2020.szept. 3.
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Artyom is 2 years old! Guarding the metro and fighting mutant. Wish him happy birthday in comments.
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  • 0:48 I hope he is not looking for his balls

    IryZe KairosIryZe Kairos14 órája

    TheKazooGuyTheKazooGuy21 órája
  • "hear the smell" XD

    The PineappleThe Pineapple22 órája
  • How much is Artyom Tech Support

    Waleed AhmedWaleed AhmedNapja
  • This was prolly the funniest video I've ever watched!

  • The top comment by moko moko just has a reply section filled with detectives

    YouTube is lifeYouTube is lifeNapja
  • in everyday life you speak Russian?

    ńõŧ řęğįsŧèřêďńõŧ řęğįsŧèřêďNapja
  • I love Artyom. Such a beautiful cat and cleverly captioned. Hope he and Katya still get to hang out.

    Emma BurnsEmma Burns2 napja

    Magnus Hjalte Vorre WintherMagnus Hjalte Vorre Winther2 napja
  • i missed u artyom :)

    pekopeko4 napja
  • I think he can already hear the smell

    One Saucy BoiOne Saucy Boi4 napja

    SomeguySomeguy5 napja
  • Happy late birthday comrade kat You've done well to the mother land

    pvt. ricopvt. rico5 napja

    Myoko Heavy CruiserFanMyoko Heavy CruiserFan6 napja
  • Somewhere in boris house **hardbass at boris house 🇷🇺**

    Niko BellicNiko Bellic7 napja
  • Artyom is the most wholesom komrsde kat ever

    trinsotrinso7 napja
  • That like to dislike ratio tho

    RIZE_As2ault_BBRIZE_As2ault_BB7 napja
  • Wow, I think Boris maybe Russian because of the writing on the packet at 2:43

    Airborne PaddyAirborne Paddy7 napja
  • 1:14 "I think he can already hear the smell" Wot?

    Dorth FoderDorth Foder8 napja
  • “I think he can already hear the smell”

    Higgs MonaghanHiggs Monaghan8 napja
  • cats shouldn't and can't really walk around places where you keep food, they poop into the litter box, it's not hygienic,you can get pretty fuckt up from it

    MarJinMarJin8 napja
  • cats are so cute with their short term memory😀

    MarJinMarJin8 napja
  • BLYAT! I forgot about this event!

    Gizward_GMRGizward_GMR9 napja
  • I’m planning on living in Russia, or anywhere close to it

    wtfsubwaystationwtfsubwaystation9 napja
    • @Cut a Nut yeah thats true

      wtfsubwaystationwtfsubwaystation5 napja
    • Still has some nice architecture tho

      Cut a NutCut a Nut5 napja
    • @wtfsubwaystation yeah but Russia has some of the largest amounts of poor people and is the country with the most annual suicides

      Cut a NutCut a Nut5 napja
    • @Cut a Nut I’m just a big fan of they’re stuff

      wtfsubwaystationwtfsubwaystation5 napja
    • No offense but why would you move to Russia?

      Cut a NutCut a Nut5 napja
  • Boris: well I am not eating that

    Julia BurucaJulia Buruca10 napja
  • Boris: Artyom its dinner time let's keep the fans waiting!!! Artyom: *not eating a pile of s**t food Boris: *soviet accent* happy birthday

    Julia BurucaJulia Buruca10 napja
  • Slav Boris: Artyom!! Eat pashtet for strength Artyom Comrade Cat: meow

    Julia BurucaJulia Buruca10 napja
  • kood kitty

    tacos gamingtacos gaming11 napja
  • Why was I not invited?

    Something PointlessSomething Pointless11 napja
  • 1:48 it’s just about of cat food 1:53 wait dafuq

    Prem HunterPrem Hunter11 napja
  • antyom is great komrade kat

    Bredvan 3Bredvan 312 napja
  • Ah yes he can already hear the smell

    old sportold sport12 napja
  • Artyom has such a cute meow!

    Tomasz WiatrTomasz Wiatr12 napja
  • Artyom is the cutest thing

    Arthur ChangArthur Chang13 napja

    Zig ZagZig Zag14 napja
  • I know I'm late but Happy Birthday Artyom!

    Supportive Indian GuySupportive Indian Guy14 napja
  • Boris for president

    charlie andradcharlie andrad15 napja
  • He has my birthday

    cheeseburber12cheeseburber1215 napja
  • If you set the cat carrier upright so that the opening is towards the ceiling, then you can just kinda drop the cat into it. Sounds weird but it works.

    meum nomenmeum nomen16 napja
  • Boris is boris

    Aston YangAston Yang17 napja
  • please this is so wholesome 😭😭😭

    Bunny LBunny L18 napja
  • Had to watch this again to bring some warmth to my tired soul

    rakeintheleavesrakeintheleaves18 napja
  • i used to have 2 cats that looked just like artyom but within one week of getting them they both fucking died because of my dog.

    zsandors multi channelzsandors multi channel19 napja
  • Artyom: *meows in Russian*

    Black CrewmateBlack Crewmate19 napja
  • Anyone else saw guitar at 0:37 ? Never knew Boris did music...

    Kistănkh of YădakkKistănkh of Yădakk19 napja
  • Will Boris show his face like without mask? Give Artyom bigger cage, Yes I wanna run away with artyom he is to much cute

    Kat PerezKat Perez19 napja
  • Priviet komrade. Happy birthday

    Afan KovacevicAfan Kovacevic19 napja
  • Good boy

    PantsPants20 napja
  • Too much food for a cat that’s for sure but all I can say is: M E O W

    TheCutieCat 9000 :3TheCutieCat 9000 :320 napja
  • Artyom is checking home base for bombs when he arrives

    June ToddJune Todd20 napja
  • happy birthday kittie

    thomas bergqvistthomas bergqvist21 napja
  • The person robbing Boris's home: Artyom is near... 30 seconds later: AYYY BLAYT ARTYOM AHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... dies... Boris: Good cat you protec the motherland

  • Artyom is most definitely making his Motherland very very proud.. _sniffle_ 🥺😭

    Corgi LoafCorgi Loaf22 napja

    Xxmkay XxxXxmkay Xxx22 napja
  • I'm supposed to be studying and I'm literally watching a cat video.

    NickNick22 napja
  • Ahh I think he can already Hear the Smell- Boris 2020

    guizhen Zouguizhen Zou22 napja
  • Oh hey look its this channel 👇 Slav

    DeLiVeRy DaNcEDeLiVeRy DaNcE22 napja
  • россии

    Dante Suarez FloresDante Suarez Flores23 napja
  • artyom is so cute

    Angelo LumenAngelo Lumen23 napja
  • laser designator for guided cat strike

    Taikung 321Taikung 32125 napja
  • I guess the intro isn't about Artyom...

    ImShrpy's ARTImShrpy's ART25 napja
  • Let’s talk about the box house... the door is too small - I think

    YamiixYamiix25 napja
    • Cats are some of the only mammals that are exceptional at fitting through tight spaces most even being able to fit in spaces smaller than their own head!

      Cut a NutCut a Nut5 napja
  • i guess he didn't like the cardboard house bc it was moving a lot and it was tiny that is like a bed that shakes with your heartbeat

    Edd 64Edd 6426 napja
  • Hmm... Artyom has a tech support? Finally I can fix my pc because it is has westerm virus

    EarlanosaurusEarlanosaurus26 napja
  • Artyom 😂 very funny lol

    Danesh DRDanesh DR27 napja
  • I like your cat boris

    RedxenRedxen28 napja
  • ThE cat needs you tube channel

  • 0:02 the noise he is making means he wants out

    Jason HemphillJason HemphillHónapja
  • happy birthday

    Ballin but at what costBallin but at what costHónapja
  • really nice

  • I literally have birthday the same day as artyom :0

    Marcel SzMarcel SzHónapja
  • Best notification of my day

    Dawn GreenDawn GreenHónapja
  • gordon's freeman crowbar

    polykarpos ytpolykarpos ytHónapja
  • Im a big fan

    Alexandrustefan CostacheAlexandrustefan CostacheHónapja
  • no he said help LEARN KITTEN

    galer galaxy maxgaler galaxy maxHónapja
  • I love this video it is sooo funny

    Dawn GreenDawn GreenHónapja
  • More Artyon videos pls! Komrade kat is the best!

    P BP BHónapja
  • Ah yes, H E A R T H E S M E L L

    Shungite is love Shungite is lifeShungite is love Shungite is lifeHónapja
  • Happy late birthday Artyom!

  • That's Russian Cat....... Finland : -touch- Finland : wait where are my hand

    Force StudioForce StudioHónapja
  • Привет Борис! Хотел бы кое что посоветовать насчет кота, хотя уверен, что ты читал или слышал это много раз - не корми его постоянно колбасой, сметаной и так далее. Я понимаю что это твой кот и твое дело, но надеюсь ты кормишь его этим только для видео. Потому что несмотря на то что котику это может нравится, это очень вредно, для печени в особенности. У меня так кошку закормила сметаной консьержка и мы его откачивали буквально. Поэтому будь осторожен. Канал топ!


    Pedro AntunesPedro AntunesHónapja
  • Hey my B-day is also on august 30

    MCG MatMCG MatHónapja
  • Now that i have 2 little kittens i can make them 2 little slav kittens.

  • Он такой милый ❤️ 2:55 I laughed too much! 😂

    Naeko ChanNaeko ChanHónapja
  • he's so fat lol

    nick gurrnick gurrHónapja
  • ah ha sosig

    Karin KnudsenKarin KnudsenHónapja
  • *Hear the Smell*

    Elite_ GamerElite_ GamerHónapja
  • 1:49 Umm


    Madman RobertsonMadman RobertsonHónapja
  • Ooh laser machine!

    Peter NovikPeter NovikHónapja
  • Put intro in 0,25 speed for spooky slav music

    yes yesyes yesHónapja
  • Long live the cat king

    Vic LevVic LevHónapja
  • 20000 snaccs in arytoms bowl then why it go outside bowl what kind of anti-bowl snaccs is this

  • really warms my heart to see how well you treat your cat. BORIS! never change

    Chuckles McGeeChuckles McGeeHónapja
  • kto z polski :)

    igorsmalec officialYTigorsmalec officialYTHónapja
  • I was here when artyom was bought 🙃 And I absolutely adore him 🥰

    Helena geertsHelena geertsHónapja
  • Bourboun wants to know this cats location

    black ghost_22black ghost_22Hónapja
  • Ey Botis, ey Boris, why do your old videos have Serbian titles in options and new ones not!? What is this blin...

    Darko PopovicDarko PopovicHónapja
  • 0:16 This is him saying " let me out you lazy cyka"*