Are Bats OP?

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  • Micro and Megabats seem to be swapped at ~2:20

    TaalenTaalen20 napja
    • I noticed that since this was released (I'm an alt)

      Imposter GamingImposter GamingNapja
    • @TierZoo Olympus has fallen. I repeat Olympus has fallen.

      Momo's Mobil GamingMomo's Mobil Gaming3 napja

      C СC С4 napja
    • ooof

      Joshua MaraisJoshua Marais6 napja
    • @TierZoo if you could use the morph ability, and be able to become three animals at will, what would they be?

      Micah HenryMicah Henry12 napja
  • Are jellyfish op

    Daniel DoDaniel Do43 perccel
  • Batman more like Bat main

    Chall AcusticaChall Acustica2 órája
  • The virus reference tho

    Anthony RodriguezAnthony Rodriguez3 órája
  • Personally I think a bats are balanced, but playing with a human build is like playing on easy (even with the new 2020 patches) and not much fun for the player or their opponents.

    Zain SalamiZain Salami4 órája

    DronzDronz4 órája
  • Do what if patches videos please

    Anthony RodriguezAnthony Rodriguez4 órája
  • Rabies is a hard counter to most bat mains tho

    Christian RothwanglChristian Rothwangl8 órája
  • Wait... So some bats don't even have echolocation? I feel like they need to be classified a bit differently 😄

    Chinedu OparaChinedu Opara8 órája
  • Recently I received word that someone managed to sneak a pterosaur class into the current meta and has been DOMINATING the the far edges of the African servers near the Swahili coast he did this because he got wind of the balance patches date early so he logged off for several years and didn't log on until the current meta they think he mains istiodactylus but I'm not sure something seems off I have an albatross main in the north American server so I'm planning to go check it out its going to be REALLY hard to do and dangerous to try but I'm willing to give up my albatross to see if its true idk if its real but if it is I am currently in the lands of Georgia and I'm going to leave tomorrow wish me luck!

    notafurry101notafurry1019 órája
  • make arthropod teir list

    Camille CutlerCamille Cutler10 órája
  • I'm not looking forward to the next balance patch. I'm pretty sure devs are gonna nerf humans...

    Matt WallerMatt Waller12 órája
  • Im still waiting for the "are weaver ants OP?" video

    Bapp0Bapp012 órája
  • Tierzoo should play spore so he could make the best possible creature

    DJ Dice 4lifeDJ Dice 4life13 órája
  • Would You do a Kong vs Godzilla vídeo? In a kinda realistic way

    javier ramos toraljavier ramos toral13 órája
  • Megabats are simply beautiful (and they look like my dog)

    Bread The TrashpandaBread The Trashpanda15 órája
  • You could make a tier list for each contnent.

    Daniel SennaDaniel Senna17 órája
  • This is your 69th video. Nice.

    H P O S 10H P O S 1017 órája
  • I got a suggestion: Madagascar tier list. they have some pretty interesting fauna

    zakosistzakosist19 órája
  • Is this a real game if it is I want to get it on my phone, tell me the name

    Chris IjadeleChris Ijadele19 órája
  • Just finished binging every video. Love what you’re doing and can’t wait to see what else you come up with! 💖

    DevliiinDevliiin22 órája
  • I want play on eagle class, pls explane

    tony kingtony king22 órája
  • Please can you make a Crab Tier list

    Ahmet BaykırAhmet Baykır23 órája
  • Mosquito tier

    Unknown WorldUnknown WorldNapja
  • > Bats used corona... *It's super effective!*

    • Not really

  • please make an "Are wolverines OP?" video, I hear they can scare off grizzly bears.

  • With cyanobacteria pretty much dominating the meta since the beginning of time, I feel that microbes deserve a tier list video. Maybe even a bacteria tier list of some sort? That'd be pretty cool

    Inder SinghInder SinghNapja
  • human dataminers lmaoo

  • Hay are big horn sheep or fennec foxes op?

    Robert QuinnRobert QuinnNapja
    • No

      Harley Davidson MotorsHarley Davidson MotorsNapja
  • bats didn't make covid China did

  • The is rumour that some human players somehow unlocked human-bat hybrid subclass, known as The Vampire

    VeriXs MelonyVeriXs MelonyNapja
  • Is COVID-19 OP? Do a vid on that plz? 😬

  • Science has the answer: *talks without effect* This channel: *TAKES THINGS IN A WHOLE NEW LEVEL*.

    Lazy BoiLazy BoiNapja
  • Found this cool channel from atlas pro and jaiden animations....

    Legend Unrealistic.Legend Unrealistic.Napja
  • Will there ever be an opossum video?

    Alex RobinetAlex RobinetNapja
  • So is Zubat, Golbat and Crobat good?

    Hi BoiHi BoiNapja
  • You should do an animal intelligence tier list

    Brenden :PBrenden :PNapja
  • For everyone who wishes you could play this game, you’re playing it right now you’re just a human main

  • Who are the players in the earth meta

    William GolderWilliam Golder2 napja
  • bird tier list???

    Nontat SuthamNontat Sutham2 napja
  • Pls make a vid about god tiers and if humans are god tier. I'd watch it.

    Roy HutaurukRoy Hutauruk2 napja
  • You could tell me worms could fly and I'd believe you

    ENDEND2 napja
  • ca you do a Horse Tier List?

    Altamiro Allebrandt JuniorAltamiro Allebrandt Junior2 napja
  • Hey, I think you should start making tier lists for animals, but talk about them like in games

    TheFuriatorTheFuriator2 napja
  • marburg is ebola you listed it as 2 viruses marbug mains are sick of being overlooked

    YamiPoyoYamiPoyo2 napja
  • 03:47 When you wanna get your DS but your mom wakes up

    video voltvideo volt2 napja
  • Pokémon irl. Pog channel

    KK2 napja
  • Mammals should try to spend points on flying more usually.

    paco ramonpaco ramon2 napja
  • S tier in killing humans that try to eat them.

    paco ramonpaco ramon2 napja
  • Man bat is a mid tier Batman villain.

    paco ramonpaco ramon2 napja
  • Ahh, the sound type.

    paco ramonpaco ramon2 napja
  • Well bats are really adaptable creatures in disease resistance good for them

    Jason SantosJason Santos2 napja
  • I really wanna see a Blood Sucker Tier List. Should be fun seeing my favourite "playstyle"

    TheDankest TreeTheDankest Tree2 napja
  • it me or did I hear “momma I’m dating a criminal” but in a retro video game theme

    Jagged PantherJagged Panther2 napja
  • If humans aren’t real and are just a class in a game, then what are we?

    Jihadi Sultans 2Jihadi Sultans 22 napja

    Peet The RaptorPeet The Raptor2 napja
  • Bro adrenaline got my memories flow

    HybriclHybricl2 napja
  • Deer tier list pls

    NilsMedZkillsNilsMedZkills2 napja
  • New vidio idea; Is God OP?

    xrush xdxrush xd2 napja
  • I feel that nobody talks about microscopic and parasitic tiers. These are actually the most overpovered, and they have good chance to almost destroy some much better player groups (even though this happends as a mistake and often causes them to die too) For example the black plague event lowered the human playerbase by half, which was unimaginable for most of other tiers to do.

    LoreLore2 napja
  • Chicken tier list

    doman dododoman dodo2 napja
  • you should analyze the playstyle of the fungus faction

    Nash BellowNash Bellow3 napja
  • Do the crocodile tier list

    Memelover4000Memelover40003 napja
  • I know crustaceous minmaxing is a video already but can we get crab tier list since their seem to be some many kinds of crabs

    Meis magiicMeis magiic3 napja
  • we have 69 videos on this channel

    DirectrenDirectren3 napja
  • I don't even believe in evolution and i love his videos

    Timothy HollyTimothy Holly3 napja
  • Could you by chance do a video on freshwater or river fish specifically? There are some very cool fish that live in the river biome, and you could even look at different fish in different servers.

    Caleb ThompsonCaleb Thompson3 napja
  • Fun fact: Certain moths can actually confuse a bat's echolocation, such as luna moths with their physical trait of spiraling tails, but there's one genus that can screw it up even further using a special talent called "acoustic camouflage". It basically uses the scales on their wings to cancel out noise. This moth is also thought to be deaf.

    FacelessFigureFacelessFigure3 napja
  • What is the best birds to play with

    The AlphaThe Alpha3 napja
  • Hey I liked your Dino playtroughts can you make more in the future I still like this content tho keep it up!

    Bade BladesBade Blades3 napja
  • Wait, I wasn't subscribed WTF?

    A. B.A. B.3 napja
  • Please make video about scorpio

    Канал BlockBatrКанал BlockBatr3 napja
  • A beetle Tierlist would be awesome, there are so many with a lot of strategies

    Seba DGSeba DG3 napja
  • I remember a guy who tried to make a bat with a sonic cry on the brown note. Madlad went straight for a fucking City-Server the moment he figured it out. Fastest ban I ever saw. Anybody got some Insta-Banned stories?

    John SandiegoJohn Sandiego3 napja
  • What about a titanosaur tier list because there are MANY titanosaurs

    Imposter of The ventImposter of The vent3 napja
  • Dude you should get into speed running! My bat speedrun already got me alot of kills

    The Great ScribblesThe Great Scribbles3 napja
  • You should do a video of dinosaurs which you classify which ones have feathers. Because some do I belive. but I just learned that myself

    What's My NameWhat's My Name3 napja
  • Bats do not carry covid

    Imagine DinosaursImagine Dinosaurs3 napja
  • Many large moths are actually hairy in order to scramble bat sonar, from what I understand its actually quite effective at reducing the viability of echolocation.

    Scott LorimorScott Lorimor3 napja
    • So, like a stealth aircraft's skin absorbing radar. Interesting.

      Jay EisenhardtJay Eisenhardt2 napja
  • make a disease tier list pleaseeee corona ebola etc.

    Raiyan ChowdhuryRaiyan Chowdhury4 napja
    • black death...

      Jay EisenhardtJay Eisenhardt2 napja
  • Horseshoe crap when?

    Squirrel HaterSquirrel Hater4 napja
  • wasn't watching and thought he bumped the mic at 1:50

    SammaySammay4 napja
  • A tier list idea: Ants Teir list (FT. AntsCanada) antsCanada is an ant channel

    wmw1210wmw12104 napja
  • Cover the 2020 patch

    Daniel DOBSONDaniel DOBSON4 napja
  • Can you talk about the disease builds next?

    LancraftmalLancraftmal4 napja
    • You know what the scariest thing is. All those bio weapons people make to use against each other. Dogs of war? Diseases of war! Like launching carrion into a castle. The Mongol army at Caffa, 1346. Possibility of spreading the black death. Stuff like anthrax or anything else the government has used on civilians and experimented with. A nuke might poison the earth for 1000 years near a ground impact and enough of them could change the weather. A disease that can skip and jump species, just one mishandled sample, and you can forever change the world. Much cheaper than chemical weapons and nukes, it's the poor man's doomsday weapon. Yeah. Those little guys doing their own thing mostly unnoticed. Virus vs bacteria, and the rankings for the top scores in each. That would be one scary list.

      Jay EisenhardtJay Eisenhardt2 napja
  • The discount code doesn’t actually work. I’ve tried it and my three friends who watch your channel also tried and no dice. Please also don’t support skilshare they’re pretty shitty

    Tip Of The IcebergTip Of The Iceberg4 napja
  • This is actually his 69th episode yay

    Felix’s ChannelFelix’s Channel4 napja
  • that black ops 2 music ❤

    chrizzly dizzlychrizzly dizzly4 napja
  • Someone needs to make this a video game

    ZactipusZactipus4 napja
  • Can someone one recommend me another channel like this one

    Eran BrakatEran Brakat4 napja
  • I want biologists to talk like this all the time

    Ryan lyuRyan lyu4 napja
  • How do I change class pls

    PageJ3PageJ34 napja
  • It ain't a tierzoo video if he doesn't sneak in a jab at amphibian mains

    TheOPNTheOPN4 napja
  • Do bats actually spred covid?

    Elijah AlstonElijah Alston4 napja
  • 2:20 are vampire bats now mega bats well guess so

    Greenest Boi!Greenest Boi!4 napja
  • 7:37 either those animals live a super short life of less than half a year, or 2020 is getting shade for lasting an eternity

    RemiRemi4 napja
  • Nice 69 vid

    FAN SXB ONLY -̈ .FAN SXB ONLY -̈ .4 napja

    C СC С4 napja
  • 0:22 when you get checkmated

    G MoG Mo4 napja
  • You have probably heard this but the devs added a plague build. Im not really sure what they were thinking because it was stupid busted like in under a year it it killed 5 million Homo sapiens. I think i herd that the devs were patching it though.

    The one above allThe one above all5 napja