  • The best

    chrisescortschrisescorts4 napja
  • Who know original this music name ??

    LuX DLuX D4 napja
  • Teledysk pasuje do tej piosenki jak Lepper do polityki

    Wojtek SWojtek S4 napja
  • Beatifulcsong thebestgreatingfromtownsibenikcroatia🍷🍷🍉🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇮🇲

  • WOW :D Great vibe... nice refresh The dance floor is yours ...

    Łukasz DziubanŁukasz Dziuban4 napja
  • The singer of this song is out of this world. Absolute masterpiece!

    PandorianPandorian4 napja
  • Til I..... 😉

    The Power StationThe Power Station4 napja