Antoine Griezmann Is Killing It in 2021

2021.febr. 5.
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Antoine Griezmann is killing it in 2021. Griezmann proved everybody, including a lot of Barcelona fans, wrong! In the 10 matches Barcelona played, Griezmann scored 7 goals and has given 6 assists. Incredible numbers. Let's hope he can continue like this! Where are his haters now?
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Antoine Griezmann Is Killing It in 2021
Antoine Griezmann Proving His Haters Wrong
Antoine Griezmann Skills Goals Assists 2021

  • Where are the Griezmann haters now? 😎

    WouvaWouva2 hónapja
    • @Antoine Griezmann msg popped up and it showed antoine greizmann replied lol

      Abdul HakeemAbdul Hakeem2 napja
    • @Abdul Hakeem hola Abdul🙌

      Antoine GriezmannAntoine Griezmann2 napja
    • Here

      Abdul HakeemAbdul Hakeem2 napja
    • 😂

      Rakibul HasanRakibul Hasan12 napja
    • I didn't even know there were hater of griezman he is really good

      DOOM YTDOOM YT23 napja
  • Griezmann you were the best player now not so mch just come back we need you man

    Victor ShooyaVictor Shooya2 órája
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😍😍😍😍

    Абзал АманкосовАбзал АманкосовNapja
  • I still support u forever ma man♥️💪

    I'M S T O N EI'M S T O N E2 napja
  • Music name plz

    Daily AlertDaily Alert5 napja
  • Music nameplz

    Daily AlertDaily Alert5 napja
  • I was the 751th person to comment

    Simona NectarieSimona Nectarie7 napja
    • How do you know this? 😂

      WouvaWouva7 napja
  • Cool video Antoine Grizmann is my favourite footballer ever

    Simona NectarieSimona Nectarie7 napja
  • griezmann is the hardest working player on the field . prove me wrong

    Barca ProductionsBarca Productions8 napja
  • 4:33 wtf is this

    Hello BrothersHello Brothers8 napja
  • Griezmann

    كامل فاديكامل فادي9 napja
  • Nice

    كامل فاديكامل فادي9 napja
  • Griezmann 🧡❤❤🧡

    Lika Hakani HakaniLika Hakani Hakani9 napja
  • Just Coz of Haaland..Barca Fans Keep Hating This Guy who saved our Ass Already in Big Games.

    althaf vahabalthaf vahab9 napja
  • Griesmann out next season... u can cry now!

    Javy CalleJavy Calle12 napja
  • 🤩

    Sinan Ap ApSinan Ap Ap12 napja
  • Гризманн харош

    Axaxaxa AxaxxaxaAxaxaxa Axaxxaxa13 napja
  • Im on fire!

  • Song name?

    აწყვეტილი ზვიგენიაწყვეტილი ზვიგენი13 napja
  • griezmann is more suited for liverpool

    udean bambangudean bambang14 napja
  • I prefer Griezmann to stay because he is improving every season and it is very difficult to find a player like Suarez and there are not many outside players from La masia who can fit into the Barcelona game, they should be better focused on paying off club debts rather than betting on expensive player purchases. which is not necessarily going to be like Suarez

    K-HouseK-House16 napja
  • I always trust griezmann

    Firdaus HaqimiFirdaus Haqimi17 napja
  • it like ozil assist king

    Kimi MidasKimi Midas19 napja
  • Good player but what about his haircut?

    Brady MichaelBrady Michael19 napja
  • Oé!!!

    Yoann LecointeYoann Lecointe20 napja
  • Grizman+Barca={😇😇😇}

    Islomjon KhomidovIslomjon Khomidov21 napja
  • Happy Bday man.. We are happy to having u our side.. 🖤💯❤️

    e m t h e b e s te m t h e b e s t22 napja
  • i am not fan baca but i don’t know why i love him so much

    Dr RiskDr Risk22 napja
  • That’s exactly for what I was waiting for since he came here

    Emilio EstradaEmilio Estrada22 napja
  • Braithwaite should get number 10 and not messi👀

    Mo TheCleverChildMo TheCleverChild23 napja
  • better than dembele no cap

    Péter GergelyPéter Gergely23 napja
  • Number 7 > Number 17

    Srikar VelavarthipatiSrikar Velavarthipati23 napja
  • Griezmann saved us in all of games we have to respect him💪

    Wcx_RustemiWcx_Rustemi25 napja
    • Not all of games „only“ 4-5

      DADA15 napja
  • Lo gafaron con este video xD

    Juan Carlos MolinaJuan Carlos Molina26 napja
  • istg we need this man he saved our ass way too many times

    Kareem GabarKareem Gabar26 napja
  • this aged terribly

    MikeMFFMikeMFF26 napja
  • Whats the name of the instrumental playing in the background of the video ??

    Mordecai MbulaMordecai Mbula27 napja
    • League of lrgends- piercing light

      Suw4Suw426 napja
  • griezmann being a ucl flop isn't talked about enough

    Çagla'mÇagla'm27 napja
  • Griezmann 💙❤️

    以粉So以粉So28 napja
  • Wooa griezmamm pro 💐💐

    Sh KhangSh Khang28 napja
  • Who's here after Arsenal made an offer?

    Random EmpireRandom Empire28 napja
  • Griezmann Cnt be judge Bcz he scored impossible goals sumtym bt again he missed many good chances so iz difficult to judge Griezmann

    Ngatuba NgatubaNgatuba NgatubaHónapja
  • Bro where do u get ur clips from and how do ur videos not get copyrighted? Most of the videos I post get copyrighted either in a couple of minutes or days and I use clips from tv broadcasters (I crop the logo out, change the color, and mute the sound) and clips that I record of the tv with my phone. I had one video that I made on Tuesday that got 45K views about haaland and it got taken down today and it showed a clip of the tv I recorded with my phone.

    Football TingzFootball TingzHónapja
  • Music credits?

  • I like griezmann I hope and pray he doesn't leave

    Adrian AguilarAdrian AguilarHónapja
  • tbh he was better with atletico

  • only killed it in january

  • Yep

    Glitch kingGlitch kingHónapja
  • 03.03.2021 perfect asist👏

    Elcan SüleymanovElcan SüleymanovHónapja
  • Antoine 🤍🙏

  • A

    Ali StoilovAli StoilovHónapja
  • Anyone watching this on March he is back to his dreadful form only 6 goals and 6 assists in laliga

    Balaji VenkateshBalaji VenkateshHónapja
  • I hope everybody sees now in that Griezmann plays really good in barca. I think this season will be the best season that griezmann ever played. #Griezmann is scoring much more goals this season

    Nicolas BlauensteinNicolas BlauensteinHónapja
    • Never

      DADA15 napja
  • Griezman great time🔥🔥

    I'm BombomI'm BombomHónapja
    • this didn’t age well

      DADA15 napja
  • 0:30 that is unbelievable

    Gaming with LightningGaming with LightningHónapja
  • Actually no ..maybe killing it at the bench XD

  • Griezmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Fatih YılmazFatih YılmazHónapja
  • He has too leave this summer

    LakDinFar OGLakDinFar OGHónapja
    • True

      DADA15 napja
  • Griezmann my favourite footballer

    AH7 EditsAH7 EditsHónapja
  • We need to sell him in the summer.

    • Yes

      DADA15 napja
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Md sabbat hossian SabbirMd sabbat hossian SabbirHónapja
  • Killing the game or what?

    Razvan TomaRazvan TomaHónapja
  • Delete this , Griezman is one of worst singups since Chigrinsky and hleb, hes nothing but an overrated clown.

    Mauro V.Mauro V.Hónapja
  • Why does no one notice that he is f****** handsome???

    Hühnchen _Hühnchen _Hónapja
  • still not the Atletico Griezmann.

    Ahuto ShoheAhuto ShoheHónapja
  • Not anymore, man has chocked and flopped alongside Dembélé

    Muhammad SalarMuhammad SalarHónapja
  • Kyle Reese is good at football?!

  • only 2 months is past for 2021, he doesn't fit barca obviously. let's look back at this video at the end of 2021

    Zapdos PowerZapdos PowerHónapja
  • He's barça's one hero lately 😎😎😎

    Manuoe FreshoutManuoe FreshoutHónapja
    • No

      DADA15 napja
  • Only good with teams like granada

  • nah, i expected alot from a wc winner

    Venom ArtVenom ArtHónapja
  • he was the best on the pitch against PSg (not including PSG players)

    Guy GoodGuy GoodHónapja
  • champions misses open goal

  • its killing the team

    Joaquin PazJoaquin PazHónapja
  • overrated

    Emi CurbeloEmi CurbeloHónapja
  • 1-4

    SaWxRaP zSaWxRaP zHónapja
  • Who is here after 4-1 defeat against PSG

    faizan fakharfaizan fakharHónapja
  • Antoine griezmann is fucking not killing , saw the match against PSG!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Haarrin RaoHaarrin RaoHónapja
  • This Griezman.. Miss A LOT of chances..

    Muhammad HilmiMuhammad HilmiHónapja
  • As a barca fan this cap. #griezzmanout

  • delete this video

    Mustafa IderMustafa IderHónapja
    • @Mauro V. ratio

    • Shush 🤫

      chelsea flyerchelsea flyerHónapja
    • @LyNx ratio

    • @blee237 here to help out my good buddy Mustafa

    • @blee237 ratio these

      Mustafa IderMustafa IderHónapja
  • Is he though? Is he?

  • i very fan griezmann and i believe him from prime griezman now

    Fan Barcelony 2k15Fan Barcelony 2k15Hónapja
  • The aloof raven superiorly drop because cabinet basically guess atop a juvenile step-grandfather. past, obscene stranger

    Chungwei WangChungwei WangHónapja
  • I don't see it yet... Sorry...

    uruwow 8uruwow 8Hónapja
  • PSG gonna get it tonight. VAMOS Grizzi!!🔥🔥🔥

    Vivek BiswasVivek BiswasHónapja
    • @Freddy Rivera this didn't age well, im from the future and barca came back

      Alexander LeyvaGarciaAlexander LeyvaGarciaHónapja
    • LOL

      Freddy RiveraFreddy RiveraHónapja
  • He saved our butts against Ferencvaros. Oh wait! We were already qualified.

  • He is mineeeeeeeee

  • Antoine ❤️

    Louis GalletLouis GalletHónapja
  • Cmon Grizzi, lets do history tomorrow!!

    yumicov yumicovyumicov yumicovHónapja
  • Griezamnn has the second most assists only one behind Llorente , this guy deserves a hell lot of praise. I'm a huge of grizzy!!!!!😎

    Assassin CreedAssassin CreedHónapja
    • There 5 Players who have more and 6 who have the same amount

      DADA15 napja
  • Music ??

    Мехринигор ДодхудоеваМехринигор ДодхудоеваHónapja
    • Piercing Light

      DADA15 napja
  • Stop changing the angle every second. Its not cool

  • 4:14 What a horrible pass 😂

  • No he's not

  • The flawless collar spectacularly ski because fedelini intrestingly spot till a macho rake. tranquil, direful paul

    J HovaJ HovaHónapja
  • 8 2 say that but barca is shit and will lose messi next year.

    Dwarf of camp nouDwarf of camp nouHónapja
  • Messi can leave...Griezmann ll lead barca

    Gowthaman NarayananGowthaman NarayananHónapja
  • He’s doing dog shit

    Omar RayyanOmar RayyanHónapja
    • @Segram wowww good one bro

      Omar RayyanOmar Rayyan26 napja
    • Like you in your life

  • Can u tell me the song name plz.

    Kindly ShhKindly ShhHónapja
    • @DA thx

      Kindly ShhKindly Shh14 napja
    • Piercing Light

      DADA15 napja