2020.szept. 3.
842 511 Megtekintés

Artyom is 2 years old! Guarding the metro and fighting mutant. Wish him happy birthday in comments.
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  • Love Artyom

    ill uglyill ugly11 órája
  • Happy birthday my sweet sweet blin!

    shouta kunshouta kun15 órája
  • this. this just made my day and the next week as well

    FBI agent 3412FBI agent 341218 órája
  • I dont have a pet and im still not as spoild

    Luke JovichLuke Jovich19 órája
  • comrade cat is approved by the motherland

    soviet russiasoviet russiaNapja
  • “He can already hear the smell” 😂😭lmao

  • Happy birthday I remember when you were first introduced into this channel

    I don't need waterI don't need water2 napja
  • 2:49 *E E O W*

    Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of HellKryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell2 napja
  • i remember when boris first got his cat OML i feel like an old rat now XD also i cant stop going on to my mom about how Artyom is so cute!!!!

    Furry Joseph StalinFurry Joseph Stalin2 napja
  • Happy Birthday Artyom! Seems like only yesterday he was a mere recruit helping Boris with smoked sausage search and rescue.

    Rusty KinksRusty Kinks2 napja
  • happy birthday

    inconsistent ladinconsistent lad2 napja
  • At least I know who wrote me that weird e-mail full of meows

    Comet From EelooComet From Eeloo3 napja
  • What breed is Artyom?

    Fire Fox’s Random CrapFire Fox’s Random Crap3 napja
  • 0:28 Plot Twist : He Artyom is actually "She"

    Sapphire NinjinSapphire Ninjin3 napja
  • To Artyom: Beep. Beeep beeeeep. Beepeep Beeeeeeep!

    Kisco GamingKisco Gaming3 napja
  • Boris: Cuts out a hole that enev my controler coudnt fit.(And trust me it is verry small) Artiom: I cant fit in there Boris Boris: I know it needs wallpaper AND carpet Artiom: No boris do you know that i am not small anymore?

    V- LOCKV- LOCK3 napja
  • I have an artyom hoodie, and I would simply like to say, belated happy bday artyom!

    Aedan HolsingerAedan Holsinger4 napja
  • Hu

    XxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXxXxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXx4 napja
  • Dear boris. Thanks for making me laugh. I have a small tip for you. Place the cat box vertically (door facing ceiling) and then put the cat in it is easier this way

    Angelus ReprobiAngelus Reprobi4 napja
  • At this point, he's only here for the video views

    Darrel's VidsDarrel's Vids4 napja
  • (cats like their cases more if they can fully arch their backs in them

    E RainE Rain4 napja
  • 2:30 my cat over weight and go i would say at the max go near half that high in 1 and Artyom is in peak physical condition and can definitely jump that high

    Joseph KurillaJoseph Kurilla5 napja
  • Happy Birthday Comrade Artyom!

    Goose GamingGoose Gaming5 napja
  • BLAYT there is only 7k coments

    Amit PradhanAmit Pradhan5 napja
  • every other cats smell food but no.. artyom hears the the smell. hail mother russia

    Adithiyakrishnan RajeevAdithiyakrishnan Rajeev5 napja
  • More Artyom !!!

    Hecate IIHecate II5 napja
  • Artyom is two? I’m getting old...

    J.TasticJ.Tastic6 napja
  • Real men love their cats, would die for their motherland and look after their mum.

    Fuck Google, Youtube & Google's failed attempt at Facebook.Fuck Google, Youtube & Google's failed attempt at Facebook.6 napja
    • Your name, Amuses me

      Jerross ClaritoJerross Clarito3 napja
  • I had a cat that I swear is his exact double. His name was Chevy. Lol you Slavs and your dumb cat names :)

    Burpo StockingsBurpo Stockings6 napja
  • i love it

    peepee poopoopeepee poopoo6 napja
  • *gheppy birthdai!*

    FazorFazor6 napja
  • For 1 year already i came back ti this channel i started watching vids from this channel since 5fth grade

    Barney CalhounBarney Calhoun6 napja
  • Oy Blyat! Love you Komrade Kat!

    Cayle HolmesCayle Holmes7 napja
  • New comrade:Komarade rat toy

    conga ratconga rat7 napja
  • Artyom is big and strong like cousin siberian bear

    bastián núñezbastián núñez7 napja
  • I think Artyom was not saying hi. I think he was saying get me out of this cyka cage! Boris bliyat!

    FLAVXerFLAVXer7 napja
  • happy berdthday artyom

    Julian II 'The Apostate' ConstantiusJulian II 'The Apostate' Constantius7 napja
  • is that cat a russian blue?

    Victor HunterVictor Hunter7 napja
  • russian's disappointed waiting for the spelling Артём *i am not russian thats what google translate says

    Bill anonymousBill anonymous7 napja
  • Nice reference to Metro 2033, main character is called Artyom.

    AvariceUntiedAvariceUntied7 napja
  • This video is absolutely ridiculous

    frank perduefrank perdue7 napja

    Christian felleowChristian felleow7 napja
  • How was the cleaning up?

    Useless SlavUseless Slav7 napja
  • Only russian cat can hear the smell of food.

    Karl WünscheKarl Wünsche7 napja
  • Artyom is the greatest comrade cat ever. 😸😄🇷🇺❤️

    CM - 20CM - 208 napja
  • I like watch Anomaly video but now I like watching Life of boris

    Russian OPSRussian OPS8 napja
  • artyom respect.

    jack Duanjack Duan9 napja
  • What a cute cat 😍

    Laura ZucchiattiLaura Zucchiatti9 napja
  • Artyom isn't going in because he wants to make 100% sure Vadim doesn't find his pots/pans to steal.

    RemURemU10 napja
  • 10th October 2020! WOOHOO! FUCK ALLAH FUCK MUHAMMAD FUCK ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mahrufur RahmanMahrufur Rahman10 napja
  • happy birthday artyom aka komrade kat

    Aviation GuyAviation Guy10 napja
  • Where the intro video: is artyom

    PlayAloneGames ITAPlayAloneGames ITA10 napja

    MTF 17MTF 1710 napja
  • Artyom goes: mEAoW

    artorias best waifuartorias best waifu10 napja
  • You guys hear the smell?

    Music IncMusic Inc11 napja
  • happy very, very, very late b-day Artyom!

    Zacc FitzgeraldZacc Fitzgerald11 napja
  • plot twist: artyom is searching the vodka that boris is hiding in his basement along with the 264 children

    Party HatParty Hat11 napja

    RabbitRayRabbitRay11 napja
    • don't worry, KGB is hunting them

      epixepix10 napja
  • I get to the outro and read "More slavness!" as "More slaves!" I swear to God, if this guy is Russian, then he can't be anymore true about the slaves part, we have quite a lot here in Russia. Oh man, oh man.

    WowerineWowerine11 napja
  • Why has my comment gotten no recognition I seriously pointed that boris is swearing in every video

    Christian BowmanChristian Bowman11 napja
    • Who cares?

      Oka namora Miolo.Oka namora Miolo.7 napja

    Captain PastaCaptain Pasta11 napja
  • IT$ BORIS !

    Captain PastaCaptain Pasta11 napja
  • so after that bomb blast in metro last light... artyom became a cat??? well it's russia so I am not surprised

    EhsinEhsin12 napja
  • do slavs call meowing beeping?

    JoeShmoe102JoeShmoe10212 napja
  • Laser machine uwu

    Brady FranksBrady Franks12 napja
  • Any man who likes to have pet Kat is comrade to me too 👍 🐈

    JC CJC C12 napja
  • No...

    Milo MiloMilo Milo12 napja
  • Sosig life is the best for working protectors!

    Helena HandkartHelena Handkart12 napja
  • -No Slavs Allowed in comments- *NO CAPITALISM AT COMMENTS*

    Lvakia AnimationsLvakia Animations13 napja
  • а где каша

    dahliavkarmadahliavkarma13 napja
  • i would subscribe to life of artyom youtube channel.. and facebook account

    Qu0thTheRavenQu0thTheRaven13 napja
  • ahh Boris i am too late for write this but happy birth day to artyom my cat loves artyom videos but she dies in 16th september and i wanna say this I hope the cat will have a long life

    Kağan MeralKağan Meral13 napja
  • all the dislikes are from cat haters and love dogs I love both

    Noe MaciasNoe Macias14 napja
  • Интерестный факт: Вы не искали это видео оно вас само нашло

    Vaan FanVaan Fan14 napja
  • Коротко о том как видят амереканцы нас

    Элеонора ПоповаЭлеонора Попова14 napja
  • This was on my reccommended, Russia and Cats, my 2 favorite things

    Duck Go QuacksDuck Go Quacks14 napja
  • Man play roblox

    Krimi AbderaoufKrimi Abderaouf14 napja
  • 1:12 “ I think he can already hear the smell” Boris 2020

    Myusernamehere MightbetakenalreadyMyusernamehere Mightbetakenalready15 napja
  • you should have invited me (Artyom) too!! :(( *cries in slav*

    Your Eastern SlavsYour Eastern Slavs15 napja
  • Welcome to pèryśk

    Kiendra PradityaKiendra Praditya16 napja
  • well i have cat

    gaming man bruhgaming man bruh16 napja
  • Boris, Get tape, and tape all your guns to the ceiling, if artyom manages to grab one, He is skilled ninja.

    - Caveria -- Caveria -16 napja
  • This has just made me want a cat for all the wrong reasons 😂😂🤣

    Clever chimpClever chimp16 napja
  • ive been having problems with my pc can artyom come to help?

    jam the mousejam the mouse16 napja
  • Hi boris greetings from ireland🇮🇪 and happy birthday comrad CaT :)

    •Z m y s t I c  P l a y e r   W I l d c r a f t Øwø•Z m y s t I c P l a y e r W I l d c r a f t Øwø16 napja
  • Happy birthday comrade cat/artyom

    combrad super-slavcombrad super-slav17 napja
  • Thats not laptop, it's slavtop

    Wojtek WwWojtek Ww17 napja
  • Boris should get an award for best Slavic Catdad

    Minceraft GamerMinceraft Gamer17 napja
  • Cheek breeki I'm back

    VerTi XxVerTi Xx17 napja
  • everything changes when artyom turns 2.. except lazer Blyatt and some others

    Regal Dental and MedicalRegal Dental and Medical17 napja
  • Did arytom sneeze

  • Komrade kat birthday

    Robert GalliganRobert Galligan17 napja
  • tw-tw-t w o y e a r s ? holy shit time is going by fast

    AxiolotAxiolot17 napja
  • komrade ket is ril stronk

    Silent AutumnSilent Autumn17 napja
  • He as old as my comrade. And little stalin dont care about laser

    storm leanderstorm leander18 napja
  • "doctor Bad,Cage Bad,maybe Boris bad" xD i was laughing

    lazy_Studio 215lazy_Studio 21518 napja
  • blohast

    Кактус CASHperOVskyGOКактус CASHperOVskyGO18 napja
  • Still the cutest cat in the internet

    Olivér HorváthOlivér Horváth18 napja
  • Let us sing the glorious anthem of the motherland for artyom.

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi18 napja
  • Какая парода кота?

    IIe4eHbka AlsIIe4eHbka Als18 napja
    • Русская Голубая кажись...

      Vlad ChumachenkoVlad Chumachenko16 napja