2017.dec. 7.
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  • Patch 1.57. About 15 min after this video. Guys we added a name ship

    Warren TuckerWarren TuckerNapja

    who diswho disNapja
  • I'd name my ship u.s.s child support

    Lucky SwordsmenLucky Swordsmen4 napja
  • What's the intro song??

    gabriel Mefsoutisgabriel Mefsoutis8 napja
  • Japan = best speed destroyer and torpedo range and dps

    The Deadly ParadoxThe Deadly Paradox15 napja
  • It wouldn't be an episode of Badger without the Amazing dubstep.

    Owen DentonOwen Denton17 napja
  • Foolish badger warrior

    jellyjelly20 napja
  • I said what I said

    FuneralTortoiseFuneralTortoise25 napja
  • b-but murica

    Fire kingFire king25 napja
  • Why did I get this In my recommendation I play war thunder

  • Hey I think I might be a bit late for the code..

    Gaming GamerGaming GamerHónapja
  • The glory days of dubstep badger videos

    Jussie SmollettJussie SmollettHónapja
  • Spencer what was that that hardcore beat at the beginning

    Nick MitchellNick MitchellHónapja
  • Extra thicc

  • Ocean man? And not 10 hours of ultra marine chanting?!?

  • What was tge second drum roll song?

    basegamez 78basegamez 78Hónapja
  • No waifu no laifu

    Nothing ExistenceNothing ExistenceHónapja
  • Samurai Jack

    ronnin99ronnin992 hónapja
  • Man pc must be nice to have carriers 😤

    Admiral Topaz BlueAdmiral Topaz Blue2 hónapja
  • Yes

    Zero NexusZero Nexus2 hónapja
  • The best name for a ship it the U.S.S- OH HECK MY ENGINE BAY

    Reptirex RaderReptirex Rader3 hónapja
  • I need an IV going into my bloodstream that just pumps Badgers Intros

    Reptirex RaderReptirex Rader3 hónapja
  • I donno why but every video I watch from you has the songs from my stupids as playlist

    regat 19regat 193 hónapja
  • I used that sound as my ringtone and when it started I thought someone was calling me 7:00

    ekko95/ekko95/3 hónapja
    • Good choice

      ronnin99ronnin992 hónapja
  • Just so you know. I changed my tag to USS Shmurda. Because of this video. Only destroyers though cause I'm taking bodies 🤣

    Axle DornmanAxle Dornman3 hónapja
  • Louis was in the intro from l4d can’t pull a fast one on me

    MrZomBIE16MrZomBIE163 hónapja
  • Watching this now, badger flexing the drip on 1:53

    AsiaanBoiAsiaanBoi3 hónapja
  • I play blitz and my favorite country and only country I play is US and favorite ship is the Montana

    Jacob LashJacob Lash3 hónapja
  • God damn i fucking love this video lol

    dontblink04dontblink044 hónapja
  • The us is ocean man Russia is nonstop hardbass japan is weeb music and Britain is classical music

    Hugo Regn Nordic Int NorrköpingHugo Regn Nordic Int Norrköping4 hónapja
  • Aren’t the tracks for depth charges?

    Nathan BroadwaterNathan Broadwater4 hónapja
  • Man I love high school fleet

    Zachary RouseZachary Rouse4 hónapja
  • I see world of warships *Open youtube and go to sabaton and plays Bismarck *

    geoshark12geoshark124 hónapja
  • The only thing I buy in WoWs is *A N I M E* There's no such thing as too much waifu

    Anchovy49Anchovy494 hónapja
  • I have a ship name it’s called the U.S.S BOB ROSS

    Tyler CampbellTyler Campbell4 hónapja
  • Oh, so THIS is where I found By Design thx :) 10/10 moar old style intros pls

    Plin _Plin _4 hónapja
  • Oh man this would be the ideal game to put in the Battle of the Mirai OST from the Zipang anime.

    TheAngryDanishVikingTheAngryDanishViking4 hónapja
  • Anyone know the name of the intro song? (Edit): The intro song is WRLD - by Design

    Roman TraskRoman Trask4 hónapja

    Unknitcashew VlogsUnknitcashew Vlogs5 hónapja
  • Those tracks aren’t tracks they’re launchers for scout planes

    Riolu FanRiolu Fan5 hónapja
  • they have now added submarines to WoW

    Sean PeacockSean Peacock5 hónapja
  • Bring back businessman Badger

    Kenji DeKaijouKenji DeKaijou5 hónapja
  • Ye wee France people dont have the best weapon from tank to gun to ship to plane

    Renaud MaheRenaud Mahe5 hónapja
  • my ship name "the U.S.S Fuk u

    Joshua SchuchhardtJoshua Schuchhardt6 hónapja
  • I am sorry but ABC is confusing. In sales ABC stands for Always Be Closing, in addition to my own D for Dumbass. Hurts my feelings but it works. Alright, have a good day! Its 2020 btw.

    Anand RaiAnand Rai6 hónapja
  • Then they added submarines

    Bmanpow WangBmanpow Wang6 hónapja
  • I'm a battleship main.

    From the Red Pool _From the Red Pool _6 hónapja
  • I love the buisness badger and then the casual video maker bajur.

    Moon WukongMoon Wukong6 hónapja
  • U.S.S. Shitfuck

    Charel PefferCharel Peffer7 hónapja
  • Ween!!!

    Michael ArensMichael Arens7 hónapja
  • And submarine

    The embodiment of reptilesThe embodiment of reptiles7 hónapja
  • It's not pink, it's lightish red.

    Lord AdorableLord Adorable7 hónapja
  • 9:18 Me: oh shit thats pretty cool i wish all games had that...i can play my own music in game and enjoy the game mo- Badger: OCEAN MAN!

    iSimply WolfiSimply Wolf7 hónapja
    • That just sounds so wrong

      random duderandom dude3 hónapja
  • Intro song name?

    Iron FelineIron Feline7 hónapja
  • How did I miss the custom music part?

    Konrad Alexander Prinz von HessenKonrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen7 hónapja
    • I think they may have removed that feature though. i'm searching my entire PC for the file name userMusic and can't find anything.

      Konrad Alexander Prinz von HessenKonrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen7 hónapja
  • Doom, BFG Division.

  • Burjur, i'm back.

    Alex JaworskiAlex Jaworski8 hónapja
  • I'm 3 yrs late but why do u record in your kitchen

    HaxkededHaxkeded8 hónapja
  • Dip Ship

    DnD DudeDnD Dude8 hónapja
  • Intro music plz?

    The vortex of gamersThe vortex of gamers8 hónapja
  • Btw the tracks are actually for scout aircraft

    Riolu FanRiolu Fan9 hónapja
  • I skiped back to the abcd shit and when he was done with basics i heard diks

    Revenger boiRevenger boi9 hónapja
  • Those "tracks" at the end of an destroyer are for mines.

    Warcat gamingWarcat gaming9 hónapja
  • The music at 0:43 sounds familiar. Does anyone know where it's from?

    donald mackaydonald mackay9 hónapja
  • so... is badjur a secret weeb?

    Enigma O'DellEnigma O'Dell10 hónapja
  • I enjoy the games you play with your buddies instead of on your own.

    Ben DrenthBen Drenth10 hónapja
  • There's no way he put this EDM ass song on world of warships. Lmfao. I love this fucking song

    VersarioVersario10 hónapja
  • The entire enemy team: we got you 4 to 1 Me with my anime commander: I like those odds

    NitwikNitwik10 hónapja
    • Me with my 18 point anime commander FTFY

      Rainier Dan RedondoRainier Dan Redondo7 hónapja
  • I hope I’m not too late for the code

    andy walgenbachandy walgenbach10 hónapja
  • Remember when B man never wanted to touch strategy games? I do.

    Soldier of the EmpireSoldier of the Empire10 hónapja
  • 2017 man that's like 3 years ago

    PackuMiraPackuMira10 hónapja
  • What is that music is that at the start

    Flint BrockmanFlint Brockman10 hónapja
  • It's free-to-play unless you have an Xbox because Microsoft won't make Xbox Live free I mean I have billions of dollars I'm sure making Xbox Live free wouldn't kill them

    green-ghost- 24green-ghost- 2410 hónapja
  • This intro introduced my to WRLD and other similar artist

    Arden KaluzaArden Kaluza11 hónapja
  • Yeah it's _technically_ free-to-play, but it is _definitely_ pay-to-win.

    lisarenee3505lisarenee350511 hónapja

  • "too much waifu ruins your laifu" a messege from god? i dont believe in god...i believe in tits...and anime has those..and god doesnt

  • Onegaishimas means please in Japanese

  • I’d name mine the “Righteous Indignation”

    Connor OhlanderConnor OhlanderÉvvel
  • This is the third victim of doing great in Bots WoW and never realizing they were bots. First was myself then Cyanide now Badger.

    Luke PabloLuke PabloÉvvel
  • K.M.S. Bunch of Bullship

    Lord Meowington IVLord Meowington IVÉvvel
  • 1:09 shall be my new wallpaper

    Helicopterboi 123Helicopterboi 123Évvel
  • I’d calll my ship the HMS Fish and chips

  • Azur lane looking pretty good lmao

    Rice PattyRice PattyÉvvel
  • The title intrigues me

    Otaku GamerOtaku GamerÉvvel
  • If I could name a ship it would be the USS ‘MURICA. Edit: It would also have 500 nuclear mistakes in one gun.

    aj_ wlymsaj_ wlymsÉvvel
  • Poi?

    Sebastian AcostaSebastian AcostaÉvvel
  • the intro bit is perfect

    I'm PofanI'm PofanÉvvel
  • Badger where ya get dat intro music? BTW awesome video you got me hooked.

    Gerda BothaGerda BothaÉvvel
  • I swear for the first 35 seconds i thought i was watching an ad and kept checking weather or not i was

    Doot DootDoot DootÉvvel
  • Watching this again. Still the best intro

    Kom. HendrichKom. HendrichÉvvel
  • *U.S.S IOWA* if y know what im saiyin

    Bottom GearBottom GearÉvvel
  • It's done well.

  • The intro to this video makes the whole video

    Billy Bob KooterBilly Bob KooterÉvvel

  • Business Badger was cosplaying Warden before it was cool.

  • Welcome to the clan my Weeb brother!

    Phoenix -redwolf7Phoenix -redwolf7Évvel
  • 🅱️ajur you know how you said that you’ll invent the submarine they’re already coming into the game two years later

  • The U.S.S 0w0

    Luk3 O7n31asLuk3 O7n31asÉvvel
  • I think he's secretly a weeb Join us brother it's ok