Among Us Logic 13 | Cartoon Animation

2021.jan. 9.
6 619 592 Megtekintés

They are AMONG US skin pack ➡️ - video sponsored by Logdotzip
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A new player enters the lobby and discovers a way to revive dead crewmates. Will Player join them and cheat in order to get his first victory?
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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    GameToonsGameToons8 napja
    • Hey where is players girlfriend in fall guys can you put it in among us

      TJ GamingTJ Gaming17 órája
    • Is this the end

      Boris TomicBoris Tomic6 napja
    • Jesus loves and died on the cross for us to save our sins so confess and repent and we'll be saved no cap.

      Xzander GravesXzander Graves6 napja
    • @Belinda Vanbeers I hope not but what player did too hurt his friends seemed kinda selfish. Don’t you think that I have a good point?

      Diamond TiaraDiamond Tiara6 napja
    • i have the skin (they are among us) so cool

      Abu HanifahAbu Hanifah6 napja
  • Hi

    Kingwine FengKingwine Feng18 másodpercig
  • Lol

    LEGOkittyLEGOkitty3 perccel
  • hay player piece of advice when some one calls u a cheater say "u cheated first"

    Patricia FryePatricia Frye8 perccel
  • I like these episodes

    Antonio AragonAntonio Aragon22 perccel
  • Really these aren’t very good

    DemonWolfGamingDemonWolfGaming25 perccel

    Hs DhillonHs Dhillon27 perccel
  • I bought that pack on Minecraft before they announced it

    FreestyleFreestyle44 perccel
  • Mr. cheeseeeeeeeeees

    LEmoNxGurlLEmoNxGurl47 perccel
  • Me: Thinks Player is the main character Fandom: Mr. Cheese is the main Character Me: This is why I hate that I got in the fandom in 2021

    Ari Likes ParisAri Likes Paris54 perccel
  • Blue: It's so gross when their bone sticks out like that Me: HAHAHAHAHA

  • Wait a second............. if Irange cheated at the beggining,why has he not been transported to the cheaters lobby!?!?!?

    Garett JohnsonGarett JohnsonÓrája
  • What’s illegal

    DarkElemynt 123DarkElemynt 123Órája
  • Fandom: Mr. Cheese is my favorite character Me: Mines Player, I feel like I'm illegal Am I the only one?

    Ari Likes ParisAri Likes ParisÓrája
  • mrcheese actor: spycakes i think

  • New orange is so dumb

    Lea MackayLea Mackay2 órája
  • When they all were swapping their card at once it was rainbowy but kind of triggers epilepsy to think about it

    Electro_Pea12 YTElectro_Pea12 YT2 órája
  • go player

    Cousins OverloadCousins Overload2 órája
  • It is so weird that a bone sticks out of the body!

    Roshandra HicksRoshandra Hicks3 órája
  • 9:10 "He" isn't Bone a "She"

    Amonger GirlAmonger Girl3 órája
  • Poor mini crewmate 😢😢😢😢😢😥

    Jakša DebeljakJakša Debeljak3 órája
  • Lol

    cow 19cow 193 órája
  • I love Mr.Cheese

    austin leeaustin lee3 órája
  • I am not a noooooooooob

    Chaimae ZafadChaimae Zafad3 órája
  • 2:16

    CizeCize3 órája
  • 3:11 poor smol bean :

    • Honey_sunset_dollies•• Honey_sunset_dollies•3 órája
  • that why you should NEVER CHEAT in among us.

    Aditya MondalAditya Mondal3 órája
  • Mr cheese

    Landon LongLandon Long4 órája
  • Player: *Wins* The Logic: Wait, that's Illegal.

    Libyan Porygon2Libyan Porygon24 órája
  • What the F dude that's not how player win

    Palden NyingtopPalden Nyingtop4 órája
  • :player I’m sorry innersloth grandmasters of among us *POP*

    Sawyer JonesSawyer Jones4 órája
  • this is not oranges iq 400

    James the Scottish AdventurerJames the Scottish Adventurer5 órája
  • this is blues iq1

    James the Scottish AdventurerJames the Scottish Adventurer5 órája
  • like

    Jacob knightJacob knight5 órája
  • This is based off the Doctor mod isn't it?

    Jack Paul SmithJack Paul Smith5 órája
  • The omega Thegentleman! 5:29 gotta wait. Edit:player just wanted to win XD

    Gaming with FriendsGaming with Friends5 órája
  • What is going to happen to Player in the next episode

    BeastZGamer GamerBeastZGamer Gamer6 órája
  • The thing is... are that free?

    Tom PhilippsTom Philipps6 órája
  • 2:55 "It's what the fans want." So true though

    Pipapop222444Pipapop2224446 órája

    BeastZGamer GamerBeastZGamer Gamer6 órája
  • Am I the only one who loves it when mr cheese says ‘oh samesies’

    • n e p t u n e •• n e p t u n e •6 órája
  • Crewmate: Gets revived Real life: i call this "Hacking"

    Adriel GuerrieroAdriel Guerriero6 órája

    Emily DebieEmily Debie6 órája
  • Lol

    Aarushi WarAarushi War6 órája
  • Soon many guys are doing tasks

    Aarushi WarAarushi War6 órája
  • Applering

    Joanne LohJoanne Loh7 órája
  • Lol

    Joanne LohJoanne Loh7 órája
  • Are they free?

    Jessica BrowerJessica Brower7 órája
  • player: *gets into a plan without think and gets teleported the the cheaters lounge* me: im sorry but, its time to switch places *meanwhile..* *me braking the barriers and map to get to the cheaters lounge* well, its time.. *picks up monster (blue) and not orange (orange) and yeets them into the cheaters lounge while picking up and carrying player back to the lobby* it has bin done.. *reseals the barriers and map after players back* my child player has bin freed, and mr cheese can now rest in rest know he can be orange again

    Milla FaithMilla Faith7 órája
  • Brain popped in ur head

    Maud SchoenmakersMaud Schoenmakers7 órája
  • Why shkot mini

    Maud SchoenmakersMaud Schoenmakers7 órája
  • Brain popped in ur head

    Maud SchoenmakersMaud Schoenmakers7 órája

    Kris NodesKris Nodes7 órája
  • Mr cheese I subbed

    one more timeone more time8 órája
  • Waiting for when player wins😂😂

    05 Manaswi Gite 4th J05 Manaswi Gite 4th J8 órája
  • Pure savage moment: 0:18

    AND I OOPAND I OOP8 órája
  • This HUworld video is dumb🤣

    Kelly ThompsonKelly Thompson8 órája
    • No it’s not

      Kelly ThompsonKelly Thompson8 órája
  • This is socksfor1’s idea and skin

    BigBangBeybladeBigBangBeyblade8 órája
  • i not noob

    Chinonso UdegbunamChinonso Udegbunam8 órája
  • Mr cheeses voice is cute

    Boss DudeBoss Dude8 órája
  • Wow

    Victor StrukVictor Struk9 órája
  • Mr. Cheese : I’m the most popular character in this series! Me : Give this man an award!

    Jonah Isaacs-LuciakJonah Isaacs-Luciak9 órája
  • DO A FACE REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer BielenJennifer Bielen9 órája
  • mr cheese if you want the fans happy then STOP ACTING LIKE A BIG JERK

    Lykos The ImposterLykos The Imposter9 órája
  • Player get thrown in cheaters lobbz(gametoons in comets: try out the amoung us skins in mine craft there awsome

    AbeenacatAbeenacat9 órája
  • “And neither am thry!” Is that even a real word? 😂

    carole rashidcarole rashid10 órája
  • what is my favorite spaceman doing here

    lena :Dlena :D10 órája
  • so its socs for one

    Potato guy dood thingyPotato guy dood thingy10 órája
  • I HATE Not-orange

    Zack attackZack attack10 órája
  • Hate cheetahs lobby

    Flora CFlora C11 órája
  • at 2:42 it would have been funny if she said boner

    mario plush star1443mario plush star144311 órája
  • Oh minecraft I like mr. Cheese

    yourboy grizzyourboy grizz11 órája
  • Game tones I like the video of mr. Cheese like s baby that's the video I like

    yourboy grizzyourboy grizz11 órája
  • Going to start the game

    The Two Silly NanasThe Two Silly Nanas11 órája
  • Didn't player and veteran already figure out how to revive dead crewmates in episode 6

    TakedownMg _TakedownMg _11 órája
  • Didn't player and veteran already figure out how to revive dead crewmates in episode 6

    TakedownMg _TakedownMg _11 órája
  • 3:11 child abuse

    dream robloxdream roblox11 órája
  • ya is so good

    Erorr Tv PerezErorr Tv Perez12 órája

    Andrew BoscoAndrew Bosco12 órája
  • nice animation! more

    FlooPugFlooPug12 órája

  • I think it the end of player

    JerryMan JerryManJerryMan JerryMan13 órája
  • Just forget when player revive poppy făraș in among us logic 6

    Ilie AlexandruIlie Alexandru13 órája
  • ?

    Tristan ForsbergTristan Forsberg13 órája
  • Do you guys also watch Logdotcip

    Tristan ForsbergTristan Forsberg13 órája
  • Kills Mr.cheese

    Black ChittaBlack Chitta13 órája
  • I didn't know this was a video until 14

    vortex _vortex _13 órája
  • we want more among us videoooooooooos!!!

    Yousef AljoghimanYousef Aljoghiman13 órája
  • it shouldve said veteran was not AN impostor, not THE impostor

    Colleen LaveryColleen Lavery13 órája
  • it is what we want

    TheFalloutFuckupTheFalloutFuckup13 órája
  • The sparkling disadvantage terminally rescue because meteorology chronically shock midst a incandescent join. freezing, spotty plough

    강민지강민지13 órája
  • It monsters

    wisdom kidwisdom kid13 órája
  • Hi newscape pro im a big big big big big big big big big big big fan of you

    Kawai _cutieKawai _cutie14 órája
  • The among us was in the creatures I Love It😄😄😄

    Bernadette TayagBernadette Tayag14 órája

    Ryan HigleyRyan Higley14 órája

    pc wewepc wewe14 órája
  • wait wait who is mr cheese here he is in the cheaters lobby? wait are there more then one mr cheese or if i go to the cheaters lobby do i leave a clone behind that it looks like i was always there?

    Creeperman5597Creeperman559714 órája
  • Nice video 👍

    Rob TopRob Top14 órája
  • Umm veteran did uploads at the start of the game.....

    Gerard Lim Kai RuiGerard Lim Kai Rui15 órája
  • In 1 week im the 6451084 viewer

    Giandric CañeteGiandric Cañete15 órája