Are Ya Winning Son? Except Everything Just Keeps Getting Better.

2020.nov. 4.
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#NeonMonkey #areyouwinningson? #meme

American Frontiers - Aaron Kenny
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  • What was the son watching or playing?

    Dudley RedDudley Red37 perccel
  • Plot twist : his father tears are tears of disapointment

    Daffa IbrahimDaffa Ibrahim44 perccel
  • *It's a good end* (Finally)

    DunamitiDunamiti2 órája
  • Pepo smile (:

    King Waffle IVKing Waffle IV4 órája
  • Ahhhhh his little pogchamp

    Zheyar SalamZheyar Salam5 órája
  • I was screaming at the dad to throw him to the moon but i guess hugging will do

    Itzyoboi huzItzyoboi huz6 órája
  • Welp simp

    MAC CONMAC CON7 órája
  • Most wholesome thing I have ever seen. Can't stop crying

    Daniel FloreaDaniel Florea7 órája
  • he supposes him cause he used to do that

    Joshua XDJoshua XD8 órája
  • Wholesome 100

    OkTimboOkTimbo8 órája
  • Reminds me of me and my old man

    King MiltoniusKing Miltonius8 órája
  • It’s enough to make a grown man cry... and thats ok

    Cringecontent _Cringecontent _9 órája
  • Its enough to maje a comrade cry

    dr bakeddr baked10 órája
  • THIS IS ENOUGH TO MAKE A GROWN MAN CRY! do not read my channel description!

    bob has no jobbob has no job10 órája
  • Top ten anime endings

    James WallaceJames Wallace10 órája
  • Omg, my son is a man :')

    Luiz GuilhermeLuiz Guilherme11 órája
  • i cryed......

    Zoe GarzaZoe Garza12 órája
  • Awwww

    TheXtravagant ButWorseTheXtravagant ButWorse12 órája
  • *Finally 16K*

    PeperotzPeperotz12 órája

    SophieLofiSophieLofi14 órája
  • I kinda cried watching this thanks dude

    Epix GamerEpix Gamer15 órája
  • Plot Twist: That girl is a boy...

    Jesús Alejandro Payares EscorciaJesús Alejandro Payares Escorcia15 órája
    • NANI!?!?!? 🤯

      Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැතිNamenlos مجهول නමක් නැති15 órája
  • Game name?

    Abzu 235Abzu 23517 órája
  • Plot twist: dad did that move where he bends his spine backwards and smashes his head on the ground

    Prick AstleyPrick Astley17 órája
  • No entendí :l

    Antonio PérezAntonio Pérez18 órája
  • In my head I just thought, “What if the dad snaps his neck while their hugging?”

    Acimort AnimationsAcimort Animations19 órája
  • The son has just grown up There's no reason to be ashamed of Father is proud of him

    Ziomownik 2580 funZiomownik 2580 fun19 órája
  • The quality of this animation though

    Cej b.Cej b.19 órája
  • what a f*ck is that was

    Mr _АНИМ_Mr _АНИМ_20 órája
  • I was waiting for the belt and kicks but the dad just hugged him..... I want that. Pepehands.

    jose ramirezjose ramirez20 órája
  • He won...

    H. I. V. E.H. I. V. E.20 órája
  • They had us in the first half not gonna lie

    Sharp DragonSharp Dragon20 órája
  • When their father is a weeb.

    Demongamer 2006Demongamer 200621 órája
  • Everybody was thinking about dirty minds know what I mean

    okk kokk k21 órája
  • happy father's day

    Prabhash KirindagePrabhash Kirindage21 órája
  • Post credit scene:his dad kill him and hapilly ever after

    IMPOSTOR In a ventIMPOSTOR In a vent22 órája
  • whats the name of the game though?

    shinseishinsei22 órája
  • When parents understands, that their kid is just lonely

    Riky ArnodusRiky Arnodus22 órája
  • Wish my dad was here to be able to do this

  • Achievement Unlocked: *Wholesome Ending*

    420 69Dude420 69DudeNapja
  • Like that will ever happen

    TheFailure FailedTheFailure FailedNapja

    Yuvraj PaulYuvraj PaulNapja
  • :( dad hugs her have fun son :)

    purple imposterpurple imposterNapja
  • So hilarious that I live my life with delusions that I'll ever be happy, then boom when I awoken from my slumber all seems untrue. The inly true thing is pain

    Dark QwartzsytalDark QwartzsytalNapja
  • Are you lose no nut november son:

  • i thought he was gonna kill him but its whoelsome

    ExplodingGaming 189ExplodingGaming 189Napja
  • Sorry for being a sellout but

    Papa BlessPapa BlessNapja
  • I wish that was my dad. The one I got is a mentally abusive drunk piece of shit

  • My dad doesn’t hug me

  • kool

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke HigashikataNapja
  • I was expecting for him to just close the door but hey, *At least he’s proud*

    Jaylah GarciaJaylah GarciaNapja
  • The good ending

    Steve LuckySteve LuckyNapja
  • peepohappy

    Shinichi YukioShinichi YukioNapja
  • This comment section is wholesome

  • Good choice son

    Muzan KibutsujiMuzan KibutsujiNapja
  • This should be a movie "Dad hug"

  • When you have so little contact and familiarity with your dad that this video makes you cry

    Emmy EmmaEmmy EmmaNapja
  • Son is gay

    Miguel GamerMiguel GamerNapja
  • DAD:r u wining son? Son:bruh

  • You not are gay, son...

    DoGgY _MGDoGgY _MGNapja
  • Awww

    Gold Lawy8Gold Lawy8Napja
  • Guys NNN

  • Father of the year 2020

    Epicguys47 ytEpicguys47 ytNapja
  • Ok but whats that game

    Snek exeSnek exeNapja
  • What was he even doing i don't understand.

  • That door just opened with 60 FPS

    Drive Digital Library - Section 1Drive Digital Library - Section 1Napja
  • Wholsome =)

    sadiq.alia sadiqsadiq.alia sadiqNapja
  • i was not expecting to have some emotions this early

  • thats a happy ending to his father

    un used sosigun used sosigNapja
  • this is now canon, officially.

    Ben KoopsBen KoopsNapja
  • 😂

    yolo gurlyolo gurlNapja
  • That a sign of a father who fail to raise his son to adjust to normal society to the point he has degenerate culture to raise but he relies the error of his way and starts to raise him the right way

    Nycore The ImpNycore The ImpNapja
  • Widepeepohappy

    DregrakDregrak2 napja
  • I’m crying

    morpmorp2 napja
  • when the dad seems a bit sus and he sees you palying some adult stuff

    Evil FarisEvil Faris2 napja
  • Ahahahha

    Remo MazaRemo Maza2 napja
  • What the hell was that girl what that is he playing this kid is stupid

    Remo MazaRemo Maza2 napja
  • Achievement unlocked: forever bonded

    Ethan ThompsonEthan Thompson2 napja
  • After watching this I'm gonna go pet the peepo

    Q8_ star2020Q8_ star20202 napja
  • When i caught my future son watching and playing like a man of culture Im proud of him:')

    「EVX」只 LUCK「EVX」只 LUCK2 napja
  • Very good, made an edit with the most recent pogchamp, should anyone inquire about such content, click profile pic related from the post of this comment. Thank you for your consideration. All credits are given.

    CyzahoneiCyzahonei2 napja
  • *modern problems require modern solutions*

    Shadow GTShadow GT2 napja
  • 0:15 why are we still here Just to suffer?

    Fortunate SonFortunate Son2 napja
  • I thought he wws gonna snap his neck

    colney parteicolney partei2 napja
  • I kinda want to cry of how wholesome it is.

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna2 napja
  • Single play game 3D😂

    Mikasa AckermanMikasa Ackerman2 napja
  • His dad was an OFW and he finally came back, the son was so thankful for his dad giving him a VR headset but the son is more thankful for the return of his father

  • The dad has better smoke physics than watchdogs legion

    Bomber GBomber G2 napja

    CrowmasterCrowmaster2 napja

    PiggySponge2020 StudiosPiggySponge2020 Studios2 napja
  • Hug son, gain son trust, eat son

    claztpaclaztpa2 napja
  • Why did this make me cry

    Renee CraigRenee Craig2 napja
  • That's my boy

    steampunkskullssteampunkskulls2 napja
  • I'm not crying... I'm not crying I-i'm not c-crying I'M NOT CRYING Ahhh f*** Waaaaaaaaa ;-; It's too emotional ;u;

    Alius78Alius782 napja
  • this is wholesome i really thought that dad was abouta delete hiss son

    CessisolyCessisoly2 napja
  • "yes dad, i am. I am winning"

    Arthur DiasArthur Dias2 napja
  • Plot twist: mom left them and they don’t know what’s love

    DudeDude2 napja
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    EpegorcsEpegorcs2 napja
  • Nothing in this world is good until Rick May returns to this very earth

    Master PokéballMaster Pokéball2 napja
  • Son 𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦

    Blue GalaxiezBlue Galaxiez2 napja
    • Yes

      Safis 2Safis 22 napja