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In this video I'll be showing AMONG US but with Pets as IMPOSTORS with among us pet reaction and among us pet reaction to death,which is also a among us animation, among us funny moments and among us memes! what happens to pets in among us,after death pet reaction,after death pet reaction in among us,all pet reactions among us,among us all pets!
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  • *He's been alone for a while now! You can adopt him here* *and can support me

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    • How did you find the among us emoji

      DIONG ZI WEI MoeDIONG ZI WEI Moe27 napja
    • I feel bad for em

      Janine RohdeJanine RohdeHónapja
    • @Billy Middleton ???

      henry stickminhenry stickminHónapja
    • @henry stickmin well ill Paint him Yellow bcs im Yellow

      6 by ht Vieira6 by ht VieiraHónapja
    • @6 by ht Vieira btw red mini in my pfp and username is gonr because of one reason AMOGUS

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  • Charles: paraaprprpaa papaaaaaaa

    MoonKasoBr-HomenAranhaMoonKasoBr-HomenAranha11 napja
  • Oi

    laires Laireslaires Laires12 napja
  • Me as pet vs impostor in a nut shell me: 0:15

    fire beetle the fire godfire beetle the fire god14 napja
  • 0:13

    Эльмира ЮсубоваЭльмира Юсубова17 napja
    • 0:10

      Эльмира ЮсубоваЭльмира Юсубова16 napja
  • 0:06 Henry:Calls Helicopter:Bites Me:Was That The Bite Of 87

    Wander Of The Skies 682 Anims YTWander Of The Skies 682 Anims YT17 napja
  • XD

    Diana DuranDiana Duran18 napja
  • 0:05 how my friend kill his enemy: 0:09 how my mom kill her enemy: 0:13 how my dad kill his enemy: 0:13 how my brother/sister kill his/her enemy: 0:16 how my big sister kill her enemy: 0:18 how my big brother & uncle kills their enemy: 0:21 HOW i kill my enemy:

    AppleApple23 napja
  • 0:07 charles: this is the greatest plaaaaaaaaaan

    S4betourS4betour24 napja

    Martinaitalia and Maria & Darwin!Martinaitalia and Maria & Darwin!24 napja
  • 0:11 baby cyan:YEET Red:ah my brain

    sustanicsustanic26 napja
  • Respect head carb not scorpion

    МишКλН МλСТЕРМишКλН МλСТЕР27 napja
  • Jdjdjkhmfj?

    amani hashemamani hashemHónapja
  • gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Tania SuttonTania SuttonHónapja
  • 0:06 : *as Charles* this is the ultimate plan!

    Jose Fernando FelixJose Fernando FelixHónapja
  • Mini crew maye

    Mickey and Donald foreverMickey and Donald foreverHónapja
  • :minicrewmate:

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  • 😪😪😪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Es e d

    Hilda CastilloHilda CastilloHónapja
  • Nooo like!!

    El Yunkun WEl Yunkun WHónapja
  • I can see henry sumonming charles and ellie just whacking him. God I love that game

    Angel The AHiT smug lordAngel The AHiT smug lordHónapja
  • [cool]

    Fredner AbellarFredner AbellarHónapja
  • That one is cool 0:26

    Mitch Dave BurgMitch Dave BurgHónapja
  • 0:06 Charles: this is the greatest plaaann- 0:08 Ellie: outta my way!!!

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  • HIII!!!!!!

    Archer man ChinaArcher man ChinaHónapja
  • 0:08 nope.

    Archer man ChinaArcher man ChinaHónapja
  • Boneco do hambúrguer estava tão confiante estava morrendo toda hora

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  • how do you 3D among us ?

    game news Among Usgame news Among UsHónapja
  • 🖓🖓🖓🖓

    я яя яHónapja
  • 0:28 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?

    junior's channeljunior's channelHónapja
  • Gonna catch me right and sturdy

    Texting LinaTexting LinaHónapja
  • Part 3 is here

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  • 0:06 lol:)

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  • 20000

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  • I wish it could happen to among us but sorry

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  • Pls happened

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  • Que malos son tus videos

    Susana BritesSusana Brites2 hónapja
  • Cookieguy loser

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  • 😸

    Armaan’s World & DinosArmaan’s World & Dinos2 hónapja
  • 😸

    Armaan’s World & DinosArmaan’s World & Dinos2 hónapja
  • 0:23 HAD ME DYING

    Lillian BenbowLillian Benbow2 hónapja
  • 0:28 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87???

    Lego MarioLego Mario2 hónapja
  • WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87! 0:28

    Vikesh shortsVikesh shorts2 hónapja
  • =

    InkyInky2 hónapja
  • Hơ cool is it?Super

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  • I am drawing the attention of the viewers. I am a Disabled. I create content among us on HUworld. So my only request to the viewers is to support me a little and help me to get on my feet.

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  • Among US animation in pets

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  • 0:10 Ahahahahaha.... Cute smile among us!!!!!!!

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  • 0:07 this is the grelas plaaaaaaaaan

    Isabella Alves SilvaIsabella Alves Silva2 hónapja
  • 0:11 flatnini be like

  • Play that fue eso Pican a los efectos

  • 0:27 WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87!?

    BuddyBuddy2 hónapja
  • What is the name of the song of the end of the video?

    Katya Quiroz RamirezKatya Quiroz Ramirez2 hónapja
  • Mini crewmates are sometimes evil don't trust them💀

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  • 0:26 it looks like the pet is kissing red

    Lily catLily cat2 hónapja
  • Good

    《Król lew, Gumball 》《Król lew, Gumball 》2 hónapja
  • Off

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  • Hey bro Can I Use your video in my second channel ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️ I pin your channel in my comment box plzzzz bro plzzzzz😁😁

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  • :( :)

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  • Catch me where I can dirt it 0:10

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  • 0:12 what is that alien sound?

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  • Why?

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  • 📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲📲

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  • 0:20 Pyro

    *QWE Minecraft player*QWE Minecraft player3 hónapja
  • i like this one more, the bed/head crab actually acted as a head crab is supposed to. {see my comment on first v.

    Eva Zipper-HellemaEva Zipper-Hellema3 hónapja
  • This video is awesome. Thank you for reading this message 😘😁🤣🍑😻🍑🥰🤣❤😘❤🤣🤣🤔🤣🍑

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  • baby. AMONG. US

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  • 0:13 impasta meme sound XD

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  • 0:06 this is gratest plaaaaaaan

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  • 0:06 I can hear "Alriiiight~ Here I come!"

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    • TatataattatrtararatartatarAAAAAAA

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  • 0:06 this is the greatest plaaaan

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  • 0:21 Pyro?

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  • 0:11 what it would be like if I had I kid

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  • Minicrewmate

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  • Helio

    Leonardo LopezLeonardo Lopez4 hónapja

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  • 🐶🦊🐯🐸🐒🐣🦇🐝🐞🦟🐢🐙🐡🐋🐱🐻🦁🐵🐔🐥🐺🪱🐜🦗🐍🦑🐠🦈🐭🐼🐮🙈🐧🦆🐗🐛🪰🕷🦎🦐🐟🐹🐻‍❄️🐷🐦🦅🐴🦋🪲🕸🦖🦞🐬🐊🐰🐨🐽🙊🐤🦉🦄🐌🪳🦂🦕🦀🐳

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  • 0:13 name music ?

    boyfriend neoboyfriend neo4 hónapja
  • Even if you can see the guy who was in charge of the missed OPPORTUNITIES

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  • Crewmate: is smart* Imps at the start of each game: 0:10

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  • Suf

    Haroon RasheedHaroon Rasheed4 hónapja
  • Aliza

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  • I like the mini crewmet its so cute

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  • The sound effects at the last one were so funny!

    Rory BrownRory Brown4 hónapja
  • 0:13 what is this sound effect name?

    beanzbeanz4 hónapja
    • uno Game

      собакасобака3 hónapja
  • Wait what kind of cookie

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  • Awww he's so cute

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  • Charles helicopter

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  • It's the greatest plan

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    • Yess

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    • Nooooo

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  • Wot song is this? 0:10

    ÆMØÑG ŪSS √ÆMØÑG ŪSS √4 hónapja
  • 0:25

    Antonietta Edilia Lo Russo MonsalveAntonietta Edilia Lo Russo Monsalve4 hónapja
  • cool!!

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  • Try catch me riding dirty

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  • The dog one had the tf2 critical hit effect and then pyro mumbling sound effect

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😗😭😂😅😆😁😄😃😀

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  • I just want to know,WHY?

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  • Charles?

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  • Jdejjee

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  • The fot in ugly

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