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  • 3 months since the last meme olympics. Good to be back :)

    LazarBeamLazarBeam14 napja
    • the last video i watched from you was a meme olympics and i come back to watch another

      Flaring FoxFlaring Fox14 órája
    • @Benjamin Juarez God bless you guys! Stay safe! God loves you! Pray to God he is waiting!!!!!

      1 Flores1 Flores14 napja
    • @Benjamin Juarez God bless you guys! Stay safe! God loves you! Pray to God he is waiting!

      1 Flores1 Flores14 napja
    • Who didn’t see this coming?

      HudTheMooseHudTheMoose14 napja
    • Yes that is True lazar

      Benjamin JuarezBenjamin Juarez14 napja
  • me: were is the uploads lazar: doing minecraft stream also me: upload it to youtube

    loslos2 perccel
  • Lazar is a boy at fortnite but a sweat at among us

    Wills Cool GamesWills Cool Games8 perccel
  • can you please do a clash of clans is pay to win

    Turner WaltersTurner Walters21 perce
  • Amongusmongusmongusausmongusamongus...

    John MoonJohn Moon22 perccel
  • Lazar beam can u play a game I like its blackops2

    green warsgreen wars37 perccel
  • When is he going back to fortnite

    Mcdee _Mcdee _40 perccel
  • Me talking about lazerbeam someone who is lazerbeam also me get me my lazer gun

    Talon ReynoldsTalon Reynolds41 perce
  • Can you stop lazarBeam stop say BAD WORDS and stop do wierd stuff

    Allison GutierrezAllison Gutierrez50 perccel
  • This is the last vid on his channel right now but he has been posting merchandise story’s like crazy🤦🏼 This is a joke

    Peeled fish RatatouillePeeled fish RatatouilleÓrája
  • I’m a huge fan and seen almost all of your videos and like them and I am subscribed

    Gates CarverGates CarverÓrája
  • LazarBeam was suppose to be a tadey prove me wrong

    The Different DinosaurThe Different DinosaurÓrája
  • Make another Fortnite video

    Gates CarverGates CarverÓrája
  • Bring back Photoshop battle! Like so he can see

    Mark RosenstockMark RosenstockÓrája
  • What happened to photoshop battle

    Toxic WhoToxic WhoÓrája
  • It’s been 2 weeks

    Cool Donut999Cool Donut999Órája
    • He should make a video about joining the dream smp

      Syth3_Syth3_32 perccel
  • Heart my comment plz

    Ralph R.Ralph R.Órája

    Fire T fire foxFire T fire foxÓrája
  • WHY HADDENT I SUBSCRIBE??!!?!??!?!?!?

    Fire T fire foxFire T fire foxÓrája
  • the hamilton section 🤣🤣🤣

    Alyssa TurnerAlyssa TurnerÓrája
  • When will you uploade

    Spooderman HoodSpooderman HoodÓrája
    • He tweeted that he is quitting HUworld it’s sad 😢

  • Can I have a PS5?

    SimperBTWSimperBTW2 órája
  • Fresh needs carrying

    Mealon HedMealon Hed2 órája
  • Lazar where r u

    Jesse JaneiroJesse Janeiro2 órája
  • nice

    chubby bearchubby bear2 órája
  • Where is he “ me dying inside without him” 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Rian DanielsRian Daniels2 órája
  • Fortnite meme olympics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you forgot that game ????

    Aryan DhirAryan Dhir2 órája
  • We need a new video my HUworld is dead lol

    shrkiishrkii2 órája
  • you love to see another meme olympics

    Trish CastillouxTrish Castilloux2 órája
  • Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

    TheGaming SharieffTheGaming Sharieff3 órája
  • Yaaa yeeeeeet

    Fynn FedorwickFynn Fedorwick3 órája
  • Yo lazarbeam I don't if you'll see this but t how do you spike your hair like that, I tried but messed up

    Adam ByersAdam Byers3 órája
    • @Lord Watermelon 😂😂 I just want good hair

      Adam ByersAdam Byers3 órája
    • lol

      Lord WatermelonLord Watermelon3 órája
  • when are u going to upload or are you dead

    Ronit FTWRonit FTW3 órája
    • dead

      Lord WatermelonLord Watermelon3 órája
  • Why is lazarbeam not uploading

    Lincoln MacLeanLincoln MacLean3 órája
  • RIP Fortnite videos...

    Gleb BalashovGleb Balashov4 órája
    • @Lord Watermelon same but personally I think among us is so boring to watch playing it is ok I guess

      JakeyfreshJakeyfresh2 órája
    • @Jakeyfresh idk, I don’t really like either

      Lord WatermelonLord Watermelon2 órája
    • @Lord Watermelon better than among us videos

      JakeyfreshJakeyfresh3 órája
    • Good there gone

      Lord WatermelonLord Watermelon3 órája
  • Lazar, come back and make a video and get off your lazy ass my dude -_-.

    Damon TorstenDamon Torsten4 órája
  • i am bored

    cracked pozacracked poza4 órája
  • Yo is nogla switching from the vanoss crew to the lazar lazar crew😂

  • where has fortnite uplof gone

    itzz _editingChloeitzz _editingChloe4 órája
  • fortnite where is it

    itzz _editingChloeitzz _editingChloe4 órája
  • plz do more fortnite

    itzz _editingChloeitzz _editingChloe4 órája
  • He is wearing his sister’s Murch

    Blake BaileyBlake Bailey4 órája
    • Hi Blake

      Blake BaileyBlake Bailey4 órája
  • WHENS THE NEXT UPLOAD MR BEAM??? I relied on you for daily funny content. Now I am lost :_(

    Pepe - Brawl StarsPepe - Brawl Stars4 órája
  • lannon play doom enternal

  • Where is the legend he also disappeared

    abdul farrukhabdul farrukh4 órája
  • We want more fortnite

    Archie MathewsArchie Mathews4 órája
  • Epic

    dlskfj fsdlklkdsdlskfj fsdlklkds4 órája
  • where are you come back mate

    masked.guy02masked.guy025 órája
  • Hey lazarbeam I’m sure u won’t see this. But don’t worry about your channel strikes. Just make sure u know you will always be loved by your subscribers

    Jacob GerryJacob Gerry5 órája
  • he has not uploaded in two weeks :,( hope he ok

    Toby MoranToby Moran5 órája
  • lazer who did you vote for

    Henry HicksHenry Hicks5 órája
  • I don’t like lazar beam jelly is better than you

    • Imagine being such a loser ur parents hate you

      Lazarbeam 9Lazarbeam 95 órája
  • You should bring back random crap Friday

    xd Epaqxd Epaq5 órája
  • start up a new world it dont hurt

    cartoon kidcartoon kid6 órája
  • play more minecraft

    cartoon kidcartoon kid6 órája
  • 1345

    Ondrej KotlarOndrej Kotlar6 órája
  • its jellymoon1344

    Ondrej KotlarOndrej Kotlar6 órája
  • 10,000 plz I really want robux

    Ondrej KotlarOndrej Kotlar6 órája
  • can I have robux

    Ondrej KotlarOndrej Kotlar6 órája
  • Upload

    Claire BuckinghamClaire Buckingham6 órája
  • You should play phasmophobia Like if you agree I’m tryna see this happen

    Crunchy BoiiCrunchy Boii6 órája
  • Its been 2 weeks where's the beam???

    Gamer Unicorn288Gamer Unicorn2886 órája
  • Hope you get 20 mil subs

    reper jellyreper jelly6 órája
  • My channel name is my grandson channel

    My granson channel My grannson channelMy granson channel My grannson channel7 órája
  • Fresh

    Ali Abdulghani - 5 EAli Abdulghani - 5 E7 órája
  • lazer died today

    Adrian GarciaAdrian Garcia7 órája
  • Why can't I be a channel member

    Adrien appleAdrien apple7 órája
  • R U DED? cause der is no neu bideos

    Tracy De la VegaTracy De la Vega7 órája
  • Why please go back to fortnight please

    wolf-_-pack420wolf-_-pack4207 órája
  • Upload already hurry lazybeam

    Among us GamingAmong us Gaming8 órája
  • Where’s the videos lazarbeam it’s been 2 weeks

    Lazarbeam YLazarbeam Y8 órája
  • This is how many times lazerbeam says YEET

    Lindsay SheridanLindsay Sheridan8 órája
  • Lazarbeam is dead

    OTFOTF8 órája
    • Joke?

      xxcoop 1xxcoop 17 órája
  • There is only a 1 million 200k difference in sub count of theodd1sout and lazarbeam......😳

    Donovan WilliamsDonovan Williams8 órája
  • Wait ... wait ... 🚨⚠️ come back ⚠️🚨

    YAHZYAHZ8 órája
  • i remember when lazarbeam uploaded

    L4ithL4ith8 órája
  • It's been 2 weeks and u still haven't posted fortnite, fortnites dead that why lol

    e lole lol8 órája
  • This is the first time i said this but i want to go back to school and learn with lazarbeam Do learning with lazarbeam

    Francis OrtizFrancis Ortiz9 órája
  • Why

    theresa johnsontheresa johnson9 órája
  • Did lazer copied live insaan vid

    Samarth AwasthiSamarth Awasthi9 órája
  • no one: lazar: wears underpants on a youtube vid

  • U have a new sub

    ChromeGeorgeChromeGeorge9 órája
  • Laser beam plays this game a lot and he said that U can't do tasks while you are a ghost

  • Whyy are you not uploading

    Jk IJk I10 órája
  • :(

    Harish SelvakumarHarish Selvakumar10 órája
  • where the fuck is that OSRS series huh?

    ZER0UnknownZER0Unknown10 órája
  • Look like lazarbeam did get stabbed in Boston

    hunter phelpshunter phelps10 órája
  • I am sorry but I'm losing interest

    XCylo _YTXCylo _YT10 órája
  • I love to watch the meme olympics

    Austin Studeman jamoraAustin Studeman jamora10 órája
    • If you do like

      Austin Studeman jamoraAustin Studeman jamora10 órája
  • I like the part when his playing among us

    Gorgeous WaffleGorgeous Waffle10 órája
  • upload more frequently pls

    Finn McClintockFinn McClintock10 órája
  • I remember when lazar was funny

    Karen SlayerKaren Slayer10 órája
  • Lazarbeam is dead he as not posted he got merderd by a man in a ging costume

    Milk BoyMilk Boy10 órája
  • He hasn’t posted in 2 weeks😭😭😭

    ClixxyClixxy10 órája
  • Man I wish I was as good as you or face you but that's a wish for another day

    Josho PhettJosho Phett11 órája
  • What's an YEET

    Jennifer BergstromJennifer Bergstrom11 órája
  • you look like Morgan wallen the country star with your mullet search Morgan Wallen on you tube to see who he is

    Melissa ThwaitsMelissa Thwaits11 órája
  • Next momth review?

    Bear NadoBear Nado11 órája
  • Post more plz!

    Alex VaillantAlex Vaillant11 órája
  • Your channel is kind of ded 🚫🧢

    rowan cihlarrowan cihlar11 órája