Among us is not appropriate for THIS KID | Part 19

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  • Bet 20$ I won’t get pinned

    Walter GerlingWalter Gerling12 napja
    • Boyy u mess up doing the bet 😂😂

      Sitiaisyah SarkijoSitiaisyah Sarkijo7 napja
    • I’ll take u up on ur bet

      Alex BullockAlex Bullock11 napja
    • LOL YOU O HIM HIS 20$!

      Angeles AmaroAngeles Amaro11 napja
    • _Himiko Toga _ i see you like mha name every episode and season

      Jackie Rblx foreverJackie Rblx forever11 napja
    • I need the money

      Mia McClenathanMia McClenathan11 napja
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    Christopher HorgenChristopher Horgen8 napja
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    Christopher HorgenChristopher Horgen8 napja
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    Nishi RajNishi Raj9 napja
  • I love you ví

    Guilherme & famíliaGuilherme & família9 napja
  • What is this songs name

    Cool trampoline Stuff and some RandomstuffCool trampoline Stuff and some Randomstuff9 napja
  • what the song called?

    Gyselle TorresGyselle Torres9 napja
  • Waiting for 100k FAM🔜⏳❤

    Dr. Nimisha ShahDr. Nimisha Shah10 napja
    • Soon

      Sinner MavianSinner Mavian9 napja
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  • I see video after it was release for 19 hours

    Tanupat WirawatTanupat Wirawat11 napja
  • Bet you 2 million dollars I won’t get pined

    The yellow ImposterThe yellow Imposter11 napja
  • I saw the thumbnail and I’m like 😱😱😱 SEXY PINK

    Da war DudeDa war Dude11 napja
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    Joshua HuggJoshua Hugg11 napja
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    Brijesh SrivastavaBrijesh Srivastava11 napja
  • This boring

    Brijesh SrivastavaBrijesh Srivastava11 napja
  • Where is pink

    pepeka animationpepeka animation11 napja
  • Among us

    Marquiza HamjaMarquiza Hamja11 napja
  • Людмила АникинаЛюдмила Аникина11 napja
  • Kyushu

    Dayna VasquezDayna Vasquez11 napja
  • Yo pensé que hiba a gritar la nena xd

    Dorita ahorita _salcol ùwú XDDorita ahorita _salcol ùwú XD11 napja
  • 0:28 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Atha syandAtha syand11 napja
  • Also the cremates only spare one of the mini cremate of the imposter and the other one dies. Why?

    Agrim PuriyaAgrim Puriya11 napja
  • See that little heart that means that absolute GOD thinks this is good comment or he has potty for me

    Annoying DogAnnoying Dog11 napja
  • cool i like it bro even i'm a girl but who care's

    Nissi Samantha CamachoNissi Samantha Camacho11 napja
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    Jorge84EJorge84E11 napja
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    Jesus AndradeJesus Andrade11 napja
  • This kid is so dumb

    Schara WilsonSchara Wilson11 napja
    • I laugh my self dying

      Schara WilsonSchara Wilson11 napja
  • Hello

    santos cabrerasantos cabrera11 napja
  • Enjoy watching, keep vlogging 💙 Sending my permanent support to you, I've join your house,, let’s connected new friend here godbless. 👍🎁

    Its Good To KnowIts Good To Know11 napja
  • wow that is cool hiding plase cremate is so good of hiding to know imposter in among us

    Lorely EmpleoLorely Empleo11 napja
  • The video pic got me ;))

    Noísy BöyNoísy Böy11 napja
  • how is that song called?

    Juampi SánchezJuampi Sánchez11 napja
    • By Jack stauber

      Aalyriaa StevensonAalyriaa Stevenson11 napja
    • Its called buttercup

      Aalyriaa StevensonAalyriaa Stevenson11 napja
  • UWU

    Ze3 LameZe3 Lame11 napja
  • Bet 100 if you won’t pin

    Gaming with Thick PigeonGaming with Thick Pigeon11 napja
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    Fairy- ChanFairy- Chan11 napja
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    Mileidy FloresMileidy Flores11 napja
  • Hey your username is uWu mine is UwU?!?!?!

    Justin HammerJustin Hammer11 napja
  • Of I is be you I is out game

    Khang LaKhang La11 napja
  • Very appropriate a killing video for kids and then voting someone off into outer space most likely going into the black hole

    Xxchexxcherry :3Xxchexxcherry :311 napja
  • La miniatura es de Sujes

    johana perezjohana perez11 napja
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    TooTooTooToo StuffTooTooTooToo Stuff11 napja
  • I bet 50$ I wont get pinned

    Mekhi SmallMekhi Small11 napja
  • Where the kid

    endercraft endercraftendercraft endercraft11 napja
  • Why is the thumbnail so disturbing 😭💀

    Propxnqity.Propxnqity.11 napja
    • Ироо

      Алина ХорошильцеваАлина Хорошильцева11 napja
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    Alan SanzAlan Sanz11 napja

    Yoshi UwUYoshi UwU11 napja
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    shannon brittoshannon britto11 napja
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      JL - 02HK 896352 Kindree PSJL - 02HK 896352 Kindree PS11 napja
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  • Yellow voted for herself lol

    dio samadio sama11 napja
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    Ava217Ava21711 napja
  • No que Yvan a pasar la niña

    Xavier Emmanuel Garcia VazquezXavier Emmanuel Garcia Vazquez11 napja
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    Lilie 7h qTerezinhaLilie 7h qTerezinha11 napja

    Unbelievable VideosUnbelievable Videos11 napja
  • At the title it has yes inappropriate stuff but all there is are blood and knifes and electrical

    Ethan HanEthan Han11 napja

    Funtime Freddy blue artsFuntime Freddy blue arts11 napja
  • bet 30$ i wont get pinned

    Nadica GrbicNadica Grbic11 napja
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    eduardo cuellareduardo cuellar11 napja
  • What is the song?

    Efraín Ramírez LeónEfraín Ramírez León11 napja
  • I didn't see the kid scream. I'm sad that I didn't see that

    Νικόλας ΓεραντώνηςΝικόλας Γεραντώνης11 napja
    • Ye

      Storm EyeStorm Eye11 napja
    • It is not the meme without it

      GamerbossgamersGamerbossgamers11 napja
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    Isis DominguezIsis Dominguez11 napja
  • Fake

    pedro Henriquepedro Henrique11 napja
  • Блин как смешно

    maenesuk u kalbasamaenesuk u kalbasa11 napja
  • LOL

    •It’s Emily••It’s Emily•11 napja
  • I honk you got the wrong title…?

    BingBing12 napja
  • What’s this song called ?

    Angela MakholwaAngela Makholwa12 napja
    • Its called buttercup

      Aalyriaa StevensonAalyriaa Stevenson11 napja
  • its for kids but yust 9 to 18

    Grace CastroGrace Castro12 napja
  • Imagine getting a heart from u

    Vivan is Cool shortsVivan is Cool shorts12 napja
    • @Ahmed Diriye yea

    • imagine seeing he just did

      Ahmed DiriyeAhmed Diriye11 napja
  • That draw form the thumbnai is from the Channel Sujes

    LukasProx 2005LukasProx 200512 napja
  • Sad

    [wow ][wow ]12 napja
  • Lol

    Ogaal MediaOgaal Media12 napja
  • Bhai what have you ised in the thumbnail Family friendly sineer -R.I.P.

    Shresth KumarShresth Kumar12 napja
  • good hint: instead of saying who the other impostor is........................................acusse an inoccent so when they realize that you are the impostor thers a chance they migth belive you and vote an inoccent out

    just a random nerdjust a random nerd12 napja
    • @BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations works for me ive been doing that trick for a while and it works sometimes (if you are talking about spelling then shut up)

      just a random nerdjust a random nerd12 napja
    • Inoccint? Xd

      BOWSERLAVA1283 AnimationsBOWSERLAVA1283 Animations12 napja
  • The song is buttercup

    Chumbalump GamingChumbalump Gaming12 napja
  • Pink iş me :D

    Tuba ArslanTuba Arslan12 napja
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      A4 liteA4 lite11 napja
    • @Анастасия Кербс енанги ами

      A4 liteA4 lite11 napja
    • Exacto😎👊

      maria eugeniamaria eugenia11 napja
    • Que verga dices?

      Jose Miguel Mendoza RobledoJose Miguel Mendoza Robledo11 napja
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  • Кем ты будешь в будущем?? Игнор: Бомжом🤢🤮 Лайк: Обычным😁 Подписка: МИЛЛИОНЕРОМ

    A4 liteA4 lite12 napja
    • енанги ами

      A4 liteA4 lite11 napja
    • Хуйнью не говори

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  • Sorry but its my name in the Among us! :(

  • Pobre niña xD XD

    NINJA 2.0NINJA 2.012 napja
  • Lol

    Binuka ChaudharyBinuka Chaudhary12 napja
  • "Loading...."

    วิริยะ มณีโคตรวิริยะ มณีโคตร12 napja
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Lianny De Jesús CamachoLianny De Jesús Camacho12 napja
  • Haha so funny I love this vid and in my channel I literally heart everyone as I can but why yellow voted it self.

    Wolf XDWolf XD12 napja
    • She gave up😂😂

      Sinner MavianSinner Mavian12 napja
  • Click bate

    Terry BoylesTerry Boyles12 napja
  • I am so early

    Siddu CandySiddu Candy12 napja
  • Poor mini-crewmate 😔

    •Roxy Rosy••Roxy Rosy•12 napja
  • no! the baby dum it's SAD!!!😭😭😭

    Adelaide berti 1Adelaide berti 112 napja
    • how is it sad

      Rachael LangRachael Lang11 napja
  • which song was that playing in the background pls tell

    hasnain razahasnain raza12 napja
    • The song's name is buttercup 😊

      Sinner MavianSinner Mavian12 napja
  • 😡😡🔪🔪🔪

    Mau PhamMau Pham12 napja
  • Orange is Hacking because of hiding......

    gara diy'sgara diy's12 napja
  • :)lol

    Regkt HthturuRegkt Hthturu12 napja