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No real trick-or-treating this year so I guess this is some alternative 😅
This particular cartoon has a ton of lip-sync. Its not easy but its really fun to do. Shout-out to our amazing voice actors who put everything out there for these characters! Without a doubt the biggest challenge for this one was to string a conversation together from bits and pieces of voice lines from events that were months apart from each other and make it sound like a "somewhat believable" conversation... I hope it worked lol. You tell me.
I love Halloween and really hope you enjoy and share this one. It was really fun and really relaxing to make. I appreciate you all and love to read your comments, please never stop commenting, they are incredibly entertaining.
Stay safe and find happiness always!
Until next time

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Luigi's Mansion Theme - (Vector U Remix)

  • this the only trick-or-treating I'll be doing this year 😅🍬 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 FELIZ DIA DE MUERTOS 💀 *subtitulos en Español

    ToonCraftToonCraft24 napja
    • Hey tooncraft I have a question for you! What’s your favorite apex legends character?

      Irislady ambrizIrislady ambriz3 napja
    • happy halloween,, feliz dia de muertos

      mark brownmark brown7 napja
    • Feliz día de los muerto pero lo dije tarde

      Zobeida RuizZobeida Ruiz14 napja
    • Hello everyone, I make a lot of 20 bomb and 5k Damage videos, so if you are interested check them out and comment something nice it would make my day ❤️

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    • im dont lake epex im lave tetanfoll

      Ahmad HleihilAhmad Hleihil15 napja
  • wait hold on I know you do animations for Titanfall and Apex but did you get the actual voice actors or is he just voice lines from the game

    thetntmine hoseythetntmine hosey11 órája
  • can you please make a bit longer videos and surely continue apextoons!!!!

    It’s me Ark GRIt’s me Ark GRNapja
  • plot twist the ghost was wraith when she just came out of void walker

    comic sanscomic sansNapja
  • Awww pathfinder is so innocent and hes dressed up as caustic

    LOLO2 napja
  • I think wraith is actually the ghost

    Pico TacosPico Tacos2 napja
  • cute wraith bro

    White RabbitWhite Rabbit2 napja
  • 0:41 how can i get the quip for wraith?

    oshri yitzhakoshri yitzhak2 napja
  • Is that an actual voice line for Pathfinder

    Armaan XArmaan X3 napja
  • wraith is adorable

    james ambrosjames ambros3 napja
  • Wattson 💗

    Alessandro LamponiAlessandro Lamponi3 napja
  • What an amazing use of the voicelines tho

    Zynos GDZynos GD3 napja
  • For a second I thought you reached out to their voice actors, but then I read the description. Fantastic work!

    AphroAphro3 napja
  • i take this for myself. i am dutch and cant not so good englisch but your videos are so great!

    Si hyun LeeSi hyun Lee4 napja
  • i wanna marry wraith's voice actress... never even seen her irl, just by hearing her voice

    Victor BastosVictor Bastos4 napja
  • Did anyone else notice that the ghost that wattson was talking about was wraith when she first escaped?

    waitholdmybowlwaitholdmybowl4 napja
  • Cute♡-♡

    신분세탁신분세탁5 napja
  • 0:23 how do yu get that quip?

    Punta bundaPunta bunda5 napja
  • I miss titan fall toons 😔

    Yesunny Lim 6bYesunny Lim 6b5 napja
  • Imagine a Watson skin like that in apex?

    Sloth SupremeSloth Supreme5 napja
  • I NEED TITANTOONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hyperio OGHyperio OG6 napja
  • Why is this the thing that made me realise the ghost wattson mentions is wraith.

    imperielgenecistimperielgenecist6 napja
  • As a wattson main they must really make that a skin for her 😭😂

    Mathieu ThomasMathieu Thomas6 napja
  • Shouldve came to my place, dont worry, my candy isnt poisoned

    Loba AndradeLoba Andrade6 napja
    • ...Much

      Loba AndradeLoba Andrade6 napja
  • i want to thank Tooncraft for getting me into Titanfall. Its an awesome game and i play its with my three friends

    Lauren CaughronLauren Caughron6 napja
  • omg that was adorable 😂😍

    mark brownmark brown7 napja
  • Normal people when they walk up to doors: trick or treat Pathfinder: I don't concern myself with the ambitions of insects

    michaelmichael7 napja
  • Wattson x octane?

    manteca78 9manteca78 97 napja
  • Wattson as the shield battery got me laughing so hard lmao

    Mathias RiisenbergMathias Riisenberg7 napja
  • Plz make a new animation plz

    Ahsan HusnainAhsan Husnain7 napja
  • Everyone: omg Wattson is soooo cuteeee Wraith in a cat costume: am I a joke to you??

    Dániel ValamilyenDániel Valamilyen7 napja

    Apex Price EstimationApex Price Estimation8 napja
  • ワ:ねえレイス…私、小さい頃、ここでオバケを見た。誰も信じてくれなかったけど。 レ:幽霊は実在しないわ、ワットソン。多分それはあなたの想像力が生んだものよ。 パ:(ドアをたたく) ワ:オバケはいるわ、誓ってもいい。そいつはどこからともなく死んだ目をして現れるの。 レ:…またあとで聞いてあげる (ガスおじ登場) ワ・レ:トリックオアトリ~ パ:虫けらの野望など、眼中にナイ!(モノマネ) ワ・レ:フヘヘヘ レ:似てない コ:ポンコツ…なんだその恰好は… ワ・レ:(ヤベ) コ:こいつはいただく (ドアを閉じる) パ:ボクはお菓子が好きだよ ワ:フフフ かわいそうに レ:あなた、ハズレのドアをノックしたのよ ワ:そうだレイス、私が見たそのオバケに挨拶できるかも。フフッ、その時は私を信じるわ。

    sZ ZssZ Zs8 napja
    • Emm dime que que es una broma el comentario NO ENTIENDO NADA

      Leon AquinoLeon Aquino7 napja
  • Caustic should have been wearing his clown costume

    Skull BREAKERSkull BREAKER9 napja
  • ルイージマンションのBGMが流れてる

    カブレラちゃんねるカブレラちゃんねる9 napja
  • de que pais sos

    Patricia Acevedo EscaratePatricia Acevedo Escarate9 napja
  • sos español,ingles o argentino porque algunos titulos son en argentino y otroos son en ingles

    Patricia Acevedo EscaratePatricia Acevedo Escarate9 napja
    • Habla ingles

      Leon AquinoLeon Aquino7 napja
  • this is so kewt

    Solomon JonesSolomon Jones10 napja
  • ummmm add new updates to titanfall 2 pls

    someonesomeone10 napja
  • Can’t wait to see what u do with horizon

    Martian BuddyMartian Buddy10 napja
  • Watson and wraith is such a cute duo. ☺️ ☺️

    Cor1, 000Cor1, 00010 napja
  • Caustic: What's your costume? Sub-average intelligence? Wraith and Watson: 👁️👄👁️

    Just a PotatoJust a Potato10 napja
  • el fantasma que vio wattson tuvo que ser una wraith

    S4m6sS4m6s10 napja
  • Apreciamos los subtitulos, thanks!:)

    Oss_Kar98kOss_Kar98k11 napja
  • If you listen carefully, you can hear the Luigi's mansion theme in the background.

    Gaming with the Red DragonGaming with the Red Dragon11 napja
  • Watson: “when I was a girl” Me: where you ever a boy?!?!

    Cor1, 000Cor1, 00011 napja
  • meadoptas?

    Inca owoInca owo12 napja
  • I love Alex toons

    over man &_&over man &_&12 napja
    • Alex toons

      Veronica OviedoVeronica Oviedo10 napja
  • I know this is apex but I hope titanfall 3 comes

    Papa PretzelPapa Pretzel13 napja
  • Hope Marvin/Pathfinder Thriller full live vid uploaded

    New Republic신 공화국New Republic신 공화국13 napja
  • your channel is so under rated you deserve a custom play button

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  • Mozambique here!!!

  • Ngl I need that shield batt skin

    gg fishflappergg fishflapper13 napja
  • Pathfinder voice is fire bro

    ck studiosck studios13 napja
  • Славяне по лайку.

    Алексей ОжиговАлексей Ожигов13 napja
  • I wanted my happy "dia do saci"

    Ice cream gomesIce cream gomes13 napja
  • Fun fact Bangalore has not appeared in this channel once Why toon craft?

    Nuzhat RehanNuzhat Rehan13 napja
  • Apex legends needs to allow keyboard and mouse on xbox

    rolliepollie_ 08rolliepollie_ 0813 napja
  • Oye toonCraft podías hacer un vídeo en donde los personajes vayan al pasado antes del nuevo mapa

    Zobeida RuizZobeida Ruiz14 napja
  • toncrafrt yessssss

    Gino DemianGino Demian14 napja
  • Te amo Watson uwu❤

    silver tecksilver teck14 napja
  • Gas dad is not amused

    deth2you45 gamesdeth2you45 games14 napja
  • i really want to see your art style Rampart

    akseli huttuakseli huttu14 napja
  • Wraith!😍😍😍

    The BEST AvatarThe BEST Avatar15 napja
  • I love paths costume it’s literally the best but I’m A octane mane so

    PuGcUbE27PuGcUbE2715 napja
  • Titantoons were better

  • Aqui esta el comentario en español que estabas buscando

    INDICT86KILO 123INDICT86KILO 12315 napja
  • Oh wait the voices are probably from the games.

    • Yeah, the voices are from the game

      MayelelMayelel13 napja
  • Can someone tell me if they are the real actors or this is is fracking amazing, already at the start and I wanna sub.

  • Theoretically if you think about, caustic calls himself dumb as path is literally dressed as him

    Pablo PabloPablo Pablo15 napja
  • Why are the captions Spanish. (Don’t take it that far)

    Squidward TentaclesSquidward Tentacles15 napja
  • Wow this is great every line matched up and its funny😂

    Xx_FREQ_xX -_-Xx_FREQ_xX -_-15 napja
  • I have idea from toon calling"Monmy Horizon"

    Santy JemioSanty Jemio15 napja
  • eres mexicano??

    JotaFreZaJotaFreZa16 napja
  • the little hop wattson does at 0:41 is fkin adorable and ive replayed it an unhealthy number of times

    Ryqe LeeRyqe Lee16 napja
  • Question what ships do you support

    cj Russellcj Russell16 napja
  • Wattson voice is like candy to the soul

    Games DDGames DD16 napja
  • Next time on Fight or Fright.... Rambo Pathfinder: Pew! Pew! Pew....! PEW! PEW! Time to get to the exfil point! All aboard everybody! Octane: You all ready for the Octrain!? Rambo Pathfinder: Say hello to my new friends! It's their finest hour...!🤖 ????: Chirp! Chirp! Click! 🤖 Cowboy Mirage: I'll see you all in the ring! 🤠 Shadow Squad: Brrraaaaiiinnnssss...! 🌚 ????: Cha, ching! BABABABABABABABABABABABBABABABABABABA! BAM! BAM! BAM! PEW! PEW! PEEEEEEWWWWW! BABABABABABABABABABABABABABA! BABAM! BABAM! BABAM! Shadow Squad: Eeeeeeerrrhhhh eh... 🤢 ????: Cha, ching, BLAM! 🤖 Shadow: ☠️ ????: I'll be back.... 😎 Outro: Plays Predator end credit soundtrack.

    Edward EscalanteEdward Escalante16 napja
  • Who remembers the og Titan toons good times good times

    psgamerk5 lolpsgamerk5 lol16 napja
  • Wattson literally existing* Apex community: we know this and we live you

    bubble buttbubble butt16 napja
  • Ok tooncraft do you now the music for the seson 0 trailer pls reply if you know

    Revenant in Apex LegendsRevenant in Apex Legends16 napja
  • Adoro essas animações (I love these animations)

    Héctor BeberHéctor Beber16 napja
  • Can you show us how to draw wraith and Watson I can’t draw it 🤣😂🤣😂

    ZTQEWPRO channelZTQEWPRO channel17 napja
  • 0:15 I'm that ghost

    ghostsoliderghostsolider17 napja
  • 0:28 he just roasted himself

    DespacitoDanielDespacitoDaniel17 napja
  • When are you going to the new legend horizon

    Marbella CastanedaMarbella Castaneda17 napja
  • Hey you got any info on titanfall 3? I know your working for respawn so I hope I get info on the game

    da boida boi17 napja
  • What ever happend to octain in the box

    Mommys BasementMommys Basement17 napja
  • Thas cute

    Bwen SpwinnenheverBwen Spwinnenhever17 napja
  • are these the actual voice actors? This is so spot on

    Hazzah KingHazzah King18 napja
  • Pathfinder getting hated for vibin

    LoadingAidanLoadingAidan18 napja
  • Pls more titanfall

    grox 642grox 64218 napja
  • Dulce o trato yo prefiero trato

    KidKid18 napja
  • Just wondering, do you plan on making any other titanfall 2 animations? I miss them, I miss Bt :(

    ViperViper18 napja
  • You should try and make Nessie Watson skin a real skin in the game I’d buy it

    James ZetterquistJames Zetterquist18 napja
  • Wraith tiene orejas de neko?

    Nilson GuillermoNilson Guillermo18 napja
  • I like to think that secretly casthich kinda likes pathfinder as a friend

    Laksh WalaLaksh Wala18 napja
  • pathfinder is the better caustic

    Random Commenting ManRandom Commenting Man18 napja
  • Imagine if this was a real cartoon show on the 📺

    Mirage CrazyMirage Crazy18 napja
  • As a mexican, thank you for adding Dia De Los Muertos😭

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