ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DRONE! it won't stop following me

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  • Quit surprised you repeat the US governments concerns when any sane person would agree that the current WH is completely insane and DJI has given no reason to worry, they are making great products. But a close collaborator with US army is no problem Pleaseee stop the nonsens... 🤓 But freaking amazing avoidance, tracking combo 👍

    Von DuckVon Duck11 órája
  • 🙄🙄

    Immini Balya AdukkalaImmini Balya Adukkala18 órája
  • 9:00 oh no

    Drone WarsDrone WarsNapja
  • Could you have the drone follow another drone instead of a human? Could you chain them?

    Jory PomeranzJory PomeranzNapja
  • Does your skateboard do the same thing as Josh Neuman's skateboard?

    Nikolas GonzzNikolas GonzzNapja
  • That lens cost $3,000 .... DAMN 😲 Love the videos

    Dj.D LiveDj.D Live2 napja
  • Когда ты начал пальцем тыкать в линзу камеры на skydio, я прям скривился;)

    Александр ВульфАлександр Вульф2 napja
  • Wish u could get one in uk I’d have one

    robvtsrobvts2 napja
  • Ive been rooting to this drone when I saw it in youtube and kickstarter. DJI looks low tech after Skyduo releases. Not a political bias.

    Ronald CarranzaRonald Carranza3 napja
  • "This lens cost three thousand doll-" *_WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK :)_*

    FrancisFrancis3 napja
  • i love the dji after sale service , that's why i choose dji !

    YanViewYanView4 napja
  • Watching Drone AI Makes the artistic in me shocked :)

    PlantxvibePlantxvibe4 napja
  • So he stopped scratching glasses.

    Muhammad ShahbaazMuhammad Shahbaaz4 napja
  • Wow he was taking a video of the drone with a dron

    Blackwolf1720Blackwolf17205 napja
  • Anyone else think they this out to consumer market so it seem less dornting when police start flying these over roits ect....

    Ashley CresswellAshley Cresswell5 napja
  • Chugiak Mustangs! Go Alaska!

    NiniliumNinilium5 napja
  • eWwWWWWWWwwwwWWWwWWWw ,,.... tHe Us GoVeRnMeNt AmIrItE??!1

    oltorf520oltorf5205 napja
  • Hey Casey can you do a review on the DJI/ryze tello?

    Bian MagicBian Magic6 napja
  • haha, in the end feels like promo for DJI

    Michael LiMichael Li6 napja
  • Legend says it ye is still running away from that drone

    Spider ManSpider Man6 napja
  • 5:49 me running away from my responsibilities

    Marwin BonillaMarwin Bonilla6 napja
  • I like it

    Gaaule VlogGaaule Vlog6 napja
  • And DJI is right around the corner! First ad-break and DJI is presenting me their stuff :D

    Calvin SeitzCalvin Seitz7 napja
  • And that company works for u.s. Government too, looks like the pilot(drone) gonna monitor and attack you lol

    Swirl AndTwirlSwirl AndTwirl7 napja
  • Are you a track athlete

    Richard JamesRichard James7 napja
  • SHOT IT!!!

    Le Puntine del MondoLe Puntine del Mondo8 napja
  • Assembled in the US doesn't mean it's made in the US right? The parts and chips are all probabaly made in china ... Just like the ballot machines

    ZETA 1111ZETA 11119 napja
  • $900 nice but at the end your borke you lence $3K ouch, hope you can fix it

    GαεlLαzεrYTGαεlLαzεrYT9 napja
  • 2:49 thats the same spot from the video GTA 5 RP Polecat324

    GαεlLαzεrYTGαεlLαzεrYT9 napja
  • quiet expensive =/ tho , nice and clear footage.

    YoudigYoudig9 napja
  • Follow me AI seems dangerous . Actually terminator

    Prabhat MecPrabhat Mec9 napja
  • Can u gift me one lol

    Nhat VoNhat Vo10 napja
  • Haha well that’s awesome

    On Tour With DridgersOn Tour With Dridgers10 napja
  • DJI= superior

    A ZA Z10 napja
  • Give them 2-3 generations.

    vothryvothry11 napja
  • I don't like the underside props!

    Christine LaBeachChristine LaBeach11 napja
  • Imo this skydio us for some kind of vlogging thing.

    Calvin at DrifterStudioCalvin at DrifterStudio11 napja
  • Airsofters would totally dig this!

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson12 napja
  • They changed Skynet for Skydio ?

    m JK2L2m JK2L212 napja
  • Guys dji s drone main board cost only 135$ but how it could be expensive???

    뷁13 napja
  • Razor in hands of a monkey

  • Hey Casey, I've been growing my skills with my DJI drone. I'm curious if you've done an "autonomous" chase with the DJI~ I've been using is more as a controlled flight and played with the follow functions. Would love to see you putting that to the test... and perhaps you already have? Anwhoo... love this review.

    Joe ChancellorJoe Chancellor14 napja
  • ROFL

    Roee AlmogRoee Almog14 napja
  • Camera is like. Sees Casey look away then they like “quick fall”

    Lil CrappieLil Crappie15 napja
  • Can I have one of your drone to start my HUworld channel

    aditya sharmaaditya sharma16 napja
  • Is it terrain aware? Can you, for instance, jog up or down a mountain trail and still have the drone stay with you? Or will it follow you skiing or snowboarding?

    Donnie FrankDonnie Frank16 napja
  • How does the drone know what to film. I would love to use it for skiing, but would it follow all the skiers on the hill or just me??

    I CAN TVI CAN TV17 napja
  • 굿

    마이웨이Go마이웨이Go17 napja
  • The T800 is coming lol

    Evan SorrellEvan Sorrell17 napja
  • Pretty cool man

    Levi StubbsLevi Stubbs17 napja
  • Hi

    Neel ThakurNeel Thakur17 napja
  • Aha, that's really military grade product 👻

    Gordon CC YuenGordon CC Yuen17 napja
  • Casey, i want to know 1 something , if you go surf the drone follow too??? make this test for us please

    Blue Mind Pedro Dal BoBlue Mind Pedro Dal Bo18 napja
  • Drone e apik bang

    Elite 1 ShowElite 1 Show18 napja
  • Tu l'a louer dans quel boutique ton nez ?

    Hugo YoutarHugo Youtar19 napja
  • Any company that makes an autonomous drone like the mini 2 will be the winner. But we are not prepared for that conversation. I dont care the 249g, is the size.

    Horacio E VelazquezHoracio E Velazquez19 napja
  • 6:48

    Farrell Martín DiegoFarrell Martín Diego20 napja
  • Bye bye police dogs! That's our FUTURE right there always someone looking over oour shoulders!

    SillyGolfSwingSillyGolfSwing20 napja
  • When Dji marvic 3 pro come out. it'll changes everything again.

    icecool1616icecool161620 napja
  • Man hat der ne Rübennase

    glprofiglprofi20 napja
  • In Spain it is impossible to buy a skydio 2. I think that skydio should start selling in Europe as well and open its market of commercial distribution to be able to really compete with DJI

    RecursosEnInternetRecursosEnInternet20 napja
  • When you cannot compete it banned it.- US government.

    Shyam AleShyam Ale20 napja
  • You think skydio is now stealing Chines technology? the thing is not folding and does nothave obstacle sensors...

    Uli HanelUli Hanel20 napja
  • Although it maybe assembled in the US. I'm sure the chips camera and other internal components come from China. Plus the software I'm sure can be hacked. Just saying

    Hull Style Productions Change the WorldHull Style Productions Change the World20 napja
  • cesey you broke faa law you flew over people and close within 10 feet of their heads.. report him

    not gunnahaveitnot gunnahaveit21 napja
  • Pensei q o.nariz dele era de mentira!

    falo verdadefalo verdade21 napja
  • 👍👌

    J. LopezJ. Lopez21 napja
  • Oh my daze, that was absolute shite

    Nicky ChimesNicky Chimes21 napja
  • I just got the dji mavic air 2, my first drone ever like two months ago for some projects I’ve been working on. I’ve been very happy about it! I like learning about other drones. :)

    Melanie SchmidtMelanie Schmidt21 napja
  • Assembled in the US. That is all. Loophole js.

  • That last part I can relate. lol

  • Good to know its not your concern and its only government concern. Well I think end users who love to enjoy drones actually do not care about such things. Its only the governments making hobbyists lives difficult. Skydio 2 is on my list to get but it can't be shipped to China. how sad.

    alishanmaoalishanmao21 napja
    • @runze sun hope so. For now I got Mavic Air 2 and its Active Track 3.0 is amazing too

      alishanmaoalishanmao20 napja
    • I think soon you can buy it in China, there are people buy US only products and sell it Chinese online store, besides I am pretty sure this thing probably is made in China..... Also you can find reshipping companies that can help you send your US delivery to China.

      runze sunrunze sun20 napja
  • Surprised to see the Sony autofocus struggles & jerkiness.

    sebulbansebulban21 napja
  • Skydio is the best drone

    Savvas PapaioannouSavvas Papaioannou21 napja
  • Come on Casey,,,, fix the lens,,I want to see you DO IT! ; )

    Marta Demartini Hugh HillMarta Demartini Hugh Hill22 napja
  • 4 adverts in a 9 minute video .... Really ! 👎👎👎

    MrMadjonesMrMadjones22 napja
  • Far to many bloody adverts 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    MrMadjonesMrMadjones22 napja
  • Remember Lilly Drone? Yeah, this is what Lilly should've been

    SomeGuyNameDavSomeGuyNameDav22 napja
  • 6:48 😂😂😂😂

    santosh kumarsantosh kumar23 napja

    ZeppelinZeppelin23 napja
  • Nice hat

    Otto DrobnjakOtto Drobnjak23 napja
  • 3:00 omg gta v memories!

    Kay’shotsKay’shots23 napja
  • you can play tag when you're alone

    Ideal_LaborerIdeal_Laborer23 napja
  • Finally. We got a video from Casey. Yeah.

    JR 1322JR 132223 napja
  • Currently considering buying a drone and found this very interesting. I live in Ireland and wonder how the Skydio copes in slightly windy conditions. So far the Mavic 2 would be the drone for me ticking all the boxes.

    Tales From The BikeTales From The Bike23 napja
  • I wonder how much the company paid Casey to advertise the new Skydio drone

    Svetlana Kellett - LIVE & TRAVELSvetlana Kellett - LIVE & TRAVEL23 napja
  • awesome but creepy

    MrGriff305MrGriff30524 napja
  • The DJI mavic mini 2 is coming out with 4K video and the compatibility with the DJI mavic remote compatibilities for right around the same price as the mavic mini like $100 more

    Brandt RosenstockBrandt Rosenstock24 napja
  • Isn't this drone pretty much illegal based on part 107? The drone needs to be operated by a pilot. Didn't you see the self-driving Tesla crash into a Semi? Not having a controller and being able to over ride the AI is not allowed. DJI has the pre-set flight paths, but at any given time, the pilot can cancel it. I would be interested to see how this gets around the airline law. If the controller as you say is not responsive, and the app is immature as well... i don't see how this is going to go well for Skydio.

    Jason DinoJason Dino24 napja
  • "Flying camera" lol thats what iv'e been telling people. I went to school for photoghrapy 20 years ago and have used every type of camera and now I have one that flies!

    Greenville ObserverGreenville Observer24 napja
  • Skynet likes this...

    Spacegoat92Spacegoat9224 napja
  • 6:10 woow....., Bollywood movie scene

    Eko PurnomoEko Purnomo24 napja
  • Actually, you can do the same thing with dji drones.

    Gt MengGt Meng24 napja
  • Looks like the Skydio controller is the same as the Parrot Anafi...exactly the same

    mzimmerman12mzimmerman1225 napja
  • If they're making drones for the government, I'm not interested. Period.

    St HrSt Hr25 napja
  • Now i don't want DJI product na,😅 i am just kidding hahahah this is awesome if i have to. I was so sad about your lens be careful always😔.

    Lii LeisureLii Leisure25 napja
  • Looking nice.

    lemard mayslemard mays25 napja
  • The EVO 2 is way better.

    Russell K. BonneyRussell K. Bonney25 napja
  • Excellent video. Was the lens a FE4/24-105 G OSS? I feel your pain.

    David CookeDavid Cooke25 napja
  • In real life Crypto from Apex Legends

    San D.R.OSan D.R.O25 napja