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Player and Mr. Cheese investigate Veteran. There's only three players left in alive on The Skeld, so it's got to be him that's the final remaining impostor? Right...?
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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  • My name Mr. Cheese. Preorder my t-shirt just in time for the holidays hah! Get it now or else! :) -Mr Cheese

    GameToonsGameToons3 napja
    • Mr. Cheese, I'm your biggest fan 😍. Also I love animations. 🤗 (Also love you too poopyfarts.)

      Hayley PersonHayley Person2 napja
    • Will you ever make a Fall Guys Logic 3

      Drizz_ MoDrizz_ Mo2 napja
    • Wow what a shock mr. Cheese is the imposter 😒

      MR.TMR.T2 napja
    • NoT MR CHeES????

      MineKids MINE MINE MINEMineKids MINE MINE MINE2 napja
    • I wonder how mr cheese would taste on a pizza

      PeterManPeterMan2 napja
  • wheres 10

    phillip hensleephillip henslee6 órája
  • I don’t know why did player think captian because he was doing medbay scan. And he still thinked it’s captian. That makes no sense.

    Alex 08Alex 086 órája
  • Player should win one game

    Slime WindowSlime Window6 órája
  • So Mother was an imp but she didnt kill anyone that is betrayal or lucky guess

  • when is among us logic 10 coming out

    Breeyn StatterBreeyn Statter6 órája
  • I want part 10

    Advaith4UAdvaith4U6 órája
  • I knew it! It was MrCheese!

    TheBiggestCheeseTheBiggestCheese6 órája
  • lol why did mr.cheese say oh i pee in peace sweet prince lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    andrei balamadandrei balamad6 órája
  • although player lost, im happy he survived

    Linus CruzLinus Cruz6 órája
  • Hello good work I was here since your first vid

  • I like mr Egg

    Emir EmirhanEmir Emirhan7 órája
  • No mr cheese

    Emir EmirhanEmir Emirhan7 órája
  • Can u make the logic 10 MrCheese and MrEgg are the imposters pls?? :(

    Kitsune Gamez PlayzKitsune Gamez Playz7 órája
  • Could you make poopyfarts the imposter

    B and D CardsB and D Cards7 órája
  • Player should win a game

    FireheadFirehead7 órája
  • I noow it

    Martina GonzalezMartina Gonzalez7 órája
  • More games among us you tube

    Martina GonzalezMartina Gonzalez7 órája
  • Guys mei bahut mehnat krke video banata pls muje subscribe krdijiye aapka bhagwan bhala krega pls help pls show some support

    Gaming With UjjwalGaming With Ujjwal7 órája
  • i always rage quit

    Wigdan MutwaliWigdan Mutwali7 órája
  • Very sus🤣🤣

    Jessie John Jr Carrillo (jc1716)Jessie John Jr Carrillo (jc1716)7 órája
  • I feel bad for white

    Benicia RodriguezBenicia Rodriguez7 órája
  • 2:51 R.I.P in peace sweet prince*cries*

    Roblox and friendsRoblox and friends7 órája
  • This was a great episode 😂

    Katelynn HerringKatelynn Herring7 órája
  • pick my cheese up YOU PHEASANT

    random panrandom pan7 órája
  • Good

    dean Quintondean Quinton8 órája
  • I wanna see Player Win as crewmate or imposter just Once, you never do that cause your STUPID

    Sherly SherlySherly Sherly8 órája
  • Wasn't it obvious that Mr cheese was the imp

    Ruth HernandezRuth Hernandez8 órája
  • Veteran and Player should become friends again

    FriskyHyena2335FriskyHyena23358 órája
  • It mr cheese

    Trystan KittyTrystan Kitty8 órája
  • gametoon please make a film that player win please

    SuburAbadi GroupSuburAbadi Group8 órája
  • Imagine what would happen if mr. egg and mr. Cheese are the impostors together

    秋台思雨秋台思雨8 órája
  • Everyone: player is a noob. Me: not really just everyone is stupid

    Aiden AlvarezAiden Alvarez8 órája
  • shut up mr cheese

    Axel BritoAxel Brito8 órája
  • 3 players is hard

    Lilly LeLilly Le8 órája
  • Egg and cheese

    Ty BoTy Bo9 órája
  • When can there be a video where player wins

    Surya KomatineniSurya Komatineni9 órája
  • Mr cheese and player are reel in Amoung Us!

    Carrie WillinghamCarrie Willingham9 órája
  • I got I good story for you guys to make a vedio of it

    Carrie WillinghamCarrie Willingham9 órája
  • When player finally win at an lmpostor Mr.Cheese wes not an lmpostor Veteran: wait its wasn't him Player: always has been

    Kurt's Art and CraftsKurt's Art and Crafts9 órája
  • 2v2

    Axel BDxelAxel BDxel9 órája
  • why are you so mean to the caption

    Bella NelsonBella Nelson9 órája
  • player saw captin medbay im I LIKE TF

    jake jospehjake jospeh9 órája
  • You are the best!!! I like your toons...

    MSN ShafeeMSN Shafee9 órája
  • Good cup in a bad cup

    Magdy ChicMagdy Chic9 órája
  • Hey game toons I just rewatched all your vids and I’ve been thinking, why shouldn’t Mother have a helper named u guessed it father

    Tristan BenseTristan Bense9 órája
  • How those theese rekt animations get loads pf views

    Rerite 09Rerite 099 órája
  • Why among us not lucky

    Gwyneth Madeleine SepthodoraGwyneth Madeleine Septhodora9 órája
  • how does tape work when you have a space soot on

    Chase BrewerChase Brewer9 órája
  • Player:see’s cap scan also player SUUUUUUUS

    Carter FloydCarter Floyd10 órája
  • When someone duct tapes mouth with their spacesuit and have no mouth=logical When someon saw someone scan but then he think its him bc their were bodies next to them=logical

    Khalisha BalqisKhalisha Balqis10 órája
  • Some kid in my class said 'Has anyone watched all the among us logic?' Outloud I said 'almost'

    Liana ArtseeLiana Artsee10 órája
  • Why mr cheese sad ☹️

    Esteban GarciaEsteban Garcia10 órája
  • you know Player is my favorite character

    Brittanie BickfordBrittanie Bickford10 órája
  • The moment player wins a game will be the moment the world completely changes

    FoxxureFoxxure10 órája
  • Mr cheese dumb

    Hediyah HassanHediyah Hassan10 órája
  • and mr egg managed to kick mr cheese on among logic 10

    Jeff LiJeff Li10 órája
  • Do associates player and mr Egg

    Will AngeloWill Angelo10 órája
  • If player were to ever actually win it would go like this: player: becomes imposter everyone else: disconnects player: oh you gotta be kidding me

    Maribel PMaribel P10 órája
  • This is a s**t is f**king bad

    Andrew The GoatAndrew The Goat10 órája
  • i new it was Mr.Cheese there was just something about him that time. also your very talented hope you all have a fantastic thanks giving

    Char KlemChar Klem11 órája
  • •Į•

    John HeikesJohn Heikes11 órája
  • Can you get back to fall guys

    Rise ZahmRise Zahm11 órája
  • I like how mr cheese goes from a Spider-Man type goofball to a Batman type killer

    Kirkman’s Stop MotionKirkman’s Stop Motion11 órája
  • i want to be a bad 👮‍♀️ and then i want to be a silly cop

    Landon CorumLandon Corum11 órája
  • when i player going to win and can the next among us logic 10 be when gentleman and player are the imposters please

    Trex GmaerTrex Gmaer11 órája
  • Did you guys notice that the animation value is really good?

    The Poster 567The Poster 56711 órája
  • Have I saw mr chese before

    Tommy KulasTommy Kulas11 órája
    • Was a girl named lemon or bee or grape there

      Tommy KulasTommy Kulas11 órája
  • I’m playing MrCheese In among us!

    Lisa MaLisa Ma11 órája
  • You now when they slap veteran ot reminds me of that video when that guy slaps everyone who talks to him.

    La HaciendaLa Hacienda11 órája
  • wasssssssssssssup

    RobloxLoversRobloxLovers11 órája
  • Are you working on an Among us logic 10?

    Alechia LeBlancAlechia LeBlanc11 órája

    XPrimeYXPrimeY11 órája

      XPrimeYXPrimeY11 órája
  • You should make a vid about mr cheese and mr egg should be imposters and have to work together

    AS - 04KA 834230 Churchville PSAS - 04KA 834230 Churchville PS11 órája
  • O men I love poppy farts hahaha lol

    A animationA animation11 órája
  • Me échese was an Impostor, omg so fun animation 👍🏻👍🏻😂

    elizabeth luna mendozaelizabeth luna mendoza12 órája
  • is this the last among us logic video?

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward12 órája

    Hendrix DewHendrix Dew12 órája
  • poor captin about party

    Thomas WebbThomas Webb12 órája
  • "Mother was an Imposter" Shield your eyes children!

    EskimoEskimo12 órája
  • I knew that it Mr cheese

    Ahmed BesherAhmed Besher12 órája
  • I’m bored of among us episodes can you do another game after

    Fun EmilyFun Emily12 órája
  • I'm starting to think The Gentleman hates me... Nah i must be paranoid.

    Mister CheeseMister Cheese12 órája
  • i love your youtube

    Eneida LopezEneida Lopez12 órája
  • In the next one you should make player the winner

    Hudson BroadcastingHudson Broadcasting12 órája
  • Player: Alright bub, we're the last three players remaining..and we're onto you. So you better start talking! Mr Cheese: Yeah, you're gonna sing like a little canary! Tweet tweet! *laughs* Me: Veteran be so confused..XD

    Jenyn IwashitaJenyn Iwashita12 órája
  • 6:49

    Michael BergenMichael Bergen12 órája
  • Ye player is dumb

    Red CamilaRed Camila13 órája
  • He scanned Though

    Davina M PerezDavina M Perez13 órája
  • How many times MR cheese says: Hello, I'm Mr. Cheese! Lol I love how it's just an interrogation! Mr. Cheese is the best.

    ChrissyKat2007ChrissyKat200713 órája
  • No one suspects Mr. cheese when I am the imposter I’ll bring you to your knees

    Pizza JeffPizza Jeff13 órája
  • u need to make player win once just once pls

    david wangdavid wang13 órája
  • honestly by now I know that the impostor is whoever isn't being accused, a plot twist in so many episodes makes the plot twist not suprising

    Simon BookSimon Book13 órája
  • i like these videos😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    Debbie MeltonDebbie Melton13 órája
  • To be far captin did medbay why did they vote him out?

    Gina ChupkaGina Chupka13 órája
  • Mr. Cheese is the inposter

    Michelle VacaMichelle Vaca13 órája
  • How many people do u work with

    Games WizzGames Wizz13 órája
  • i saw player in a few games

    Andrew KimAndrew Kim13 órája
  • Mr cheese is always the impostrr

    Karwan HessoKarwan Hesso13 órája
  • Scott, WHY don't u put more references from other games now?

    DiegoDCDiegoDC13 órája