Asmongold Reacts to The World First Real LIGHTSABER Build | By The Hacksmith

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Asmongold watches a legendary video by the Hacksmith team, who built a real life Star Wars lightsaber with a retractable blade, make sure to support them through their Patreon or by downloading AFK Arena for free through their referral link:
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  • Thank you all for watching! Make sure to check out the Hacksmith team to see the Lightsaber in action in the video they're gonna post next week! ** You can also support them absolutely for free by downloading AFK Arena through their referral link: **

    Asmongold TVAsmongold TVHónapja
    • It's not a lightsaber it is a blowtorch

      Oingo BoingoOingo BoingoHónapja
    • I wouldn't watch the 18 minute video from him but I will watch a 30 minute video from you

    • Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour amen!

    • Dude just do what i do Shave your hair and grow out the beard 😄

      RedRam IpsenRedRam IpsenHónapja
    • Asmon...we will have our lightsabers bro!

      Feel BestFeel BestHónapja
  • So.. People waste their time watching someone watch stuff... Sounds useful.

    Painter PeachPainter PeachNapja
  • o.o

    WiseOfRunesWiseOfRunes2 napja
  • it's not a lightsaber, it's just a big blowtorch

    Sergio ColarietiSergio Colarieti2 napja
  • Great Reaction Bro!!

    Luis MinguraLuis Mingura3 napja
  • With all due respect, check out my reaction. Alchemist Prime Reacts to The World's First REAL LIGHTSABER Build By The Hacksmith

    Luis MinguraLuis Mingura3 napja
  • 2:51 he read all those??

    Be RedBe Red7 napja
  • 1:17 why does he wiggle his eyebrows so often

    Be RedBe Red7 napja
  • I seen that video he makes alot of great stuff like world harvest thor hammer

    jimmy harbaughjimmy harbaugh8 napja
  • something that kinda triggers me is that some people in chat are telling him to stop talking and just play the video, or talk during the video it's a reaction video. let him pause to react if he wants. it would be like any other reaction video if all he did was stare at the video and make random sounds or cheers.

    Slow SlothSlow Sloth9 napja
  • Bruh whats wrong with this mans eyebrows

    Bradley ScheurichBradley Scheurich11 napja
  • You said that this isn't rocket science.. Although in a way it kinda is. When he was displaying that nozzle that is optimized to create complete combustion. It might just so happen that they have similar stuff on rockets.. ;)

    Rex KlintRex Klint11 napja
  • Try it

    Mathew CanonceMathew Canonce13 napja
  • its heavy tho so you starwars fan btr do some workout

    R.a .z.i.qR.a .z.i.q13 napja
  • Its actually exactly rocket science, its a liquid fuel combustion chamber, except its handheld. Liquid fuel combustion is used in all modern day rockets This doesn’t really matter but i like rockets so here is a bit of trivia for you

    SpaceToast GamingSpaceToast Gaming13 napja
  • its a blue plasma flame made with a special gas torch

    Grant ChangGrant Chang14 napja
  • U seem like a bitch

    leo Trejoleo Trejo14 napja
  • Ur eyebrow movement is godly

    Bob TranBob Tran14 napja
  • I wonder if someone will try to build one with nuclear microreactors to get a more powerful version.

    NicokNicok14 napja
  • The government are eyeballing this guy one wrong move he’ll be hired

    Mikah BennettMikah Bennett15 napja
  • you could make a nuclear battery and power a lightsaber i guess.

    Stoneage ProductionsStoneage Productions15 napja
  • You remember back in the day when Cell Phones were literally the size of a human head years ago? Well...that is how we’re going to make these Lightsabers; We are going to make them *BIG* and then we shrink them to the size we expect them to be!

    Gold WolfGold Wolf15 napja
  • Stop saying bad words!

    raj dhillonraj dhillon16 napja
  • Can someone explain to me why he does that thing with his eyebrows like is it a condition cuz he does it a lot tbh

    WeebWeekWeebWeek16 napja
  • Anyone got the link to the original livestream?

    Piggy :DPiggy :D17 napja
  • 18:24 Bed Badass perfect timing

    Can DoganCan Dogan17 napja
  • This dude cuss too much

    HaPpY iDiOtHaPpY iDiOt18 napja
  • What drugs make your eyebrows do that?

    Bill HicksBill Hicks18 napja
  • power rangers

    general Lloyd J. Austingeneral Lloyd J. Austin18 napja
  • Hacksmith: "It's actually burning at around 4000 fahrenheit" Asmongold: "That's hotter than the sun!" The sun, burning at 27 million Fahrenheit: "Are you sure about that?"

    Lorenzo MarchiniLorenzo Marchini18 napja
  • Garbage!!!!

    SOLANCE The Solar ElectricianSOLANCE The Solar Electrician18 napja
  • It isn't necessarily THE lightsaber.. but it's a really good prototype

    hetbethetbet19 napja
  • Hearing Asmongold mention the Extended Universe made my heart leap with joy.

  • All the edgelords in chat saying it's not that impressive

    TeejTeej19 napja
  • All these people in chat saying: "long flame= lightsaber LuL, It's just a plasma torch! ", that's literally the same as a real lightsaber. Real lightsabers are just plasma torches. Sure it doesn't have the almost "solid" surface that a real lightsaber has but that would only be possible with magnetic fields and it's impossible to do right now. Real lightsabers are also made from plasma.

    Joni HJoni H19 napja
  • It's a cutting torch.

    Bubba FattBubba Fatt20 napja
  • hes getting so sweaty lol

    Reese CupReese Cup20 napja
  • Why does his eyedrow keep going up

    DartDart20 napja
  • Aap

    Não Sei 2.0Não Sei 2.020 napja
  • I Just Realized AFK Arena got two sponsor at cost of one !

    World NewsWorld News21 napja
  • y'all call it a blow torch, but blow torch flames are 5 cm so shush

    Toyoda carToyoda car21 napja
  • asmongold being a kid :)

    jean mouloudejean mouloude22 napja
  • so wrong about the pcb cost lmao

    sanitysanity22 napja
  • This man’s eyebrows have minds of their own. Edit: autocorrect said almonds instead of minds

    Sokandueler95Sokandueler9522 napja
  • chad bogdan

    not herenot here22 napja
  • This guy's fucking eye brows bother me but I somehow managed to sit through the video

    Totally Not Hunter HawkinsTotally Not Hunter Hawkins22 napja
  • 👍👍👍👍

    TenshiedTenshied23 napja
  • His eyebrows tho 👀

    SuddenChanges!SansSuddenChanges!Sans24 napja
  • The sun is actually about 5000 degrees hotter. Stop lying man

    Doggo_27Doggo_2724 napja
  • being impressed by a 4k oxy acetylene cutting head LOL

    Eto Hige Gamer CultureEto Hige Gamer Culture25 napja
  • I was wondering when you'd react to this I mean come on it's a frikkin lightsaber "The Future Is Now, Thanks To Hacksmith" (I just parodied clemont from pokemon btw I aspire to be an inventor once i've done with studies)

    Zyken ShadowZyken Shadow25 napja
  • So ive never really watched this dude.. but ummm... wtf is going on with his eyebrows..... lol

    MilitantMilitant26 napja
  • When you make an oversized oxy torch lol

    Swiggity SwagSwiggity Swag27 napja
  • In the metal junkyard, they using this thing every day. They called this autogen. :D :D

    booczech123456booczech12345627 napja
  • wow hasanabi feels attack by that comment

    GodGod27 napja
  • the music tho

    Nicholas SigarstNicholas Sigarst27 napja
  • engineer jesus

    Nicholas SigarstNicholas Sigarst27 napja
  • Stop it! This is not a Lightsaber, its just an industrial Plasmacutter in fancy Design, you should feel realy realy bad!

    Thomas MeyerThomas Meyer28 napja
  • purple gotta be in rocket level like a jet engine

    Steven MarshallSteven Marshall28 napja
  • its not real i have one in my glas studio. its a torch for melting glass

    john doejohn doe28 napja
  • watch the vidoe that they made the iron man helm

    Noman PlaysNoman Plays28 napja
  • Asmon looks like he lives with his mom

    U Got Nade probU Got Nade prob29 napja
  • Bionic arms already exist dude, a friend of mine is making his own hand replacement!

    ZackZack29 napja
  • 2050

    Nathan HappyrockNathan Happyrock29 napja

    Deadpool GamesDeadpool GamesHónapja
  • Am I the only one who can't stop looking at the dragon tail?

    Matthew RobertsMatthew RobertsHónapja
  • As Asmogold has a smexy hair line

    Matthew RobertsMatthew RobertsHónapja
  • There's a saying Time to turn crap into gold 🌟 💩

    another nobody nice to meet youanother nobody nice to meet youHónapja
  • They have a test video out

    Fretve the pro norwegian vikingFretve the pro norwegian vikingHónapja
  • 21:42 SO TRUE! There is no such thing as "low skill labor", just *LOW QUALITY* labor.

  • wtf, what is the video "react" ?? useless... i dont need one ppl for react on my screen, i can do it alone x).....

    Al WrlAl WrlHónapja
  • actually i have been trying to make the elysium exoskeleton for a while now, it might be functional at the end of 2021

  • Cut to like thirty years in the future we got modern wars looking like it's KOTOR.

    Saiyan SwordsmanSaiyan SwordsmanHónapja
  • Hold my scotch (I say then proceed to cut a stormtrooper in half)

    The meme GodThe meme GodHónapja
  • This is just basic modern technology

    Noah ChurchillNoah ChurchillHónapja
  • It reminds me of Dr Who's sonic screwdriver.

    Rob BossRob BossHónapja
  • This is not lightsaber THIS IS FIRESABER Hahahahahah

  • Meanwhile, people who blow glass: "/sigh"

    Not Miles ProwerNot Miles ProwerHónapja
  • Purple would be a potassium salt, but it is quite a faint color, so you probably would not see much.

    Noneofyour BusinessNoneofyour BusinessHónapja
  • His eyebrows when he talks: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬅️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬅️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬆️

  • Its plasma so its physics and thermodynamics

  • Yes!!! Get a light saber!!!!!!!!!!

    Mayra PulidoMayra PulidoHónapja
  • Hacksmith better be in Guinness book of world records....

    Guuurgle BrosGuuurgle BrosHónapja
  • It's not a lightsaber it's a glorified blowtorch

    Oingo BoingoOingo BoingoHónapja
    • Tell me, what exactly _is_ a lightsaber if not that?

      The K2 DespotThe K2 Despot14 órája
  • goverment lets capture this person turn him into a slave every fan subscriber and viewers whom dares capture our master you shall pay for what have you done some shows up with exo skeletons some wolvarine claws light sabers and other sifi sience stuff the leader shouts to wwwaaarrr

    Amir favian LanticseAmir favian LanticseHónapja
  • Yeah but you notice he can't swing it. Still cool but noticed that after I watched their video.

    Young GrizzlyYoung GrizzlyHónapja
  • It's just a big fancy oxi-fuel torch.

    Brad MacolvenBrad MacolvenHónapja
  • The water is there to keep the bit from overheating.

    Melvin Plays Gaming and AirsoftMelvin Plays Gaming and AirsoftHónapja
  • If you if you like the hacksmith then you would like the iron Man Arc reactor one because it is pretty awesome

    Andre RossAndre RossHónapja
  • Still in better condition than my car LOL! :)

    Artemis ExileArtemis ExileHónapja
  • Puts on rubber gloves... asmon says safety first, u guys think hes trolling?

    tarek bendraouiatarek bendraouiaHónapja
  • Dude needs to be quiet

    Matt SMatt SHónapja
  • 21:28 it looks simple if u don't go down another level

    Felix Sta.MariaFelix Sta.MariaHónapja
  • Alex labs!!!!!!

  • for people saying its just a huge torch, yes it is. BUT that still makes it a lightsaber. as it is using plasma, it is retractable, it cuts stuff etc. that, by definition makes it a lightsaber. the only difference with the movies is that in the movie, the 'electromagnetic flow' that controls the plasma is the force, and we dont have it here in the human world' so they use laminar flow instead. and it isnt the hacksmith's fault that blowtorches also use the same technology. so complain when you can use the force.

    dihtdoht akaydihtdoht akayHónapja
    • lightsabers have always been weaponized blowtorch-swords. That's what makes them awesome.

      John J. SpurginJohn J. SpurginHónapja
  • 17:15

  • Making a lightsaber may not advance collective human knowledge but it applies so many principals that are taught in schools and it’s a very cool way to get people exited to get into those fields

    Bill NyeBill NyeHónapja
  • this guy move his eye brows up and down more than he blinks in one video

  • have you see a purple lightsaber in star wars ever

    Irene AranetaIrene AranetaHónapja
  • “Fuck this guy and his hairline” 😂😂