Angry octopus attacks man who filmed it at popular snorkeling spot in Australia | ABC7

2021.ápr. 2.
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Considered by biologists to be some of the most intelligent invertebrates, octopuses are normally playful and inquisitive.
But an Australian geologist saw another side to the marine creatures, when one octopus defended its home in Western Australia rather aggressively.
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  • Human: ☺🤳 Hey, everyone come here look its an 🐙. Octopus: Shoo! Human Shoo!, Your Scaring all the 🐟 away.

    Dashaun HarrisDashaun HarrisNapja
  • Whale he woke up on the wrong side of the coral/sea sponge😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    G ForceG Force2 napja
  • Ohhhh Gollly🤣

    Mz. BentMz. Bent2 napja
  • So.... Where are the people that complain that the quality of ghost or ufo videos is bad? Is this a fake video of a fake octopus

    Sons Of AtlusSons Of Atlus2 napja
  • If this was in Australia I'm sure it's poisonous.

    Ashton HartleyAshton Hartley3 napja
  • That's a very beautiful rare dog you got there. 🐙

    The Way Thing's HappenThe Way Thing's Happen4 napja
  • That me lads, was a baby Coast Kraken...

    Veng3rVeng3r4 napja
  • "Sir, I said; NO CAMERAS!!"

    Edward BrockEdward Brock5 napja
  • Where is the attack?

    IamRomulusIamRomulus5 napja
  • He looks so good in a salad 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂😂

    Hilda SerranoHilda Serrano5 napja
  • "I said no pictures!" 🐙

    IntrepidFraidyCatIntrepidFraidyCat5 napja
  • why escape? thats food, launch and dinner XD

    Lorenzo BonanniLorenzo Bonanni5 napja
  • Next time an octopus tell you "No pictures, please." don't ignore it.

    PEEPER57PEEPER576 napja
  • Tentacrule used whip... It wasn't very affective.

    Tims BlendsTims Blends6 napja
  • V

  • Golly that is a fricking wild animal let me take a picture. Lol. Assume nothing with mother nature.

    S LS L6 napja
  • That was not an attack.

    MT CheungMT Cheung6 napja
  • Mans didn't want to be filmed lmao-

    Starstruck_ SevenStarstruck_ Seven6 napja
  • Even the water attacks in Oz 🤣

    Mad ScientificMad Scientific6 napja
  • Where's the attack

    Bobby RBobby R6 napja
  • Cranky octopus.

    BluebirdsBluebirds6 napja
  • Bull the octopus, didn't attack the man, he is defending him self.

    J PJ P6 napja
  • and after it warns them off they continue to bother it. smh....

    Cindy JCindy J6 napja
  • Yum

    MtloverMtlover6 napja
  • Well thats what happens when you enter a mfers home and your not wanted.... Gotta think more....

    OG BeanOG Bean6 napja
  • He really said “get out of my yard”

    Koby KKoby K6 napja
  • made my skin crawled😨

    benjamin franklinbenjamin franklin7 napja
  • Wow looks like Hank got angry this morning

    Keaton BlackmanKeaton Blackman7 napja
  • *Reality = Next door neighbor waves hello.* *ABC7 = Man almost assaulted by angry next door neighbor.*

    Mad FunnyMad Funny7 napja
  • Octupus: GET OFF MY BEACH!!!

    Cybercity Oedo 808Cybercity Oedo 8087 napja
  • Octopus 🐙: “Get out my water!” ....ya filthy animal.

    Kanami MiniKanami Mini7 napja
    • 😂😂😂

      Grim TeaGrim Tea6 napja
  • Lol it's hardly angry it's just protecting itself from a potential threat... smh 😒

    Bob GruntzBob Gruntz7 napja
  • That octopus must of went to police academy or sum cops do the same when you record them

    Mason WhitakerMason Whitaker7 napja
  • Hail Hydra

    Kirk LazarusKirk Lazarus7 napja
  • Sometimes the octopus 🐙 wins!!!

    James HoganJames Hogan7 napja
  • This is not news. What even is this?

    N TN T7 napja
  • They tend to be very camera shy. I always ask for permission before recording them.

    Drew GrowsDrew Grows7 napja
  • Rooting for the intelligent Octopus who probably felt threatened by the human..

    Lon LandisLon Landis7 napja
  • Next movie: Godzilla vs Angriest Octopus

    Justin 311Justin 3117 napja
  • The octopus didn't even touch him. More fake news

    ForkInTheRoadForkInTheRoad7 napja
  • potato cam in 2021? Come on.

    chumleyokchumleyok7 napja
  • What an awesome way to repel its home’s invader!

    R. SharpR. Sharp7 napja
  • "Attacked"

    Joey MatthewsJoey Matthews7 napja
  • Why did you go near it..

    smokeysmokey7 napja
  • He could've died! 🏃 ☠👾☠

    Blasphenom5000Blasphenom50007 napja
  • -_-

    Lexie PixieLexie Pixie7 napja
  • Crapola story

    Joel BradberryJoel Bradberry7 napja
  • Way too comfortable. You can tell that he has no worries in life. Too care free going up to an octopus like that.

    Corey PolkCorey Polk7 napja
  • Next week he is going to Yellowstone to get close to the buffalo.

    Love me a ScotsmanLove me a Scotsman7 napja
    • Lol so funny

      S LS L6 napja
  • He's lucky it wasn't a venomous Blue Ring Octopus.

    LEX37LEX377 napja
  • New headline: Man bothers animal, shocked animal defends itself. Also, octopuses can't sting. They're not jellyfish.

    Rachel NicholsRachel Nichols7 napja
  • That was an attack? Seemed more like he was just flipping the dude off.

    Brian FergusBrian Fergus7 napja
    • lmao xD

      d ́buCd ́buC5 napja
  • Self defense

    Omar AOmar A7 napja
  • Can’t believe this made the news 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    rawlikesushi3rawlikesushi37 napja
    • Lol speak for yourself

      rawlikesushi3rawlikesushi36 napja
    • The fact that you both clicked and commented is exactly WHY it made the news

      Jeremy MorenoJeremy Moreno7 napja
  • It just wanted to hug the guy's face.

    MaximaMan06MaximaMan067 napja
  • stupid human, bothering the octopus.

    OOO MMMOOO MMM8 napja
  • The Octopus sure showed that Steve Irwin imposter 🐙🔪

    Jasmine TigressJasmine Tigress8 napja
  • I had no idea they could whip like that.

    Mercenary MullunsMercenary Mulluns8 napja
  • It's the man's fault he shouldn't have moved that quickly

    nainrae nainraenainrae nainrae8 napja
  • They are so intelligent 🤓 you were so lucky to experience one in the shallows. Also lucky it wasn't a Humboldt 🐙🦑squid that would have your fingers off in no time!!

    Lee O'ConnorLee O'Connor8 napja
  • “Attack” that’s not attack. Dramatic click bait

    Jp JpJp Jp8 napja
  • Someone had a bad day

    Ratheesh rkRatheesh rk8 napja
  • The octopus first "struck" at a bird. I think this was a "bad tentacle" day. However, there is no doubt that the poor thing was VERY angry about something. What makes an intelligent invertebrate angry? The interesting thing is that it apparently can "see" beyond the water surface for a significant distance.

    Kathleen KingKathleen King8 napja
  • He's like "square up homie"

    King MoshiachKing Moshiach8 napja
  • I would be outta there so fast, as soon as I saw that crazy 8 legged monster coming anywhere near me.

    Adam GropmanAdam Gropman8 napja
    • @Alisasi *And* she's apparently willing to fight 😂

      Mad ScientificMad Scientific6 napja
    • She’s so beautiful and considers you a 2 legged monster who can’t breathe water 😊

      AlisasiAlisasi6 napja
    • How you think it feels about you? 🤣

      Mad ScientificMad Scientific6 napja
  • Cthulhu is peeved

    Vector FoxVector Fox8 napja
  • Octopi are the most intelligent wasn't angry, just prudent and probably surprised because you ran up...also, it was a bit vulnerable in the shallow water. I'd be glad I saw one that large so close to shore.

    Mike WeinMike Wein8 napja
    • @Miss Understanding of course and totally agree, that and the combination of speech and body language, yet total communication break downs are too common. People are actively in regression. If folks can just be more empathetic and considerate, such as yourself and a few other precious gems across this world, humanity should cohere in such a beautiful way we haven't seen in our existence.

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik5 napja
    • @Whiqed Dik Thanks...and yes, being considerate isn't so in fashion these days. People need to understand that's one of the most important things that SHOULD separate us from animals, but not always the case. Thanks for a positive comment! 😁

      Miss UnderstandingMiss Understanding5 napja
    • @Miss Understanding I'm glad to hear your dear is not blinding. Thanks for being a considerate person 🍻

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik5 napja
    • I'm personally afraid of them, but I try my best to respect all nature. It probably just wanted its space and dude violated it to make a viral video.

      Miss UnderstandingMiss Understanding5 napja
    • it was probably more scared than angry

      PutrIsCoolPutrIsCool5 napja
  • Probably called him octopussy off Camara.

    David CDavid C8 napja
  • Stop following it. It's obviously upset if it lashes out at you. Leave it be

    Brandi TewBrandi Tew8 napja
  • Leave the calamari alone, please...

    Larry WilsonLarry Wilson8 napja
  • Squidward *snapped*

    Ryan LeonardRyan Leonard8 napja
    • He lost his clarinet

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik8 napja
  • Wow

    Newman OutDoorsNewman OutDoors8 napja
  • Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh.

    Jose AragonJose Aragon8 napja
  • Leave me alone 👹 is this the first time you see an octupes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭 حل عني ياه

    let's get creative diylet's get creative diy8 napja
    • @7Bloxkaa of corse they dont lol 🤣🤣 But usually a girl say that when a boys stares at her 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      let's get creative diylet's get creative diy7 napja
    • Probably,🤷🏾‍♂️it's not like folks see them very often haha or do they?

      7Bloxkaa7Bloxkaa7 napja
  • C R A Z Y... 🤪

    Pumpkin SpicePumpkin Spice8 napja
  • Hardly attacked.

    Ben SBen S8 napja
  • Yeah a lot of our animals will kick your but! 😂👍

    Dinkum AussieDinkum Aussie8 napja
  • The octopus is like hey hey go skat get out of here hooman

    chris wooddellchris wooddell8 napja
  • Attacked? Dont you mean he splashed the man with water

    Leonah's LegacyLeonah's Legacy8 napja
    • This must be what they consider a 4D attack. In my day a 3D attack would be the guy screaming and flailing in the water while he was being drowned and eaten. The world is clearly going soft🤣

      RiverStormRiverStorm6 napja
    • 2021 rules. You look bad, straight to jail. Splash, oh definitely straight to jail.

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik8 napja
  • Leave that octopus alone

    Pornnelius HubbardPornnelius Hubbard8 napja
  • I’m never ever ever going to the beach again now I’m going to have a octopus imagination on the ground of my floor and dreams about octopus

    Tracy HarrisTracy Harris8 napja
  • Oh buggah

    Ryan CarterRyan Carter8 napja
  • Octopus, my favorite sea animal.

    highjinxwillie62highjinxwillie628 napja
  • Better be careful, wildlife is sacred area💯

    Mary ShoemakerMary Shoemaker8 napja
  • "Why are you naked?" -Octopus

    Leonardo Da KimchiLeonardo Da Kimchi8 napja
    • "Call that a tentacle?" - Octopus

      geckoboy70geckoboy706 napja
  • Another attention grabbing inter-species intelligence test workout, prepping for the Darwin Olympics.

    Rick DworskyRick Dworsky8 napja
  • Octopussies are awesome! 😆

    DixieDixie8 napja
    • When I was a kid and my dad rented that tape of the James Bond Dr Octopussy I was stoked to keep saying it and getting away with it lol my mom was like “oh good lord”

      Quake GuyQuake Guy7 napja
  • No one is gonna mention how clear the water is?

    Ana VillaltaAna Villalta8 napja
    • @Steven Strain that what I am saying, if left alone, we, humans, can't help but ruin that most of the time.

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik7 napja
    • It's not tap water ya know. Water is that clear if left in proper environment.

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik8 napja
  • Australian-“Oh Golly” 😂 Octopus- Put that on your barbecue!

    Earth Colored EyesEarth Colored Eyes8 napja
    • He’s from perth

      OscarOscar7 napja
  • squidward had it after years of working for Mr Krabs

    CealzaCealza8 napja
    • So cool!

      MrBen527MrBen5278 napja
    • Makes it funnier when you realize this guy said he later found the octo’s home among a crab graveyard 😆

      Calvin JCalvin J8 napja
  • That’s what happens when you bother Mother Nature,

    jediuli1981jediuli19818 napja
  • Hail Hydra!

    Duane Delos SantosDuane Delos Santos8 napja
  • News title: Humans are facing new racism attacks from octopuses..

    Electric CrystalsElectric Crystals8 napja
  • Looks like the human just kept bothering the octopus.

    KPepper LKPepper L8 napja
    • @Private Citizen Guy Isn't that mentality part of the reason our planet is warming at a faster and faster rate every year? We do not "own" this planet, I guarantee most humans would be dead without technology. We need to share this planet, it's not a matter of loving animals, it's a matter of practicality. We cannot survive as a species on our own.

      Anthony GarciaAnthony Garcia5 napja
    • The human? Not just "the guy".

      Dying BreedDying Breed6 napja
    • @Private Citizen Guy Trump 2024!

      Hjll V FYI jj no ivyHjll V FYI jj no ivy6 napja
    • @Maikoh The Planet EARTH is the habitat of the dominant species. HUMAN. Don’t like it? Leave! What I laugh it is when supposed “animal lover” are maimed, mauled, or killed by animals.

      Private Citizen GuyPrivate Citizen Guy6 napja
    • @Private Citizen Guy You think the ocean is your habitat? I can tell you like to hear yourself talk, but if you’re going to, at least try to sound smart.

      MaikohMaikoh7 napja
  • I wonder 💭 what did he see in that creature to approach it barefoot?

    Jak JonesJak Jones8 napja
  • Click bait lol

    Greg FierroGreg Fierro8 napja
  • Release the kraken!!!!

    TMCCABE2001TMCCABE20018 napja
  • You go Octi scare away bad humans! 👏Leave it in peace 🙌❤️

    Marianne JohannessenMarianne Johannessen8 napja
    • @Private Citizen Guy those pitbulls are acting on instinct alone. It's not out of spite. Hound dogs chase certain animals because it's their nature. Retrievers retrieve because it's their nature.

      jimmy deanjimmy dean6 napja
    • @jimmy dean That’s your folly speaking. So, when two pit bulls randomly attack and kill a toddler, that was their instinct? Murder is murder, yo. You seem to think that it only counts whe a human does it.

      Private Citizen GuyPrivate Citizen Guy6 napja
    • @Private Citizen Guy only humans have capability of being evil, but also have capability of being pristine. Animals act according to their instinct.

      jimmy deanjimmy dean7 napja
    • This is the folly with so called “animal lovers”. They cast humans as bad and evil.

      Private Citizen GuyPrivate Citizen Guy7 napja
    • ❤️🍻

      Whiqed DikWhiqed Dik8 napja
  • Way to go Octi!! Humans are BAD !!!!

    La GitanaLa Gitana8 napja
    • Fr

      JoanaJoana7 napja
    • Humans are more important than other creatures

      حساب رياضيحساب رياضي7 napja
  • I would've ate it all ready.😇🐙👩‍🍳🧃

    Mariovo5Mariovo58 napja
    • @Marianne Johannessen it’s none of your business

      Kane SmithKane Smith8 napja
    • Greed of some people just eat eat eat everything!

      Marianne JohannessenMarianne Johannessen8 napja