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Player is feeling kind of down today, but it gets much worse when he's stuck with Mr. Egg as his impostor partner. Can Veteran and the other crewmates figure out who's the killer? Check it out on this episode of Among Us Logic set on the MIRA HQ map.
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  • I haniya I lost my vedeo

    Aayan HabibAayan Habib7 perccel
  • ):

    Aayan HabibAayan Habib9 perccel
  • Sad relationship

    Rawan MahmoudRawan Mahmoud3 órája
  • Is Mr cheese and the gentleman dating 😳😳😳🧀🎩

    sidra abdisidra abdi3 órája
  • "wow, really the gentleman?" "oh uhh i mean-- you're ugly. you disgusting pink person" "wow..ouch.." "yeah oh my god.." 3:19 i love the way everything is said there omg best part got me wheezing lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

    kitti3kitti34 órája
  • Veteran: A real best friend can tell when their buddy needs some space Veteran again: Im not leaving your sight, every move you make, every step you take, l'll be WATCHING you

    Yimin YangYimin Yang4 órája
  • the egg back. like if you like mr egg

    Robert CharltonRobert Charlton4 órája
  • That song..., I was moved to hear that

    Mohammad Adelio RahagiMohammad Adelio Rahagi6 órája
  • why is MrEgg's voice so different?

    Mohammad Adelio RahagiMohammad Adelio Rahagi6 órája
  • Gnome was sky in Fortnite animation

    Joseph AssaliJoseph Assali6 órája
  • Gnome

    Joseph AssaliJoseph Assali6 órája
  • The song is really good

    Boey Zi FengBoey Zi Feng6 órája
  • I prefer mr cheese

    Daniel HemingerDaniel Heminger6 órája
  • Sooo sad

  • i always wondered where mr egg was

    Mike BoydMike Boyd8 órája
  • Mr. egg is basically those people who are selfish and don’t care

    Blake SaupeBlake Saupe8 órája
  • The beginning made me like mr egg a lot more and i kinds want mr egg back but i dont want mr cheese gone either

    alexzander spiveyalexzander spivey8 órája
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww so sweet am even crying :) ;) '''''' .

    Chimamanda EzeChimamanda Eze9 órája
  • this is so cheesy. How did you guys sit through the entire thing. I even have my wine ready.

    Taha HussainTaha Hussain9 órája
  • poppefarts96

    Chivon Oden-JenkinsChivon Oden-Jenkins10 órája
  • No.

    Grace Hazel StranoGrace Hazel Strano10 órája
  • Aww nice song lol!

    Fire GoddessFire Goddess12 órája
  • among us is good

    Jeffery BentJeffery Bent12 órája
  • Boo egg

    Abby O'ConnellAbby O'Connell12 órája
  • They simps for me gentlemen

    IfoundTheeIfoundThee13 órája
  • i felt bad for mr egg at the beging

    Royal Dubai JewellersRoyal Dubai Jewellers13 órája
  • Veteran making an 80’s song reference: My mom: (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ Veteran: (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    Bunnisket -random videosBunnisket -random videos13 órája
  • Well I love the Song

    Solomon AdhanomSolomon Adhanom13 órája
  • Can we just give MASSIVE respect for the animator who had to make this awesome film in a few days you deserve some attention

    Adham AbousalemAdham Abousalem13 órája
  • The end of this video is the reason a lot of impostors dire without rain every day.

    Emanuele VigoEmanuele Vigo13 órája
  • The endingusocnis bumppin

    micah gillismicah gillis14 órája
  • Mr Egg vs Mr Chesse. the EggCheeseian War

    Mario YwnMario Ywn14 órája
  • same i love anime

    Lucas ChangLucas Chang14 órája
  • pls fix that mr gametoons

    Daniela CatronDaniela Catron15 órája
  • i really want mr cheese and the gentlemen to be together not the gentlemen and mr egg!!!!!

    Daniela CatronDaniela Catron15 órája
  • and I hate that the gentlemen likes Mr egg

    Daniela CatronDaniela Catron15 órája
  • but i only ship Mr cheese and The gentlemen

    Daniela CatronDaniela Catron15 órája
  • the song is soo cute

    Daniela CatronDaniela Catron15 órája
  • Ok this os sad

    samuel antoniosamuel antonio15 órája
  • 6:00 wow veteran you are getting more big brain Edit 6:33 OM gosh is player becoming the gentlemen?!?!

    Sonya FoorSonya Foor15 órája

    Sonya FoorSonya Foor15 órája
  • the gentlemen is cheating on mr cheese admit it

    שמעוני אייפוןשמעוני אייפון16 órája
  • i will un sub if u do not make mr egg and the gentel man back together

    Caleb MarcatosCaleb Marcatos16 órája
  • I wish these videos were longer

    Laura HughesLaura Hughes17 órája
  • It’s me imposta mr cheese

    Sonic FamSonic Fam17 órája
  • Everybody knows Mr egg and gentlemen are a thing XD

    Tochukwu okekeTochukwu okeke18 órája
  • Really he kept guessing the imposter idk how, but maybe he is really a mind reader...

    Breannah VillarrealBreannah Villarreal19 órája
  • One time i played with the real Mr.Cheese and he kept ¨reading minds.¨

    Breannah VillarrealBreannah Villarreal19 órája
  • 8:40

    Lanelyn CapilloLanelyn Capillo19 órája
  • omg god they know how to anamate

    Lillie NiesciorLillie Niescior19 órája
  • These r awesome, I wish there was more like these

    Singing RecordingsSinging Recordings19 órája
  • Mr Egg = bester Mann

    Alpha_ Carno28Alpha_ Carno2819 órája
  • hi

    chris phoenixchris phoenix20 órája
  • Mr Egg : epically sings Me : chokes on watr

    matt waldmanmatt waldman20 órája
  • I hope Mr.Egg is in Among Us Logic 11 I love his British accent

    Abdullah the MooseAbdullah the Moose21 órája
  • Hablen bi e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e n daleeee

    joaquin acostajoaquin acosta21 órája
  • Por que en ingles

    joaquin acostajoaquin acosta21 órája
  • Why mr cheese is wearing a goun

    devan yuliawatidevan yuliawati22 órája
  • I like mister egg

    Quartiermeister FQuartiermeister FNapja
  • Nah mr cheese x gentlemen is better- (NO HATE)

    crystal fieldscrystal fieldsNapja

    Three AmigosThree AmigosNapja

  • Jahan Mrcheese

    Afroja's VlogsAfroja's VlogsNapja
  • Ooo mr egg kinda blushy. 3:20

    I’m now a youtuber 2.0I’m now a youtuber 2.0Napja
  • Can we watch player win pls

    Crizza AsgarCrizza AsgarNapja
  • Man i can tell your going to get a lot of subscribers you literaly made only 13 videos and you already have a million subs.

    David LoftonDavid LoftonNapja
  • i was really hopin player wins this time

  • Then again

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • Sorry if I am talkin too much

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • Hehe

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • And I am 10

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • I am rich but I want a girl that loves me for who I am

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • This remembers of that girl I like but she was an goldiger 😥😥😥😖🙁☹️

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja
  • Me too

    carman salmoncarman salmonNapja

    Reece LandReece LandNapja
  • And no one asked if u finished 12ve of ur class veteran

    Reece LandReece LandNapja
  • Weyt is that sky and kit

    Iker CienfuegosIker CienfuegosNapja
  • or Spotify or pandora

    Reece LandReece LandNapja
  • If the player is feeling sown then actually try to win instead of talking sooo much! When u r in Discussion don't talk to much

    Reece LandReece LandNapja
  • I can't believe Mr.Egg came back and he sounds SOOO different in the short film song

    Reece LandReece LandNapja
  • I have a feeling that the gentlemen is cheating on Mr. cheese

    mathis marianomathis marianoNapja
  • I just realized that Mr. Cheese have his space suit and he on earth

    mathis marianomathis marianoNapja
  • Came for among us got reminded of my ex

  • 으이구

  • Everyone else: Just enjoying song Me: The absolute only one who noticed Mr. Egg say started while it zoomed in on the STARS! *Star*-ted, just in case you don't get it. (But I was enjoying the song as well.)

    saphiR FlysaphiR FlyNapja
  • Again wow mr egg looks like goober from 2 5 and well you will see

    Sonya FoorSonya FoorNapja
  • Wow mr cheese should’ve been an imposter AND SLAUGHTERED mr.egg

    Sonya FoorSonya FoorNapja
  • Mr Cheese 😂👈

    Among Us FamilyAmong Us FamilyNapja
  • Awsome! Song i love it like lion

    Iman GiovinkoIman GiovinkoNapja
  • o

    Britney PinnockBritney PinnockNapja
  • plz make loger vids

    Leah ValleLeah ValleNapja
  • 5:56 me irl

    Avery SemidecentAvery SemidecentNapja
  • No entiendo nada aún así lo veo xD

    Emilia DeswarteEmilia DeswarteNapja
  • MR.Egg you evil

    Marwa AltomMarwa AltomNapja
  • Wait Did Gentleman turn into a bot? if he did :( im sad

    Little RedLittle RedNapja
  • Raquel is the imposter syndrome day and a half hour to go home from the day before my sister left my car and my car in my truck and I got to my car to get Rachel I was a car stop texting and stop by texting and I got a truck to get 🧡💚💚💛💔💔

    Demarcus WhiteDemarcus WhiteNapja
  • I love her music soo much😍

    Ahmad ZarieffAhmad ZarieffNapja
  • This was uploaded on my birthday November 15

  • Now I'm just imagining Player going up to Veteran's family and saying "That I."

    brian hernandezbrian hernandezNapja
  • Mr egg is pink LoL

    Ulysses ContrerasUlysses ContrerasNapja